Quiz about Whats In a Name
Quiz about Whats In a Name

What's In a Name? Trivia Quiz

Just match the animal to its correct group name and you're done - well after you've worked out the group names from a clue first. There is only one way to match all of these correctly.

A matching quiz by Midget40. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
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Dec 03 21
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1. A complete set of playing cards   
2. Something that you sleep in  
3. What it's called when two cars hit each other  
4. Witches boil their spells in one of these  
5. A group of people that make music for marching to  
6. This is what peas grow in  
7. This is something you put a pet on when taking it for a walk  
8. The sound that goes with lightning  
9. To kill someone else  
10. Wooden cask to store wine in  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. A complete set of playing cards

Answer: Wolves

Pack = A complete set of playing cards

Wolves are mammals that belong to the dog family so they are described generally as canine but more specifically as lupine. They are found in Europe, Asia and North America and can survive in any environment. They are carnivores that like to eat big animals but will eat rodents and reptiles if they are very hungry.

Wolves live in packs that can have anywhere from 2 to 25 members, these are usually from one family but lone single wolves may join. The female is called a she-wolf or bitch while the male is just a dog. Their babies may be called a pup, puppy, cub or whelp. When a pack of wolves is moving they are also called a route.
2. Something that you sleep in

Answer: Oysters

Bed = Something that you sleep in

An oyster is a bivalve mollusk which means the main body of the animal is inside a hard mantle that covers it for protection. Bivalve means it has a shell of two different parts that have a hinge. They live in saltwater and are known as ostracines.

They are filter feeders which means they draw water in through their gills, remove the nutrients and then excrete the water. Humans use different oysters for three different things. The first type are pearl oysters, then windowpane oysters which produce a decorative shell and finally there are those we eat.

A group of oysters can also be called a reef. Some oysters are male and female but most are both so they have no different names but their babies are called spats.
3. What it's called when two cars hit each other

Answer: Rhinoceroses

Crash = What it's called when two cars hit each other

A rhinoceros is a large herbivorous mammal which is an odd-toed ungulate - this means that they are hoofed animals. There are only 5 species; 2 African called the white and black and 3 Asian - the Sumatran, Indian and Javan and all are endangered. Both African species and the Sumatran have 2 horns while the others only have one. These horns are made of keratin which is the same material our hair and fingernails are made from.

A group can also be called a herd or stubbornness. The male is a bull, the female a cow and their babies are called calves.
4. Witches boil their spells in one of these

Answer: Bats

Cauldron = Witches boil their spells in one of these

Bats are mammals and they are the only ones that can fly (there are some others that glide). They are nocturnal which means they are active at dusk, night and dawn and sleep during the day. They roost in trees, buildings or caves and hang upside down.

About three quarters of bats eat insects and the rest eat fruit. The fruit-eaters use their eyesight to locate their food but the others use echolocation. Bats are not blind and have better eyesight at night than humans do but they often fly in pitch black places so need to use these sound waves to help locate their prey.

Bats are found on all continents except for the polar regions and they are the second largest group of mammals on earth - one in every 5 mammals is a bat. A group is also known as a colony, cloud or flock and their babies are called pups.
5. A group of people that make music for marching to

Answer: Gorillas

Band = A group of people that make music for marching to

All gorillas live in Africa and there are two types - the Western and the Eastern. They are the biggest primates and they are all critically endangered. They live in mountains, forests, grasslands and swamps and make nests on the ground to sleep in.

Both species are herbivores but eat different forms of foliage depending on where they live. They get most of their fluid from this vegetation so rarely drink water.

A group is also called a troop but there is no specific name for male or females. Male gorillas develop a silver streak of hair on their backs about 12 years of age and are called silverbacks. A mature male over 8 is known as a blackback. Every group has a senior silverback that is in charge and makes all the decisions. A baby gorilla is just called an infant.
6. This is what peas grow in

Answer: Whales

Pod = This is what peas grow in

Whales are big mammals that live in the sea - they have lungs and need to breathe air, but they can choose when they need to breathe and come to the surface and breathe out and in again through their blowhole.

There are over 100 species of whales but they all belong in two separate groups, the baleen and the toothed. Toothed whales have sharp teeth to eat fish or meat and have a bigger forehead - this contains a chamber which uses echolocation to help it hunt. A baleen is a sieve structure made of keratin in the upper jaw. These whales take in a huge amount of water and then close their mouths to let it out and the food is caught in the mouth.

A group of whales can also be called a herd, school, mod or gam. A male is called a bull, female a cow and the baby is a calf. Whales are pregnant for a year and only have one calf every three or four years.
7. This is something you put a pet on when taking it for a walk

Answer: Foxes

Leash = This is something you put a pet on when taking it for a walk

Foxes also belong to the dog family so are also canines, their specific adjective is vulpine. They are the smallest of all the canines, have 27 different species and live all over the world except the Antarctic. They were not native to Australia but were taken there by the English to help catch the rabbits that they had let loose.

Foxes are omnivores who eat small mammals like rabbits and rodents. They will also eat eggs, some insects, reptiles, fruit and berries. Unlike most other dog groups they do not live in packs but in small family groups - some species even live alone.

Groups are also called a skulk, earth, lead or troop. Females are called vixen, males are a tod, dog or reynard. Foxes can have up to 11 cubs and these are called kits, cubs or pups.
8. The sound that goes with lightning

Answer: Hippopotamuses

Thunder = The sound that goes with lightning

The hippopotamus is a large African mammal - the biggest of the even toed ungulates. Its name means 'river horse' and it is semi-aquatic which means it is a land animal but spends a large amount of time in the water. It cannot swim well but stands in the water or mud to stay cool.

Hippopotamuses are herbivores and come onto land at dusk to eat grass and leaves. They are huge animals, the second largest land animal, but can move at speeds of up to 30 km/hour when they want to - they are known as one of the most aggressive and dangerous animals to humans.

Their groups are also called a herd, bloat or sea. The male, female and babies are again called a bull, cow and calf.
9. To kill someone else

Answer: Crows

Murder = To kill someone else

Crows are known as corvine, belonging to the group corvus of which the raven is also a member. There is very little difference between the birds except for the crow being smaller in size. All crows are black or with a very small amount of white or grey and are found throughout the world except South America and the polar regions.

Crows will share a common roost near a food source of up to thousands of birds at a time unless it is mating season. Crows mate for life and they will have a clutch of 3 to 9 eggs each time and previous older offspring will help protect the nest.

They are omnivorous and will eat nearly anything from fruit, nuts, insects, seeds, eggs, frogs, rodents and other even birds. Their average lifespan in the wild is 20 years and they are known to be highly intelligent.

There are no particular name for the parents or babies of the crows but other group names include horde, parcel and a storytelling.
10. Wooden cask to store wine in

Answer: Monkeys

Barrel = Wooden cask to store wine in

Monkeys are primates and are called simians and there are two different types: the Old World monkeys that live in Africa and Asia and the New World monkeys that live in South America. They are all arboreal mammals which means that they live in trees. Some species spend nearly all their lives in trees while others do come down to the ground as well.

Monkeys have a tail and they are mostly herbivores but will eat a big range of foods if they need to. They live in forests or the savannah but not in desert.
They have no individual names for parents but their babies are also called infants. Apart from a barrel, a group is also known as a troop, carload, cartload, tribe or wilderness.
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