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Runaway Bride
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1 Which groom was I running away from when the movie began?
Answer: George Swilling

The movie about my life began when I was riding away from my third wedding. In each one of my weddings, I always got to the aisle, but then I chickened out. I guess I was scared to get married.
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2 What is Peggy's husband's name?
Answer: Cory

Maggie used to date Cory in high school. Cory is played by Tom Hines.
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3 What was the name of the second guy Maggie was going to marry?
Answer: Brian

Their wedding was in a church.
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4 What was Julia's first and last name in this movie?
Answer: Maggie Carpenter

Hillary O'Neil was her name in 'Dying Young' which she starred in along side Campbell Scott. Vivian Ward was her name in 'Pretty Woman'.
5 What is the name of Ike's cat?
Answer: Italics

6 Where does Ike Graham find me?
Answer: Hale, Maryland

My family and I come from Hale, Maryland. I quit engineering school to go back home so I could run the hardware business after my mother died and my father started drinking. Ike came to find me so he could confirm that everything he wrote in the article about me was completely true.
7 What did Peggy's husband call Maggie, as a nickname?
Answer: Magpie

Peggy tells Ike that Cory calls Maggie "Magpie", since they used to date in high school, at the baseball game. You see Maggie and Cory later and he calls her "Magpie".
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8 Who was her leading man in this movie?
Answer: Richard Gere

This was their second movie together. Their first was 'Pretty Woman'. Both are my favorite movies of all time.
9 What song is playing when Maggie is punching and kicking her boxing bag, right after she finds out the article is not a joke?
Answer: Ready To Run

The Dixie Chicks sing it.
10 Who did I think put the article in the paper about my failed weddings?
Answer: Peggy

After I found out the article wasn't a joke, I sent a letter to the editor of 'USA Today', whom I didn't realize was Ike's ex-wife. In my letter, I made a list of all fifteen factual errors that Ike had in his column about me. Ike was fired because of the errors I found.
11 When Maggie and Ike cut through the field to get some tools to fix Ike's car, Ike runs through the field in a strange way. Why does he claim he is doing this?
Answer: He's scaring the snakes

Maggie asks if he was doing a snakedance, but he replies that he was scaring the snakes. "You're scaring me." "I'm scaring myself."
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12 What are the names of the men she left at the alter?
Answer: Gill, George and Brian

First was Gill, then came Brian, then George. Corey was the name of her best friend's husband and of course, Edward was Richard Gere's name in 'Pretty Woman'.
13 What paper does Ike work for before he gets fired?
Answer: USA Today

14 When Maggie ran from Gill's wedding, how did she run away?
Answer: On a Motorcycle

She rode off on horseback at George's wedding. She ran on foot at Brain's wedding. She took a FedEx truck at her first attempt to marry Ike. Gill is played by Yul Vazquez.
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15 Who played Peggy?
Answer: Joan Cusack

She was also in the movie 'Toys'!
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16 Where did she work?
Answer: The family hardware store

'Yeah, I had to come run the store for my dad.'
17 What kind of truck does Maggie drive?
Answer: Ford

18 Which one of my fiancÚs proposed to me in St. Thomas?
Answer: George Swilling

I gave Ike an interview for $650.00. I told Ike about each man's proposal and showed him the rings. George put my engagement ring in a cocoon while we were at a butterfly farm in St. Thomas. I used the money from Ike to buy a wedding dress I saw in the window of a wedding boutique.
19 Finish this quote: "I hope you two will be really _______________."
Answer: happy together

Bob says this to Ike and Maggie after punching Ike for kissing Maggie.
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20 Who played Walter?
Answer: Paul Dooley

Walter was Maggie's father.
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21 What does Ike call the owner of the bridal shop when she keeps making fun of Maggie?
Answer: Aunt Bea

Ike continuously refers to 'The Andy Griffith Show' in this movie and this is yet another incident. As the lady keeps making fun of Maggie and making it hard for her to buy the dress she wants he says 'ehh, Listen Aunt Bea, verbal communication was never perfect for me. Lets try visual, we're buying the dress.'
22 Maggie gives Ike an album that she supposedly found while cleaning out the attic and thought he might like to have it. Whose album is it?
Answer: Miles Davis

23 What was the name of the hair salon that my friend Peggy owned?
Answer: Curl Up and Dye

The first time I saw Ike in person, I was in Peggy's hair salon. As payback for the article, Peggy and I washed his hair with several different colored dyes.
24 What is Maggie's cousin's name?
Answer: Cindy

When Ike meets Cindy she tells him that she is Maggie's unmarried cousin. Cindy is played by Kathleen Marshall.
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25 What was the name of Ike's ex-wife?
Answer: Ellie

She is now married to Fisher.
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