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How many people have done the UK reality show treble of "I'm A Celebrity", "Strictly Come Dancing" and "Celebrity Masterchef"?

Question #149018. Asked by gmackematix.
Last updated Oct 01 2022.
Originally posted Sep 22 2022 2:08 PM.

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** From researching on September 25, 2022, I have only been able to verify that one person, Alison Hammond, has appeared on the UK reality show treble of "I'm A Celebrity", "Strictly Come Dancing" and "Celebrity Masterchef".

This has proven to be difficult to locate. A Google search on September 25, 2022 on who has appeared in the three shows returned Alison Hammond and from looking at these links below she has appeared on all three. I could not easily find another individual that has appeared on all three. I tried copy and pasting the first two in Excel and then seeing who had appeared on both and then looking at the Wikipedia page for Celebrity Masterchef since that doesn't have a list format.


Sep 25 2022, 5:15 AM
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Based on my knowledge of who HAS done Strictly Come Dancing, using the list format of I'm A Celebrity on its Wikipedia page and cross-referencing with the names on the Celebrity Masterchef page, I've identified the following as having done all three:

Phil Tufnell (I'm A Celeb S2, Masterchef S2, Strictly S7)
Sid Owen (I'm A Celeb S5, Masterchef S11, Strictly S10)
Gemma Atkinson (I'm A Celeb S7, Masterchef S2, Strictly S15)
Simon Webbe (I'm A Celeb S8, Masterchef S11, Strictly S12)
Alison Hammond (I'm A Celeb S10, Masterchef S9, Strictly S12)
Susannah Constantine (I'm A Celeb S15, Masterchef S9, Strictly S16)
Lisa Snowdon (I'm A Celeb S16, Masterchef S17, Strictly S6)
Frankie Bridge (I'm A Celeb S21, Masterchef S13, Strictly S12)

Sep 26 2022, 7:45 AM
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Ah thanks. It was Lisa Snowdon winning Masterchef in the last week which inspired me to write the question.

Oct 01 2022, 12:32 AM
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