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Did Elizabeth Montgomery enjoy working with both Dick York and Dick Sargent on the tv show "Bewitched"?

Question #130243. Asked by wonkatriv.
Last updated Nov 30 2016.
Originally posted Mar 29 2013 4:18 AM.

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Answer has 3 votes

Answer has 3 votes.
According to

Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York, who played the original Darrin, got along quite well and their chemistry was part of the reason for the success of the show.

When York took ill and Sargent replaced him in the 6th season, it was difficult for him and he was uncomfortable at first, but even with a differing style, Montgomery came to love the second Darrin as well.

Apr 01 2013, 4:39 AM
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Answer has 7 votes.

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Dick Sargent (the second "Darrin") had been first choice for the role of Darrin but had to decline due to other commitments. When Dick York (the first "Darrin") left the show due to illness, Sargent was again first choice. As for which actor Montgomery preferred, she made very little comment on the topic and was diplomatic about it. She said they were both very good.

She did not keep in touch with York whereas she was friends with Sargent, and had been so for some time before Bewitched. There are rumors about friction between Montgomery and York, but there's no real substantiation and neither of them commented publicly on it; in fact Montgomery has said very little in total about Dick York. There was some hostility from Agnes Moorehead towards Sargent regarding the decision to change cast, but Sargent and Moorhead ended up as friends, according to Sargent.

Rumours aside, Montogomery's out-of-work friendship with Sargent was the opposite to her complete non-communication with York. We are left to speculate on what they may or may not signify.

In 1992 Dick and Elizabeth Montgomery were grand marshals of the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade. She stated, "In or out of the closet, I love him. He's a super guy and a good friend. I'm happy for him and proud of him." Quote source:link

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Response last updated by satguru on Nov 30 2016.
Apr 01 2013, 7:32 AM
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