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Quiz about Friend or Foe
Quiz about Friend or Foe

Friend or Foe Trivia Quiz

Hi kids, can you drag these friend or foe characters into their rightful animated movies, either produced, released or distributed by Walt Disney Pictures? Have fun!

A matching quiz by Creedy. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Dec 03 21
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Very Easy
Avg Score
9 / 10
Top 20% Quiz
Last 3 plays: DeepHistory (10/10), Guest 216 (10/10), erccabee (10/10).
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Wicked character in "Snow White"  
  Queen Grimhilde
2. Good friend from "The Jungle Book"  
3. Wicked character from "Cinderella"  
4. Good friend from "Bambi"  
  Lady Tremaine
5. Wicked character from "Aladdin"  
6. Good friend from "Monsters, Inc."  
7. Wicked character from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"  
8. Good friend from "Finding Nemo"  
9. Wicked character from "Hercules"  
10. Good friend in "Wreck-it Ralph"  
  Claude Frollo

Select each answer

1. Wicked character in "Snow White"
2. Good friend from "The Jungle Book"
3. Wicked character from "Cinderella"
4. Good friend from "Bambi"
5. Wicked character from "Aladdin"
6. Good friend from "Monsters, Inc."
7. Wicked character from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
8. Good friend from "Finding Nemo"
9. Wicked character from "Hercules"
10. Good friend in "Wreck-it Ralph"

Most Recent Scores
Jun 15 2024 : DeepHistory: 10/10
Jun 15 2024 : Guest 216: 10/10
Jun 09 2024 : erccabee: 10/10
Jun 07 2024 : xxFruitcakexx: 7/10
Jun 07 2024 : Guest 160: 8/10
Jun 04 2024 : Guest 73: 10/10
Jun 04 2024 : Guest 71: 6/10
May 28 2024 : Guest 96: 10/10
May 26 2024 : cheeseit223: 10/10

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Wicked character in "Snow White"

Answer: Queen Grimhilde

The 1937 film "Snow White" tells the story of a beautiful princess who is being treated cruelly by her wicked stepmother, Queen Grimhilde. Things go from bad to worse once the queen realises that Snow White is growing up to be more beautiful than she is, and so she plans her murder. Fortunately, Snow White escapes with the aid of the kindly huntsman who is sent to do the dark deed, and seeks refuge in the home of seven dwarfs in the deep forest.

There she stays quite happily until the queen finds out the girl still lives. Cunningly, Queen Grimhilde turns herself into a wicked witch and tricks Snow White into taking a bite of a poisoned apple, after which the girl falls into a deathlike sleep. Thinking she is dead, but so filled with love for her, the dwarfs cannot bear to bury Snow White in the ground, and place her in a glass coffin in a forest glade instead. There she stays for an entire year until woken by love's first kiss from a handsome prince.
2. Good friend from "The Jungle Book"

Answer: Baloo

The 1967 film "The Jungle Book" tells the story of an orphaned human baby boy, Mowgli, being raised in the jungle by a family of wolves. His constant protector is a panther named Bagheera who originally found the child and took him to a mother wolf to rear. Ten years pass happily, and then evil returns to the area in the form of a terrifying man-eating tiger, Shere Khan, who has been absent during this time. The wolves realise that Mowgli must be taken to a village of humans for his own safety, and Bagheera volunteers to take the reluctant boy there. Along the way, Bagheera saves him from being consumed by a huge and terrifying python, but after Mowgli disagrees with Bagheera in a follow up incident, the annoyed panther leaves him on his own.

This is where Mowgli meets up with the lovable bear, Baloo who promises that Mowgli can stay with him instead. More adventures follow, where Mowgli is again exposed to danger. Bagheera returns and convinces Baloo that the boy child MUST go to the human village for his own protection, but, on being told this, the naughty Mowgli runs away. Now, though, Shere Khan knows of Mowgli and is determined to kill the boy. Does Mowgli manage to get into several more scrapes? Does he get eaten by Shere Khan? Does Baloo get hurt trying to defend Mowgli from the tiger? Does Mowgli finally go to live in the village of humans because he falls in love with a human girl? Does this tale have a happy ending? Of course it does.
3. Wicked character from "Cinderella"

Answer: Lady Tremaine

The 1950 film "Cinderella" tells of a sweet young heroine being treated harshly by her stepmother (Lady Tremaine) and her two plain stepsisters, and forced to slave away in the kitchen day after day. One week it is announced that a grand ball will be held in order for the prince of the land to hopefully find his future bride. Cinderella would dearly love to attend this function but her efforts to get ready are ruined by her step-family. It is only after they have left for the ball, leaving her behind in tears, that her fairy godmother appears and magically transforms familiar objects all around Cinderella into a beautiful gown, glass slippers, a coach, horses, a footman and coachman - enabling her to go to the ball. There is one stipulation, however. Cinderella must be home by midnight, for that is when everything reverts to its former shape.

At the ball, the prince dances with her and the pair soon fall in love. Suddenly the clock begins to strike midnight and Cinderella, remembering her promise, runs out of the ballroom before everything changes. In her haste, one of her glass slippers falls from her foot. A search throughout the land ensues to find the owner of this dainty footwear, and, after many obstacles being put in the way by Lady Tremaine, it is finally revealed that this is indeed Cinderella. This story concludes with a happy wedding between Cinderella and her handsome prince.
4. Good friend from "Bambi"

Answer: Thumper

The 1942 film "Bambi" relates the story of Bambi, a little deer who is having a delightful childhood in the forest with his mother; and his best friend Thumper the rabbit (who actually teaches Bambi how to walk); plus a delightful little skunk named Flower; and Faline, a pretty little female deer. Bambi's father, whom he does not know at first, is only a vague and distant figure from afar, who appears briefly in their lives now and then to warn them of the danger of human hunters approaching. Tragically it is these wicked hunters who take the life of Bambi's mother, and the little deer is left frightened, lost and all alone until his father, the Great Prince of the forest, finds and rescues him.

The film continues to follow the lives of the four young friends until we find one day that Bambi has grown into a handsome young stag, and Faline into a beautiful doe, while Thumper and Flower are also smitten with love. The story grows quite frightening from here as Bambi battles another young buck who is trying to steal Faline away from him. This is shortly afterwards followed by Bambi having to rescue Faline from the vicious dogs of the hunters, and then by a great and terrifying forest fire which sees all the animals having to flee for their lives, only just making it to a river on time. The following spring returns us to the regenerating forest and the four childhood friends, with Bambi, the new Great Prince of the Forest, and his "deer" little wife Faline, now the proud parents of twins.
5. Wicked character from "Aladdin"

Answer: Jafar

The 1992 film "Aladdin", set in a fictional city somewhere in the Middle East relates the story of a street urchin (Aladdin), who falls in love with Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan. It takes quite a while before we get to that point however. In the meantime, Jasmine is in trouble when we first meet her as she is refusing to marry an unappealing suitor who has been chosen for her by her roly-poly but well meaning father. Jafar is the villain in this story. He is the Grand Vizier who is overwhelmingly power hungry and evil and he decides he will force Jasmine to marry him instead in order to obtain that power. When Jasmine runs away from the palace and meets Aladdin, the story really develops from this point.

Aladdin is captured, thrown in prison, "rescued" by Jafar who wishes him to retrieve a magic lamp hidden deep in a cave. When Aladdin becomes trapped in the cave, he finds that a genie has also been trapped in the lamp, and will grant him three wishes, but three wishes only. Many adventures and misadventures follow, but at the close of the movie, the genie has been freed at last, Jafar has been well and truly punished, we've all had a lot of laughs, and Jasmine and Aladdin are in love and planning to marry.
6. Good friend from "Monsters, Inc."

Answer: Mike

The 2001 "Monsters, Inc." relates the tale of two monsters who work together at a factory that is powered by the screams of terrified children. It is the task of the monsters to get out and about producing and harvesting those screams - something that is becoming harder and harder to do because children don't scare the way they did in the good old days. Our two main monsters are Sulley Sullivan (the chief scarer) and Mike Wazowski, his one eyed friend. They're very wary of children because it is believed human children are poisonous.

One day when a small girl (Boo) enters the factory through an unlocked door, and the Child Detection Agency is determined to hunt her down, Sulley and Mike try to protect the girl and send her back home. A very lively, comical, and sometimes alarming series of roadblocks follow. This story has a lovely ending though when Boo is returned safely home, and the monsters decided to harvest the laughter of children instead of their screams - because it is discovered that laughter is far more powerful than fear.
7. Wicked character from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"

Answer: Claude Frollo

"The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1996) relates the story of a little deformed child (Quasimodo) whose mother has been murdered by Frollo, the Minister of Justice of Paris. In retribution, Frollo is forced to bring the child up as his own, but Quasimodo grows up, lonely and isolated, in the Notre Dame cathedral. On his one attempt to attend a festival in Paris known as the Festival of Fools, he is cruelly mocked by the crowds, until Esmeralda, a gypsy girl, rescues him. Angrily, Frollo banishes Quasimodo back to his lonely life in the cathedral. Esmeralda follows him inside and is herself banned from leaving by Phoebus, the captain of the guards who witnessed a magic trick she used to save Quasimodo.

As this very dramatic story unfolds, Frollo has dark designs on Esmeralda whom he accuses of putting a spell on him; Quasimodo helps Esmeralda escape; Frollo destroys half of the town trying to find her; Phoebus, horrified by this, defies Frollo and is condemned to death by Frollo; Esmeralda resues Phoebus when, wounded, he falls into the Seine river, and they then both fall in love; poor old Quasimodo is heartbroken because he too loves Esmeralda; the wicked Frollo tries to burn Esmeralda at the stake but Quasimodo rescues her; a huge battle follows between the good and evil forces in Paris; Frollo and Quasimodo fight on a balcony high up on the cathedral, and they both topple over the edge. However, whereas Frollo is killed in the fall, Phoebus saves Quasimodo. Finally, at the conclusion of all this drama, Esmeralda and Phoebus end up happily together with Quasimodo's blessing, and the people of Paris hail Quasimodi as a hero and welcome him into their wider world.
8. Good friend from "Finding Nemo"

Answer: Dory

"Finding Nemo" a 2003 film, is an absolutely delightful presentation of underwater life in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and gives us a host of enchanting, hilarious, alarming, but always entertaining denizens of the deep. The tale that unfolds before our eyes introduces Nemo, a little injured clown fish and his protective father, Marlin, all that are left of a huge family that was consumed by a barracuda.

When Nemo is captured by a scuba diver on his first day of school, a desperate search for his son is undertaken by Marlin to find him. He is assisted, and sometimes hindered, in this by Dory, a delightful but very forgetful Blue Tang. Along the way, they meet a simply hilarious set of would be vegetarian sharks and many other fascinating characters, such as the comical pelican, Nigel. In the meantime Nemo has ended up in a fish tank in a dentist's officer from which he manages to escape and sets off trying to find his father. Of course there are several misadventures along the way for Marlin, Nemo and the absent-minded Dory, but all ends happily. The film closes with Nemo, now back home safely with Marlin and Dory, setting off for school once more.
9. Wicked character from "Hercules"

Answer: Hades

The 1997 film "Hercules" tells of the jealousy that the god, Hades, feels for his brother Zeus, particularly after a son, Hercules, is born to Zeus and Hera. While all celebrate that birth, Hades plots to overthrow Zeus and seize power. After a glimpse into the future, he learns that in order to do this, he must first dispose of Hercules. However, the poison he has his minions administer to Hercules turns the boy into a mortal instead of killing him, but he is left with superhuman strength.

Years later, Hercules, who was found and adopted by two humans, is outcast by society because of his strength, but when his human parents show him a necklace that was with him when they found him, he decides to go to the temple of Zeus to try to find out from whence he came. While there, one of the statues comes to life and informs Hercules he can return to being a god if he becomes a true hero. Hercules sets about learning how to do this. Many difficult tasks, heartbreak and sacrifices follow in this very dramatic and rather alarming film. At its conclusions we learn that Hercules has indeed become a great hero, but that he has chosen to remain mortal instead of becoming a god, in order to remain on earth with the woman whom he has grown to love. Zeus accepts this, but celebrates his son's memory by arranging the stars to form a picture of Hercules for eternity.
10. Good friend in "Wreck-it Ralph"

Answer: Vanellope

The 2012 film "Wreck-It Ralph" tells of an arcade and fun centre whose video game characters come to life and socialise at night when the arcade closes down for the evening. One of the characters is Wreck-It Ralph, who is more or less the villain in the game, "Fix-It Felix", while Felix is always looked upon as the hero. Ralph is tired of this and determines that he will make everyone respect him by winning a medal in the "Hero's Duty" game. Unfortunately when he gets that medal, he releases a cy-bug, an evil being that destroys other games. Ralph attacks it and the pair fall into an escape pod which lands in another game. Back in the arcade, because Ralph is now missing from his own game, "Fix-it Felix" is thought to be broken and unplugged, so Felix sets about trying to find Ralph and bring him back, only finding instead that he has to be rescued later in the story line by Ralph.

Meanwhile a little girl, Vanellope, finds Ralph's medal and takes it in order to buy into a daily race in the arcade. When she is banned from racing by the head of the game in which Ralph has landed, he decided to work with Vanellope to get her into the race - and to retrieve his medal. When he is subsequently tricked into destroying Vanellope's cart, he sets about, in a series of complicated and interwoven story lines, to amend that wrong. Finally succeeding in that task, and with Vanellope revealed to be a star of her own video game, Ralph is returned to his own game. Because of his heroic actions during this very complicated tale, he indeed gains the respect of all his fellow game companions, and all ends happily.
Source: Author Creedy

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