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Quiz about Love Astrologically
Quiz about Love Astrologically

Love, Astrologically Trivia Quiz

There are many factors that contribute to finding your perfect astrological match in life, but for the first step to finding love, can you sort each sign of the zodiac elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) with which they are associated?

A classification quiz by reedy. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Classify Quiz
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Jan 28 22
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11 / 12
Last 3 plays: DeeWad (12/12), TheGuru01 (12/12), Jane57 (12/12).
Fire Sign
Earth Sign
Air Sign
Water Sign

Leo Capricorn Cancer Sagittarius Pisces Virgo Scorpio Gemini Aries Aquarius Libra Taurus

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May 30 2024 : DeeWad: 12/12
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May 18 2024 : Jane57: 12/12
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May 13 2024 : jrthomps2006: 4/12
May 09 2024 : Guest 47: 5/12
May 08 2024 : boon99: 12/12

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Aries

Answer: Fire Sign

There are traits that are considered common between the different elemental signs. For fire signs, this includes passion, creativity, spontaneity, inspiration, and competitive spirit. Each element also has three modalities - cardinal, fixed, and mutable, which gives each sign its own distinctive set of characteristics.

Aries (approx. March 21 to April 19) is the first of the three fire signs, and it is also a 'cardinal' sign, which means Arians are born leaders and trendsetters, preferring to initiate things instead of waiting for them to happen.
2. Leo

Answer: Fire Sign

As one of the 'fixed' signs, Leos (approx. July 23 to August 22) add the qualities of determination, stability, and following through on goals to their shared fire sign characteristics. This often leads to great self-expression and respect within their careers, and a willingness to learn and share their knowledge with others.
3. Sagittarius

Answer: Fire Sign

Sagittarius (approx. November 22 to December 21) is the third fire sign, and is also a 'mutable' sign, indicating the coming end of a season and the change to something new. In addition to the characteristics that are shared amongst the fire signs, those within 'mutable' elemental signs are also thinkers and philosophers, flexible and open-minded, and not ones to make rash decisions.
4. Capricorn

Answer: Earth Sign

The signs that fall under the umbrella of the earth element have the common characteristic of being (dare I say it) grounded. This means that they are generally steady, reliable, practical, pragmatic, as well as sensual and artistic.

Capricorns (approx. December 22 to January 19), as the 'cardinal' earth sign, have a formidable presence and exude a natural authority. The combination of being grounded and also a leader/trendsetter makes Capricorns a force of great achievement, willing to work toward long term goals.
5. Taurus

Answer: Earth Sign

As the 'fixed' earth sign, Taureans are not the (earth) movers and shakers that come with the 'cardinal' modality, but rather will 'dig in' and construct a solid life through slow and deliberate movement, creating things that last. The approximate date range for Taurus is April 20 to May 20.
6. Virgo

Answer: Earth Sign

Virgos (approx August 23 to September 22) are the 'mutable' earth sign, meaning that they are analytic and practical with lots of patience and also drive, understanding the requirements to achieve their many goals. They have a reputation for being perfectionists, but they also have a sensual side, and are often a force of healing for others.
7. Libra

Answer: Air Sign

Those that fall under the air element are the the leaders of society; analyzing, communicating and taking action in life. They can come off as being cold, but they lead with their intellect, and not so much with their hearts.

Libras (approx. September 23 to October 22) are the 'cardinal' air sign, and are keen to initiate with new ideas, have strong creativity, and sometimes even use their intellect as a (figurative) weapon.
8. Aquarius

Answer: Air Sign

A 'fixed' air Aquarian (approx. January 20 to February 18) moves a little more deeply and slowly than its other air elemental counterparts, but they also focus their analyzing intellect on the bigger picture and plan for the future with innovative and outside the box thinking. They have a reputation for being 'weird', as they like to march to the beat of their own drum.
9. Gemini

Answer: Air Sign

Geminis (approx. May 21 to June 20) are the 'mutable' air sign, meaning that they are flexible and perceptive, easily grasping situations and making decisions. As the 'twins', Geminis have a duality that helps them see all sides of a situation, and can easily move between different social groups. They also purportedly like to share information and news (gossip?) with others.
10. Cancer

Answer: Water Sign

The water elemental signs are deep, emotional beings who are able to tune in or vibe with others, and thus have a sensitivity for relationships. This can be both good, and bad, as they sometimes have difficulty keeping their own personal boundaries with others.

As the 'cardinal' water sign, Cancers (approx. June 21 to July 22) lead by the heart, and have an emotional force that pushes outward from themselves. They can use this force of feelings to envelope and sometimes manipulate others, but more often than not they inspire.
11. Scorpio

Answer: Water Sign

For 'fixed' water, Scorpios (approx. October 23 to November 21) are tenacious and find fulfillment in putting their whole being into whatever they do. They are genuine and emotionally courageous, willing to go where others will not.
12. Pisces

Answer: Water Sign

Pisces (approx. February 19 to March 20) is the 'mutable' water sign, and they are known as dreamers, with great artistic and empathetic tendencies. They will adjust to the feelings of others around them, communicating what is needed in the moment. With a guiding vision, these dreamers will become strong in their pursuit of a mission or to realize a dream.
Source: Author reedy

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