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Arnold Schwarzenegger Trivia Questions

Schwarzenegger, Arnold There are 85 questions on this topic. Last updated Jun 05 2023.
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26 'Don't disturb my friend, he's dead tired.'
Answer: Commando

What he says to the stewardess on the plane after he kills his captor.
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Who does Arnie say this to. 'Hasta La Vista Baby'?

27 What movie is this from. 'Knock, Knock'?
Answer: Predator

After saying this he kicks in a door and shoots the 2 occupants.
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28 In the action film, 'Commando,' Mr. Schwarzenegger drops one of the bad guys off a cliff. When he returns to his lovely partner, she asks what happened to Sully. What does Arnold say?
Answer: "I let him go."

Let him go off the cliff! Truthful and funny, an action hero amongst action heroes.
29 Arnold finds he has a brother he didn't know about in this one.
Answer: Twins

Arnold plays the part of Julius Benedict and Danny DeVito plays Arnold's twin brother Vincent Benedict.
30 "He will erase your past to protect your future."
Answer: Eraser

The company in the film is called "Cyrez," but had originally been "Cyrex" until the real company "Cyrix" complained and threatened to sue. Company logos were then digitally altered after the film had been made.
31 F. Murray Abraham:
Answer: Last Action Hero

Academy-Award winner F. Murray Abraham (1984, "Amadeus") was John Practice in this film-within-a-film. My favorite scene: Jack Slater (Arnold) meets Danny Madigan's mother (Academy-Award winner Mercedes Ruehl) and introduces himself as "Arnold Braunschweiger."
32 He crashes through a door and throws a knife which pins a villain to the wall and says "stick around".
Answer: Predator

The title character was played by a 7'2" actor.
33 'He was skinned alive!'
Answer: Predator

After the alien had killed one of his men.
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34 What movie is this from. 'I let him go'?
Answer: Commando

Arnie says this in 'Commando' after he drops Sully off a cliff.
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35 In 'Kindergarten Cop,' Mr. Schwarzenegger complains of a headache to the children. After the kids make some suggestions as to what might be ailing our hero, he screams what?
Answer: "It's not a tumor!"

It might not be a tumor, but it's killing my funny bone!
36 Arnold dreams of Mars in this film.
Answer: Total Recall

'Total Recall' is based on the short story 'We Can Remember It For You Wholesale' by Philip K Dick. In 'Total Recall' Arnold plays Douglas Quaid and Sharon Stone plays his wife Lori.
37 "Nothing like it has ever been on earth before."
Answer: Predator

The working title of the film was "Hunter," and this name was changed when the film was almost complete.
38 Rachel Ticotin:
Answer: Total Recall

Rachel Ticotin was Melina, who helped Quaid (or was it Howser? -- Anyway, it was Arnie) activate the atmosphere generator on Mars. I don't really need to say this, but I will: This was Sharon Stone's breakout film, as Quaid's "wife" Lori.
39 In this movie the villain is hanging on a missile. Arnie presses the button and says "you're fired".
Answer: True Lies

The U.S. government supplied 2 marine Harriers and their pilots for this movie at a cost of $100,736, which worked out at $2,410 an hour.
40 'It's not a tumor!'
Answer: Kindergarten Cop

Arnold: 'I have a headache.'
Kid: 'It might be a tumor.'
Arnold: 'It's not a tumor!'
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41 What movie is this from: 'Uzi nine millimetre'?
Answer: Terminator 1

Arnie says this when he is getting guns at the gun store.
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42 In 'Total Recall,' Mr. Schwarzenegger drives a super drill into one of the evil doers. As he is bringing justice, what does he yell?
Answer: "Benny, screw you!"

Powerful language for a powerful man.
43 Arnold fights with the devil in this film. What is the name of this movie?
Answer: End of Days

In 'End of Days' Arnold plays Jericho Cane and Gabriel Byrne plays Satan.
44 "An undercover cop in a class by himself."
Answer: Kindergarten Cop

In this film he actually played a character born in Austria, which is of course his country of birth.
45 Max von Sydow:
Answer: Conan the Barbarian

Max von Sydow was he King Osric in this film. Other Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror roles of his included Emprorer Ming in "Flash Gordon" (1980), Blofeld in "Never Say Never Again" (1983), Dr. Novotny in "Dreamscape" (1984), and Dr. Kynes in "Dune" (1984). Of course, we cannot forget his best-known role: Father Merrin in the first two "Exorcist" movies (1973 and 1977).
46 In what movie did he say "Tonight, hell freezes over!"?
Answer: Batman And Robin

In this movie he was a villain with a poisonous partner in crime.
47 'Yes, he was a real pain in the neck.'
Answer: Running Man

After he kills sub-zero.
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48 Who does Arnie say this to in 'Terminator 2': 'Come with me if you want to live'?
Answer: Sarah Connor

He says this to Sarah Connor when she is trying to escape from the mental home.
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49 In 'Predator,' Mr. Schwarzenegger kicks in a door while raiding a village. What does he say upon his entrance?
Answer: "Knock, knock."

That's taking the knock-knock joke to a whole new level!
50 Arnold gets pregnant in this film.
Answer: Junior

Arnold plays Dr. Alex Hesse. Junior also stars Danny DeVito as Dr. Larry Arbogast and Emma Thompson as Dr. Diana Reddin.