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Trivia Questions and Answers
photo of Austin Powers

260 Austin Powers Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Austin Powers? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Austin Powers (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 At the beginning of 'International Man of Mystery', who is the first person to be killed by Dr. Evil?
Answer: Jurgen

'Why do I have to be surrounded by frickin' idiots?!' Dr. Evil starts a massacre, pressing buttons that make chairs go flying back into flames. He is doing this because they have all failed to kill Austin Powers.
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
2 Who played Austin Powers?
Answer: Mike Myers

Mike Myers also starred in the film "Wayne's World".
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
3 Finish this line..."Don't worry, things won't get..."
Answer: Weird

Dr. Evil says this to assure Frau that it won't interfere with their work if they make love.
    Your options: [ Freaky ] [ Tantric ] [ Kinky ] [ Weird ]
  From Quiz: Austin Powers... Finish Dr. Evil's Line
4 In 1997, Austin is unfrozen to face the now-returned Dr. Evil. At one stage, Austin has several items returned to him. Which item causes him to be embarrassed when Vanessa Kensington sees it?
Answer: Swedish penis-enlarger pump

Austin protests that the penis-enlarger pump is not his as the evidence piles up including a credit card receipt, warranty card in his name, and a book entitled "Swedish Penis-Enlarger Pumps and Me (This sort of thing is my bag, baby)". Also among his personal effects are an album of Burt Bacharach's hits, his crushed blue velvet suit and a pair of Italian leather boots. Vanessa Kensington is portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley.
    Your options: [ Swedish penis-enlarger pump ] [ A marked deck of cards ] [ A plastic bag of marijuana ] [ A fifth of absinthe ]
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
5 In 'International Man of Mystery', who performs the song 'Incense and Peppermints' at the 'Electric Pshycedelic Pussycat Swingers Club?'
Answer: Strawberry Alarm Clock

Austin and Mrs. Kensington were sent there, by Basil, to find and kill Dr. Evil.
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
6 What is Dr. Evil's second in command called?
Answer: Number 2

Number Two has recurred in all three "Austin Powers" movies.
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
7 Finish this line... "Gentlemen. Welcome to my..."
Answer: Moon Base

Dr. Evil says this after they land on the moon, just before he divides them into Moon Unit Alpha and Moon Unit Zappa. the latter of these names sang lead vocals on the song "Valley Girl".
    Your options: [ House ] [ Church ] [ Garden ] [ Moon Base ]
  From Quiz: Austin Powers... Finish Dr. Evil's Line
8 Who says this quote: "Russian Intelligence? Are you mad?"
Answer: Austin Powers

This is when Basil is filling Austin in on what has happened since he had been frozen.
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
9 Finish this line.... "Austin, I am your..."
Answer: Father

Dr. Evil stole the line from "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". Although he says this, we find out in "Goldmember" that Nigel Powers is Austin Powers' father and that Dr. Evil is his brother. Dr. Evil did jokingly say this once, but it was only a joke.
    Your options: [ Brother ] [ Uncle ] [ Mother ] [ Father ]
  From Quiz: Austin Powers... Finish Dr. Evil's Line
10 When Dr. Evil contacts the United Nations, he announces he will hold the world ransom for one million dollars to which they laugh. What does Number Two say that convinces Dr. Evil to raise his ransom demand to 100 billion dollars?
Answer: He names a company that makes billions of dollars.

Number Two informs Dr. Evil that one million dollars does not have the same value in 1997 that it did in 1967. He goes on to say that Virtu-Com, the legitimate face of Dr. Evil's organization, earns over five billion dollars a year. There are many points during the movie where both Austin and Dr. Evil find it hard to make the adjustment between 1967 and 1997.
    Your options: [ He names a company that makes billions of dollars. ] [ He names average sports stars that make millions of dollars. ] [ He says the US debt is trillions of dollars. ] [ He says that one million dollars will barely pay for Scott to attend college. ]
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
11 What was the original title of 'The Spy Who Shagged Me?'
Answer: The Wrath of Khan

The name was changed due to a lawsuit.
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
12 Finish this line..."Well, it looks like you have a choice Austin. Save the world or save your..."
Answer: girlfriend

Dr. Evil says this after he captures Felicity in a glass prism. Later, Austin, with the aid of a time machine, manages to save both.
    Your options: [ boy ] [ gun ] [ mojo ] [ girlfriend ]
  From Quiz: Austin Powers... Finish Dr. Evil's Line
13 Austin and Vanessa go out for a night on the town. They ride on the roof a bus through the streets of Las Vegas. What Burt Bacharach song is playing as they ride on the roof of the bus?
Answer: What the World Needs Now is Love

The sequence takes place as a "montage" with various casino images appearing alongside Austin and Vanessa. Burt Bacharach himself appears in a small role playing the piano and singing the song from atop the bus. The song was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
14 And finally... this is not a line to finish but an interesting and tough trivia question - what enemy of James Bond's was Dr. Evil based on?
Answer: Blofeld

Most of the characters in "Austin Powers" are based on other characters. This is just a simple fact.
  From Quiz: Austin Powers... Finish Dr. Evil's Line
15 This movie features several cameos by rather well-known actors. Which actor does NOT appear in this movie?
Answer: Fred Savage as Number Three

Fred Savage does not appear as Number Three until "Austin Powers in Goldmember", the third movie in the series. Will Ferrell is the Fez-wearing henchmen of Dr. Evil who is dropped into the firepit but does not immediately die. Carrie Fisher plays the therapist at the group therapy session that Dr. Evil and Scott Evil (Seth Green) attend. Clint Howard is the radar operator who first finds that Dr. Evil's escape pod is returning to Earth.
    Your options: [ Fred Savage as Number Three ] [ Carrie Fisher as a therapist ] [ Will Ferrell as Mustafa ] [ Clint Howard as a radar opeartor ]
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
16 Who plays Fook Yu in 'Goldmember?'
Answer: Carrie Ann Inaba

Diane Mizota plays Fook Mi. Masi Oka plays a Japanese Pedestrian, and Kinga Phillips plays Austin Powers' mum!
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
17 How many times do the "tables turn" in the final scene?
Answer: 3

First they turn in Dr Evil's favour when Vanessa has a gun held to her. And then they turn when Austin takes Scott hostage. And again when Number Two comes out with a gun.
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
18 Austin discovers Dr. Evil's plan, Project Vulcan. How does he determine what the plan is?
Answer: He finds the plans in Alotta Fagina's penthouse.

Austin finds the plans in Alotta's place. Trying to keep her off guard, he attempts to seduce her and they end up in the hot tub together. When Vanessa discovers this, it causes some friction in her and Austin's relationship.
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
19 According to A Lotta Fagina, 'In Japan, men come first and _____ come second.' What word is missing?
Answer: women

This is an identical reference to the Bond movie 'You Only Live Twice'. This quote is said, Austin has been sent to A lotta Fagina's penthouse to find out more information.
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
20 What colour is Austin's jumbo jet?
Answer: multi-coloured

It even has a revolving bed inside into which Austin tries to entice Vanessa!
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
21 In the climax to the movie, Dr. Evil reveals that his death trap for Austin involves sharks with laser beams on their heads. What type of sea animal does Number Two sheepishly admit they had to substitute for the sharks?
Answer: Sea Bass

Number Two blames this on the sharks being on the endangered species list and needing to cut through the red tape. In response to Dr. Evil's queries, he does say that the sea bass are mutated and angry. Dr. Evil does stay to watch Austin actually be eaten by the sea bass, which probably aids in his escape.
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
22 In 'Goldmember', what is the first thing on Austin's 'Thing's to do before I die' list?
Answer: Become International Man of Mystery

Other things included on the list, are Travel through time - backwards AND forwards and, my personal favourite, 'Be Cryogenically Frozen.' As you know, most of these things happen in 'International Man of Mystery'.
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
23 What symbol does Austin wear around his neck (on a chain)?
Answer: male

Well he is male, but peace would have been a good one.
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
24 Austin appears in several short sequences throughout the movie with his band. They also perform a song during the end credits. What is the name of Austin's very British band?
Answer: Ming Tea

The name of the group is displayed on the side of the drum set. The song they perform during the end credits is "BBC". Austin seems to have had many side jobs in addition to being a secret agent including being in the band and being a fashion photographer.
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
25 In 'Goldmember', what number is on Mini-Me's prison jump-suit?
Answer: 00001/8

Dr. Evil's prison jump-suit reads 00001.
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
26 What is the name of Dr. Evil's pet?
Answer: Mr. Bigglesworth

There was a "complication in the un-freezing process"... Mr. Bigglesworth lost all his hair!
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
27 Late in the movie, Austin faces off against Random Task, one of Dr. Evil's henchmen. What article of clothing does Random Task use to attack his opponents?
Answer: His shoe

Random Task is based on Odd Job, one of James Bond's opponents, from "Goldfinger". Odd Job did use his hat which included a sharp edge along the brim. Random Task throws his show which does not impress Austin. He says, "Who throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman." Random Task is played by Joe Son.
  From Quiz: "One Million Dollars" ("Austin Powers")
28 In 'The Spy Who Shagged Me', what two things does Austin say were in the 80's when he went back to visit the decade?
Answer: A Gas Shortage and a Flock of Seagulls

This is said when Austin asks Felicity to travel forward to the 90's with him. She hesitates and Austin asks why. 'I want to see what happens in the 70's and 80's!' says Felicity. Austin replies by saying, 'I checked into the 80's this morning. All there was was a gas shortage and a flock of seagulls - that's about it.'
  From Quiz: 'Austin Powers' Mania, Baby, Yeah!
29 How does Dr. Evil describe the temperature in the cryogenic freezing chamber?
Answer: frickin freezing

Bit of a easy one for the last question.
  From Quiz: Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
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