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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Boston

30 Boston Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Boston? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Boston (Geography). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Which section of Boston is home to Mike's Pastry, La Dolce Vita, and The Improv Asylum?
Answer: The North End

The North End is primarily known as the "Italian" section of the city. It's loaded with exceptional restaurants and is rich with history.
    Your options: [ The North End ] [ Beacon Hill ] [ The South End ] [ The Financial District ]
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2 What National League baseball team, now located in the southeast, was a Boston team until the 1950s?
Answer: Atlanta Braves

Hank Aaron just barely missed playing in Boston.
  From Quiz: Beantown
3 According to an old rhyme, Boston is home to the _____?
Answer: bean and the cod

All the others are there too, but the right answer refers to an old toast about the Bay State capital. When the Boston Patriots became the New England Patriots, they moved from Boston to Foxboro.
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
4 What does the red brick or painted line on the ground running through Boston signify?
Answer: The Freedom Trail

Walking the Freedom Trail is a great way to soak up the history of Boston.
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5 What was the name of Boston's highway reconstruction project that involved "burying" the major routes through the city?
Answer: The Big Dig

The seemingly endless construction project wreaked havoc on commuters, went way over budget, and is now the source of much fodder for the locals.
  From Quiz: Quirky Facts about Boston
6 In what year was Fenway Park opened?
Answer: 1912

Get to Fenway before it is gone. A beautiful place to watch a game, just don't wear any Yankees gear.
  From Quiz: Beantown
7 Where in Boston is there a wooden codfish?
Answer: The State House

The renowned 'Sacred Cod' in the Legislative Room, symbolizing the State's early fishing industry.
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
8 What rock and roll icon helped dedicate the Leonard P. Zakim/Bunker Hill Bridge?
Answer: Bruce Springsteen

Zakim, a well-known civil rights activist, was introduced to Springsteen in the last year of his life. After a concert, one of Springsteen's managers brought Zakim backstage and introduced him to Bruce by saying, "This is a guy who's out there on the front lines doing what you sing about, his name's Lenny Zakim."
  From Quiz: Quirky Facts about Boston
9 The J.F.K. museum is located in which section of Boston?
Answer: Dorchester

A museum well worth the visit.
    Your options: [ Mattapan ] [ South Boston ] [ Dorchester ] [ Roxbury ]
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10 What Civil War Regiment is honored outside the State House?
Answer: The 54th of Massachusetts

If you saw 1989's Glory, it was about the 54th, America's first all-Negro regiment, led by Col. Robert Shaw. Augustus Saint-Gaudens did the still-standing monument and Robert Lowell's 'For The Union Dead' is about it.
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
11 What tradition originally started in a retail apparel store located in Boston's Downtown Crossing?
Answer: The Running of the Brides

The original Filene's Basement in Downtown Crossing was home to the annual "Running of the Brides", where brides-to-be had the chance to grab designer gowns at bargain basement prices. The event made Bruins' hockey practice look like a piece of cake!
  From Quiz: Quirky Facts about Boston
12 What Red Sox great was known as the 'Splendid Splinter'?
Answer: Ted Williams

The last man to bat .400.
  From Quiz: Beantown
13 Name the music conductor most associated with the Boston Pops Orchestra.
Answer: Arthur Fiedler

Fiedler has a giant bust in Hatch Shell Park-tribute to his long-standing fame as leader of the Boston Pops.
    Your options: [ Keith Lockhart ] [ Seiji Ozawa ] [ Arthur Fiedler ] [ John Williams ]
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
14 What Boston Bruins player was gifted with the old Boston Garden penalty box, when construction on the new Boston Garden began?
Answer: Terry O'Reilly

Due to the amount of time he spent in the penalty box, the Bruins organization decided to give Terry his "home away from home". The old penalty box is now on display at the Boston Sports Museum.
  From Quiz: Quirky Facts about Boston
15 What former Massachusetts Senator, who died in 2009, is the brother of a former president?
Answer: Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy is the brother of the late John F. Kennedy.
  From Quiz: Beantown
16 What legendary baseball player was considered the cause of the Red Sox' longtime losing streak through most of the 20th Century?
Answer: Babe Ruth

'The Curse of the Bambino' was finally broken and the Sox won three World Series.
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
17 What act performs on the Esplanade every fourth of July?
Answer: The Boston Pops

One of our nations finest fourth of July celebrations.
  From Quiz: Beantown
18 What kitchen utensil is prominent in Boston?
Answer: a teapot

Once advertising a tea company, it's a Boston landmark to the present, still there in the Sears Crescent--very appropriate to where the world's best-known 'tea party' took place!
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
19 What local ice cream shop got its start in Post Office Square and now serves "Big Dig" flavored ice cream all over the state of Massachusetts?
Answer: Brigham's

This red, white, and blue ice cream parlor has been a mainstay in the Boston area. Brigham's was started in 1914 in Post Office Square and was originally part of the Durand Company. In 1924, the flagship Brigham's store opened in Newton Highlands.
  From Quiz: Quirky Facts about Boston
20 What city park is home to the Swan Boats?
Answer: Boston Public Garden

These pedal-powered boats have been around since 1876 and have been run by the Paget family the entire time.
  From Quiz: Beantown
21 Which Boston monument became the logo of a famous publisher?
Answer: Charles Bulfinch's Eagle

Built to commemorate the beacon that gave Beacon Hill its name, it is also known as the logo of Boston's world-famed Little, Brown and Co.
    Your options: [ Cyrus Dallin's Indian ] [ Claes Oldenburg's Clothespin ] [ Charles Bulfinch's Eagle ] [ Rodin's Thinker ]
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
22 What event is held annually on Boston's City Hall Plaza to raise money for the Jimmy Fund (a cancer research charity), while giving attendees the opportunity to sample old and not-yet-on-the-market ice cream flavors?
Answer: The Scooper Bowl

The Scooper Bowl is a taste-a-thon of leading ice cream makers from across the country. Held every June to benefit cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, attendees pay a small fee to sample a variety of ice cream - from old favorites to new unreleased flavors!
  From Quiz: Quirky Facts about Boston
23 What river is between Boston and Cambridge?
Answer: Charles River

The Head of the Charles regatta is one of the largest rowing races in the world.
  From Quiz: Beantown
24 Which famous opera was the inspiration for the Swan Boats?
Answer: Wagner's Lohengrin

Lohengrin concerned enchanted swans, thus inspiring one of Boston's most recognizable symbols.
    Your options: [ Verdi's Aida ] [ Bizet's Carmen ] [ Wagner's Lohengrin ] [ Mozart's Magic Flute ]
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
25 Beacon Street and Commonwealth Avenue cross over each other at what location?
Answer: Kenmore Square

Have you ever watched a Red Sox game on TV and seen the giant Citgo sign? It is right above Kenmore Square.
  From Quiz: Beantown
26 Besides swans and seagulls, what other birds are connected with Boston (especially in one specific area)?
Answer: ducks

Robert McClosky's famed 'Make Way For Ducklings' inspired the bronze sculptures of a mother duck and her brood in Boston Commons.
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
27 The author of 'The Man Without A Country' has a statue of him in the Boston Public Garden. Name him.
Answer: Edward Everett Hale

This descendant of Nathan Hale's tale of a traitor who gets his wish never to see America again -literally- was a hit in the Civil War era.
    Your options: [ Edgar Allan Poe ] [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ] [ Edward Everett Hale ] [ Henry James ]
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
28 Which poet was instrumental in saving U.S.S. Constitution?
Answer: Oliver Wendell Holmes

A physician and essayist as well as poet, Holmes' 'Old Ironsides' roused public support for the legendary warship, which survives today as the USA's oldest active battle vessel (the Lowells are, of course, Boston's poetic dynasty).
    Your options: [ James Russell Lowell ] [ Robert Lowell ] [ Oliver Wendell Holmes ] [ Amy Lowell ]
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
29 Where is the Quincy Market located?
Answer: Next to Fanueil Hall

Both the Hall and the Market are popular tourist spots.
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
30 What was the vocation of famed freedom rider Paul Revere?
Answer: silversmith and dentist

French-descended Revere made silver utensils, performed primitive dentistry(Benet's A Tooth For Paul Revere is based on this)and even etched prints of the Boston Massacre! The copper company bearing his name was a giant in New Bedford, where the famous billboard with the galloping neon Revere has been restored.
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
31 Name the black patriot who died in the Boston Massacre.
Answer: Crispus Attucks

The other three were from the Civil War, but Attucks could be considered a forefather to them.
    Your options: [ Sojourner Truth ] [ Frederick Douglass ] [ Crispus Attucks ] [ Harriet Tubman ]
  From Quiz: Know Beans About Boston?
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