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72 Adam Sandler Trivia Questions & Answers

Sandler, Adam
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1 In which Adam Sandler movie does Bob Barker make a cameo?
Answer: Happy Gilmore

"Happy Gilmore" is about a former hockey player who resorts to a golf tournament as a source of money to save his grandmother's house. During a celebrity golf tournament, Happy (Sandler) and Bob get into a fight with each other, and several punches are thrown.
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In 'Billy Madison,' what letter in the word 'Rizzuto' does Billy not know how to write?

2 In the movie, "Waterboy", what is Adam Sandler's character's name?
Answer: Bobby Boucher

The other characters are from other Adam Sandler movies (except for Happy Madison, which is from Happy Madison Productions). Bobby Boucher is a water boy for a big rich football team. He gets teased a lot by the high school jocks because he is a 32-year-old water boy. He finally gets fired by the coach and looks around for another water boy job. Bobby found this job for another team and figures out that he can tackle and play linebacker really well. So, the coach puts him on the team and they go on to win many games.
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3 Sandler wanted to play hockey, but when some movers realized he could hit a golf ball very far, he ended up playing on the PGA Tour. He ended up winning the gold jacket, and winning his grandma's house back.
Answer: Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore got a hole in one on a par 4 hole. That is impressive!
4 The best friend of a thirty-year-old gets married, leaving Sonny Koufax to look after himself, as well as his friend's five-year-old son.
Answer: Big Daddy

"Big Daddy" is about Adam Sandler looking after a young boy, and Adam teaches him important things in life, such as making decisions, going to school and the pros of being toilet trained.
5 In the beginning of the movie 'Big Daddy', what was Sonny Koufax's girlfriend's name?
Answer: Vanessa

'I thought you needed more sleep, Vanessa!' Vanessa was Sonny's girlfriend, but she ended up ditching him for the 'Pepperidge Farms' guy. Later Sonny and Caryn's sister Lela hook up and get married.
6 'The love boat was never quite like this' belongs to what Adam Sandler movie?
Answer: Going Overboard

This was his 1st movie release. It didn't do so well.
7 In which movie does Adam Sandler make his first appearance as a starring actor?
Answer: Going Overboard

"Going Overboard" had a very low budget and is certainly not one of Adam's masterpieces. The movie stars Sandler as a struggling comedian who takes a small job aboard a cruise ship. Conflict in the movie involves Panamanian terrorists who storm the ship, and Sandler's character tries to prove himself by foiling the terrorists' plans and saving the ship.
8 In "Happy Gilmore", Happy wins the _________ Open.
Answer: Waterbury

Happy Gilmore wins by making an amazingly impossible putt. He beat Shooter McGavin by 1 stroke. After Happy wins, he gets the gold jacket and goes off with his girlfriend, his grandmother, and his homeless caddy.
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9 Sandler plays Sonny Koufax, who adopts a kid, Julian, pretending to be his roommate. After watching Julian for a long time, they find out who he really is and he goes to court. The court finds him guilty, and makes Julian go to Kevin.
Answer: Big Daddy

Kevin was Sonny's roommate, so he saw Julian a lot.
10 Adam Sandler plays the role of Dave Buznik in this movie. Adam has to visit a doctor, who is played by a big name actor, after assaulting a woman on a plane.
Answer: Anger Management

Jack Nicholson is the other actor in "Anger Management". The story is about Sandler assaulting a woman on an airline flight. He must take Anger Management classes.
11 In 'Billy Madison', what snack food or dessert does Billy love most?
Answer: Snack Packs

'You know I like Snack Packs, why can't you just give me a Snack Pack!' This line occurs in the beginning of the movie, but Billy loves Snack Packs all the way through the show.
12 'He doesn't play golf, he destroys it' is from which of these movies?
Answer: 'Happy Gilmore'

This movie has the infamous scene between Adam and Bob Barker.
13 In which movie does Adam play a man who goes back to school so he can take over his father's company?
Answer: Billy Madison

Billy makes an agreement with his father that if he passes every grade in school in 24 weeks, he can have the company instead of Eric (the movie's antagonist). He eventually graduates, but he gives the company to a longtime friend and decides that he wants to go to college to become a teacher.
14 In "Big Daddy", Julian McGrath says he is from where?
Answer: Buffalo

Julian says he is from Buffalo. His real dad is on the phone with Sonny. On the other line his dad says he has never been to Buffalo, so Julian could not possibly be his son, but he actually is. Julian doesn't know who his dad is either, but he does find this out later in the movie. Julian also wants his name changed to Frankenstein.
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15 In this movie, Sandler's character plays an overgrown kid, who has to go to school, grades 1st to 12th grade in 24 weeks, to get his dad's business. If he fails then Eric Gordon gets the company.
Answer: Billy Madison

Billy Madison falls in love with his third grade teacher Veronica Vahn.
16 This movie is named after the main character. Adam Sandler repeats the first twelve grades in order to stop his rival from taking over his father's business.
Answer: Billy Madison

Brian Madison owns a hotel company, and in fear of losing it all to his son, Billy, he decides to give it to the Vice President, Eric. However, Billy isn't giving up the company without a fight.
17 In 'Happy Gilmore' where does Chubbs tell Happy to go when he feels upset?
Answer: His Happy Place

'Your own Happy Place. Go there, and all of your problems will just melt away.' Chubbs teaches Happy this at the 'Happy Land Miniature Golf Course.'
18 'You know his number. You know his name. And now, you will meet his son' is from which of the following movies?
Answer: 'Little Nicky'

This is one of the better movies he's done.
19 Which Adam Sandler movie also stars Henry Winkler and Kathy Bates with cameos from Lawrence Taylor and Bill Cowher?
Answer: The Waterboy

Adam plays Bobby Boucher, a waterboy who becomes the star player on the football team at South Central Louisiana State University. Bobby leads his team to victory against their rivals, the University of Louisiana Cougars, in the Bourbon Bowl, and he ends up marrying his longtime friend Vicki. Henry Winkler plays Coach Klein, the coach who accepts Bobby and asks him to join the football team. Kathy Bates plays Helen Boucher (Mama), Bobby's unusual but loving mother. Lawrence Taylor and Bill Cowher make cameos as themselves in the movie.
20 Adam Sandler plays Bobby Boucher who was the teams water boy until he got angry at the quarterback and tackled him. The coach saw how good of a hitter he was and told him he was on the team. Bobby Boucher ends up helping the Muddogs win the Bourbon Bowl.
Answer: Water Boy

"Bobby, you playing foosball behind my back!", his mom said to him when she found out he was playing football.
21 In this movie, Sandler is betrayed by his best friend, who turns out to be an undercover cop. The two meet up again, but are caught in a trap set up by a criminal mastermind.
Answer: Bulletproof

Like in "Anger Management", Sandler is not alone in this adventure. He is joined by Damon Wayans.
22 In 'Happy Gilmore,' who is in heaven with Chubbs?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln and the Alligator

'Hey look Happy. I got my hand back.' When Happy's grandma gets her house back Happy looks up in the sky and sees Chubbs, Abraham Lincoln, and the alligator waving at him.
23 What movie does this tagline belong to, 'Tough cop, hostile witness'?
Answer: 'Bulletproof'

This movie also starred Damon Wayans (the cop). Sandler is the witness.
24 Which 2002 Adam Sandler movie has received good reviews from critics and co-stars Philip Seymour Hoffman?
Answer: Punch-Drunk Love

Sandler plays Barry Egan, a man who owns his own company but is constantly ridiculed by his seven sisters. He meets a woman one day and falls in love with her, and he eventually learns to direct his strong feelings toward his love for her. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays Dean Trumbell, the owner of a mattress store and the "supervisor" of a phone-sex line that Barry calls during the movie.
25 In "Big Daddy", who plays Nazo the delivery man?
Answer: Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider is not always the star of his movies, and sometimes plays a small role, such as in "Big Daddy". In this movie, he is a delivery guy who hangs out at Adam Sandler's apartment because he has delivered there so much, that he has become friends with Adam Sandler's character. "The Hot Chick", "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo", and "The Animal" are other movies that Rob Schneider stars in.
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