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Trivia Questions and Answers
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230 Jurassic Park Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Jurassic Park? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Jurassic Park (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What island is "Jurassic World" on?
Answer: Isla Nublar

The theme park is set on the very same island "Jurassic Park" was on. Interesting note is that the other islands are located on an archipelago called Las Cinco Muertes along with Isla Pena and Isla Matanceros. In "The Lost World", when Kelly sneaks on one of the trailers, she looks at the map where the group is headed and that's where those names came from. If you're fluent in Spanish, you'll know that Las Cinco Muertes means Five Deaths.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
2 In "Jurassic Park 3" which sail-backed dinosaur kills Cooper?
Answer: Spinosaurus

The first of three main characters to die in "Jurassic Park 3", Cooper is a mercenary and weapons expert, hired by the Kirbys to help find their missing son, Eric. He's eaten by the Spinosaurus shortly after arriving on the island.

Cooper's death occurs towards the beginning of the movie and is witnessed by viewers as the Spinosaurus is seen to run out of the trees and snatch Cooper in its jaws before he even has time to move.

After this first appearance, one of the main characters identifies the dinosaur as a Spinosaurus, pointing out the characteristic sail on its back. While Velociraptor and Compsognathus are also featured in this movie, Allosaurus isn't seen or mentioned.
    Your options: [ Spinosaurus ] [ Velociraptor ] [ Compsognathus ] [ Allosaurus ]
  From Quiz: Who Kills Who? "Jurassic Park" Style
3 In "Jurassic Park 3", what does Billy steal?
Answer: Raptor eggs

Billy pretends to be taking photos of a Velociraptor nesting site. Dr. Grant later discovers two raptor eggs hidden in Billy's camera bag.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1, 2 and 3
4 Which character is seen in an amber mine at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Donald Gennaro

Gennaro is the lawyer John Hammond hires for the park. John Hammond wants to prove to his investors that the park is safe by having it inspected by experts and lawyers. Gennaro is his lawyer, and he also invites Dr. Alan Grant, a paleontologist (studies dinosaurs/extinct species), Dr. Ellie Sattler, a paleobotanist (studies ancient plants), and Dr. Ian Malcolm, a chaotician (scientist studying an area of mathematics dealing with unpredictable events). Mr. Gennaro is later eaten by the T-rex.
    Your options: [ John Hammond ] [ Donald Gennaro ] [ Alan Grant ] [ Robert Muldoon ]
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Fan Knowledge
5 Who had the idea for creating a "Jurassic Park"?
Answer: John Hammond

John Hammond is the man who had the idea of creating a park full of dinosaurs. They took the DNA from a mosquito from a piece of sap, hardened after time. Then they took the DNA from a frog to fill in the "gaps" in the DNA.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Horror
6 What is Dr. Grant's first name?
Answer: Alan

Alan is the correct answer to the question of Dr. Grant's first name in the movie Jurassic Park. In the film, Dr. Alan Grant is a paleontologist who is invited to visit the dinosaur theme park on Isla Nublar. Throughout the movie, he serves as a main character and is portrayed as knowledgeable, brave, and resourceful. Interestingly, the character of Dr. Grant was not present in the original Jurassic Park novel by Michael Crichton. Instead, the main character was a mathematician named Ian Malcolm. However, for the movie adaptation, the character of Dr. Grant was created and became a beloved part of the Jurassic Park franchise.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1 And 2
7 What vehicle is used to enter the park via the large gates?
Answer: Monorail

This makes the electric jeeps from "Jurassic Park" look like old archaic relics in comparison. Also, there's no chance of anyone getting out mid-ride. Remember when everyone bailed to see the sick Triceratops? Looks like they finally took Muldoon's advice to add locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
8 Isla Nublar and its sister island are located in what country?
Answer: Costa Rica

Isla Nublar, the island setting for both the original and fourth installments in the franchise and the sister island where "The Lost World" was set, are off the coast of Costa Rica.

The island is described as being "40 miles off the coast of Costa Rica" in some of the exposition in the first 10 minutes of the film.

The sister island is called Isla Sorna.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
9 In "The Lost World", what are the tiny green dinosaurs called?
Answer: Compsognathus

Commonly referred to as "Compies", Compsognathus are the smallest dinosaurs featured in the "Jurassic Park" series, standing no taller than the average chicken.

Although "The Lost World" depicted Compsognathus as having a venomous bite, there is no fossil evidence to support this idea.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1, 2 and 3
10 Who does Dennis Nedry meet at the cafe?
Answer: Lew Dodgson

Dodgson says "Don't use my name." Nedry replies "Dodgson! We got Dodgson here! See? Nobody cares." Dodgson hires Nedry, a programmer for the park, to smuggle some of the dinosaur embryos back to him.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Fan Knowledge
11 In "Jurassic Park: The Lost World", what is the name of the ship that transports the baby and adult T-rexes?
Answer: The Venture

The tranquilized adult T-Rex seemed to be in trouble from too many tranquilizers. It was given too many amphetamines to counter act this and went crazy, killing the crew.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Horror
12 Who directed 'Jurassic Park'?
Answer: Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg directed 'Jurassic Park', which was released in 1993. The film was based on the novel of the same name by Michael Crichton and became a massive success, grossing over $1 billion worldwide. Spielberg's use of groundbreaking special effects and animatronics brought the dinosaurs to life in a way that had never been seen before on the big screen. The film's success led to several sequels and a franchise that continues to captivate audiences today.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1 And 2
13 The main protagonist in "Jurassic World" is Owen Grady who specializes in training velociraptors. During one session, he is forced to confront them head on in the pen. Why?
Answer: One of the workers falls in

When a pig escapes, one of the workers foolishly tries to capture it with a snare but is pulled off the catwalk into the pen. Owen has to go into the pen to keep the raptors at bay so the worker could get out. Thankfully, both Owen and the worker are able to escape unharmed, albeit shaken up.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
14 Who were brothers Zach and Gray going to see at the theme park?
Answer: Their aunt

Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, was the duo's aunt through their mother.

Other than being referenced multiple times as "Aunt Claire" the character is seen talking to their mother during the first act. During that conversation they both talk about their mother.

Claire admits to having only seen the boys twice before in their lives and early in the movie couldn't even tell anyone how old they were.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
15 In "The Lost World: Jurassic Park", which dinosaur kills the bearded scientist, Robert Burke?
Answer: T-Rex

A palaeontologist, Robert Burke, is part of the InGen group that travels to Isla Sorna, though it seems he doesn't know the dinosaurs were actually created by InGen. He's killed by a T-Rex whilst trying to remove a snake from his shirt.

Burke's death occurs roughly halfway through the movie and is witnessed by viewers. Whilst hiding behind a waterfall with the other main characters, he sees the tail of a snake disappearing down his shirt. He panics and jumps around. At this moment, the T-Rex sticks its head through the waterfall and grabs Burke's flailing arm. He's dragged out, screaming, there's a crunch and the waterfall turns red with blood.

The T-Rex is talked about and seen quite often during this movie and can be recognised by its large size and its short arms with two-fingered hands. While Compsognathus is also featured in this movie, Dilophosaurus is only featured in "Jurassic Park" while Spinosaurus is featured in "Jurassic Park 3".
    Your options: [ T-Rex ] [ Compsognathus ] [ Spinosaurus ] [ Dilophosaurus ]
  From Quiz: Who Kills Who? "Jurassic Park" Style
16 In "Jurassic Park 3", there's a fight between which two large dinosaurs?
Answer: T-Rex and Spinosaurus

The Spinosaurus kills the T-Rex by breaking its neck.

Ceratosaurus also makes an appearance in the movie, but only for a few short moments.

Triceratops, Baryonyx and Suchomimus are all mentioned but not actually seen.
    Your options: [ Spinosaurus and Suchomimus ] [ Ceratosaurus and Triceratops ] [ T-Rex and Baryonyx ] [ T-Rex and Spinosaurus ]
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1, 2 and 3
17 What brand is the shaving cream container Nedry uses to smuggle the frozen embryos?
Answer: Barbasol

He never gets the embryos back to Dodgson. Later he is killed by a dilophosaurus when the hurricane hits the island. He gets lost on his way to the dock.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Fan Knowledge
18 In "Jurassic Park III", what do they keep saying is "a very bad idea"?
Answer: Yelling

Alan Grant says this after Mrs. Kirby is yelling through the megaphone. If they do yell, it will attract dinosaurs.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Horror
19 Owen's supervisor is a military man named Vic Hoskins. What does he want to do with the velociraptors?
Answer: Weaponize them

Vic, who is the head of Ingen Security, believes that there's a market for dinosaurs that will listen to humans, particularly to use in warfare. But this really isn't anything new, as humans have been weaponizing animals for warfare since ancient times.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
20 What gender was the Indominus Rex that was featured in the film?
Answer: Female

The monster was referred to with female verbiage throughout the movie.

Further it was mentioned that "she" ate her sister when the new creature was first introduced.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
21 Peter Ludlow is among the many people to die in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park", but which dinosaur kills him?
Answer: T-Rex

Ludlow is the last person to die in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" however, unlike everyone else killed by the T-Rex, Ludlow isn't killed by an adult. He finds himself trapped in the cargo hold of a ship and, after receiving a rather nasty leg injury from the adult Rex, he ends up being attacked and killed by its infant.

Ludlow's death occurs towards the end of the movie and is the last to be witnessed by viewers.

As I've previously mentioned, T-Rex is seen and talked about a lot during this movie. While Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus are both featured in "Jurassic Park 3", Megalosaurus isn't seen or mentioned.
    Your options: [ T-Rex ] [ Ceratosaurus ] [ Megalosaurus ] [ Spinosaurus ]
  From Quiz: Who Kills Who? "Jurassic Park" Style
22 In "Jurassic Park 3", what are the flying animals that attack the main characters?
Answer: Pteranodons

The Pteranodons first appear at the end of "The Lost World" but have a more major appearance in "Jurassic Park 3".

I would also like to point out that Pteranodon isn't actually classed as being a dinosaur. It belonged to a separate group of animals called Pterosaurs.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1, 2 and 3
23 Complete this quote: Grant: "This is a velociraptor." Kid: "That doesn't look very scary. More like a 6 foot ____________."
Answer: turkey

This scene takes place at the beginning of the movie at Dr. Grant's and Dr. Sattler's dig site. They are excavating velociraptor bones as tourists watch and this obnoxious kid interrupts. Dr. Grant doesn't like kids, but as the movie progresses, he begins to warm up to Hammond's grandkids, Lex and Tim Murphy.
    Your options: [ chicken ] [ turkey ] [ lizard ] [ canary ]
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Fan Knowledge
24 In "Jurassic Park", to what movie does Ian Malcolm make a reference outside the park gates?
Answer: King Kong

"What do they got in there, King Kong?" - Ian Malcolm.
He says it because the fence looks like it's supposed hold something huge.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Horror
25 What colour outlines the logo of the video on the first film?
Answer: Yellow

In the first Jurassic Park movie, the logo for the park features a T-Rex skeleton with yellow outlines. This iconic logo has become synonymous with the franchise and is instantly recognizable to fans. The use of yellow in the logo was a deliberate choice by the filmmakers to make it stand out and be easily identifiable. The success of the first movie led to numerous sequels and spin-offs, all featuring variations of the iconic logo.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1 And 2
26 What blood relative do Zach and Gray hope to spend time with?
Answer: Aunt

The boys are hoping to spend time with their Aunt Claire Dearing. However, she gives priority to her work and after meeting her nephews briefly, charges Zaza with looking after them. Naturally, they don't take well to this and slip away while Zaza is on the phone.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
27 Lowery was wearing a Jurassic Park shirt in the control room. Where did he say he got it from?
Answer: Ebay

He told Claire that he paid $150 on Ebay for the shirt.

Claire told him it was insensitive because people had died and that he should never wear the shirt again.

This was the first film in the franchise to depict a fully open and operational theme park.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
28 In "Jurassic Park 3", viewers see which dinosaur kill Mr. Udesky?
Answer: Velociraptor

The last main character to die in "Jurassic Park 3", Udesky's death occurs roughly halfway though the movie and is witnessed by viewers.

Whilst fleeing a pack of Velociraptors, Udesky is separated from the rest of the group and (surprise!) runs into a pair of raptors. Viewers later see Udesky lying on the ground, apparently dead, but then he moves, indicating that he's actually still alive. However, nothing is what it seems. As other characters attempt to help him, the raptors suddenly return and it becomes clear that they've actually set a trap to lure in an unsuspecting victim. One raptor then seizes Udesky's head and snaps his neck.

In "The Lost World: Jurassic Park", Velociraptor was described as a two-metre-tall pack hunter with binocular vision, strong arms and killing claws on both feet. Unfortunately, this description was only partially correct as the real-life version was much smaller and covered in feathers. In "Jurassic Park 3" the raptors are mentioned a couple of times before they're actually seen.
    Your options: [ Velociraptor ] [ Allosaurus ] [ Suchomimus ] [ Compsognathus ]
  From Quiz: Who Kills Who? "Jurassic Park" Style
29 In "The Lost World", why do the Stegosaurus attack Sarah?
Answer: She gets too close to their baby.

Sarah is taking close-up photos of a baby Stegosaurus when her camera reaches the end of its film and starts to rewind.

The baby Steg, frightened by the strange noise, lets out a loud alarm call, prompting the adults to come to its defense.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1, 2 and 3
30 What does the chef at the park serve for lunch the first day?
Answer: Bass

It is actually Chilean Sea Bass. Hammond mentions this as the scientists are watching the velociraptors kill and eat a cow. After the gruesome scene, Hammond walks up to the observation deck and asks "Who's hungry?"
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Fan Knowledge
31 In "Jurassic Park: The Lost World", why don't they want to go into the inner part of the island?
Answer: Because the more dangerous dinosaurs are there.

According to what John Hammond says, they are very territorial. John says this when he is trying to get Ian Malcolm, the mathematician from "Jurassic Park", to go on Site B. Eventually they do have to go to the center of the island to get to a camp, in order to contact the boat that has to take them to back to the mainland.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Horror
32 What is Ian's girlfriend called in 'The Lost World'?
Answer: Sarah Harding

In 'The Lost World', Ian's girlfriend is named Sarah Harding. She is a behavioral paleontologist who specializes in studying the behavior of living dinosaurs. In the film, she joins the expedition to Isla Sorna to study the dinosaurs and ends up becoming a key player in the group's survival. Interestingly, the character of Sarah Harding was not in the original novel by Michael Crichton, but was created specifically for the film adaptation. Actress Julianne Moore was cast in the role and brought a strong and intelligent presence to the character.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1 And 2
33 The newest attraction to Jurassic World is the Indominus Rex. Despite the tight security, she is still able to escape from her pen. How?
Answer: Claw the walls and hide her presence in the pen

First, the Indominus claws at the walls and leaves marks. Then, it uses a combination of camouflage and hiding her body heat so they couldn't readily find her. But once Owen and the others enter the pen, they catch onto her scheme, albeit too late. A tracking implant shows that the Indominus is still in the pen and she is able to escape before they can close the big doors.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
34 It's not just people who die in this movie series. In "Jurassic Park", viewers see the Velociraptors killed by which other dinosaur?
Answer: T-Rex

Towards the end of this movie, the park's resident Velociraptors, having escaped from their enclosure due to a power outage, are seen stalking the remaining main characters in the park's Visitor's Centre. Just as they're about to attack, the T-Rex suddenly appears. The raptors attack the Rex, but are quickly overpowered and killed.

This is the third appearance from the T-Rex in this movie and the difference in size between it and the raptors is quite obvious, with the raptors being smaller and more agile than the larger T-Rex.
    Your options: [ T-Rex ] [ Ceratosaurus ] [ Dilophosaurus ] [ Spinosaurus ]
  From Quiz: Who Kills Who? "Jurassic Park" Style
35 In "Jurassic Park 3", what happens to Mr. Kirby's satellite phone?
Answer: The Spinosaurus eats it.

After their plane has a very bumpy landing, Nash asks if anyone has a satellite phone. Mr. Kirby has one so he allows Nash to borrow it. Seconds later, the Spinosaurus rips off the front half of plane and eats both Nash and the phone.

Later in the movie, the phone can be heard ringing inside the Spinosaurus's stomach.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1, 2 and 3
36 What animal is used to lure the T-rex into view?
Answer: A goat

At two different points in the film, livestock are used to feed or lure the apparently elusive dinosaurs into viewing range of the tourists. In this scene, a goat is raised into the T-rex exhibit and Lex Murphy's disgusted reaction reveals her sympathy for animals.
Lex: "He's gonna eat the goat?"
Tim: "Excellent!"
Gennaro: "What's the matter, kid? You never had lamb chops?"
Lex: "I happen to be a vegetarian."
This is right before the park's power goes out. The lights go out as the sky gets dark due to the approaching hurricane. Tim finds some night vision goggles and looks back into the exhibit. The goat is gone, but soon its severed leg falls on the car, heralding the arrival of the movie's best monster - the T-rex!
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Fan Knowledge
37 In "Jurassic Park III", what is the Kirbys' mistake that they make about Alan Grant?
Answer: They think he has already been on the island.

The Kirbys, the family who lost their son on the island, know that Alan Grant, a paleontologist, has been on an island with dinosaurs but not one they were on. They need him to find their son on the island.
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" Horror
38 How many Academy Awards did 'Jurassic Park' win?
Answer: 3
  From Quiz: "Jurassic Park" 1 And 2
39 After the Indominus Rex escapes, Claire orders the northern part of the island to be evacuated. However, Zach and Gray are still wandering around Jurassic World looking at the dinosaurs. What are they riding in when the order was given?
Answer: Gyrosphere

Gyrpshperes were developed as a safe means of exploring the island. The Ford Explorer was used in the first "Jurassic Park" film to shuttle the tourists around on electric rails. The SUVs were the vehicle of choice in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" on Isla Sorna. The brothers find a Jeep Wrangler in the abandoned Jurassic Park Visitor's Center after barely escaping the Indominus Rex.
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
40 Which well known wireless provider agreed to pay to sponsor the Indominus Rex exhibit when it was ready to open?
Answer: Verizon

Among the options only Verizon is a wireless provider. The others produce phones, but do not offer service networks.

Claire took several executives on a tour of the lab to show them the new "designer" dinosaur that they would be unveiling.

After she closed the deal several people in the control room made jokes about the display being "presented by" Verizon Wireless.
    Your options: [ Verizon ] [ Microsoft ] [ Apple ] [ Sony ]
  From Quiz: Jurassic World
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