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1510 James Bond Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about James Bond? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to James Bond (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 One of the most iconic moments in Bond history is from 1964's "Goldfinger". Villain Auric Goldfinger captures 007, and we watch as Bond is trapped on an operating table and is about to eviscerated by what type of cutting tool?
Answer: Laser beam

Let's set the scene. Bond is captured by Auric Goldfinger and is strapped to a gurney where an industrial laser is slowly cutting gold metal and working its way in between James Bond's legs. Bond, played by Sean Connery, asks Goldfinger, played by German actor Gert Fröbe, "Do you expect me to talk?" Goldfinger responds, "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."

How does Bond escape? Bond entices Goldfinger to spare his life by dangling the fact that MI6 already knows of Goldfinger's plot to raise gold prices by setting off an atomic bomb destroying the US gold supply in Ft. Knox, Kentucky. Even though Goldfinger thinks Bond is bluffing, he shuts off the laser and decides to keep Bond around for a while. Bond eventually foils Goldfinger's scheme with the help of the US Army bomb squad and Goldfinger's pilot Pussy Galore, played by Honor Blackman.

"Goldfinger" remains one of the best-loved of the Bond movies and features the first Academy Award for the series (Best Effects). British recording artist, Shirley Bassey, sang the title song and the movie soundtrack went to number one on the US Billboard Top Album chart. The movie differed in several key ways from Ian Fleming's 1959 "Goldfinger" novel. In the book, Auric Goldfinger was trying to steal the gold from Ft. Knox and the Pussy Galore character was a lesbian.
  From Quiz: And Then You Die, Mr. Bond
2 In "The Man with the Golden Gun", what is the name of the MI6 agent played by Britt Ekland?
Answer: Mary Goodnight

Played by the Swedish actress Britt Eland, Mary Goodnight is the inexperienced MI6 agent who is sent to assist Bond in Hong Kong in the film "The Man with the Golden Gun". Not-too bright and a bit of a klutz, she is sometimes more of a hindrance than a help. During the course of the movie she manages to get pushed in to the boot of a car and is unceremoniously bundled into the wardrobe of Bond's hotel room when she is hoping for a more romantic interlude. At the end of the movie, Bond and Goodnight escape aboard a Chinese dhow where Goodnight finally manages to snag her man.
  From Quiz: "A Martini. Shaken, Not Stirred"
3 Being a clown at an East German circus can be hazardous to your health, especially when knives are involved. What was so important to a clown that he clutched it in his hand and let it roll out onto the floor as he lay dying in "Octopussy"?
Answer: A Faberge Egg

The Faberge eggs were perfect forgeries produced by a forger under the pay of General Orlov (Steven Burkoff), and the fake carried by 009, posing as a clown (Andy Bradford), was proof of their existence. The Romanov Star was the piece of jewelry that General Orlov clung to as his plans fell apart in "Octopussy", The Speckled Band was a Sherlock Holmes case, and the Crown Jewels are ceremonial objects of the royal family of the United Kingdom.
  From Quiz: Shaken Not Stirred
4 Having appeared as Agent 007 in seven films, which actor was 58 years old when his final Bond film "A View To A Kill" was released in 1985?
Answer: Roger Moore

Roger Moore was 45 when he first took the role of Bond, in "Live and Let Die" in 1973. Moore is three years older than Sean Connery, who was the first actor to portray 007 on film.
    Your options: [ Sean Connery ] [ Timothy Dalton ] [ George Lazenby ] [ Roger Moore ]
  From Quiz: Over 007 Questions about Bond, James Bond
5 In "From Russia with Love", what weapon does the villain Red Grant have concealed in his wristwatch?
Answer: A garroting wire

The film begins with a man who we believe to be James Bond being strangled with the garrote by Grant, but it turns out that the victim is someone wearing a Bond mask, and it is all a training exercise. When Grant finally confronts Bond he ends up being strangled by his own weapon.
  From Quiz: I've Got One in My Handbag
6 In which movie are the following: Guy Laroche, Olympic Airways, Olin skis?
Answer: For Your Eyes Only

Guy Laroche is seen on a shopping bag aboard a boat in Corfu, Olympic is the airline Bond makes a reservation with by phone, and he skis on Olin skis in Cortina.
    Your options: [ The Spy Who Loved Me ] [ Tomorrow Never Dies ] [ The Living Daylights ] [ For Your Eyes Only ]
  From Quiz: Brand Names in "James Bond" Movies
7 There was no pre-credit scene for "Dr. No", but immediately following the credits where is the first scene?
Answer: Kingston, Jamaica

The first scene was in Kingston, Jamaica. The first shot is of three blind men walking down the street.
  From Quiz: James Bond Pre-Credit Scenes
8 Austria. Egypt. Sardinia.
Answer: The Spy Who Loved Me

Bond went skiing off a cliff in Austria in one of the best stunts of the series, met Jaws amongst the Pyramids in Egypt and drove his Lotus off a jetty in Sardinia.
    Your options: [ On Her Majesty's Secret Service ] [ The Living Daylights ] [ The Spy Who Loved Me ] [ The Man With The Golden Gun ]
  From Quiz: James Bond Locations
9 In "Dr No", Anthony Dawson played which crooked scientist?
Answer: Professor Dent

Dent was supposed to kill Bond using a tarantula. Needless to say, Bond survives and exacts a ruthless revenge.
    Your options: [ Professor Bent ] [ Dr Bent ] [ Dr Dent ] [ Professor Dent ]
  From Quiz: The James Bond Henchmen (and Women)
10 In 'The World is Not Enough' what is the bad guy's name?
Answer: Renard

Real name, Victor Zokas, AKA Renard.
  From Quiz: James Bond - Bad Guys, Good Girls
11 Although Bob Simmons appeared in the "gun barrel sequence", he also had the opportunity to play a named character as part of the plot of which film in the series?
Answer: Thunderball

Although Bob Simmons was primarily a stuntman, he had a number of small acting roles in the "Bond" films, usually in sequences that required either some element of action, or on-set effects (such as explosions). The largest of these uncredited roles, and the only one for which his character was named, came in the fourth film of the series, "Thunderball". In the pre-title sequence, James Bond, played by Sean Connery, is at the funeral of the SPECTRE assassin, Colonel Jacques Bouvar, who has apparently died of natural causes. Bond immediately realises that Bouvar has in fact faked his own death and is masquerading as his own widow. Bond subsequently fights Bouvar, played by Bob Simmons, and is able to despatch the SPECTRE operative before escaping using a one-man jet pack. Simmons made three more acting appearances in the series, this time alongside Roger Moore, most notably as an unnamed henchman in "For Your Eyes Only" who is blown up when trying to break into Bond's Lotus Esprit Turbo.
    Your options: [ From Russia With Love ] [ Thunderball ] [ Goldfinger ] [ You Only Live Twice ]
  From Quiz: 007 - Not 25 Questions from 25 Films, Part I
12 Which character, whose favourite weapon is a set of stainless steel teeth, appears in both "The Spy who Loved Me" and "Moonraker"?
Answer: Jaws

With his massive size and fearsome stainless steel teeth, Jaws is one of the most recognizable characters from the "James Bond" franchise. Jaws is played in two "Bond" movies by American actor Richard Kiel. He first appears as the murderous henchman to "Bond" villain, Karl Stromberg, in "The Spy who Loved Me". He is originally scheduled to be killed off in this movie but preliminary viewings revealed his popularity and he is saved to appear again in "Moonraker". This time he is the hired muscle for villain Hugo Drax. In this movie, his character has a change of heart when he gains a girlfriend, Dolly, and he eventually ends up on the side of James Bond. Jaws only speaks once in both movies, at the end of "Moonraker" when he raises a glass of champagne and says "Well, here's to us."
    Your options: [ Fangs ] [ Gills ] [ Tusks ] [ Jaws ]
  From Quiz: "A Martini. Shaken, Not Stirred"
13 James Bond absolutely loves women, and there have been so many Bond Girls throughout the franchise. Who was the first actress to be a Bond Girl twice?
Answer: Maud Adams

Maud Adams first appeared as Andrea Anders in "The Man With The Golden Gun", and then again as the mysterious Octopussy in "Octopussy". Britt Ekland appeared with Maud Adams in "The Man With The Golden Gun", Ursula Andress appeared as a bathing beauty in "Dr. No", and Lois Maxwell played the role of Moneypenny in 14 different Bond films, starting with "Dr. No" and ending with "A View To A Kill".
  From Quiz: Shaken Not Stirred
14 Which actor played James Bond in seven films between 1962-1983?
Answer: Sean Connery

Connery is considered by many critics to be the best Bond. He actually took a twelve year break from the character and then returned to reprise the role in 1983's "Never Say Never Again" at age 53.
    Your options: [ Roger Moore ] [ George Lazenby ] [ Timothy Dalton ] [ Sean Connery ]
  From Quiz: Over 007 Questions about Bond, James Bond
15 In the opening sequence of "Goldfinger", what does Bond use to conceal his presence when swimming underwater to a Mexican drugs complex?
Answer: A seagull snorkel

An imitation seagull was attached to a standard snorkel so that it looked like a floating bird. It must have been the fastest swimming seagull of all time. Bond also had a white tuxedo on under his wet suit.
  From Quiz: I've Got One in My Handbag
16 In which movie are displayed Sony, Seiko, and Stiller?
Answer: Octopussy

They are seen in order on an observation camera, a watch, and in traffic in a German city for Stiller.
    Your options: [ Thunderball ] [ Dr. No ] [ Moonraker ] [ Octopussy ]
  From Quiz: Brand Names in "James Bond" Movies
17 Which training school was the pre-credit location for "From Russia With Love"?

"From Russia With Love" was the first James Bond movie to contain a pre-credit scene and it involved the evil henchmen Red Grant. He was on his training course in the maze system.
  From Quiz: James Bond Pre-Credit Scenes
18 Gibraltar. Tangiers. Afghanistan.
Answer: The Living Daylights

We see Timothy Dalton for the first time on a training exercise in Gibraltar. Brad Whittaker's HQ is in Tangiers. Bond and Kara get thrown into jail in Afghanistan.
    Your options: [ A View To A Kill ] [ Tomorrow Never Dies ] [ The Living Daylights ] [ The World Is Not Enough ]
  From Quiz: James Bond Locations
19 In "From Russia With Love" Robert Shaw plays one of the most dangerous henchmen in the series. When he is recruited, how does Rosa Klebb test his strength?
Answer: Punching him with a knuckle duster

Bond and Shaw have one of the best fights in the whole series on board the Orient Express.
  From Quiz: The James Bond Henchmen (and Women)
20 In 'The World is Not Enough' who is the good girl?
Answer: Christmas

Didn't you think Elektra was going to turn out to be the 'good' girl?
  From Quiz: James Bond - Bad Guys, Good Girls
21 Ian Fleming had the character of Blofeld undergoing plastic surgery regularly to disguise his appearance. In the films, this saw three different actors appear on screen as the character but who was the first?
Answer: Donald Pleasence

Although Blofeld made two previous appearances, in "From Russia With Love" and "Thunderball" (played by Anthony Dawson and voiced by Eric Pohlmann), his first full appearance came in "You Only Live Twice". In this, the character spent much of the film as he had previously, with his face hidden. His face was only revealed to the camera when he introduces himself to Bond. For the role, Czech actor Jan Werich was originally cast, primarily by Harry Saltzman, and did several days of filming. However, both 'Cubby' Broccoli and director Lewis Gilbert felt he was not right for the role, as he resembled "a poor, benevolent Santa Claus", and was simply not menacing enough. After five days of filming, Werich was let go, and English actor Donald Pleasence brought in instead. Pleasence tried several ideas to try and make the character appear more menacing, which included a hump, a limp, a beard and a lame hand, before he settled on the scar that adorned the right side of his face. Following "You Only Live Twice", Blofeld appeared in the next two films, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (played by Telly Savalas) and "Diamonds Are Forever" (played by Charles Gray).
  From Quiz: 007 - Not 25 Questions from 25 Films, Part II
22 Prior to his being revealed in "You Only Live Twice", Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE, appeared in two films with his face hidden. Which actor from "Dr No" portrayed the character?
Answer: Anthony Dawson

Anthony Dawson was a Scottish actor who, after graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, made his film debut in 1943's "They Met In The Dark". He appeared in a number of classic post-war British films before moving to the United States in the early 1950s. He appeared as Charles Swann in the Broadway production of "Dial M for Murder", and was subsequently requested specifically by Alfred Hitchcock to play the same role in the film version in 1954. He was also regularly cast in various films by director Terence Young, which led to his being hired to play Professor Dent, the geologist henchman of the eponymous villain in "Dr No". Young hired Dawson again to play Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the head of SPECTRE, in the two films he subsequently directed, "From Russia With Love" and "Thunderball", with the actor uncredited to preserve the character's mystery, as his face was never shown. However, although Dawson played Blofeld on screen, his voice was dubbed by Austrian actor Eric Pohlmann, who was also uncredited.
    Your options: [ Peter Burton ] [ Anthony Dawson ] [ Timothy Moxon ] [ Reginald Carter ]
  From Quiz: 007 - Not 25 Questions from 25 Films, Part I
23 What is the quirkily named physician who is tasked with assessing James Bond's fitness to return to action in "The World Is Not Enough"?
Answer: Molly Warmflash

In "The World Is Not Enough" James Bond is "off the action" until cleared by a medical examination. The red haired physician employed by MI6 and tasked with carrying out this assessment is the unusually named Dr Molly Warmflash, played by the English actress Serena Scott Thomas. Keen to get back into action, Bond turns his legendary charm on the doctor to provide him with a clean bill of health. She obliges on the condition that Bond "keeps in touch this time". "The World Is Not Enough" is the nineteenth Bond movie and is the third outing for Pierce Brosnan in the role of James Bond.
  From Quiz: "A Martini. Shaken, Not Stirred"
24 Who played Bond in the original film version of "Casino Royale", released in 1968?
Answer: David Niven

"Casino Royale" was the first Bond novel published by Ian Fleming. The 1968 film version costarred Peter Sellers and was actually played as a parody of previous Bond films and the spy genre in general. Daniel Craig starred as Bond in the 2006 version, which was much more serious in tone and revived the franchise.
  From Quiz: Over 007 Questions about Bond, James Bond
25 In "Diamonds are Forever", what does Bond use to convince Tiffany Case of his assumed identity?
Answer: Imitation fingerprint

Bond makes contact with Case while posing as a diamond smuggler. He leaves the false fingerprint on a glass he uses so that she can check his identity. When the real smuggler turns up and tries to make contact with Case, Bond kills him and uses his body to smuggle the diamonds in.
  From Quiz: I've Got One in My Handbag
26 Where do you see Sharper Image, Bacardi, BP, and Chevron?
Answer: A View to a Kill

Probably the most obvious brand name abuse of the Bond series is the unnecessary and deliberate zoom in on the Sharper Image card during a house break-in.
  From Quiz: Brand Names in "James Bond" Movies
27 What were James Bond's departing words at the end of the pre-credit scene in "Goldfinger"?
Answer: "Shocking. Positively shocking."

This is straight after he knocks the lamp in the bathtub and electrocutes the villain that was trying to kill him.
  From Quiz: James Bond Pre-Credit Scenes
28 Miami. Switzerland. Kentucky.
Answer: Goldfinger

Goldfinger cheats at cards in Miami. Bond follows him to Switzerland and gets tied to a table. "No Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!" Fort Knox is in Kentucky.
    Your options: [ Live And Let Die ] [ Thunderball ] [ Goldfinger ] [ You Only Live Twice ]
  From Quiz: James Bond Locations
29 In "Goldfinger", how does OddJob die?
Answer: Electrocuted

OddJob's steel-rimmed bowler hat gets jammed between some metal bars. As he's trying to release it, Bond puts a live electrical cable to one of the bars.
  From Quiz: The James Bond Henchmen (and Women)
30 In 'Man with the Golden Gun' who is the bad guy?
Answer: Scaramanga
  From Quiz: James Bond - Bad Guys, Good Girls
31 In "Goldeneye" Famke Janssen played which villain with a powerful squeeze?
Answer: Xenia Onatopp

Played by Dutch actress Famke Janssen in the film "GoldenEye", Xenia Onatopp is a Georgian pilot in the Soviet air force. She then leaves and joins the criminal organization, Janus, led by rogue agent Alex Trevalyan. After the inevitable liaison with Bond which involves squeezing him tightly between her thighs, Xenia is finally killed in Cuba in a battle with Bond and Natalya Simonova, a helicopter and an AK47. After rappelling out of the helicopter, Xenia's harness wedges her into a tree, crushing her. Bond summarizes: "She always did enjoy a good squeeze".
    Your options: [ Xenia Onabottom ] [ Xenia Onatable ] [ Xenia Onaside ] [ Xenia Onatopp ]
  From Quiz: "A Martini. Shaken, Not Stirred"
32 Which actor played Bond only twice, in "The Living Daylights" and "License To Kill"?
Answer: Timothy Dalton

Dalton portrayed 007 after Roger Moore, starring in those two films before Pierce Brosnan took over in 1995's "Goldeneye".
    Your options: [ Pierce Brosnan ] [ Roger Moore ] [ Daniel Craig ] [ Timothy Dalton ]
  From Quiz: Over 007 Questions about Bond, James Bond
33 In "The World is Not Enough", what does Bond use to tell him how many people are armed when he enters the casino?
Answer: X-ray glasses

When Bond goes to the casino to gather information he uses the glasses which he got from Q. He has fun noticing that some of the women carry guns in their underwear.
  From Quiz: I've Got One in My Handbag
34 In which movie are Harrods, Unigate Milk, Tower Records, and Philips featured?
Answer: The Living Daylights

Bond receives a gift from Harrods, and the enemy agent posed as a Unigate Milk delivery man.
    Your options: [ The World is Not Enough ] [ A View to a Kill ] [ Goldeneye ] [ The Living Daylights ]
  From Quiz: Brand Names in "James Bond" Movies
35 South America. Moscow. India.
Answer: Octopussy

The opening sequence takes place in an un-named South American country. We see General Orlov in Moscow and Bond gets hunted in India.
    Your options: [ For Your Eyes Only ] [ From Russia With Love ] [ Octopussy ] [ The Spy Who Loved Me ]
  From Quiz: James Bond Locations
36 Who is the beautiful assassin in "Thunderball"?
Answer: Fiona Volpe

Fiona was played by the stunning Luciana Paluzzi.
  From Quiz: The James Bond Henchmen (and Women)
37 Who played the good girl, Mary Goodnight in 'Man with the Golden Gun'?
Answer: Britt Ekland
  From Quiz: James Bond - Bad Guys, Good Girls
38 The various theme songs have sometimes been major hits in the charts, in addition to their status as iconic movie themes. Which was the first "Bond" film to have its theme song to reach Number 1 in the UK charts?
Answer: Spectre

Until 1973, no theme song from a "Bond" movie broke into the UK Top Ten, with the highest ranked song to that point being "You Only Live Twice" by Nancy Sinatra, which peaked at Number 11. "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney and Wings eventually reached Number 9 in the chart, and began an alternating cycle of popular, well received songs and songs that did not chart. This culminated in "A View To A Kill" by Duran Duran reaching Number 2 in 1985 (at the same time reaching Number 1 in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart). From this point onwards a succession of popular artists were brought in to perform (and often write) the theme song, with the lowest ranked being "Tomorrow Never Dies" by Sheryl Crow, which reached Number 12. However, even the presence of one of the world's most popular artists, Adele, who wrote and performed "Skyfall", was not enough to get a "Bond" theme to Number 1 in the UK. It was Sam Smith's "Writing's On The Wall", the theme to "Spectre" in 2015, that finally saw one of the themes reach the coveted top spot. This was replicated in 2020 when "No Time To Die" by Billie Eilish also reached Number 1 in the UK.
    Your options: [ Spectre ] [ The Living Daylights ] [ A View to a Kill ] [ Skyfall ]
  From Quiz: 007 - Not 25 Questions from 25 Films, Part II
39 "Thunderball" was released with an eponymous theme song sung by Tom Jones. However, the film was originally planned with a different song entitled "Mr Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" sung by which artist?
Answer: Dionne Warwick

During the production of "Thunderball", John Barry, who was writing the film's score, and also had responsibility for the main title theme, decided that he was unable to come up with an idea incorporating the film's title, which he felt was a vague and undefined concept that he couldn't get a handle on. Therefore, alongside lyricist Leslie Bricusse, he came up with an alternative song that described the character of James Bond, which was titled "Mr Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang", after a term used by an Italian journalist in 1962. Originally recorded as a demo by Shirley Bassey, the final version intended for use in the film was recorded by Dionne Warwick. Barry then began producing and recording the score, which he based on the original song. However, producers 'Cubby' Broccoli and Harry Saltzman were concerned that a theme song without the film's title would not work, and so asked Barry to produce a new song incorporating the title. Barry then wrote the song "Thunderball" with lyricist Don Black, which was performed by Tom Jones. Warwick's version of "Mr Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" went unreleased until 1992, when it was included on the 30th anniversary collection "The Best of Bond... James Bond".
    Your options: [ Nina Simone ] [ Dionne Warwick ] [ Aretha Franklin ] [ Etta James ]
  From Quiz: 007 - Not 25 Questions from 25 Films, Part I
40 Which "Bond" villain's weapon of choice was a steel rimmed hat?
Answer: Oddjob

Oddjob, played by Harold Sakata, is the Korean chauffeur and bodyguard of criminal mastermind Auric Goldfinger in the film "Goldfinger'" In addition to his imperviousness to pain and great physical strength (crushing a golf ball in his hand), Oddjob is perhaps most famous for the unusual weapon he used - a thrown bowler hat with a steel brim. It is shown to decapitate a stone statue and kill Tilly Masterson. Ironically this steel brim provides Oddjob's downfall. When he tries to retrieve his hat which is wedged between metal bars in his fight in Fort Knox with 007, Bond electrocutes him with a loose electrical cable.
    Your options: [ Odddone ] [ Oddhobby ] [ Oddboy ] [ Oddjob ]
  From Quiz: "A Martini. Shaken, Not Stirred"
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