Quiz about Travelers French
Quiz about Travelers French

Traveler's French Trivia Quiz

Take this quiz before venturing to a French-speaking country! I'll give you a phrase, you give me what that phrase is in the opposite language.

A multiple-choice quiz by ladymacb29. Estimated time: 2 mins.
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2 mins
Multiple Choice
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Dec 03 21
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9 / 10
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1. Do you speak English? Hint

Parlez-vous anglais?
J'ai parle francais.
Avez-vous anglais?
Aimes-tu anglais?

2. Where is the restroom? Hint

Comment on peut parler?
Ou est le bathroom?
Ou sont les W.C.?
Je prend une douche.

3. Ou est la banque? Hint

Where is the bank?
Where is the dog?
Who is that blond?
I have money.

4. Bonne nuit. Hint

Good night.
Good afternoon.
Good morning.
Good food.

5. Speak slowly. Hint

Parlez avec vitesse
Parlez lentement.
Je ne parle pas francais.
Ou est la bibliotheque?

6. We're lost. Hint

Nous sommes gentilles.
Nous sommes perdus.
Avez-vous une voiture?
Je n'aime pas les francais.

7. Puis-je vous aider? Hint

Do you need a nurse?
Can I help you?
Can you help me?
How old are you?

8. What day is this? Hint

C'est demain?
J'ai faim?
Quel age as-tu?
Quel jour est-ce?

9. I'm hungry. Hint

J'ai faim.
Je suis gentille.
J'ai soif.
Je suis une fenetre.

10. I'm American. Hint

J'ai une fille americaine.
Je suis americaine.
Je suis canadienne.
J'ai une fenetre.

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Do you speak English?

Answer: Parlez-vous anglais?

Only use this if your French-English dictionary fails you!
2. Where is the restroom?

Answer: Ou sont les W.C.?

In France (and most of Europe), the restroom is the WC (water closet). To say 'WC' in French, it's pronounced 'doobleh vay say', although most French people shorten it to 'vay say'.
3. Ou est la banque?

Answer: Where is the bank?

4. Bonne nuit.

Answer: Good night.

5. Speak slowly.

Answer: Parlez lentement.

Lentement means 'slowly'.
6. We're lost.

Answer: Nous sommes perdus.

7. Puis-je vous aider?

Answer: Can I help you?

8. What day is this?

Answer: Quel jour est-ce?

Although the correct answer is what most learn in school as it's the formal version, many French people say "Quel jour sommes-nous?" now. This has the meaning of asking where in time we are. Another variation is "Quel jour est-il?"
9. I'm hungry.

Answer: J'ai faim.

In French, we say 'I have hunger' or 'I have thirst'. Therefore, 'I'm hungry' uses avoir - the verb 'to have'.
10. I'm American.

Answer: Je suis americaine.

And it would be "Je suis americain" for the men.
Source: Author ladymacb29

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