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Trivia Questions and Answers
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270 Terminator Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Terminator? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Terminator (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 "Terminator: Dark Fate" (2019) was branded as a sequel to 1991's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" where a T-800 Terminator protected John Connor from harm. What happened to John Connor in this sequel?
Answer: He was killed by a T-800 terminator.

Sarah Connor: "Once, I saved three billion lives, but I couldn't save my son. A machine took him from me, and I am terminated".

This movie is a sequel to "Terminator: Judgement Day" (1991). The three Terminator movies between the 1991 movie and "Dark Fate" are explained away as occurring in "an alternate timeline". James Cameron is both a producer and writer on this movie, his first involvement since the 1991 movie. In all other movies, the premise has been to protect John Connor (or his mother in the the first movie) as he leads the Human Resistance to the artificial intelligence Skynet which controls the US nuclear missiles, and hence the world.
This movie reboots the franchise. In the opening minutes, John Connor is killed by a T-800 Terminator. This is the first twist in the movie. In a 2019 interview by Jim Vejvoda of "IGN", an entertainment website, it was James Cameron's idea to kill off John Connor very early in the movie to show this was a very different "Terminator" movie: "It's like, 'Let's just get that right off the table. Let's just pull the carpet out from underneath all of our assumptions of what a Terminator movie is going to be about. Let's just put a bullet in his head at a pizzeria in the first 45 seconds.'" John Connor is gunned down by a T-500 terminator in front of his mother in a cafe in Guatemala three years after Judgement Day was supposed to have occurred. This is told in flashback but at the very start of the movie. The movie then moves onto the present day (which for this movie was the early 2020s).
  From Quiz: Girls and Monsters
2 We'll start off with the first "Terminator". How many Sarah Connors are killed before the Terminator finds the one he is searching for?
Answer: 2

The Terminator is using the phone book to kill every Sarah Connor listed, the one he wants is listed last.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
3 In "The Terminator", what year was the Terminator and Kyle from, before they came to 1984?
Answer: 2029

At the beginning of the movie, you see a war and the date is under it.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
4 What did Sarah Connor work as before the Terminator arrived from the future?
Answer: Waitress
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
5 As in its two predecessors, two bodies arrive from the future. Is Grace a Terminator?
Answer: No, she is human but "enhanced".

"Come with me or you'll be dead in 30 seconds." (Grace)

Grace (Mackenzie Davis) is sent back from 2042 AD. She was a soldier fighting an artificial Intelligence called Legion after the worldwide holocaust. She is critically injured in performing her duties. She consents to be "enhanced" to ensure she will survive her injuries. If you look closely at Grace's body you can see many fine surgical scars along her arms and torso where mechanicals and electronics replaced human tissue.

She is sent back from the future to protect Dani. Her enhancements give her the strength and skills to fight off Terminators which she does effectively. However as she is human, she can only operate at an "heightened" level for a short period, then she needs a series of medications urgently to recover, underpinning her status as a human rather than a machine.
  From Quiz: Girls and Monsters
6 Where does Reese find pants to wear?
Answer: He takes them from a bum.

Reese gets his pants from a bum and his coat and shoes from a department store. My question is, where did he get the shirt? It just seemed to appear.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
7 In "The Terminator", what are the numbers written on the first Sarah's home?
Answer: 14239

Look closely!
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
8 Who was sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor?
Answer: Kyle Reese

Sarah told John that Kyle was his father and if he did not send him back in time to protect her, he would never have been born and started the Human rebellion against the machines.
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
9 The Rev-9 terminator is more advanced than the T-1000 model seen in "Terminator: Judgment Day" (1991). What feature does the this new terminator have that the T-1000 did not?
Answer: Could separate into a carbon skeleton and a liquid metal component which both can operate independently

Rev-9 "Why not just let me have her?"
Sarah Connor "Because we're not machines, you metal mother...!"

The Rev-9 consists of a carbon-based solid endoskeleton surrounded by flesh of "mimetic poly-alloy". Unlike previous movies, this Terminator has the ability to separate these two components into separate, totally autonomous Terminator units. This Terminator is played by Gabriel Luna who said in a 2019 interview with "Den of Geek", "You got an endoskeleton that's carbon-based and liquid that's a carbon substance alloy. And of course I can split, and I can descend on a target from multiple angles which just makes it that much more dangerous.
The Rev-9, (Is it named after the Beatles' song? There is a lot of internet traffic devoted to this assumption), can change into different humans by physical contact. (eg in this movie -it takes on the appearance of Dani's Dad.) It can also "materialize" clothes by merely touching them. The endoskeleton is unique in structure and composition but still resembles the humanoid-like form of the previous T-800. It has numerous cavities and gaps, presumably used to store the liquid metal which facilitates shape shifting. An interesting "advancement" is that with this terminator the arms turn into sharp blades whereas the T-1000's "metal conversion" was to form hooks from arms.
The Rev-9 Terminator has been sent back to terminate Dani Ramos.
  From Quiz: Girls and Monsters
10 The first "Terminator" begins with Sarah preparing for something. What did Sarah intend to do that night?
Answer: Go on a date

She was originally planning to go on a date, but got stood up. So, she decided to go to the movies, though she never made it.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
11 In "The Terminator", what is the name of Sarah's roommate?
Answer: Ginger

Sarah says this in the movie, "Ginger, Matt is on the phone!"
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
12 Why was it easy to spot the 600 series of Terminator?
Answer: It had rubber skin

KYLE:'The 600 series had rubber skin, we spotted them easy. But these are new, they look Human, sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot.'
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
13 What did the little boy at the restaurant stick in Sarah's pocket as she was trying to serve the table?
Answer: ice cream

Good thing she went on to become a great military leader, mother to a revolutionary, and cyborg-killer because she was a horrible waitress.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
14 In "The Terminator", what do they use in the future to detect Terminators?
Answer: Dogs

You see clips of the future when there are dogs barking to detect them. Also Kyle tells Sarah later on.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
15 What model of Terminator did Arnie play?
Answer: Cyberdyne Systems model 101

'It's not a man, it's a machine. It's a Terminator, Cyberdyne systems model 101.
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
16 What type of dog alerts Reese and Sarah to the Terminator at the motel?
Answer: German Shepherd

We learn that dogs were used to detect the Terminators in the future.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
17 In "The Terminator", why didn't Kyle or the Terminator take any weapons from the future?
Answer: Because nothing dead can travel through time

In the police station, Kyle tells Dr. Silverman that nothing dead can travel through time. That's why they were naked at the beginning!
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
18 Kyle: 'The Terminator's is an ___________ unit. Part man part machine'. What is the missing word?
Answer: Infiltration

'The Terminator's an infiltration unit. Part man, part machine. Underneath, it's a hyperalloy combat chassis, mircoprocessor controlled, fully armored. Very tough...But outside, it's living human tissue. Flesh, skin, hair...blood. Grown for the cyborgs.'
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
19 After temporarily subduing the terminator, both Sarah and Grace have coordinates of what they believe to be a safe haven. When they reach the place, a house business called Carl's Draperies, what do they discover about Carl?
Answer: He was the terminator that killed John Connor.

Sarah: "When this is all over, I am going to kill you."
Carl: "I understand."

Sarah's ability to sniff out terminators has a simplistic explanation. She receives text messages from an unknown source stating the coordinates of the location of the terminator. Grace is able to find the coordinates of the origin of the texts by manipulating Sarah's phone. The coordinates match the coordinates tattooed on her right flank. They assume this is a safe place to hide from the terminator until they can work out how to eliminate him completely.

When they arrive at Carl's Drapery, Sarah is horrified to discover Carl is the terminator that killed her son John. She shoots him three times but of course bullets do not harm him. After killing John, Carl had no further purpose, he had no way to get back to Skynet so had no choice but to integrate himself into human society. He agrees to help protect Dani and terminate the Rev-9.
  From Quiz: Girls and Monsters
20 What kind of bar did Sarah hide out at, while waiting for the police?
Answer: disco-tech

She rushed into a disco-tech bar, when she noticed Reese following her.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
21 In "The Terminator", how does Sarah kill the Terminator?
Answer: She crushes it in a hydraulic press

At the end of the movie, you see Sarah crush it with the Hydraulic Press.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
22 What futuristic weapon did the Terminator ask for at the gun shop?
Answer: Phased Plasma rifle

TERMINATOR:'Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range' GUN SHOP OWNER:'It's only what you see pal'
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
23 In "The Terminator", what's the name of the motel Kyle and Sarah stayed in over night?
Answer: Tiki Motel

When Sarah and Kyle step off the bus, you see a sign that says "Tiki Motel."
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
24 What company built the defence computer that became self-aware and started the war between the Humans and the machines?
Answer: Cyberdyne Systems
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
25 Sarah, Grace, Dani and Carl plotted to permanently kill the Rev-9. What was the weapon of choice to "fry his neural net"?
Answer: Electromagnetic pulse

Dani: "How do we stop this?" (the Rev-9)
Sarah Connor: "It will take all of us. We choose our weapons, and we take it down".

Because of his liquid metal body, conventional weapons are useless on the Rev-9 but the group agrees an electromagnetic pulse weapon which causes voltage and current surges, would "fry the neural net" of the Rev-9. Both Sarah and Carl know a military base that have these weapons but they are interrupted by the Rev-9 who has tracked them down and they need to escape by air. In the melee, the EMPs are damaged and will no longer terminate the terminator.
  From Quiz: Girls and Monsters
26 In "The Terminator", what color is the hairdryer in Sarah's bathroom?
Answer: orange

You see Sarah drying her hair during the part where Sarah and Ginger are getting ready to go out.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
27 What was the computer system that became self aware and started the war with the Humans called?
Answer: Skynet

REESE:'Then I was assigned Recon-Security, last two years, under John Connor.' SILBERMAN: 'And who was the enemy?' REESE: 'SKYNET. A computer defense system built for SAC-NORAD ... '
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
28 The four protagonists set up a "killbox" in a hydroelectric plant to lure the Rev-9 using Dani as bait. After the inevitable showdown with the terminator, who survives?
Answer: Dani and Sarah

Dani: "I'm done running. I'm going to stand and fight!"

The final scene shows how far the characters have come over the course of the time since they met:
Grace perhaps changes the least. She is forever grateful for what Dani did for her as her commanding officer in the future she will do anything for Dani in the present. She is mortally wounded and tells Dani to use her internal power source to kill off the Rev-9 endoskeleton knowing full well that its removal will kill her.

Dani perhaps has the biggest change. In the course of two days she goes from having a normal life to demonstrating effective leadership skills and courage. She does this in two ways: she is the one who decides how the killbox is to be set up including using herself as bait to attract the Rev-9. She also knows she will kill Grace to whom she has become very close, if she does remove the power source. She does it anyway and it is Dani who stabs and kills the Rev-9's endoskeleton.
Carl had attained a peaceful life and had assimilated himself into a human community. He knows he won't be coming back to his family and he feels his life purpose is to protect Dani and put her life before his own. And that is exactly what he does. He is strong enough to push the Rev-9's liquid metal component into a turbine, permanently destroying it, then he holds down the Rev-9 endoskeleton while Dani strikes with the power source. Carl, as
he's holding the Rev-9 is also mortally wounded by the power source but lives long enough to mouth "For John" at Sarah.

Sarah changes the most. She is a hate driven human 'terminator' at the start of the movie fueled by the grief of the loss of her son. When she learned that Dani was being protected not because she was capable of bearing children but she was the future resistance leader, she embraced the protection of Dani as if she were her daughter. Dani gives Sarah her humanity back. She worked well with Grace and in the end had a grudging respect for Carl.
In the closing scenes we see, in the present, Sarah and Dani watching Grace who has a child playing with her family and Sarah advising Dani maternally to be prepared for the future.
  From Quiz: Girls and Monsters
29 What does Sarah carve into the picnic table in Mexico?
Answer: No Fate

Later, John explains that his father told Sarah that there was "no fate but what we make." However, I don't know when he told her, since it was never said in the first movie.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
30 In "The Terminator", what color are Sarah's eyes?
Answer: light blue

Look closely! You can tell they are light brown from an angle.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
31 Why didn't the person sent back to protect Sarah bring any weapons from the future?
Answer: Nothing dead can travel though time

SILBERMAN: 'Why didn't you bring any weapons? Something more advanced. Don't you have ray guns?' REESE: ' You go naked. Something about the field generated by a living organism. Nothing dead will go.'
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
32 When the T-1000 is searching the database in the police car, what does it list as John Connor's birthdate?
Answer: February 28, 1985

According to the movie, John is 10 at the start of this movie. Funny, he certainly looked to be 13.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
33 In "The Terminator", how many police officers did the Terminator kill in the police station?
Answer: 17

You can count them, or if you saw the second movie, one of the officers says that the Terminator killed 17 police officers that night.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
34 What did the Human resistance use to spot Terminators?
Answer: Dogs

SARAH:'I was dreaming about dogs.' REESE:'We used them to spot Terminators.'
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
35 In "Terminator 2", what color is John's backpack?
Answer: Blue

John always wears his backpack in the movie.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
36 How was the Terminator from the first film finally destroyed?
Answer: Crushed in a hydraulic press
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
37 In Mexico, John called the Terminator ___ Bob. What relative did John say the Terminator was to him?
Answer: uncle

John called the Terminator "Uncle Bob" when asked who he was.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Through the Years
38 In "Terminator 2", what model number is the 'good' Terminator?
Answer: 101

When John first meets the Terminator, the Terminator tells John his identity.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
39 Where was Sarah Connor committed?
Answer: Pescadero State Hospital

She tried to blow up a computer factory, but she got shot and arrested.
  From Quiz: 'Terminator' Movies
40 In "Terminator 2", how old is Sarah?
Answer: 29

Dr. Silverman says this in the movie.
  From Quiz: "Terminator" Parts 1 and 2
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