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118 Goldmember Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 What is the name of the car Austin uses to travel back in time to go to Studio 69?
Answer: Pimp mobile

Basil introduces the vehicle to Austin and he seems to like it!
trivia question Quick Question
What does the license plate on Nigel Powers' mini say?

2 Finish the quote: When Nigel Powers is brought aboard Dr. Evil's submarine and Mini Me walks near him, Nigel says, "I thought I smelled ________"?
Answer: cabbage

Mini Me was confused by this, and I was too the first time I saw it.
3 When it was shown on the news that Dr. Evil had been convicted and sentenced, what magazine does Nigel Powers appear on?
Answer: Playboy

Nigel Powers was played by Michael Caine.
4 The opening scene of "Goldmember" takes place "somewhere in" what U.S. state?
Answer: Utah

This part of the movie spoofed the opening scene of "Mission Impossible: 2".
5 Who played Dr. Evil in the "Austin Pussy" movie?
Answer: Kevin Spacey

A good actor for evil characters. Kevin Spacey also appeared in "American Beauty" for which he won an Academy Award.
6 What was the name of the woman with the name that means something else in the "Austin Pussy" movie?
Answer: Dixie Normous

"The name's Dixie. Dixie Normus."
7 To the tune of what disco classic does Foxxy Cleopatra sing most of the "Goldmember" song?
Answer: Shake Your Booty

"That's the Way I Like It" was a little bit in the middle, but most of the tune is "Shake Your Booty".
8 Who plays the parts of Austin Powers, Dr. Evil and Goldmember along with many other parts?
Answer: Mike Myers

Mike Myers is definitly the most popular "Austin Powers" cast member.
9 "I'm sorry, did you want some ice cream?"
Answer: Dr. Evil

He says this to Scott after revealing the name of his plan.
10 Although she only appeared in the movie for a bit in the beginning, this pop princess had a bit of a dance-off with Austin and turned into a fembot. Who is she?
Answer: Britney Spears

Britney Spears was in this movie for a minute at the most, with a small appearance during the closing credits. Austin meets her while
she is filming her music video for "Boys".
11 What is Goldmember's full name?
Answer: Johann Van Der Smut

It's a weird name, but his origins are Dutch, as we all know...
12 When Foxxy uses a distraction to talk to Austin, what is the first thing she does, using the distraction?
Answer: She slaps him.

The kiss is the last thing she does. When they go in the back room, the distraction guy is not there, and as for the gun, it doesn't happen.
13 Another finish the quote: When Foxxy and Austin were driving to the sumo arena, Austin says, "Tokyo _______"!
Answer: a go-go

Basil later briefs them that Fat Bastard is now a sumo wrestler.
14 At Austin's Pad, what song were Austin and Ming Tea singing? "_______ Wasn't There".
Answer: Daddy

"Daddy Wasn't There" by Ming Tea featuring Austin Powers appears on the soundtrack.
15 After Austin Powers (Tom Cruise) lands in the car from the parachute, he has two choices as he is being chased by the helicopter. One is "raise shield", what's the other choice?
Answer: machine gun

This particular scene takes place in the Shaguar.
16 Which company distributes the Mini Nigel was driving?
Answer: BMW

Thanks for the correction for this question, I originally thought it was Cooper.
17 What was one of the things Goldmember offered Austin Powers when he was captured?
Answer: Smoke and a Pancake

Unusual relations.
18 According to the news broadcast in which Dr. Evil's sentence is announced, who has won the Stanley Cup?
Answer: Toronto Maple Leafs

This is funny because in Mike Myers' native Canada, the Leafs winning the Cup is a running joke; they haven't won since 1967.
19 Michael Caine plays Austin Powers' dad, what is Austin's dad's first name?
Answer: Nigel

Nigel Powers is the dad of Austin Powers, and was kidnapped by Goldmember.
20 "It's called the internet and it has completely revolutionized the way we live and access vital information"
Answer: Austin Powers

Austin is explaining the internet to Foxxy since she is from the past.
21 This "Minority Report" star plays himself in the "Goldmember" movie, but plays Austin in the movie within a movie, "Austinpussy". Who is he?
Answer: Tom Cruise

That's right, Tom Cruise starts out the movie. The audience sees a figure who is assumed to be Austin, but turns out to be Tom Cruise playing Austin.
22 What does "Circa" mean?
Answer: Around the time of.

You can see it when Dr. Evil tells everyone his plan. He shows up a big screen that says "Johann Van Der Smut, 1972, Circa".
23 Complete this quote: "Well, the future better get ready for me, 'cause ______________________!"
Answer: I'm Foxxy Cleopatra, and I'm a whole lot of woman!

She says this because she is not afraid of the future, but it should be afraid of her!
24 What is the name of the the sumo arena?
Answer: Asahi

Well, if you didn't know this one, you could have ruled out all of the choices except "Asahi" because the Japanese language doesn't have an "L" sound.
25 What does Austin do when he first sees the Fook twins together?
Answer: sprays and wipes his glasses

Diane Mizota was 'Fook Mi' and Carrie Ann Inaba was 'Fook Yu'.