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109 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Trivia Questions & Answers

POTC: Dead Man's Chest
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1 Who said, "I'm not going to eat you."?
Answer: Will Turner

Will went looking for Jack to help he (Will) and Elizabeth escape a death sentence. He landed on an island where he encountered a parrot who begged Will not to eat him. Will simply told him he would not eat him and then continued on his quest to locate Jack.
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What is the name of the woman Jack goes to for help escaping Davy Jones, and to whom the crew go to at the very end of the movie?

2 Oof, I can't move... and you're not too good smelling either, mate. Well, I guess I can't blame you since you're dead. *pecking noise* Stupid bird. *shoots* Which character could this be?
Answer: Captain Jack Sparrow

Once again, our roguish, pirate hero made a flamboyant entrance. He had gone into an isolated prison to retrieve a drawing of a key. He escaped by getting into one of the coffins of the dead prisoners, which the guards threw into the sea. Then he shot the bird which was pecking his coffin, and used a limb of the dead prisoner (whom he shared the coffin with) as an oar and rowed back to the waiting Black Pearl.
3 The film opens on Elizabeth Swann's wedding day. She is due to marry Will Turner, and we see her waiting at the altar alone, the rain pounding down around her. She soon sees her husband-to-be, but he is being held by the British forces on the island. She soon finds that both she and Will are arrested, but under what charge?
Answer: Aiding the release of Captain Jack Sparrow

As she runs to meet Will, she states that "it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding". Elizabeth's father, governor Weatherby Swann, runs to Will's defence, but soon finds out that not only is Will to be arrested, but his daughter is too. Although Mr Swann objects to the charges, Will is soon imprisoned. There is, however, a get-out clause that soon appears.
4 Lord Cutler Beckett: "A certain pirate named Jack Sparrow." Will and Elizabeth:" _______!"
Answer: Captain

This is said near the beginning of the movie. Elizabeth and Will almost yell this in reply to Beckett's prodding. This is incredibly important later in the movie, as it is a reference to Jack's use of the title of Captain, whether he was one or not. This is also a running joke on Jack's part, from the first movie.
5 After her father gets her out of prison, Elizabeth stows away on a ship of honest seamen, in her quest to find and help Will. How does she convince them to travel to Tortuga?
Answer: She writes the word on the deck in gun powder and sets fires to it.

When the men find her wedding dress, they become very nervous about having a woman onboard, and argue about whether she is real or a ghost. She uses this superstition to her advantage, rigs the dress up with strings and makes it float above the deck. She uses the dress to knock over a lantern that sets the oil on fire, leaving the word Tortuga written in flames. The superstitious men take this as an omen, and decide to head to Tortuga.
6 What is Elizabeth doing when we first see her?
Answer: crying in the rain

This dramatic beginning to the movie lets us know in no uncertain terms that things are amiss, as Elizabeth is wearing a wedding dress and veil, and holding a bouquet of flowers. We are not left to wonder for long and Will is soon brought into the scene in handcuffs. Elizabeth is also arrested and they are both charged with the offense of aiding Jack Sparrow's rescue. Elizabeth is played by Keira Knightley, and Will is played by Orlando Bloom.
7 In the first scene, Elizabeth's wedding is postponed, as both she and her fiance, Will Turner, are arrested. What punishment are they to face for their former dealings with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow?
Answer: Death by hanging

In this scene we are introduced to the power-hungry Lord Cutler Beckett, who produces warrants for the lovers' arrest. When asked on what charges, he recalls their involvement in Jack's rescue from the gallows. Apparently by assisting Jack in his escape from hanging in 'The Curse of the Black Pearl', they condemned themsleves to the same fate.
8 Whose compass must Will Turner obtain?
Answer: Captain Jack Sparrow's

Elizabeth and Will are arrested for helping Captain Jack Sparrow escape. If they want to be freed, Will must obtain Jack's compass. The head of the Trading Company wants it because they also want Davy Jones' heart. The compass points to whatever you want most.
9 When Elizabeth approaches Jack in Tortuga, what does he say to Gibbs when he realises it is her?
Answer: Hide the rum

This is a reference to the first "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie, when Elizabeth destroyed all of their rum in order to escape the island they had been marooned on.
10 The kraken is a "terrible beastie" indeed. Its name comes from what language group, according to the pirates?
Answer: Scandinavian

The kraken is the gigantic sea monster that has been sent by Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) to chase down Captain Jack Sparrow. Often pictured in seafaring legend as a giant squid, the kraken's name origin is discussed during a debate between the bumbling duo of Pintel and Ragetti (Lee Arenberg and Mackenzie Crook) as to whether it should be pronounced "Kray-ken" or Crack-en".
11 Complete the sentence, "We were ____ for trying to help you." - Will Turner
Answer: Arrested

Will got caught in a trap in the jungle when a member of the cannibalistic tribe shot a poisoned dart into his neck, knocking him out. Will was then carried to the tribal land where he came face to face with Jack Sparrow. Jack appeared to not recognize Will so Will informed him that he and Elizabeth were arrested for helping him escape.
12 This compass doesn't work! How can it be pointing to him? He's not my heart's desire, Will is. Or is he? No, no, no, don't be silly, it's just the compass malfunctioning, My heart's desire is Will, not him. Which character could this be?
Answer: Elizabeth Swann

In this scene the characters were on a deserted island, looking for the Dead Man's chest. Elizabeth was holding Jack's compass, which pointed to the desire of the holder's heart, to look for the chest. When she found out that the compass pointed to Jack himself, she was surprised. She found out in a moment that the treasure was also in that direction, but which one was truly her heart's desire? Hmm....
13 Later, we see Captain Jack Sparrow getting drunk on rum aboard the Black Pearl, his ship. When he runs out of his beloved rum, Jack decides to venture into the ship's hold to find more of his drink. He soon stumbles across a character, however, who gives him the dreaded black spot - a sign that Davy Jones is after him. Who delivers this so-called spot?
Answer: "Bootstrap" Bill Turner

The black spot begins to grow quickly on Jack Sparrow's palm, and throughout the first half of the film, he keeps it bandaged. Davey Jones is in fact seeking Jack Sparrow, as his 13 years as captain of the Black Pearl have come to an end. Jack tries to argue that he was only captain for two years due to a mutiny, but Davy Jones points out that Jack has been introducing himself as "Captain Jack Sparrow" for 13 years, and so his time is up.
14 What instrument does Davy Jones play?
Answer: Organ

Many times we see Davy Jones playing the organ. He is very skilled, at playing it with his beard of tentacles.
Question Reference: Quiz: Davy Jones.
15 Lord Cutler Beckett: "Jack Sparrow is a dying breed. Jack must find a place in the New World or ______."
Answer: perish

This is spoken to Will, when Beckett is trying him to get Jack's compass. He is trying to convince Will of the need to bring Jack back to Port Royal.
16 Seeking 100 people (actually 99 more besides Will) to pay his debt to Davy Jones, Captain Sparrow has gone to Tortuga to recruit these men. What familiar face applies to sign on as a crew member of the Black Pearl?
Answer: James Norrington

Norrington's fortunes have changed considerably. He no longer has his commission or his title, has obviously been drinking and looks very much the part of a pirate. His changes of fortune have occurred because he allowed Jack Sparrow to escape at the end of the first adventure, when he gave him a head start as a favour to Elizabeth and Will. Seeking to clear his name, Norrington has his own agenda for joining up with Sparrow, who allows him to sign on because he believes that he will simply be handing Norrington over to Davy Jones.
Norrington is played by Jack Davenport.
17 Captain Jack Sparrow makes a more flamboyant entrance in the movie, shooting his way out of a coffin that has been set to sea. What creature does he kill when he shoots his way out?
Answer: a raven

Sparrow's coffin is just one of a large number of prison coffins that are set adrift in the sea. A raven flies down, lands on one of the coffins and begins pecking at the lid, letting us know that this one is different in some way from the rest. Jack fires his pistol through the lid of the coffin, blowing open a rather large hole and killing the bird in the process.
Jack Sparrow is played by the incomparable Johnny Depp.
18 Once again, Jack humours the audience with his rather comical entry. This time he emerges from a prison coffin, gun first, and proceeds to row his way back to the 'Pearl' which awaits him just offshore from the prison. Already using the coffin as a boat, Jack makes good use of his remaining resources. What does he borrow from within the coffin to row himself to the ship?
Answer: A skeleton's limb

After Jack shoots his way out of the coffin and expresses his condolences to the bird he killed, he breaks a limb off of the skeleton. He then apologises for any inconvenience caused and proceeds to row himself to the 'Pearl'. Trust Jack to draw attention to himself with a good 'second' first impression!
19 Who appears on The Black Pearl and talks to Jack while he is searching for rum at night?
Answer: Bill Turner

Jack is very upset that there isn't any rum left, and while searching, he runs into Bill Turner, Will's father, who is working for Davy Jones. Bill tells Jack he must repay his debt to Davy Jones.
20 Who whips Will on the Flying Dutchman?
Answer: Bootstrap Bill Turner

He does this so that Will won't have to suffer the much harsher whipping from Davy Jones' men. He is being whipped after an order is given for 'Mr Turner', and both he and Bootstrap Bill respond, causing an accident.
21 The Voodoo priestess Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris) is a great new character. Which of the following items is NOT among the objects scattered around her odd household?
Answer: A skull with a burning candle stuck to it

Tia Dalma, who will apparently reappear to help the Black Pearl crew in their next adventure, seems to have had some kind of past romantic relationship with Sparrow. Her snake resembles an albino Burmese python, a non-poisonous snake. By the way, early in the movie some of the Black Pearl crewmen fall off a cliff because a snake falls on them. Although it resembles the poisonous coral snake, its most likely a non-poisonous red kingsnake, because it has adjoining red and black bands instead of red and yellow ones.
22 Who told Lord Cutler Beckett, "I'm here to negotiate."?
Answer: Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth went to talk to Lord Cutler Beckett, since she told him that she believed they could negotiate a deal regarding her and Will's arrest. She then pulled a gun out on him to illustrate how serious she was. During the negotiations, Lord Cutler Beckett remarked on Elizabeth going to great efforts just to appease Jack Sparrow.
23 What's this? Oh, they're playing Liar's Dice. But what are they wagering on? Years of servitude to Davy Jones... Aha, I can trick the location of the key out of Davy Jones by this! Which character could this be?
Answer: William Turner Jr. / Will

In this movie, Will was tricked aboard Davy Jones' ship, the Flying Dutchman by Captain Jack Sparrow, because the latter had a debt to repay to Davy Jones. In this scene, he witnessed, ahem, Davy Jones' "marine life" play Liar's Dice, a game in which you have to bluff your opponents. The interesting thing was that they bet with their years of servitude to Davy Jones, which inspired Will to trick Davy Jones.
24 Will is told by the current commodore of the island that both he and his wife-to-be, Elizabeth, can be officially pardoned if they can track down Jack Sparrow and requisition his compass. Aided by a local spice trader, Will soon finds himself on an island inhabited by cannibals. What fate befalls Will, and the crew of the Black Pearl?
Answer: They are sealed in bone spheres above a ravine.

By swinging these mesh cages, the crew of the Black Pearl find that they are able to grab the tree roots that line the side of the ravine. A race soon ensues as the two cages of crew realise that whoever manages to get free first will be able to take the Black Pearl and escape. Fortunately for Will Turner and Gibbs, their caged opponents fall to their death after one grabs hold of a snake and panics.
25 Which of these things does Davy Jones own?
Answer: Music Box

In the same room as the organ, Davy Jones keeps a music box. He plays it while he sleeps, as seen when Will tries to take the key to his chest while he is sleeping.
Question Reference: Quiz: Davy Jones.