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280 Spider-Man Series Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Spider-Man Series? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Spider-Man Series (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Following the revelation of Spider-Man's identity, Peter Parker receives legal counsel from whom?
Answer: Matt Murdock

After Peter Parker's trip to Europe, the world was shaken by the news released to the 'Daily Bugle' by Parker's one-time foe Quentin Beck, providing out-of-context footage that Spider-Man put lives at risk in stopping Mysterio's attacks in London. It takes mere seconds, following the revelation, for the city of New York to start harassing Peter as they now believe him to be 'Public Enemy #1'. He holes up in his apartment, but it doesn't stop the public-- and then the Feds-- from stepping in. It doesn't help that Peter, who believes Nick Fury to have been present for the entirety of his trip, isn't aware that Fury has actually been off the planet for a year.

Ultimately, Peter, Aunt May, and the others are able to enlist the help of New York attorney Matt Murdock who is able to ensure the charges against Parker are dropped. However, since Stark's drone technology was utilized in the attacks in Europe, Happy is likely to be under the microscope by association. Murdock advises him to get a good lawyer and he advises Peter and May to find a safer place to live. They move into Happy's for the time being.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: No Way Home
2 When Thanos wiped out half of all life in the universe, the event was called 'The Snap'. What phrase was used for the eventual return of said half of the universe?
Answer: The Blip

In the ruins of Ixtenco, Mexico, Nick Fury and Maria Hill arrive to find the community rebuilding after a recent mysterious cyclone that many believe to have seen the appearance of a face upon. They have no reason to believe that their call to action is any sort of sign of something worse on the horizon, but their arrival is quickly interrupted by the appearance of a hero and a villain, the latter being an earthen creature that rises from the ground to destroy their vehicle.

The students of Midtown Technical High School, however, are none the wiser. As the world recovers from the events of Thanos' apocalypse, they mourn the fallen heroes of the Avengers and pick up the pieces left behind. If Thanos' actions were known as 'The Snap', the return of half the universe, five years later, was known as 'The Blip'. All those returned from their vanishing had come back unaged despite the time change, and as such, Midtown Tech decided to restart the school year. Now, it's the end of that year, and there's a lot to think about as the students move on to a new phase of their lives.

And with that, Peter Parker has a plan.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Far From Home
3 What city is the primary location of the movie?
Answer: New York

Though there are some scenes in other cities, Peter lives and goes to school in New York City. Also shown for a few scenes is Washington, D.C., but no city has more screen time than New York.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
4 In the caged fighting match in the movie "Spider-Man", who was the man Peter Parker fought?
Answer: Bonesaw

The match was for whoever could stay in the ring for three minutes. Parker won but he only received 100 dollars of prize money because he beat the guy before three minutes was up.
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
5 To which destination do Peter and his class travel first?
Answer: Venice

Peter, heading off to Europe with his classmates for summer vacation, plans to take the opportunity to spend time getting closer to MJ (and that plan is pretty elaborate, tracking several smaller opportunities to express himself before revealing his true feelings atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris). His best friend, Ned, suggests not doing any of it. They can be bachelors in Europe if he doesn't.

In the meantime, Peter has been heading to charity galas as Spider-Man. Working at a Salvation Army function with his Aunt May, he's met by Happy Hogan, Tony Stark's former bodyguard, who comes bearing a giant novelty cheque from Pepper Potts and the news that Peter is likely to be called by Nick Fury. He's not wrong; the call comes almost immediately. Peter decides to ghost Nick Fury, sending him to voicemail while the crowd of news reporters outside ask him heavy questions about the future of The Avengers.

But there's more to worry about-- Peter has to pack for his trip. May suggests he pack his suit, just in case, but he avoids it.
    Your options: [ Berlin ] [ Paris ] [ Venice ] [ Rome ]
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Far From Home
6 What type of job did Adrian Toomes have before the government took over?
Answer: He owned a salvage company.

The Department of Damage Control was created to clean up after fights. Toomes' company was put out of work when the new department started operating. He was overextended and nearly bankrupted by the loss of work; instead he turned to a life of crime.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
7 Norman Osborn was a character in the movie "Spider-Man". What company did he own?
Answer: Oscorp

Harry Osborn was the son of Norman Osborn who owned a large company called Oscorp. This company developed technology.
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
8 In an effort to help his friends get into MIT, Peter speaks to the admissions officer in person. It's then that he's attacked by what foe?
Answer: Dr. Otto Octavius

Peter, using the technology at his disposal, locates the director of MIT as she's leaving a luncheon in New York City, pursuing her as her vehicle takes her across a traffic-filled bridge. He pleads his case, but his Spidey-Sense alerts him to something coming along the roadway, destroying cars as it approaches. Though he doesn't know it yet, it's the approach of Dr. Otto Octavius, there to reclaim the power of the sun that he believes Peter took from him. The encounter leads to an all-out brawl that nearly catches Peter off-guard. Fortunately, when Octavius detaches part of Peter's suit, it unleashes some of the nanotechnology from within, allowing Peter to take over his foe's octopus arms. It allows Peter to subdue his new enemy and keep him from causing anymore harm. The encounter is enough to convince the MIT admissions officer to reconsider him and has friends, but there's little time to celebrate as Norman Osborn swoops in, blowing up part of the bridge from above.

... but that dematerializes as Peter is transported back into the caves beneath the New York Sanctum. Dr. Strange brings Peter back to relative safety, but demonstrates that there are consequences to his actions. When Peter asked for the Runes of Kof-Fol to be manipulated, the resulting problem sucked all of the people who knew Peter Parker's identity-- from any universe-- into their own before Strange could seal the problematic casting away. He tells Peter to collect any other loose ends he can find and bring them back to the Sanctum. In the meantime, Strange will figure out how to send them back to their proper universes. They have Octavius, but there is, at the very least, the Green Goblin to find. Peter asks and gets Strange to allow MJ and Ned to help him with the request.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: No Way Home
9 Who is the first to discover that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?
Answer: Ned

Peter sneaks back into his bedroom after a night of fighting crime and though he avoids his Aunt May from discovering his identity, his friend, Ned, is in his bedroom and witnesses him coming in through the window, crawling on the ceiling in his costume. Peter begs him not to tell anyone that he's basically an Avenger and the only way he can get him to keep quiet is by letting him ask questions. This plan devolves quite a bit at school when Ned reveals, in a big way, that Peter at least knows Spider-Man. Liz, Peter's crush, reveals that she has her own crush on Spider-Man and she invites him over to a party, and he wears the suit under his clothes, but he tells Ned he won't use it as a party trick. He's nearly provoked into appearing as Spider-Man when others ask for his whereabouts, but when Peter goes outside, he sees the flash of a Chitauri weapon being used nearby and goes to investigate.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
10 Who made the suit Peter wore for most of the movie?
Answer: Tony Stark

There was one scene early on, and one later in the movie where Peter wore a suit of his own design, but for the rest of the movie, when he was acting as Spider-Man he wore a suit built by Tony Stark and given to him in Berlin.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
11 Peter witnesses a weapons deal being held and is subsequently attacked by Toomes. Tony Stark swoops in to save him, but Tony is actually where at the time?
Answer: India

Peter finds a weapons deal going on under a bridge and swoops in to stop the men from the bank from giving their wares to a local thug. Using the devices, however, they're able to make a getaway in their van, taking Peter on a ride through the suburbs and starting a long chase through the quiet neighbourhood. Peter eventually does make it back to the van, taking a shortcut through yards and over houses, but just as he's about to land on the vehicle, he's grabbed by a mysterious figure in a robotic, winged costume and lifted into the skies. The Spider-suit, however, deploys its parachute, freeing Peter from the claws of the mechanical bird, and sending him hurtling down into a river. The only thing to save him from drowning in the parachute is an Iron Man suit piloted remotely by Stark who, while in India, tells Peter to stay low and act more like a 'friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man' instead of getting himself into trouble. Peter's disappointed, but he locates a piece of broken Chitauri tech that was accidentally left behind.
Toomes, meanwhile, returns to his warehouse angry that his men have opted not to stay under the radar. He fires one of his men for being such a loose cannon and the guy plans to blackmail him, but Toomes instead shoots him with one of the weapons, immediately distinegrating his former crony and handing his weapons off to the next guy down the line.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
12 What was the Green Goblin's secret identity in the first "Spider-Man" movie?
Answer: Norman Osborn

The Green Goblin was the main villain in "Spider-Man" and had the secret identity of Norman Osborn. Peter was Spider-Man. Harry was Norman's son. The Goblin got his power from a chemical formula in Oscorp. This formula enhanced his strength, but also made him evil.
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
13 What is the acronym attributed to Tony Stark's high-tech glasses?
Answer: E.D.I.T.H.

Riding the bus through Austria, Peter tries Stark's glasses on for the first time and, reading a note, boots up E.D.I.T.H., Tony Stark's augmented reality security and defence system. E.D.I.T.H., which stands for 'Even Dead I'm The Hero', has access to the Stark global security network. Its capabilities are immediately apparent as he can read his classmates' text messages. An unfortunate misunderstanding and a compromising photo lead Parker to accidentally misuse E.D.I.T.H.'s capabilities to nearly kill one of his classmates. Fortunately, he's able to solve the issue with some creative thinking.

Arriving in Prague, the class checks into their five-star hotel and Peter is quickly distracted. Fury, Hill, and Beck, already set up in a new base in the city, brief a frustrated Parker on the situation at hand and prepare for the Elemental's appearance.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Far From Home
14 From what science fiction movie franchise did Ned want Peter to help him build a Lego model set?
Answer: Star Wars

It had 3,803 pieces. Ned was Peter's best friend in the movie. He wanted Peter to help him build the Death Star, but he instead said he had to go to his Stark Internship.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
15 "Who first published the name Doctor Octopus in the Movie 'Spider-Man 2'?
Answer: J. Jonah Jameson

Jameson was trying to get a name for the new villain Doctor Octavius. His assistant came up with it once, then Jameson took the glory and published it in the paper. Apparently Doc Oc accepted the name in the movie, and so did Spider-Man.
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
16 Who is responsible for killing Aunt May?
Answer: The Green Goblin

Peter and Osborn get to work using the Stark Technology items waiting in Happy's condo and they start with Dr. Octavius' condition, altering the control chip that allows his tentacles to control him. If they can reverse it and enhance his brain power, they can bring him back to his capable self. They help Electro next, allowing him to have his electric powers siphoned from his body in a healthier way. Before Osborn can be saved next, his darker side takes over once again, right at the worst moment, and the Green Goblin returns to wreak havoc. Osborn convinces Dillon to remove his siphon and a battle ensues. While the others escape, May grabs the serum being made to fix Osborn and flees down the stairwell of the apartment. She ends up coming across Peter and Norman when they reach the ground floor (crashing through the ceiling), and she injects the Goblin with one of the vials. It doesn't seem to work, however, and when Osborn knocks her into the rubble with his glider and tosses a few pumpkins into the apartment on his way out, it's enough to incapacitate both her and Peter as he makes his escape.

Though Peter is able to bat away one of the explosives, it's all a bit too much. Peter is able to withstand the immense pain of the fight, but May, reminding him that he did the right thing, succumbs to her wounds. Before she dies, she tells him that "with great power, there must also come great responsibility". Peter stays with her until she passes and then flees into the night to avoid being taken into custody by the police.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: No Way Home
17 What name does Peter give to the AI in his Spider-suit?
Answer: Karen

Peter heads out of Washington D.C. to find that his tracker leads him to an abandoned gas station and his new suit system alerts him to the fact that there's a heist about to occur. While Toomes' men wait in a nearby truck, Toomes himself swoops in and uses Chitauri tech to enter through the roof of one of the vehicles in a weapons convoy. Spider-Man intercepts him, but their fight causes him to get trapped inside the truck, knocking him out when he tries to jump and hits his head on the roof. He only wakes up when the shipping container arrives at the Department of Damage Control's deep storage vault, one of the most secure facilities on the eastern seaboard. Peter, realizing that he has quite a bit of time before the doors will be opened, spends time on a 'refresher course' for his outfit and names the voice in his suit (he goes with Karen). Time barely goes by in the vault, and when he searches through the Chitauri weapons, Karen informs him that the weapons' power cores are actually explosive; the item in Ned's possession, when exposed to radiation, could be considered a powerful grenade.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
18 What type of business was being robbed by people dressed as the Avengers when Spider-Man tried to stop them?
Answer: A bank

Peter saw the men breaking into the ATM in the lobby and snuck in behind them. He joked with them about how they didn't look like the Avengers, and also said it was nice to finally meet Thor and The Hulk (who weren't in the scenes he had been in during Spidey's debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

The robbery failed, but the bank and his friend's deli across the street were destroyed by alien technology the robbers were using.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
19 In "Spider-Man2", what did Doc Oc need from Harry to manufacture his device that made a sun-like object?
Answer: Tritium

This device had a strong gravitational pull. Harry exchanged the Tritium for Spider-Man. Spider-Man fought Doc Oc in an epic train battle and Doc Oc broke the train rail. Spider-Man stopped the train but he was so exhausted from that, he couldn't defeat Doc Oc. Doc Oc brought him to Harry in exchange for the tritium. Harry hoped to kill Spider-Man, but when he found that Spidey was his best friend, he was too shocked to kill him.
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
20 How many alternate universe versions of Peter do Ned and MJ manage to locate?
Answer: Two

Ned and MJ, hearing the news of May's passing, contemplate opening the Macchina di Kadavus and letting things play out. When they remember that Peter passed Ned the Sling Ring, however, they use its magic to try to find Peter. What they end up doing, however, is opening a portal to a different Peter Parker altogether, pulling a different Spider-Man, one who's shocked by the turn of events, into Ned's dining room.

To solve their problem they try the portal again, opening another to find their Peter. This time, they pull a completely different Spider-Man in. Both Peters admit they felt, at least since they arrived in this new universe, that someone needed their help. They agree that they need to find the Peter that Ned and MJ are looking for. It's just that no one knows where he is.

Based on one of the Peters' suggestion, the group finds Peter atop one of his favourite spots, the roof of his school. There, the trio reunite and Peter is introduced to his counterparts. MJ and Ned's Peter apologizes to the others for what he did to them, but they both understand what he did and why, and they sympathize with his loss. When they come to the same conclusion-- that they need to work together-- they move forward.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: No Way Home
21 What happened to the first Shocker?
Answer: Toomes killed him.

He was a younger member of Toomes' crew who was in charge of selling the alien weapons they were building. He wore one of the devices, and yellow sleeves and called himself the Shocker. After a fight with Toomes, he was killed. Toomes then picked up the weapon, tossed it to another guy in the crew and told him he was now the Shocker.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
22 In the first "Spider-Man", which level of school was Peter Parker in when he got bitten by the genetically altered spider?
Answer: High school

Peter first used his powers to fight Bonesaw for money. After his uncle died, however, he learned that with great power came great responsibility. Peter then became Spider-Man. Soon after Peter was bitten, he went to college.
    Your options: [ College (Bachelor) ] [ Middle school ] [ College (Master) ] [ High school ]
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
23 The Peters decide to hold their last stand against their enemies at which New York City monument?
Answer: The Statue of Liberty

Eventually discovering their true origins, the group denotes MJ and Ned's Peter as Peter-One, the Peter from Osborn and Octavius' world as Peter-Two, and the Peter from Electro and Lizard's world as Peter-Three. They all head into the science labs at Midtown to recommence finding the cures that Peter was working on in Happy's apartment. While Peter-One repairs the devices he made for Lizard and Sandman, Peter-Three takes the device meant for Electro and Peter-Two starts making the serum for the Goblin. Their only course of action is to cure all of them.

The Peters send their message off to 'The Daily Bugle', appearing on-air to inform the villains, who they know are watching, that they're waiting on the Statue of Liberty. The trio banter and share stories about themselves from their respective worlds while they wait, but eventually the incoming foes trigger their Spidey-Senses and the battle begins.

Peter-One tosses the Macchina di Kadavus to MJ and Ned in a portal while the two try to figure out how to shut the wormhole, and in the meantime the all three of the Peters try to defend themselves. It doesn't work all too well though, as all three are so used to fighting foes solo. As soon as they can regroup, Peter-One, who was the only one to be an Avenger, takes the lead and they opt to go for their enemies one at a time, administering the cures to neutralize them.

Their first order of business is Sandman. As the other foes are distracted, the Peters maneuver Flint Markos' cure to the head of the statue where Peter-Two is able to activate it and revert him back to normal. It's during this time that Electro, more powerful than ever, takes the Peters' attention and Lizard, only temporarily tied up, manages to find his way into the wormhole created by Ned and MJ. And with that, Peter-One splits off to help them.
    Your options: [ The Empire State Building ] [ The Statue of Liberty ] [ The Chrysler Building ] [ Grand Central Station ]
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: No Way Home
24 What did Spider-Man name the artificial intelligence in his suit?
Answer: Karen

His first thought was to name it Liz, then he decided that it was weird since he had a crush on a girl named Liz. Then he asked if she was ok being called Karen and she agreed. They bonded over about 37 minutes while Peter was locked in a vault. Then he decided that he needed to break out of the vault instead of waiting until morning to escape.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
25 How did Octavius lose his wife in the movie "Spider-Man 2"?
Answer: She was killed by glass shards from his sun experiment.

The gravitational force of Octavius' initial tritium demonstration pulled some fast flying glass shards at her. Octavius' metal arms were fused to him and the control chip was destroyed, creating Doc Oc.
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
26 Where are MJ and the rest of Peter's class when Beck attacks them in London?
Answer: The Tower Bridge

Peter manages to survive the train and stows away inside before passing out. He wakes up in a holding cell in the Netherlands and breaks out with minimal effort. He has to get to London, after all. He borrows a phone off a Dutch food-seller and phones Happy asking for a way out of (what turns out to be) the town of Broek Op Langedijk. When Happy arrives, he's able to prove he is who he appears to be. The two of them commiserate, but there's little time to waste.

Peter's class arrives in London and boards a double-decker bus bound for the Tower Bridge as Fury and Hill set up camp in the city. Beck arrives at their signal to perform a perimeter sweep but the truth is that he's not there; he's near the Thames orchestrating his plan, an Avengers-level threat, an amalgamation of the four Elementals. Beck warns Fury to leave, but Fury, who received a coded message from Happy en route, stands his ground.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Far From Home
27 Peter discovers that Toomes is whose father?
Answer: Liz's

Peter, no longer obligated to be a hero, returns to his studies at school and resumes his life. Walking through the halls at school, he apologizes to Liz about the decathlon and asks her to go to homecoming with him; she accepts after he admits his crush to her. When May drops Peter off at Liz's house, he rings the doorbell and her father opens the door. To Peter's shock, however, Liz's dad is none other than Adrian Toomes. Toomes is amicable, at least from the outset, and it's all very upsetting for Peter, especially since he's heading out of town and chauffeuring them to the homecoming on the way. During the drive, Toomes confirms that Peter himself is Spider-Man. They arrive at the school and before Peter gets out of the car, Toomes warns him never to interfere with his business ever again or he'll kill him.
Peter heads into the homecoming dance and approaches Liz and his friends despite the thoughts in his head. He goes to Liz immediately and tells her that he needs to leave, immediately racing down the halls, grabbing his old, hidden costume, and leaving out the back of the school. Unfortunately, that's where Toomes' henchman is waiting, and Peter is only able to win the fight with Ned's help. Teaming up Peter heads off, hijacks a fellow student's expensive car, and drives off while ned tracks his phone, cleverly left in the back seat of Toomes' vehicle.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
28 Peter Parker makes it back to New York City, but who reveals his identity to the world upon his return?
Answer: J. Jonah Jameson

Peter descends into the manufactured Maelstrom and begins taking down E.D.I.T.H.'s drones from within while Maria Hill ascends to the top of the shard with a massive weapon in tow. Beck looks into the droneworks to find Peter breaking things down and has no choice but to get his hands dirty. He temporarily brings Peter down and decides to cut the light-show to reveal the drones. Happy lands the Stark Jet to collect MJ and the others but Beck, spotting it landing near Potter's Field Park, blasts it to bits. He decides to chase after the kids (and into the vault containing the Crown Jewels) while sending the drones after Spider-Man.

It takes a colossal amount of effort, especially after he loses his webslinging devices, but Peter reaches Beck's vantage point atop the bridge and fights him directly. Beck, loaded with contingencies, plunges Peter into a drone-fuelled holographic vision, but Peter is able to use his senses and intuition to fight back through the fakery. Beck, unhinged, orders E.D.I.T.H.'s drones to attack, even with him in close proximity, and he accidentally gets himself shot by the machines. Peter approaches and asks for the glasses, fully knowing that it's yet another illusion. When he reaches out to the side, he's able to prevent Beck from putting a bullet in his head. He takes back the glasses, logs back into E.D.I.T.H., and cancels the drones. Beck dies, but not before warning Peter that people need to believe...and they'll believe anything.

From a warehouse, one of Beck's associates absconds with the data for the Elementals.

Peter and MJ reunite on the Tower Bridge and she reveals that Happy gave her the necklace...but it broke in the rush away from the danger. He apologizes for not being able to go through with his plan, but it doesn't matter; the two of them share a few kisses on the bridge before splitting off to deal with what happened. They head back to New York together, flying back to Newark. Peter wonders if anyone else figured out the truth and MJ reassures him that his cover hasn't been blown. Once they start dating, however, things might change.

After taking MJ on a web-slinging tour of New York City, he spots himself on the news on the screen at Madison Square Gardens. Doctored footage provided from E.D.I.T.H.'s drones made its way to and J. Jonah Jameson has the scoop. Oh yeah, and Spider-Man's real name is Peter Parker.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Far From Home
29 After battling overtop of New York City, Peter and Toomes fight one last battle at which New York City landmark?
Answer: Coney Island

Peter and Ned are able to deduce, from Toomes' whereabouts and Happy's video call, that Toomes plans to take off from a warehouse in Brooklyn to intercept the final removal of high-tech goods from the Avenger's HQ in Stark Tower. When Peter gets to Toomes' warehouse, Toomes tries to reason with the boy, claiming that he's doing no different from Tony Stark, manufacturing weapons to get by in the world. The talk gives Toomes the opportunity to remotely fly his wing suit and destroy the building's support pillars, bringing the structure down on Spider-Man. Peter is barely able to get out of the rubble and pursue Toomes, web-slinging at the last moment to attach himself to Toomes' suit and fly up into the air. Both of them are able to infiltrate the aircraft, but their fight along its outer sides leads them to destroy several of its turbines, turning the massive jet and all of its contents back towards New York City. Peter struggles with all his might and redirects the plane to Coney Island's beachfront while Toomes fights to avoid leaving empty-handed, but they crash anyways, landing in front of the boardwalk. Toomes, enraged by Peter's actions, fights with him in the sand but it's apparent that his vulture costume is beginning to malfunction. Peter is subdued and Toomes, distracted by a crate of weapons, flies over to get it. Peter notices that the wings are about to explode, however, and when the suit is finally grounded, he rushes in and carries Toomes out of the wreckage.
Happy arrives with the authorities to find Toomes webbed to one of the crates, unable to move. He's subsequently incarcerated. Liz, forced to move to Oregon on account of her father's arrest, says her goodbyes to Peter. With Liz gone, Michelle, who goes by MJ, is appointed decathlon team captain.
Happy texts Peter who meets him in the school bathroom and picks him up to drive to the Avengers compound upstate. There, Tony apologizes for taking his suit, but the tough love must've helped. He gives back the suit and tells him that he has a spot on the Avengers, but Peter refuses the offer to join the others on the compound. He'd rather stay a friendly, neighbourhood Spider-Man.
Tony sends the suit to Peter's apartment anyways, and he puts it on again. As he stands in front of the mirror wearing his new and improved outfit, he doesn't realize that May is behind him and now knows his identity.
    Your options: [ Central Park ] [ Liberty Island ] [ Flushing Meadows ] [ Coney Island ]
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
30 What famous vessel was destroyed during one of the fight scenes?
Answer: Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry was used as an actual filming location for the movie. Most movies that used the boat just recreated it with CGI by the time this movie was made.

The boat was modified with CGI though to add in vehicles, which hadn't been allowed on the boat since mid 1990s. The ship was used as a filming location, but also recreated as a practical set so that it could be destroyed during the fight scene with the Vulture.
  From Quiz: Spider-Man: Homecoming
31 What did Spider-Man lose in "Spider-Man 2"?
Answer: All of these

When Peter was losing Mary Jane's love, he began to lose his web slinging ability followed by the other abilities, until he lost them all. When Mary Jane was captured by Doc Oc, he regained his powers.
    Your options: [ Web slinging ability ] [ Wall crawling ability ] [ Super strength ] [ All of these ]
  From Quiz: The First Two "Spider-Man" Movies
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