Quiz about Whos Who  Sing 2016
Quiz about Whos Who  Sing 2016

Who's Who: "Sing" (2016) Trivia Quiz

Released in 2016, the movie "Sing" takes us to a place where animal characters enter a singing competition. See if you can follow the clues given to match each actor or actress to his or her character.

A matching quiz by ponycargirl. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
Quiz #
Dec 03 21
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Avg Score
8 / 10
Last 3 plays: Guest 1 (10/10), Guest 76 (10/10), Guest 50 (10/10).
Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Theater owner...Koala...Matthew McConaughey  
2. Shy stagehand...Elephant...Tori Kelly   
Miss Crawly
3. Banker...Llama...Rhea Perlman   
4. Lazy...Sheep...John C. Reilly   
Nana Noodleman
5. Mother...Pig...Reese Witherspoon   
6. Bad Boy?...Gorilla...Taron Egerton  
7. Punker...Porcupine...Scarlett Johnsson  
8. Crooner...Mouse...Seth McFarland  
9. Secretary...Iguana...Garth Jennings  
Buster Moon
10. Grandmother...Sheep...Jennifer Saunders  

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Theater owner...Koala...Matthew McConaughey

Answer: Buster Moon

Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) is the owner of Moon Theater, a failing, ramshackle business, that is in danger of foreclosure. He tells his wealthy friend, Eddie, that he plans to hold a singing competition to help raise money to pay his mortgage at SFK Bank. Buster is a sweet guy; he's always upbeat and optimistic. Above all, he loves the theater and remembers how his father worked so hard to help him buy it.
2. Shy stagehand...Elephant...Tori Kelly

Answer: Meena

Shy Meena (Tori Kelly) has a lovely voice, but has such a severe case of stage fright that she cannot even make it through the audition. Consequently, she becomes Buster's competent stagehand. Her beautiful rendition of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, however, gives Buster the boost he needs at the end to carry on with the show after everything goes wrong.
3. Banker...Llama...Rhea Perlman

Answer: Judith

Representing the SFJ Bank, Judith (Rhea Perlman) is very businesslike and to the point. Buster has been avoiding her calls, so she is constantly at the theater, waiting for the exact second when she will be able to foreclose. When plans for the show go awry, Judith does repossess the theater, but not before several porcupine quills are sent her way. Is this the end of Buster's dreams?
4. Lazy...Sheep...John C. Reilly

Answer: Eddie

Best friend Eddie (John C. Reilly) isn't as optimistic as Buster and isn't sure that the singing competition will raise the money Buster needs. Why should he care? He is wealthy; he is rather lazy, lying around, eating pizza, and playing video games all day. And - he really doesn't want to take Buster to visit his grandmother (to ask for financial help) because she is not nice to Eddie.

By the end of the movie, however, Eddie pitches in and helps Buster in his time of need - as a true friend would.
5. Mother...Pig...Reese Witherspoon

Answer: Rosita

Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) is a pig who gets no respect - even though she can really sing! The mother of twenty-five piglets, she is expected to stay home and do chores all day, while her husband, who virtually ignores her, goes to work. She doesn't have any time to follow her dreams, and even if she has the time, she doesn't always have confidence in herself. For the contest she is teamed up for a song and dance number with another pig named Gunter.
6. Bad Boy?...Gorilla...Taron Egerton

Answer: Johnny

Johnny (Taron Egerton) is a teenage gorilla who is torn between his love for music and his love for his father, who demands that Johnny participate in his gang's criminal activities. Johnny decides to try and do both - but, busy with practice, arrives at the gang's pick up place late, and his father is captured by the police. How will this affect the outcome of the competition for Johnny?
7. Punker...Porcupine...Scarlett Johnsson

Answer: Ash

In spite of the mistake, the show goes on - auditions are held and acts are selected. Punk-rocker Ash (Scarlett Johansson) is chosen to perform, but her boyfriend, Lance, does not make the cut. He breaks up with Ash and doesn't waste any time finding a new girlfriend who does not show him up. Be careful! Ash is a porcupine, and when she gets upset, she releases her quills!
8. Crooner...Mouse...Seth McFarland

Answer: Mike

Crooner Mike (Seth McFarland) is smooth, but he is a mouse on the run. He is so sure that he will win Buster's singing contest that he buys a new car to impress a girl and cheats some bears at a card game. The bears follow Mike to Moon Theater and set off a chain reaction that leads to the theater being foreclosed and the show cancelled.
9. Secretary...Iguana...Garth Jennings

Answer: Miss Crawly

Buster's assistant, Miss Crawly (Garth Jennings), is completely loyal to her boss, and does whatever she needs to do to help keep the Moon Theater running. She is asked to make fliers for a singing competition that offers a prize of $1,000 to the winner. The problem is that she inadvertently adds two zeroes to the fliers and they go to the public offering a prize of $100,000.
10. Grandmother...Sheep...Jennifer Saunders

Answer: Nana Noodleman

Nana Noodleton (Jennifer Saunders) is Eddie's grandmother. When she was young, she was a beautiful singer. She is wealthy, but will she help Buster? Even though she is not sure if she wants to put up the prize money for the competition, she does agree to go to the show. In the end - well - you will need to watch the movie to see what happens!
Source: Author ponycargirl

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