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54 All About Eve Trivia Questions & Answers

All About Eve
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1 Where did Eve Harrington work before coming to New York?
Answer: brewery

She was paid $500 to leave town for having an affair with her boss.
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What actress was originally supposed to play the part of Margo Channing?

2 Which two Hollywood actresses played the lead female characters of Eve Harrington and Margo Channing?
Answer: Anne Baxter and Bette Davis

Claudette Colbert was originally to play the character of Margo. Colbert was forced to pull out of the movie after rupturing a disc in her back while filming "Three Came Home".
3 Karen has brought Eve backstage for the first time and Eve says: "You can breath it can't you? Like _________."
Answer: some magic perfume.

Eve has seen every performance of the play.
4 The opening of "All About Eve" takes place at an awards ceremony. What was the name of the award?
Answer: Sarah Siddons

Antonette Perry is the Tony Award, Academy Award is the Oscar and Golden Globe is the Foreign Press Award.
5 What actress was originally supposed to play the part of Margo Channing?
Answer: Claudette Colbert

Claudette Colbert was supposed to play the role of Margo until she ruptured a disk in her back, on the set of "Three Came Home".
Question Reference: Quiz: All About Eve.
6 Where did Karen Richards meet Lloyd Richards?
Answer: Radcliffe

He had come to lecture on drama.
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7 When Eve auditioned for the part of Margo's understudy, what was said of her performance?
Answer: It had fire and music

This comment was said by Lloyd Richards, and later made Margo fly off the handle in a jealous rage.
8 Margo is hurriedly dressing to accompany Bill to the airport and can only find one earring and Bill says: "Real diamonds in a wig, __________."
Answer: the world we live in.

Bette continued the scene wearing only one earring. Perhaps she did start a fashion.
9 The film is based upon a short story. What is the title?
Answer: The Wisdom of Eve

The original story was supposedly based upon a true story about the actress Elisabeth Bergner, our Margo.
10 Margo Channing's first stage appearance, in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", propelled her to stardom. How old was she?
Answer: 4

According to Addision, "She made her first stage appearance, at the age of four, in 'Midsummer Night's Dream'. She played a fairy and entered - quite unexpectedly - stark naked. She has been a star ever since."
Question Reference: Quiz: More About Eve.
11 Which character said this famous line: "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night"?
Answer: Margo Channing

Bette Davis, along with Anne Baxter, was nominated for Best Actress Oscar for her role.
12 Bill is getting ready to leave for Hollywood. He asks Birdie "What do you want me to tell Tyrone Power?" Birdie's reply is " _________."
Answer: Just give him my phone number. I'll tell him myself.

Thelma Ritter was excellent as the ex-vaudevillian/maid.
13 Who wrote the original short story?
Answer: Mary Orr

Margaret Mitchell wrote "Gone With The Wind". Mary Shelly wrote "Frankenstein" and Lillian Hellman wrote "Watch on the Rhine" and many other stories, plays and screenplays.
14 What future movie star had been previously fired by the producer?
Answer: Marilyn Monroe

Monroe was late for rehearsals and no one knew her at the time this picture was made.
Question Reference: Quiz: All About Eve.
15 How long, from her introduction to Margo, does it take Eve Harrington to win her Award for Distinguished Achievement in the theatre?
Answer: 9 months

Karen Richards says, "It's June now. That was - early October... only last October. It was a drizzly night, I remember I asked the taxi to wait..."
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16 Which future Hollywood icon played the small part of Miss Caswell?
Answer: Marilyn Monroe

Monroe later went on to star in movies such as "Some Like It Hot" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".
17 Unbeknownst to Margo, Eve has placed a call to Bill in California, to be connected at midnight New York time, for his birthday. Part of the conversation from Margo is "In a tin can, cellophane, or ___________, I want you home."
Answer: wrapped in a Navajo blanket

"Well if you won't say it to me then sing it! Oh Bill, it's your birthday." Margo was a little confused.
18 The original screenplay was written by?
Answer: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Preston Sturges wrote the dialogue for "Imitation of Life". Herman Mankiewicz, Joe's brother wrote "Citizen Kane" with Orson Welles.
19 "You can always put that _____ where your heart ought to be."
Answer: award

Ironically in 1973, Anne Baxter presented Bette Davis with the Sarah Siddons Award.
Question Reference: Quiz: All About Eve.
20 Where is Eve originally from?
Answer: Wisconsin

"I guess it started back home. Wisconsin, that is. There was just mum and dad - and me."
Question Reference: Quiz: More About Eve.
21 Which character helps Eve boost her career by making Margo miss a performance?
Answer: Karen

Karen, played by Celeste Holm, makes sure that Margo misses her performance by making sure there isn't enough gas in the car for them to make it in time. This leads to Eve having the chance to take over as the lead role for one night.
22 Before the fateful welcome home/happy birthday party begins, Margo says to Eve: "Remind me to tell you about the time I looked into _________"
Answer: the heart of an artichoke

Eve, the kid, is still playing the innocent here.
23 Max Fabian, the producer in the film, was played by?
Answer: Gregory Ratoff

All of the other actors were considered for the same part.
24 What year was this movie released in the US?
Answer: 1950

Question Reference: Quiz: All About Eve.
25 Bill Sampson, in the film's opening, is on his way to Hollywood to direct a film for what famous producer?
Answer: Darryl F. Zanuck

Zanuck produced "All About Eve" for 20th Century Fox.
Question Reference: Quiz: More About Eve.