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Fun Trivia
3 Mercenaries quizzes and 30 Mercenaries trivia questions.
Multiple Choice
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This is my 2nd quiz here on Funtrivia. It is about the Playstation 2 game entitled "Mercenaries". It is similar to other games such as "Grand Theft Auto".
Average, 10 Qns, kid_game_2001, Oct 13 17
Oct 13 17
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  Mercenaries 2    
Multiple Choice
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"Mercenaries 2: World In Flames" is a video game released for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC by Electronic Arts and Pandemic Games.
Average, 10 Qns, MYERS0555, Oct 13 17
Oct 13 17
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  "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles    
Multiple Choice
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"Mercenaries 2" is a great sandbox-type game, and is very enjoyable online. This quiz is based off of the Xbox 360 version of the game.
Average, 10 Qns, senorfred, Oct 13 17
Oct 13 17
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trivia question Quick Question
How many different types of items can you purchase from the shop?

From Quiz "Mercenaries"

Mercenaries Trivia Questions

1. How many bullets does the pistol hold in a magazine?

From Quiz
"Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: 15

The pistol is actually one of the most accurate weapons in the game. Of course, the sniper rifles are most accurate.

2. Which faction occupies most of the country?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: The Venezuelan Army

The Venezuelan Army troops are located in cities such as East Maracaibo, Merida, and Caracas (before the arrival of Allied Nations and Chinese). The VZ forces will always be hostile to the protagonist.

3. What faction in the game is always hostile against your character?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: North Korea

They are never friendly. If they see you walking in their territory they will shoot at you. If you are driving one of their vehicles in their territory, then they won't shoot you. They will shoot you if you do something hostile to them or if you beep the horn.

4. The "carbine" is actually what weapon?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: M4

The carbine is most effective at close range. It is carried by Universal Petroleum mercenaries.

5. What is the FULL NAME of the Swedish playable character?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Mattias Nilsson

Nilsson is a Swedish mercenary, who only uses his real name in countries that don't have extradition to Sweden due to the fact that he escaped from prison. His wardrobe includes of a mowhawk, and multiple tattoos.

6. What faction allows you to buy stuff from them?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: Mafia

They have a site in the game called Merchant of the Menace. You need to complete some missions for them though, or else you can't access the Merchant of the Menace.

7. How many bullets does the light machine gun hold?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: 100

The LMG is also known as the SAW. The SAW is the US Army's main LMG.

8. Which antagonist greets your character at your first visit to Solano's Villa and works with Universal Petroleum?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Blanco

No matter which character you choose they all seem to have a former relationship with Blanco. Blanco also deals with Solano and Dr. Rubin.

9. What is the name of the Mafia store that lets you buy supplies?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: Merchant of Menace

You unlock it by beating several missions for the leader of the Mafia. You can buy things such as Vehicles, Item crates, and different kinds of Artillery Strikes. They all cost money to get. Once you select what you want a beacon is added to your inventory. Just aim where you want the item to be dropped and it will appear there.

10. What is Mattias' special attribute?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: fast healing

The American does more damage, and the Asian woman is faster. Mattias is from Sweden.

11. What is the name of the leader of the P.L.A.V.?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Marcela Acosta

Acosta leads the People's Republic Army of Venezuela, while Joyce works for the A.N., General Peng works for the Chinese, and Dr. Rubin runs U.P. All are enemies except Joyce and Rubin.

12. How many playable characters are there?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: 3

The first is Christ Jacobs, a 35 year old American who has lots of defense and can take lots of punishment. Second is Jennifer Mui, a 33 year old British woman who has great stealth capabilities. Third and finally, Mattias Nilsson, a 31 year old Swedish male who is a very fast runner.

13. What is the mounted rocket launcher called?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: Recoilless Rifle

Recoil-less rifles were used by military forces in the 1950s-1960s. They are used to defend positions from armored vehicles.

14. From where do you receive the information necessary in apprehending Solano?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: A Venezuelan officer

The officer spills his guts while the chosen character holds a gun to his head on the oil rig. He is shot in the head by Blanco shortly after.

15. What extra mode do you unlock when you beat the game?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: Playground of Destruction

It's actually the full name of the game. Once you beat the game once, you unlock the Playground of Destruction mode which is a harder version of the game.

16. What is the Venezuelan Army jeep called?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: Iguana

The iguana is surprisingly useful for driving off of cliffs (it can take a lot of damage). The Iguana MG comes with a .50 cal MG.

17. Which faction orders you to destroy Universal Petroleum's Headquarters in Maracaibo?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Chinese

The Chinese give the chosen character the contract to destroy the skyscraper to try and halt Universal Petroleum's oil practices in the country. If not working for the Chinese then the chosen character will be told to kill or capture General Peng.

18. How many different types of items can you purchase from the shop?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: 3

You can buy vehicles, weapons/supplies, and airstrikes. For vehicles and Supplies you get a beacon and must toss it on the ground where you want the helicopter to drop the vehicle/supply box. For the airstrikes, you have to aim at a target for several seconds, after which the airstrike is locked on and fires on the target.

19. What kind of vehicle does the mechanic have you test drive for her first?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: monster truck

The monster truck is REALLY fast. The Mechanic can customize vehicles for you later in the game.

20. Which contact sells you the sports cars?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Spike Reddie

The Sports Car Drop becomes available after completing Spike's second challenge. It has a white paintjob with a blue stripe down the middle.

21. How many drivable vehicles are there in the game by default NOT counting hidden ones?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: 63

There are a whole bunch of vehicles. There are too many to list here though. I will list several of them though. Some vehicles found in the game are: M1 Tank, M1025 Scout, Metro Bus, Tow Technical, Sungri Scout, Cargo Truck, T-62 Tank. There are also a few hidden vehicles that I am not including in these default 63.

22. What gun is dropped with the "Fiona's Favorites" weapon pack?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: PP2000

The PP2000 is featured in "Modern Warfare 2" and "Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2". It is used by the Russian military as a sidearm.

23. Who sells you the Sniper Supply Drop?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Lt Acevedo

The Sniper Supply Drop becomes available for purchase from Lt. Acevedo after successfully killing a Venezuelan Officer. The supplied rifle is a SVD Dragunov.

24. What is the NTSC/American version of the game rated?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: Teen

The game is similar to "Grand Theft Auto" but it is different in many ways. One reason that "Mercenaries" is rated Teen is that there is a lot of violence and blood. The game doesn't have any curse words.

25. What type of vehicle does the Chinese arms dealer want you to test?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: speedboat

The speedboat is very hard to maneuver. This can be a problem, since there are sea mines in the area.

26. What is your tech support agent's name?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Fiona

Fiona's full name is Fiona Taylor. Her voice was first heard in "Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction". She was first seen in "Mercenaries 2".

27. What was the release date for the NTSC/American version of "Mercenaries" on the Playstation 2?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: January 10, 2005

You can find it on most game websites. You can go to sites such as Gamespot or Gamefaqs, and search for "Mercenaries". You will also find other interesting information about the game there.

28. What weapon is different in Fiona's weapon skill tests than it is in regular campaign?

From Quiz "Mercenaries 2": Weapons, Characters, and Vehicles

Answer: Automatic grenade launcher

The "auto-GL" is my favorite all-around weapon in the game. It fires slower in campaign.

29. What weapon do you start off with?

From Quiz Mercenaries 2

Answer: Carbine

The Carbine Rifle is based on the infamous M4A1. The character can carry up to twelve magazines for the carbine.

30. Who are you trying to kill/capture in the game?

From Quiz Mercenaries

Answer: The Deck of 52

They are 52 of the most wanted people in this game. If you capture them alive you get the full reward for bringing them in. If you kill the person you usually get half of the price. It is better to bring them in alive since you get more money.

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