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Trivia Questions and Answers
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230 Alien Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Alien? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Alien (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 "You see, we've got a good place to wait here. And until now, no temptation." Which movie is this quote from?
Answer: Alien 3

This quote is spoken by Dillon (Charles S. Dutton) to Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). In saying this he is describing to her the brotherhood of the prison population on Fiorina 'Fury' 161. They are an apocalyptic millenarian Christian fundamentalist group composed of rapists, thieves and murderers. Ripley does not offer a verbal response, but seems a bit intimidated.
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  From Quiz: Quotes from "The Alien Quadrilogy"
2 Where did the casting director find Bolaji Badejo, who played the alien?
Answer: In an English pub

The seven foot actor was spotted in a pub and offered the role. He was taught Tai-Chi to have the fluid movement that the director wanted. Badejo was studying art when he was spotted in a bar by Ridley Scott. He more than matched what Scott was looking for. Scott didn't want people to see a man in a monster suit and at that height he thought it would be less probable.
  From Quiz: "Alien" : Behind the Scenes
3 Ripley is cloned from blood samples taken from the previous planet she was on where she died in "Aliens 3". After many attempts to create a Ripley that they could use to host an alien baby, Ripley is number 8. Where is this number on Ripley's body?
Answer: Her arm

After many attempts at cloning and genetically combining her DNA with the alien DNA, number 8 is the perfectly engineered specimen to be impregnated in order to produce a new breed of alien. She looks Like Ripley, the human, and sounds like her but she has acid for blood and the strength of the aliens.
  From Quiz: Alien Resurrection
4 Where did the first alien erupt from in the movie?
Answer: A dog

The alien came out of the dog during the cremation of Hicks and Newt. The dog was impregnated while walking around the escape vessel.
  From Quiz: Alien 3
5 What causes the egg to open?
Answer: External movement outside of the egg

When there is movement near the egg, a sensory device detects the movement and the egg opens up at the top. Inside is the facehugger, and it shoots out rapidly toward the source of movement. Aliens have even cocooned hosts and placed eggs in front of them, so that when they regained consciousness, this whole process started.
  From Quiz: From the Egg to the Queen, Part 2
6 At the end of "Alien" what song does Ripley sing just before she kills the xenomorph?
Answer: You Are My Lucky Star

She sings it nervously as she straps herself into the chair.
  From Quiz: "Alien" and " Alien Resurrection"
7 What is the Pulse Rifle's full name?
Answer: M41A Pulse Rifle

Hicks says this to Ripley before she takes one to go and check on Newt.
  From Quiz: "Aliens" & "Alien 3"
8 Name the director of 'Aliens'
Answer: James Cameron
  From Quiz: The "Alien" Quadrilogy
9 In 'Alien', who was brought back with a face-hugger on his face?
Answer: Kane

Played by John Hurt.
  From Quiz: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection
10 "The first thing I'm gonna do when I get back.. is to get some decent food." This quote is from which movie?
Answer: Alien

This quote is spoken to the group by Kane (John Hurt). Parker (Yaphet Kotto) responds by saying, "I don't wanna know what it's made of". The crew is having a final meal before returning to cryogenic sleep for their trip back to Earth. Their jovial meal is soon interrupted when an alien bursts from Kane's chest.

All four of the "Alien" movies have a meal scene that takes place before the onset of interactions with the alien(s). The original "Alien" has two meal scenes.
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  From Quiz: Quotes from "The Alien Quadrilogy"
11 The title "Alien" doesn't always translate well into other languages. What was the name of this film in Mexico?
Answer: The Eighth Passenger

There were seven in the original crew... until the alien arrived and made it eight! The original name of the movie was "Star Beast" until Dan O'Bannon, the writer, came upon the inspiration of the word 'alien' which can be both adjective and noun. He was sleeping on Ronald Shusett's couch at the time too!
  From Quiz: "Alien" : Behind the Scenes
12 How did Newt die?
Answer: She drowned in her cryotube.

She drowned when the face hugger caused a fire that melted the ice in the cryotube. Hicks was the one impaled by the pole.
  From Quiz: Alien 3
13 What does a Pulse Rifle fire?
Answer: 10mm explosive tip caseless standard light armour piercing rounds

Ripley asks Gorman what the pulse rifles fire and this is his reply.
  From Quiz: "Aliens" & "Alien 3"
14 What distinguishing mark did the prisoners have on their necks/heads in 'Aliens 3'?
Answer: barcode
  From Quiz: The "Alien" Quadrilogy
15 What is the cat's name in 'Alien' and 'Aliens'?
Answer: Jonesy
  From Quiz: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection
16 Who was also in the running to play the part of the alien?
Answer: Peter Mayhew

Peter Mayhew also played Chewbacca in "Star Wars". Vin and Jeff did not try out for the movie.
  From Quiz: "Alien" : Behind the Scenes
17 What kind of security sensor is used to access one area of the ship to another?
Answer: Breathing or blowing into a sensor

We see General Perez use this method of blowing into the sensor. We also see Winona Rider's character, Annalee, with a spray bottle of General Perez' breath. She is an agent sent to destroy the baby inside Ripley, and hence Ripley, but she is too late.
  From Quiz: Alien Resurrection
18 The planet Ripley crashed on was used as a what?
Answer: A prison

The planet was used as a maximum security prison. It held double y-chromosome males.
  From Quiz: Alien 3
19 How is a Queen most commonly born?
Answer: The same way an Alien drone is born

A Queen is mainly born the same way as the rest of the hive--a facehugger implants her embryo into a host and she bursts out of the host's chest. In "Alien 3", Ripley discovered that she was carrying a Queen inside her, and it was born just as Ripley killed herself, killing the Queen as well. The Queen was brought back to life when Ripley was cloned in "Alien Resurrection".
  From Quiz: From the Egg to the Queen, Part 1
20 In "Alien" Brett is played by Harry Dean Stanton and he also appeared in a film with Tom Hanks. Which film?
Answer: The Green Mile

Harry plays the guy they 'practice' the executions on. His name is Toot-Toot.
    Your options: [ Cast Away ] [ The Green Mile ] [ Forrest Gump ] [ Saving Private Ryan ]
  From Quiz: "Alien" and " Alien Resurrection"
21 How many rounds do the sentry guns hold?
Answer: 500 rounds

You can see the counter on the sentries going down as the rounds are fired.
  From Quiz: "Aliens" & "Alien 3"
22 What does Burke hand Ripley after trying to get her to go to LV 426?
Answer: Phone Card
  From Quiz: The "Alien" Quadrilogy
23 In 'Alien 3,' what breed of dog did the alien lay its egg in?
Answer: Rottweiler

He was the beloved pet of one of the prisoners.
  From Quiz: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection
24 "Mother, turn the cooling unit back on. Mother!" This quote can be heard in which movie?
Answer: Alien

This quote is yelled by Ripley to the Nostromo's computer system named Mother (Helen Horton). Mother's response to Ripley's request is, "The ship will automatically destruct in T-minus five minutes." Mother's countdown of the final seconds provides the tension and drama leading up to Ripley's narrow escape on the lifeboat ship.
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  From Quiz: Quotes from "The Alien Quadrilogy"
25 John Hurt was not the first person to play Kane. Orginally Jon Finch was hired, but during his first few scenes something happened that resulted in him not being in the picture. What was it?
Answer: He suffered a severe diabetic attack.

Kane was the character that had the 'alien' come out of his stomach. There is footage out there of Finch's first scene on the bridge of the Nostromo. Jon looks unusually pale, even with makeup, in these scenes. I often wonder what the movie would have been like with him in it since both he and John Hurt were such established actors at the time.
  From Quiz: "Alien" : Behind the Scenes
26 How was Murphy killed?
Answer: He was diced by a fan.

The alien attacked Murphy, which caused him to trip and fall into a huge fan. He was later identified by his boot.
  From Quiz: Alien 3
27 What earth animal do the facehuggers resemble the most?
Answer: Spider

Like spiders, facehuggers have eight very long "legs" which they use to wrap around the head of the host. Their movement is also very similar to the way spiders and other arachnids move. The main differences are that facehuggers have a different sort of skin than spiders and that they have tails. Facehuggers are also much more deadly than most spiders!
  From Quiz: From the Egg to the Queen, Part 2
28 In "Alien" how many digits does the xenomorph have on each hand?
Answer: six

In the other movies, the xenomorph warriors have different variations of number and type of digits.
  From Quiz: "Alien" and " Alien Resurrection"
29 What small catch-phrase does Newt mutter a few times in "Aliens"?
Answer: Affirmative

Newt is the only human survivor on LV-426 apart from the ones who are already being used as hosts by the aliens.
  From Quiz: "Aliens" & "Alien 3"
30 What is Ripley's first name?
Answer: Ellen
  From Quiz: The "Alien" Quadrilogy
31 Paul Reiser of 'Mad about You' fame had a supporting role in 'Aliens' as who?
Answer: Carter Bourke
  From Quiz: Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection
32 "Great. She's a toaster oven. Can we leave now?" This comical quote is heard in which "Alien" movie?
Answer: Alien Resurrection

This quote is said by David Purvis (Leland Orser) in reference to Annalee Call (Winona Rider) when the group discover she is a robot. This discovery is crucial to the story because Annalee can communicate with the ship's mainframe to facilitate the group's escape.

Annalee is a "robot designed by robots". She is one of the last few models of her kind. It is even mentioned that her kind buried the synthetic industry which would make her one of the last remaining androids in existence. Like Bishop (Lance Henriksen) in "Aliens" and "Alien 3", she is a good robot. She was not sabotaged like Ash (Ian Holm) in "Alien".
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  From Quiz: Quotes from "The Alien Quadrilogy"
33 Originally director Scott wanted a much darker ending. What did he have in mind?
Answer: The alien bit off Ripley's head.

Scott wanted the alien to sit in Ripley's chair and speak the closing words in her voice. 20th Century Fox did not like this idea and wouldn't let him.
  From Quiz: "Alien" : Behind the Scenes
34 Who plays the synthetic or android, named Annalee, that is part of the crew from The Betty?
Answer: Winona Ryder

The crew discovers that Annalee is a synthetic when she gets hurt. Ripley puts her fingers inside Annalee's chest, and white android fluid comes out. They are all shocked because she is emotional, caring and kind. She even goes to the chapel, all because she says she is programmed to.
  From Quiz: Alien Resurrection
35 What was Clemen's job at the facility?
Answer: A doctor

He told Ripley that he was shipped there after nobody else on Earth would take him. He stayed there with the inmates when the other people left.
  From Quiz: Alien 3
36 When the eggs in the hive are protected, such as those in "Alien", how long can they last?
Answer: Centuries

In "Alien", the eggs were protected by a blue gas that hovered above the eggs and voiced a signal when it was tampered with. These eggs had obviously been there for a very long time, and were the same ones that were discovered by the colonists in "Aliens".
  From Quiz: From the Egg to the Queen, Part 2
37 How many eggs can the Queen lay when she is in her egg-laying mode?
Answer: Thousands

When the Queen is at the stage of life for laying eggs, she usually ends up laying thousands of eggs. When Kane went into the derelict spaceship in "Alien", he saw "thousands of eggs". That's a lot of eggs! Those same eggs were still around in "Aliens" for the colonists to find.
  From Quiz: From the Egg to the Queen, Part 1
38 How many survivors were left at the end of "Alien"? (count all breathing entities)
Answer: Two

The two survivors are Ripley and Jonesy (the ship's cat).
  From Quiz: "Alien" and " Alien Resurrection"
39 How far did Bishop say it was from the main complex to the landing bay?
Answer: 180 meters

When he volunteers to go he says, "Believe me, I prefer not to. I may be synthetic but I'm not stupid."
  From Quiz: "Aliens" & "Alien 3"
40 How long was Ripley in space between 'Alien' and 'Aliens'?
Answer: 57 years
  From Quiz: The "Alien" Quadrilogy
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