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  Ulysses, Grant me this Favor    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
The 18th president of the United States, Grant was a man of many - or maybe few! - talents.
Average, 10 Qns, NovaLuna, Dec 13 16
391 plays
  20 Questions: Ulysses S. Grant Multiple Choice Quiz    
Multiple Choice
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A quiz on Civil War hero and the 18th president of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant
Difficult, 20 Qns, AdmiralShark, Jul 23 23
Jul 23 23
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  Ulysses S. Grant Quiz Challenge    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you know about Grant - the general, the president and the man?
Average, 10 Qns, garvol, Nov 08 19
Nov 08 19
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trivia question Quick Question
What was the only state that joined the union during the Grant administration?

From Quiz "Ulysses S. Grant"

Ulysses S. Grant Trivia Questions

1. Although known to most as Ulysses S. Grant, this was not his birth name. So, what was?

From Quiz
Ulysses, Grant me this Favor

Answer: Hiram Ulysses Grant

Hiram Ulysses Grant was born in April, 1822 to parents Jessie and Hannah Grant.

2. What was Ulysses Grant's occupation when the American Civil War broke out?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Clerk

Ulysses was working in a leather store in Sacketts Harbor, Ohio. He was making $800 dollars a year at this job.

3. What was Grant's first name at birth?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Hiram

Born Hiram Ulysses Grant, Grant started signing his name Ulysses H. Grant because he thought the initials HUG would not look good on a trunk at West Point. His name was mistakenly listed as Ulysses Simpson Grant on his application to West Point and Grant took that name for the rest of his life.

4. Grant was elected to two terms as president. During his terms, he had two Vice Presidents; however, when the second VP died in office, Grant did something rather unusual in today's standards. What was this unusual occurrence?

From Quiz Ulysses, Grant me this Favor

Answer: He served the rest of his term without a Vice President

Grant's first VP was a man named Schuyler Colfax, who served with him the entire first term. His second was Henry Wilson, who died about two years into Grant's final term.

5. Grant has the distinction of having changed his name. What was the name on his birth certificate?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Hiram Ulysses

"Hiram" did not like the potential of being teased over his initials HUG. He changed his name to Ulysses Hiram Grant. When he got to West Point, the army had made the mistake of recording it at 'Ulysses Simpson'. He would not have been accepted, had he altered the papers, so he decided to keep the name. Moreover, his new name looked so very patriotic, too!

6. What was the name of Grant's wife?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Julia Dent

Julia Dent married the soon-to-be general and president. His wife's family owned slaves. Ulysses and his wife were invited to be with President Lincoln the night of the assassination, but at about noon Julia asked Ulysses to refuse the invitation.

7. Grant's great grandfather Noah was killed in action during which conflict?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: French and Indian War

Noah Grant died in 1756.

8. Grant is often remembered as more of a military man than a shrewd politician. Outside of President, what was the highest-ranking position he ever held?

From Quiz Ulysses, Grant me this Favor

Answer: General of the Army

Although he was forced to give up his military pension when elected, Congress would later restore Grant's rank and pay.

9. Which state regiment was the first to give Grant a military command?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Illinois

He was from the 21st regiment from Illinois. He would be promoted to Brigadier-General, and soon would turn into one of the most famous generals in the history of the United States.

10. Ok, we've pretty well established Grant was military. But which military institute did he graduate from?

From Quiz Ulysses, Grant me this Favor

Answer: United States Military Academy

United States Military Academy is also known as USMA and West Point. It is located, somewhat conveniently, in West Point, New York.

11. Where was Grant's first attack in Tennessee?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Fort Henry

Grant took Fort Henry easily. Fort Donelson was another story. This is where he came up with the term "Unconditional Surrender", which became one of his nicknames and also part of his legacy. The battles in the western part of Tennessee gave him momentum going into the battle of Shiloh. This led to his promotion to the Virginia theater of the war.

12. What famous singer is believed to be a first cousin, three times removed of Grant?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Judy Garland

A biography of Garland "Weep No More, My Lady" makes this claim.

13. What was the primary objective in Tennessee of both the Confederate and Union armies before the Battle of Shiloh?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Corinth, Mississippi

Corinth, Mississippi was a railroad station junction with a north-south and east-west line. It was a vital target for both armies in the hunt for supplies.

14. Grant's son Ulysses Jr. ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate in what state?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: California

Grant ran to fill the seat left vacant by the retirement of Stephen White in 1899. Thomas Bard eventually won the seat.

15. Although his terms didn't always go as he would have wished, Grant's wife was the girl of his dreams. So much did he wish to marry her, that even after she refused his proposal several times, he kept asking. What was this dream girl's name?

From Quiz Ulysses, Grant me this Favor

Answer: Julia

Born Julia Dent, Grant's wife would suffer from crossed eyes all her life. A story tells how, upon becoming First Lady, Julia had offers from respected surgeons to operate on her eyes. She refused, and Grant is quoted as saying he was glad because he liked her that way.

16. Who led the Confederacy at Shiloh?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: A. S. Johnston

A. S. Johnston was shot and killed in the battle. Even though there was more Confederate casualties, the south would give up the land at Shiloh Church in West Tennessee and finally Corinth, Mississippi. The death of Johnston was the turning point of the battle.

17. Grant graduated from West Point in what year?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: 1843

Grant graduated 21st in his class of 39 cadets in 1843. He was assigned to an infantry division because of his low rank.

18. Many historians regard this as the biggest weakness of Ulysses S. Grant. Which?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Whiskey

Whiskey was his weakness. Lincoln did not approve of this bad habit. When Lincoln heard about it he reportedly said, "Find out what brand so I can give it to the rest of my Generals".

19. In what city did Grant marry Julia Dent?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: St. Louis

Ulysses Grant and Julia Dent were married in her parents' home in St. Louis on August 22, 1848.

20. What town was put under siege in Mississippi by Grant's troops?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Vicksburg

This was to gain control of the Mississippi River, and took place between May and July 1863. This was at the same time that Gettysburg was being fought and the Emancipation Proclamation declared. In the following year (March 1864), Lincoln appointed Grant as the General of the United States Army.

21. Grant received national attention during the Civil War when forces under his command captured which Tennessee fort?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Fort Donelson

Fort Donelson fell to Grant in February 1862.

22. All right, so I won't ask you who is buried in Grant's tomb. I will, however, ask what did he die from?

From Quiz Ulysses, Grant me this Favor

Answer: Throat cancer

U.S Grant died July 23, 1885 at the age of sixty-three. He was then residing in New York. Although he had died nearly penniless, Grant managed to finish his memoirs just days before his death, mostly at the insistance of his friend Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens); Twain then bought the rights to the memoirs from Grant's publisher, put the book into print and set up a system of royalties that was very generous to Grant's family.

23. Grant was the first general of this rank in the Army of the Potomac. Which?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: 4 star

In 1865, Grant became the first 4-star general. George Washington had previously became a 3-star general. It was the highest rank achieved in the American army at the time.

24. When was Grant named commander of all Union forces?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: March 1864

Grant's victories at places like Fort Donelson and Vicksburg brought him to the attention of President Lincoln.

25. Who was Grant's opponent in the presidential election of 1868?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Horatio Seymour

Seymour, the former governor of New York, was nominated by the Democrats at their convention in New York City on the 22nd ballot.

26. Grant's first secretary of state only served 11 days before he resigned to become minister to France. Who was he?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Elihu Washburne

Washburne was in Paris when the city was laid seige to during the Franco-Prussian War. Fish replaced Washburne as the secretary of state, Belknap was secretary of war in Grant's administration and Pierrepont was attorney general.

27. The father of which future US President served as war secretary and attorney general in the Grant administration?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: William Howard Taft

Alphonso Taft served three months as secretary of war in Grant's cabinet and then moved over to be Grant's last attorney general.

28. The Credit Mobiler scandal, which took place during the Grant administration, involved the skimming of profits from the federal construction funds for what railroad?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Union Pacific

The resulting scandal eventually involved vice-president Schuyler Colfax, which caused him to replaced on the Republican ticket when Grant ran for a second term.

29. The Great Chicago Fire took place during the Grant administration. What year did the fire happen?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: 1871

The fire was started on October 8, 1871.

30. What was the only state that joined the union during the Grant administration?

From Quiz Ulysses S. Grant

Answer: Colorado

Colorado joined the union in the last year of Grant's time in office, 1876. Nebraska joined in 1867, Nevada in 1864 and Utah in 1896.

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