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112 Jurassic Park (1993) Trivia Questions & Answers

Jurassic Park (1993)
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1 Which "Jurassic Park" character wears tan short-shorts, a hat with its left brim folded up, a short-sleeved button-down tan shirt, and a brown vest? They carry a hand gun, a shotgun with a folding stock, and the knowledge about a "clever girl".
Answer: Robert Muldoon

Robert Muldoon is Jurassic Park's game warden. He witnessed the death of a gatekeeper by a velociraptor, so he feels that all of the velociraptors should be destroyed. In the end, he gets attacked by one, which he calls a "clever girl", while another one watches him die.
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Who is the engineer who tries to reboot the system after it goes offline?

2 In "Jurassic Park", who plays John Hammond?
Answer: Richard Attenborough

John Hammond is the creator of Jurassic Park. He thinks that the park should be open to all people whilst Donald Gennaro thinks that only the rich people should see the dinosaurs.
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3 I rescued Tim from a tree. Who am I?
Answer: Sam Neill

Neill, born on September 14th, 1947 in Tyrone, Northern Ireland, was cast as Dr. Alan Grant. Dr. Grant was a paleontologist and he investigated the fossils of early dinosaurs. In one of his first scenes, he described a dinosaur claw that he'd found and said it likely came from a velociraptor. Dr. Grant was invited to go to a place called Jurassic Park where the head of a company called Ingen, John Hammond, used DNA to build genetically engineered dinosaurs. Once Dr. Grant got to Jurassic Park, he realized that this trip was not the vacation he hoped for since he was dodging dinosaurs that wanted to kill him and other humans. In one scene Dr. Hammond's grandson, Tim, was stuck in a tree and Dr. Grant climbed the tree to free Tim. At the end of the movie, Dr. Grant and a couple others were cornered by a couple of velociraptors but they managed to escape when a T-Rex arrived and killed the raptors. Before Dr. Grant and the others got to the airplane to fly away from Jurassic Park, he told John Hammond he was not endorsing the park. Neill reprised his role of Dr. Grant in "Jurassic Park III". He also starred in the films, "Bicentennial Man" and "The Hunt for Red October".
4 In one of the first scenes, Alan Grant is explaining a Velociraptor attack to a small boy. What does he say these dinosaurs do to attack prey?
Answer: Use co-ordinated attack patterns

This conversation occurs when they are digging for fossils in a seemingly remote desert place and a little boy (whose name isn't mentioned) remarks that the Velociraptor looks like a "six-foot turkey". Alan Grant then explains how these dinosaurs attack their prey, thereby frightening the boy.
5 What does Dr. Ellie Sattler study?
Answer: Paleobotany

It is stated by Dr. Grant, played by Sam Neil, when he first meets John Hammond, that Ellie is their paleo-botanist. Ellie is Dr. Grant's partner (both professionally and personally). She is a main character throughout the movie and travels to Hammond's island along with Grant, Gennaro (the lawyer), and Malcolm (the chaotician), as he calls himself.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jurassic Park.
6 In the opening scene, at the dig site in The Badlands, an annoying kid calls the velociraptor a '6-foot _____'?
Answer: turkey

After Grant explains the similarities between dinosaurs and birds the kid says "That doesn't look very scary to me. More like a six-foot turkey."
7 Where does most of the movie take place?
Answer: Isla Nublar

This island is where Jurassic Park is located. All of the action takes place there too.
8 The movie "Jurassic Park" was based on a novel of the same name by which author?
Answer: Michael Crichton

Crichton wrote "Jurassic Park", in addition to many other famous books, including "The Lost World", "Congo", "Sphere", "Airframe", "The Great Train Robbery", and "Rising Sun".
9 'What you call _________, I call the rape of the natural world.' Dr. Ian Malcolm.
Answer: discovery

Dr. Ian Malcolm said this quote to Hammond when Hammond says, 'How can you stand in the light of discovery?'
10 Which dinosaur was first seen (or heard) in the movie?
Answer: Velociraptor

Although the velociraptor only appears for seconds on camera, she is still the very first one we are introduced to in the movie.
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11 Which "Jurassic Park" character wears a yellow raincoat, an ID badge, horn-rimmed glasses, a blue polo shirt with an abstract diamond pattern, a light jacket, and a headset? They are seen with a squeeze toy, a soda can, and a Barbasol can with a hidden compartment for dinosaur embryos.
Answer: Dennis Nedry

Dennis Nedry is a computer programmer at the park. He accepts a bribe in which he will steal dinosaur embryos, because he feels like John Hammond "got cheap" on him. He shuts down some of the computer systems in order to get the embryos. This leaves the park in an unsafe condition. While trying to leave the island with the embryos, he looses control of his car and gets out. That's when he is attacked by a dilophosaurus. The Barbasol can with the embryos in it slips out of his jacket and gets buried in mud.
12 What was Lex eating, before they saw the Velociraptor?
Answer: Green Jell-O/ Jelly

Lex and Tim are really hungry when they enter the dining room. If only the two raptors weren't in there, they might have enjoyed their dinner! The children were in Jurassic Park because Hammond, their grandfather, wanted to see what children thought of the dinosaurs. Jell-O (US), Jelly (UK).
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13 I decided to stay behind to help a triceratops. Later, I managed to get the power turned back on at Jurassic Park. Who am I?
Answer: Laura Dern

Dern, a native of Los Angeles, California, played Dr. Ellie Sattler. Dr. Sattler was a paleobotanist and was thrilled when she and Dr. Alan Grant were invited to go see genetically created dinosaurs on Jurassic Park. When they first started exploring the island, they came upon a brontosaurus and Ellie was amazed at how big the dinosaur was. Upon further exploration of the island, Ellie and others came upon a triceratops that was sick. Ellie decided she would stay behind, to help the triceratops and she told Dr. Grant she would meet him at another location. Ellie went to where the T-rex exhibit was and noticed it had escaped, so she and someone else continued to look around. They came upon an injured Ian Malcolm and got him in their jeep and drove off. While they drove, a T-rex charged after them and tried to flip the car over but was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the power to the park went out and Ellie decided she would go to a building and turn it on, so John agreed to provide her instructions to do it. Ellie turned the power on and it was right after she did that that she encountered a velociraptor but, she was not injured by it. Dern reprised her role of Ellie Sattler in "Jurassic Park III", She was also in the movies, "I Am Sam" and "Citizen Ruth". In 1992, she was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film "Rambling Rose", but she lost to Jodie Foster for "The Silence of the Lambs". Other Oscar nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role that year were Bette Midler for "For The Boys", Geena Davis for "Thelma and Louise" and Susan Sarandon for "Thelma and Louise".
14 In the scene where John Hammond is eating from a large assortment of foods and talking with Ellie, he says something about creation. Finish the quote, "Creation is a/an..."
Answer: Sheer act of will

John Hammond and Ellie are talking about Jurassic Park and John's dream of it. This is when he starts planning for 'next time', making plans to ensure he has control. Ellie, however, disagrees strongly and is only thinking about the other people in danger stuck in the park.
15 What are John Hammond's grandchildren names?
Answer: Tim and Lex

In the scene where everyone is picking a truck to sit in for the tour, Hammond says to his granddaughter, "Lex, you're alright in there" (meaning in the Ford Explorer she's in), and when Tim first meets Dr. Grant, Grant says, "Listen...." and Timmy replies, "Tim". Tim loves everything about dinosaurs and practically knows everything about dinosaurs which is why he loves Dr. Grant so much and wants to sit with him for the tour. Lex thinks that Dr.Grant is cute, which is why she wants to sit with him during the tour.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jurassic Park.
16 When Lewis Dodgeson is first introduced, he is getting out of a cab. What inconsiderate thing does Dodgeson do?
Answer: Does not shut the door

Dodgeson is wearing a very comical outfit to try and blend in. Obviously nervous, he exits the cab and leaves the back door wide open. After walking away from the open door, the cabbie makes a very inappropriate gesture towards Dodgeson.
17 Approximately how far into the movie does the first person die?
Answer: 5 minutes

When they are importing one of the dinosaurs, which I think is a Velociraptor, one of the workers falls and is dragged into its cage.
18 What is the first kind of dinosaur, dead or alive, featured in the movie?
Answer: Velociraptor

In the opening scene, a park worker is attacked and killed by a velociraptor. Despite their best efforts, the other workers could not save him from the beast.
"Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot her!" -Robert Muldoon
19 'And he slashes at you with this, a _______ retractable claw' Dr. Grant
Answer: six inch

Dr. Grant said this to the little boy who said that the raptor looked like a, 'six foot turkey.'
20 What was the velociraptors' meal at feeding time?
Answer: A cow

The velociraptors were fed regularly in their enclosure to avoid fighting amongst themselves.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jurassic Park.
21 Which "Jurassic Park" character wears a khaki shirt, a sleeveless blue shirt, khaki shorts, glasses, and a pink shirt tied in a bow in the front? They are seen with a walkie-talkie set on channel 2, and a veriforman leaf that's "been extinct since the Cretaceous period".
Answer: Ellie Sattler

When we first see Ellie, she is wearing a full denim outfit. By the time she gets to Jurassic Park, she has her pink shirt and khaki shorts on.

During the tour, Ellie gets out of the car to look at a sick triceratops. She decides to stay with the veterinarian and triceratops while the others leave. Being a paleobotanist, she knows a lot about plants, and wonders if West Indian lilac is making the trike sick.
22 Who directed "Jurassic Park"?
Answer: Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg directed "Jurassic Park" and "Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World". Joe Johnston directed "Jurassic Park 3". Spielberg also directed films like "Jaws", "Saving Private Ryan", "Indiana Jones" films, etc.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jurassic Park.
23 I told Dr. Grant that I threw up in the car. Who am I?
Answer: Joseph Mazzello

Mazzello, born in 1983 in Rhinebeck, New York, played Tim Murphy. Tim was John Hammond's grandson and Lex's brother and they were first seen at Jurassic Park's visitor's center. They accompanied the others on a tour of the park and all were disappointed when they did not see the dilophosaurus. That night, it was raining hard and the car that Tim and Lex were in was right outside the T-rex exhibit and the T-rex escaped. The dinosaur attacked the car but Tim and Lex fought him off in the car - only Lex managed to get out of the car. The T-rex flipped the car into a tree and Dr. Grant climbed up to rescue Tim from the car. When he did, Tim told him he threw up in the car. When Ellie turned the power back on for the park, Tim was on an electrical fence and was electrocuted but Dr. Grant was there to use CPR to revive Tim. Mazzello reprised his role of Tim Murphy in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park". He also guest starred on the TV series', "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Providence".
24 When the main characters go on the automated car tour around Jurassic Park, John Hammond informs them that the voice-over is in fact which famous documentary narrator?
Answer: Richard Kiley

Richard Kiley is a famous documentary narrator and provided the voice-over for the automated car tour. This is the first trial run tour Jurassic Park has had with 'outside' guests and it doesn't go well for them. Although the guests are eager to see the dinosaurs, the dinosaurs seem to not want to be seen by the guests, much to everyone's disappointment.
25 As the tour groups are entering the large wooden doors to Jurassic Park, Malcolm says, "What'd they got in there, _______?
Answer: King Kong

Steven Spielberg and the creators of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park got their inspiration from the movie "King Kong" and therefore decided to put that line in the movie. Malcolm says this to everyone in the car, and since he is kind of annoying, nobody really responds or pays attention to him.
Question Reference: Quiz: Jurassic Park.