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72 The Wedding Singer Trivia Questions & Answers

Wedding Singer, The
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1 What city does the movie take place in?
Answer: Ridgefield

This is stated a lot, usually when Robbie talks about how it is the perfect place to raise a family.
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Who is in this movie that is also in "The Waterboy?"

2 What was the name of the flower place that Robbie recommended?
Answer: Tony's

According to Robbie, Tony's had a wide variety and was cheap.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
3 In the beginning when Robbie Hart is singing "You Spin Me," he says: "Yeah I'm talking to you Grandma______."
Answer: Molly

When he says this, she puts her hands on that dancing man's butt.
4 At the opening of the movie, Robbie is singing "You Spin Me Round" at the Vetrie's wedding. What is the name of the hall the wedding takes place in?
Answer: Ridgefield Banquet Hall

This is where Robbie meets Julia for the first time. She is a new waitress at the banquet hall and Robbie is the wedding singer.
5 When Julia first starts working at the banquet hall, which meal does she go to the kitchen and ask the cook to prepare?
Answer: Prime Rib

'The Prime Rib! Always the prime rib! Make them eat the fish.'
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
6 How old is Robbie Harts oldest nephew?
Answer: 8

Is it true your going to a mental institution.
7 What rock star was on the plane when Robbie was going to Vegas?
Answer: Billy Idol

On the way to Las Vegas, Robbie Hart encounters Billy Idol in the first-class cabin of the airplane. After unsuccessfully trying to get a drink from the flight attendant, Robbie sees Billy and asks him if he would like a drink. In a nod to Idol's real-life musical career, his character tells Robbie that he is a musician, providing a moment of comedy between the two. The inclusion of a real-life rock star adds an element of authenticity to The Wedding Singer, which is set in the 1980s, a decade known for its music and pop culture icons. Idol, a British musician, was a prominent figure in 1980s music, and his appearance in the film is a clever reference to pop culture of that era. His brief cameo also provides a comical moment for viewers.
8 Which was not one of the couples that Fay the photographer suggested when she talked about couples that would "stay together forever"?
Answer: Heather and Tommy

This is funny not to Robbie and Julia, but to the audience because the movie is set in the 80s and of course these couples aren't together anymore.
9 What was the name of the other singer in town?
Answer: Jimmie Moore

After listening to Jimmie, she decided to hire a DJ.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
10 What is Robbie's sister's husband's name?
Answer: Andy

Andy starts talking about him and Robbie's sister having sex and Robbie says, "That's enough, Andy."
11 Julia goes into the kitchen with her cousin Holly. The cook turns up the radio and "Der Kommisar" is on. What is written on the cook's shirt?
Answer: Relax

The cook fights with Julia over the prime rib. Julia asks Holly why he is so nice to her. She explains she showed the cook her boobs at a Christmas party.
12 What dance is the old man trying to learn in the bar?
Answer: moon walk

And he borrows the 'Michael Jackson' jacket to do it in!
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
13 What rock band did Robbie play for?
Answer: Final Warning

14 What did Glen buy Julia?
Answer: CD player

In the movie, a pivotal scene shows Glen presenting Julia with a gift before their wedding, causing her to question her upcoming nuptials. The gift, revealed to be a CD player, represents Glen's lack of understanding and connection to Julia's personality and passions. This moment highlights the idea that a thoughtful gift can reflect a true understanding and appreciation for someone, while a generic or thoughtless gift can reveal a lack of investment in the relationship. The CD player also serves as a symbol of Julia's realization that she desires a partner who truly knows and values her, leading her to ultimately choose the quirky and musically-talented Robbie over the bland and materialistic Glen.
15 According to his nephew, who has been talking about Robbie and saying that he's going to a mental institution?
Answer: Everybody

To which he replies, " only know your parents!" This is said when Robbie goes over to his sister's house to babysit his nephews. This is also the part when Robbie finds out from his brother-in-law about his sister's personal life.
16 How many Jewish families were in Robbie's town?
Answer: 4

Robbie had to find another job because there were not too many Jewish families in his town.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
17 What is the name of the song that Adam Sandler plays on the plane?
Answer: I Wanna Grow Old With You

"I'll even give you the remote control, cause all I wanna do is grow old with you."
18 The groom's brother, David, is best man and goes on the stage to make the toast. He has been drinking, A LOT, and makes a very upsetting speech. After the speech he starts singing and playing which musical instrument?
Answer: guitar

After David puts on his show he said they will be divorced in a year. Robbie saves the day and everyone goes on with the party.
19 Why did Julia take off her jacket in the limo?
Answer: it's not jacket weather anymore

'Uh oh. You like her.'
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
20 How many 'mutants' are seated at table nine?
Answer: 7

You can see another arm too.
21 What did the drunk best man say to the bride and groom, at the end of his speech?
Answer: 'You'll be divorced in a year.'

The drunk best man's comment of "You'll be divorced in a year" is a common trope in wedding comedies, usually used to add a humorous edge to the festivities. However, in real life, making such a statement would be considered incredibly rude and inappropriate. Wedding toasts and speeches should focus on positivity and well-wishes for the couple rather than making derogatory predictions about their future. While the line may get a laugh in a fictional setting, it is important to remember the impact words can have in real life. It is always best to err on the side of caution and keep toasts and speeches respectful and uplifting.
22 Glen, Julia's fiancee, is in what business?
Answer: Bonds

Julia says he's in "junk" bonds. He corrects her and says, "high yield bonds. Do I say you're in "junk" waitressing?"
23 What was the name of Christine Taylor's character?
Answer: Holly

She was Julia's cousin and helped Julia get the waitress job.
Question Reference: Quiz: Wedding Singer.
24 Who really sings the song that George sings?
Answer: Culture Club

George sings, and the crowd boos him.
25 As a side job, Robbie teaches singing lessons to Rosie. She is learning, so she can sing to her husband, Frank, at their 50th wedding anniversary. How does she pay Robbie?
Answer: 2 meatballs

Rosie ran out of tupperware so she puts one in each of his hands. She then makes him take a bite because it makes her happy to see him enjoying them.