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102 GoldenEye Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 "It's too easy." Who poses this question as they are about to finish the mission?
Answer: James Bond

After successfully making their way through the Soviet chemical weapons facility, all James and Alec need is to set fire to gas tanks and make it to the landing strip and take a plane. The alarm sounds right as they are trying to leave, and the two must fight off militants.
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What happens to Boris at the end of the movie?

2 Who is invincible in the film?
Answer: Boris Grishenko

Portrayed by Alan Cumming in the film, Boris would often shout his catchphrase ("I am invincible!") when successfully hacking a computer or something of that nature. He would prove not to be invincible in the end of the film, when he is frozen and killed by an exploding vat of liquid nitrogen.
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3 How does Boris Grishenko die?
Answer: He gets frozen in liquid nitrogen.

After Alec has fallen off the second satellite dish and it collapses above him, Boris realizes he hasn't been hurt so he yells, "I am invincible!". Just then, liquid nitrogen pours out from huge tanks and freezes him.
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4 Where does Bond attach the bungee cord to?
Answer: His feet

This is a very good opening scene to a new era of "Bond" movies. Bond jumps from the dam, and then cuts his way into the chemical weapons facility, using a watch laser. He then proceeds to drop into the bathroom.
You see him click the bungee onto one boot but when he falls it is clearly attached to both.
5 What were the first words spoken in the movie?
Answer: "Beg your pardon, forgot to knock."

Bond said this when he was dangling from the ceiling of the bathroom. He was in a cubicle with a man who was sitting on the toilet.
6 What were the first words spoken in the movie?
Answer: Beg your pardon, forgot to knock.

This was Pierce Brosnan's first James Bond movie, having taken over from Timothy Dalton.
7 What is Boris' last name?
Answer: Grishenko

Simonova is Natalya's last name; Onatopp is Xenia's last name; Zukovsky is Valentin's last name.
8 The action of 'Goldeneye' takes place mainly in which country?
Answer: Russia

The movie's context is centred on the new Russia after the collapse of the USSR.
9 "Closing time, James! Last call." Who makes this remark at the climax of the firefight in the chemical facility?
Answer: Alec Trevelyan

While fighting off the militants, this is Alec's nod telling James to hurry. It is at this time that Alec is taken hostage and James has to figure their way out of this. He shortens the explosive charges from six minutes to three. Alec is promptly shot and James manages to escape from the facility alone.
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10 Why does Xenia Onnatopp kill the Admiral Chuck Farrell in the film?
Answer: To allow Ourumov to steal his identity

With Ourumov assuming the Admiral's identity and Xenia impersonating the pilot she shoots, the two of them steal the Eurocopter Tiger Helicopter prototype that is immune to the GoldenEye satellite's EMP.
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11 What is Xenia's full name?
Answer: Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp

She mentions that her name is 'Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp' while talking to James Bond at the casino. Xenia works with Janus and helps Orumov throughout the movie.
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12 What are 006's (Alec Trevelyan) first English words, not a name?
Answer: Aren't we all

Sean Bean was cast as 006 after the producers saw him as the nemesis of Harrison Ford in "Patriot Games", and as the title character in the "Sharpe" movies. This particular quote occurs when Bond first exits the bathroom in the facility, during the opening sequence. He then goes into a supply room where he meets Trevelyan.
13 Who played 006?
Answer: Sean Bean

Sean Bean also played Boromir in 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.
14 What type of car was James Bond in the first time we see him driving?
Answer: Aston Martin DB-5

The scene involves a drive around the hills of Monaco, racing side by side with Xenia Onatopp.
15 What is Boris' catch phrase?
Answer: I am invincible!

Strangers on the street walk up to Alan Cumming sometimes and utter this phrase.
16 In 'Goldeneye', for the first time, M is ....?
Answer: a female

Played by Dame Judi Dench, supposedly modelled on the real female M, Stella Rimington
17 "James, is it really necessary to drive quite so fast?" Which passenger asks this while James is driving in the countryside?
Answer: Caroline

Caroline, the psychiatrist, is sent to evaluate 007. They take a ride in his 1960s Aston Martin, where he proceeds to speed quite fiercely. It is then that he informs her driving this fast occurs more often than she observes. A Ferrari approaches, driven by Xenia Onatopp. They race down the mountain until Caroline forces him to stop the car.
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18 When General Ouromov and Xenia Onnatopp use the GoldenEye satellite early on in the film, which city do they target?
Answer: Severnaya

Ourumov and Xenia kill the staff and escape in the helicopter they steal earlier in the film, before the GoldenEye blast destroys the Severnaya facilty. The blast also destroys the three Russian MiG-29 aircraft that are sent to check on the facility.
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19 What is the stolen helicopter called?
Answer: Tiger

This is mentioned at the warship where the helicopter is introduced and at MI6 while Tanner is explaining the Severnaya disaster. The name is also on the Tiger helicopter.
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20 Who plays Defense Minister, Dmitri Mishkin?
Answer: Tcheky Karyo

Karyo also played the French soldier in "The Patriot", as well as the villain in "Bad Boys". Gottfried John was Ourumov, Michael Kitchen played Tanner, and Colin Salmon debuted as Charles Robinson...but not until "Tomorrow Never Dies."
21 In what type of car did Xenia race Bond?
Answer: Ferrari

Xenia was driving a red Ferrari. Bond was supposed to be getting analysed by a psychologist, but instead enjoyed some racing.
22 When Bond was in the casino, what card game did he play with Xenia?
Answer: Baccarat

We also see him ask for his customary Vodka Martini, 'shaken, not stirred'.
23 What does Boris NOT say the chief of computers will do?
Answer: buy him a new car

24 How does Bond descend the dam in the opening sequence?
Answer: Bungy jump

He then breaks into a weapons base, still hanging on the end of the rope
25 "It appears we share the same passions: three anyway." Who says this in the Monte Carlo casino?
Answer: James Bond

James runs into Onatopp at the baccarat table and shares this with her. She counts baccarat and motoring, but is unable to figure out the third. Even though it is undisclosed, it is most likely smoking, as Onatopp is smoking at the table and the fact that James is known to have done so in the past.
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