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35 Cameron Diaz Trivia Questions & Answers

Diaz, Cameron
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1 What was the first movie Cameron starred in?
Answer: The Mask

In 1994 she starred in her first ever movie, as the female lead in "The Mask". She didn't realise how big the film was, asking during filming if there was anywhere her parents could see it. The shock of how big it was caused her to suffer a hernia. Her next role was to be in the "Mortal Kombat" movie, but she hurt her wrist during training for the film and had to pull out. These two health problems meant that studios were reluctant to hire her.
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What was the name of Cameron's character in "Any Given Sunday"?

2 What sport does Diaz's character play in 'There's Something About Mary' (1998)?
Answer: Golf

Mary's a golf player, and some of the scenes take place at the golf course.
3 In the 1999 movie 'Being John Malkovich', what was the name of Diaz's character?
Answer: Lotte

Maxine was played by Catherine {Keener;} Floris was played by Mary Kay {Place;} and Wendy was played by K.K. Dodds.
4 In "The Invisible Circus" what was the nickname of Faith's boyfriend?
Answer: Wolf

This was a great independent film released in 2000, in which Cameron was just brilliant, I mean the way she went through all the emotions Faith felt and why she really felt so trapped by her own guilt that she thought the only way to balance the scales was to kill herself.
5 Whose character did Diaz's Freddy marry in 'Feeling Minnesota' (1996)?
Answer: Vincent D'Onofrio

Diaz was forced to marry D'Onofrio, but his brother (Reeves) showed up at the wedding and seemed to offer the perfect escape for Diaz. A weird romance ensued and Reeves got sucked into trying to 'save' Diaz.
6 In which of the following movies did Diaz play a character named Celine?
Answer: A Life Less Ordinary

'A Life Less Ordinary' was released in 1997. Diaz's character was Celine Naville.
7 What is the full name of the character Cameron plays in the "Charlie's Angels" films?
Answer: Natalie Cook

Drew Barrymore's character is Dylan Sanders, which is spelt as shown, yet everyone pronounces it Saunders. Natalie's boyfriend in the films is Pete Kominsky (Luke Wilson) so if they did ever get married then she would be called Natalie Kominsky.
8 Where did the portal drop people out in 'Being John Malkovich' (1999)?
Answer: The New Jersey Turnpike

After about 15 minutes of being John Malkovich, the portal-user gets ejected onto the New Jersey Turnpike. Who in god's name thinks this stuff up!? Diaz played Lotte Schwartz, John Cusack's unhappy animal lover of a wife.
9 In the 1997 movie 'My Best Friend's Wedding', Diaz played Kimmy Wallace. The man she marrying in the movie was played by which actor?
Answer: Dermot Mulroney

Diaz was supposed to marry Michael O'Neal (Dermot Mulroney).
10 In "Feeling Minnesota" what did Cameron's character change her tattoo to?
Answer: Rose

The original tattoo had been put on her arm by the people who forced her to get married, then at the end of the film when she was living her dream of being a Vegas show girl you see she has had it changed into a rose.
11 The girl who plays Diaz's younger sister in 'The Invisible Circus' (2001) was in which of the following movies?
Answer: The Faculty

Jordana Brewster played Delilah, head cheerleader and editor in chief of the school paper. Brewster was also in 'The Fast and the Furious' (2001). In 'The Invisible Circus', Brewster's character travels to Europe to find out the truth behind her sister's suicide.
12 What was the name of Diaz's character in the 1996 movie 'Feeling Minnesota'?
Answer: Freddie

Ben was played by Dan {Aykroyd;} Nora was played by Tuesday {Weld;} and the waitress was played by Courtney Love.
13 In "Shrek", what is the name of the donkey?
Answer: Donkey

Simple, basic and to the point! Personally I think "Shrek" is one of the funniest movies ever, it's one of those where although it's aimed at kids it has jokes for the grown ups too! Cameron voices Princess Fiona, who, it has to be said, does seem to have a lot of her mannerisms, Mike Myers voices Shrek and Eddie Murphy is Donkey.
14 What did Diaz's character in 'My Best Friend's Wedding' (1997) major in at school?
Answer: Architecture

At the University of Chicago (which doesn't actually have an architecture program).
15 What was the only 1994 movie that Diaz starred in?
Answer: The Mask

She starred in 'The Mask' as Tina Carlyle.
16 In "Gangs of New York" Cameron's character is two different types of thieves, what are they called?
Answer: Bludget and Turtledove

Cameron plays Jenny Everdeane, who is a bludget, which is a female pickpocket, and a turtledove, which is a person who goes to the upper-class areas, gets dressed up as a maid, goes in the back door and robs the people blind, "It takes a lot of sand to be a turtledove". A stargazer is a lady of the night and an autumn diver is someone who picks your pocket in church.
17 In 'Any Given Sunday' (1999), Diaz plays the new president and co-owner of a professional football team coached by Al Pacino. What city was this football team in?
Answer: Miami

Diaz's character had inherited the team from her father, and she is intent on proving herself in the male world of football. Oliver Stone directed the film.
18 What was Diaz's character in the 1998 movie 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'?
Answer: Blonde TV Reporter

The Desk Clerk at Mint Hotel was played by Katherine {Helmond;} the Bazooka Circus Waitress was played by Christopher {Callen;} and Jenette Goldstein played the Maid.
19 Which of these films did Cameron NOT appear in?
Answer: Notting Hill

Cameron played Kimmy in "My Best Friend's Wedding", the blonde TV reporter in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", and was the woman on the metro in "Minority Report". "Notting Hill" of course was the hit romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.
20 What animal does Diaz's character have a singing vignette with in 'Shrek' (2001)?
Answer: bird

The bird explodes when Diaz hits a high note - apparently a bit too shrill.
21 In the 1997 movie 'Head Above Water', what was the first name of Diaz's character?
Answer: Nathalie

There are only five other characters in this movie: Harvey Keitel as George, Craig Sheffer as Lance, Billy Zane as Kent, Shay Duffin as the Policeman, and Mo as Mo the Bird.
22 In "The Last Supper" what vegetable do the group plant on top of the graves in the back garden?
Answer: Tomatoes

The group kills people with radical ideas, with the idea that it is better for humanity if these people are dead. They use the hypothetical question of, if you could travel back in time to say 1916, and you're in a bar in Austria talking to an art student who happens to be called Adolf, would you kill him, given the knowledge of what he will do in the future? But say you hadn't travelled back in time, you didn't know what was going to happen, you just knew his ideas weren't right, what would you do then?
This is how they justify the murders, they then plant tomatoes to try and cover the fact the garden has been dug up.
23 What show do Diaz and Luke Wilson go to in 'Charlie's Angels' (2000)?
Answer: Soul Train

So Diaz can show off her hilariously inept dance moves.
24 What character did Diaz's co-star Lela Rochon play in the movie 'Any Given Sunday'?
Answer: Vanessa Struthers

Elizabeth Berkley played {Mandy;} Ann-Margret played Margaret {Pagniacci;} and Matthew Modine played Dr. Allie Powers.
25 Finish this quote from "Vanilla Sky": "The saddest girl to ever __________."
Answer: hold a martini

Penelope Cruz's character says this about Julie Gianni, who is played by Cameron. This is a great film that will leave you scratching your head until the great twist is revealed. It is a remake of a Spanish film, which, after translation, was called "Open Your Eyes". Penelope Cruz played the same role in the original as the remake.

The song Cameron's character recorded is actually on the soundtrack, and proves she's actually not a bad singer! The song is called "I Fall Apart", and is listed as being by Julie Gianni.