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Quiz about SpiderMan No Way Home
Quiz about SpiderMan No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trivia Quiz

In this twenty-seventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peter Parker contends with a newfound infamy and his attempt to fix his mistakes only cause more problems for not only himself, but the entire Multiverse. Good luck!

A multiple-choice quiz by kyleisalive. Estimated time: 4 mins.
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4 mins
Multiple Choice
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Jun 25 22
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Question 1 of 10
1. Following the revelation of Spider-Man's identity, Peter Parker receives legal counsel from whom? Hint

Question 2 of 10
2. The Runes of Kof-Kol is a spell that Doctor Strange claims will affect which of these? Hint

Question 3 of 10
3. In an effort to help his friends get into MIT, Peter speaks to the admissions officer in person. It's then that he's attacked by what foe? Hint

Question 4 of 10
4. Who of these typical Spider-Man foes does Peter not encounter as he cleans up his Multiverse mess? Hint

Question 5 of 10
5. When Peter and Doctor Strange fight in the Mirror Dimension, who returns with the Macchina di Kadavus?

Question 6 of 10
6. Who is responsible for killing Aunt May? Hint

Question 7 of 10
7. How many alternate universe versions of Peter do Ned and MJ manage to locate?

Answer: (A Number)
Question 8 of 10
8. The Peters decide to hold their last stand against their enemies at which New York City monument? Hint

Question 9 of 10
9. Do all of the cures created by the Peters manage to work successfully, reverting their enemies back to normal?

Question 10 of 10
10. The only way that Peter Parker can save the Multiverse from invading his world is by doing which of the following? Hint

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Following the revelation of Spider-Man's identity, Peter Parker receives legal counsel from whom?

Answer: Matt Murdock

After Peter Parker's trip to Europe, the world was shaken by the news released to the 'Daily Bugle' by Parker's one-time foe Quentin Beck, providing out-of-context footage that Spider-Man put lives at risk in stopping Mysterio's attacks in London. It takes mere seconds, following the revelation, for the city of New York to start harassing Peter as they now believe him to be 'Public Enemy #1'. He holes up in his apartment, but it doesn't stop the public-- and then the Feds-- from stepping in. It doesn't help that Peter, who believes Nick Fury to have been present for the entirety of his trip, isn't aware that Fury has actually been off the planet for a year.

Ultimately, Peter, Aunt May, and the others are able to enlist the help of New York attorney Matt Murdock who is able to ensure the charges against Parker are dropped. However, since Stark's drone technology was utilized in the attacks in Europe, Happy is likely to be under the microscope by association. Murdock advises him to get a good lawyer and he advises Peter and May to find a safer place to live. They move into Happy's for the time being.
2. The Runes of Kof-Kol is a spell that Doctor Strange claims will affect which of these?

Answer: Memory

Though Peter and his friends try to make the most of their unfortunate situation, Peter's fame... and infamy... get in the way almost immediately. Peter, MJ, and Ned all look forward to college admissions, at least as a fresh start, but when they start to receive letters, they realize that they have no chance; their reputations and the controversies around them force their rejections, even from their backup schools. MJ and Ned remind Peter that they wouldn't change a thing, but it's clear that they're disappointed.

It's because of this that Peter visits the New York Sanctum to speak to Doctor Strange, entering the building to find that, on technicality, Strange is not the Sorcerer Supreme (Wong is, because Doctor Strange was blipped for five years). Nonetheless, Peter asks Strange if there's anything that can be done, maybe to turn back time to make it so that Mysterio never gave away his identity. Strange says that he no longer has the Time Stone, but he has an idea involving the Runes of Kof-Kol, which can affect peoples' memories.

When Peter and Strange descend into the caverns beneath the Sanctum, Strange begins the spell and wishes Peter goodbye-- after all, no one will remember that he's Spider-Man, not even him. Peter, realizing the severity of the ask, starts to have immediate regrets and asks Strange to change the spell, mid-cast, several times. It nearly results in a cataclysmic backfire and Strange is forced to seal the spell away to prevent it destroying the world.

But it does give Peter the easy idea of just asking MIT directly and pleading his, MJ, and Ned's cases.
3. In an effort to help his friends get into MIT, Peter speaks to the admissions officer in person. It's then that he's attacked by what foe?

Answer: Dr. Otto Octavius

Peter, using the technology at his disposal, locates the director of MIT as she's leaving a luncheon in New York City, pursuing her as her vehicle takes her across a traffic-filled bridge. He pleads his case, but his Spidey-Sense alerts him to something coming along the roadway, destroying cars as it approaches. Though he doesn't know it yet, it's the approach of Dr. Otto Octavius, there to reclaim the power of the sun that he believes Peter took from him. The encounter leads to an all-out brawl that nearly catches Peter off-guard. Fortunately, when Octavius detaches part of Peter's suit, it unleashes some of the nanotechnology from within, allowing Peter to take over his foe's octopus arms. It allows Peter to subdue his new enemy and keep him from causing anymore harm. The encounter is enough to convince the MIT admissions officer to reconsider him and has friends, but there's little time to celebrate as Norman Osborn swoops in, blowing up part of the bridge from above.

... but that dematerializes as Peter is transported back into the caves beneath the New York Sanctum. Dr. Strange brings Peter back to relative safety, but demonstrates that there are consequences to his actions. When Peter asked for the Runes of Kof-Fol to be manipulated, the resulting problem sucked all of the people who knew Peter Parker's identity-- from any universe-- into their own before Strange could seal the problematic casting away. He tells Peter to collect any other loose ends he can find and bring them back to the Sanctum. In the meantime, Strange will figure out how to send them back to their proper universes. They have Octavius, but there is, at the very least, the Green Goblin to find. Peter asks and gets Strange to allow MJ and Ned to help him with the request.
4. Who of these typical Spider-Man foes does Peter not encounter as he cleans up his Multiverse mess?

Answer: The Hobgoblin

Ned, MJ, and Peter discover reports of villainous behaviour across the city and Peter prepares to hunt him down. Dr. Octavius, however, indicates that Norman Osborn died years ago, so either they saw someone else or they're running down a ghost.

What Peter finds out in the woods beyond New York isn't Osborn though; it's two other villains-- none other than Max Dillon, known as Electro, and Flint Marko, known as Sandman, from their respective universes. Fortunately, Flint recognizes Spider-Man, though not this Peter Parker, and he helps subdue Dillon long enough for Peter to speak to him. Both end up teleported into the Sanctum using a device Strange bestows upon Parker, but it leads to another odd discovery, chiefly that many of these evil-doers know each other quite well, having come from the same timelines.

In an alley in the city, Norman Osborn tries to separate himself from the evil personality within. He smashes his Green Goblin mask before running off. Peter finds him when Aunt May calls, indicating one of his villains has appeared at the homeless shelter, and it's there that Parker discovers Osborn's concern and confusion. He has, after all, come to a world in which OsCorp and his son don't exist. May suggests that perhaps all of these villains need help. Peter says that the best thing he can do is send them home, but May reasons that if they go home, they'll be back in their old problems. May drives Peter and Norman off to the Sanctum and drops them off without any need for Peter to teleport his quarry.
5. When Peter and Doctor Strange fight in the Mirror Dimension, who returns with the Macchina di Kadavus?

Answer: Peter Parker

When Osborn and Octavius reunite in the basement of the Sanctum, a new development starts to emerge. As Octavius and Marko indicate that Osborn died when he was impaled by his own glider, everyone comes to discover that they all faced off against Spider-Man in their own worlds only to be snatched away in their final moments. All of them should have died, but instead they were pulled into this version of New York City.

Doctor Strange returns, this time with the Macchina di Kadavus in his hands, having trapped Peter's spell away safely there. His goal is to reverse the spell and send the villains back to their own universes. Peter, however, realizes that if they're sent back then they're all going to die. He snags the box and attempts to flee out into New York City, but Strange uses his powers to bring Peter into the Mirror Dimension and reclaim it. Strange informs Parker of the reality of the situation: if they reopen the spell, an infinite number of people who know Peter's identity will tumble into their world. Peter refuses to let him send the others back, however, and using his math skills he's able to trap Strange in the Mirror Dimension, at least temporarily, to get home with the box.

Peter gives MJ the Macchina di Kadavus and he gives Ned Doctor Strange's Sling Ring, taken from his hand when he was left in the Mirror Dimension. While they head out, Peter lets the captives leave the cells of the Sanctum. They head to Happy's apartment, meeting up with Aunt May, and start getting to work solving their problems.
6. Who is responsible for killing Aunt May?

Answer: The Green Goblin

Peter and Osborn get to work using the Stark Technology items waiting in Happy's condo and they start with Dr. Octavius' condition, altering the control chip that allows his tentacles to control him. If they can reverse it and enhance his brain power, they can bring him back to his capable self. They help Electro next, allowing him to have his electric powers siphoned from his body in a healthier way. Before Osborn can be saved next, his darker side takes over once again, right at the worst moment, and the Green Goblin returns to wreak havoc. Osborn convinces Dillon to remove his siphon and a battle ensues. While the others escape, May grabs the serum being made to fix Osborn and flees down the stairwell of the apartment. She ends up coming across Peter and Norman when they reach the ground floor (crashing through the ceiling), and she injects the Goblin with one of the vials. It doesn't seem to work, however, and when Osborn knocks her into the rubble with his glider and tosses a few pumpkins into the apartment on his way out, it's enough to incapacitate both her and Peter as he makes his escape.

Though Peter is able to bat away one of the explosives, it's all a bit too much. Peter is able to withstand the immense pain of the fight, but May, reminding him that he did the right thing, succumbs to her wounds. Before she dies, she tells him that "with great power, there must also come great responsibility". Peter stays with her until she passes and then flees into the night to avoid being taken into custody by the police.
7. How many alternate universe versions of Peter do Ned and MJ manage to locate?

Answer: Two

Ned and MJ, hearing the news of May's passing, contemplate opening the Macchina di Kadavus and letting things play out. When they remember that Peter passed Ned the Sling Ring, however, they use its magic to try to find Peter. What they end up doing, however, is opening a portal to a different Peter Parker altogether, pulling a different Spider-Man, one who's shocked by the turn of events, into Ned's dining room.

To solve their problem they try the portal again, opening another to find their Peter. This time, they pull a completely different Spider-Man in. Both Peters admit they felt, at least since they arrived in this new universe, that someone needed their help. They agree that they need to find the Peter that Ned and MJ are looking for. It's just that no one knows where he is.

Based on one of the Peters' suggestion, the group finds Peter atop one of his favourite spots, the roof of his school. There, the trio reunite and Peter is introduced to his counterparts. MJ and Ned's Peter apologizes to the others for what he did to them, but they both understand what he did and why, and they sympathize with his loss. When they come to the same conclusion-- that they need to work together-- they move forward.
8. The Peters decide to hold their last stand against their enemies at which New York City monument?

Answer: The Statue of Liberty

Eventually discovering their true origins, the group denotes MJ and Ned's Peter as Peter-One, the Peter from Osborn and Octavius' world as Peter-Two, and the Peter from Electro and Lizard's world as Peter-Three. They all head into the science labs at Midtown to recommence finding the cures that Peter was working on in Happy's apartment. While Peter-One repairs the devices he made for Lizard and Sandman, Peter-Three takes the device meant for Electro and Peter-Two starts making the serum for the Goblin. Their only course of action is to cure all of them.

The Peters send their message off to 'The Daily Bugle', appearing on-air to inform the villains, who they know are watching, that they're waiting on the Statue of Liberty. The trio banter and share stories about themselves from their respective worlds while they wait, but eventually the incoming foes trigger their Spidey-Senses and the battle begins.

Peter-One tosses the Macchina di Kadavus to MJ and Ned in a portal while the two try to figure out how to shut the wormhole, and in the meantime the all three of the Peters try to defend themselves. It doesn't work all too well though, as all three are so used to fighting foes solo. As soon as they can regroup, Peter-One, who was the only one to be an Avenger, takes the lead and they opt to go for their enemies one at a time, administering the cures to neutralize them.

Their first order of business is Sandman. As the other foes are distracted, the Peters maneuver Flint Markos' cure to the head of the statue where Peter-Two is able to activate it and revert him back to normal. It's during this time that Electro, more powerful than ever, takes the Peters' attention and Lizard, only temporarily tied up, manages to find his way into the wormhole created by Ned and MJ. And with that, Peter-One splits off to help them.
9. Do all of the cures created by the Peters manage to work successfully, reverting their enemies back to normal?

Answer: Yes

While Peter-One pursues Curt Connors back out the portal, Peters Two and Three continue to struggle in their fight against Electro and are shocked when an unexpected ally arrives to help. Dr. Octavius, now in control of his limbs, rises from behind Dillon and removes his arc reactor, placing the neutralizer into his chest and rendering him inert.

The Lizard chase continues on the scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty until Ned opens a portal that sends a stream of water into the path behind them, foiling Connors' pursuit enough for MJ to grab his cure, toss it to Peter-One, and revert Connors back to his human form.

Ned tries to make another portal and this time, Doctor Strange appears on the other side, finally in a spot where he can return. He reclaims the Macchina di Kadavus and the Sling Ring but, when he finds that Peter's plan to cure the villains is working, he lets things play out. Soon, with everyone either cured or reunited, he takes his opportunity to chastise Peter and start the process of making things right...

... but that's when the Green Goblin makes his return, peppering the Statue of Liberty with explosives. When one gets lodged into the Macchina di Kadavus, it explodes, letting the memory spell free and forcing Strange to divert his power to restraining it. It opens cracks in space and time that he has no choice but to reseal, and it's because of this that chaos ensues.

While Strange is occupied, Peter-One leaps off the statue to save a falling MJ, but he's knocked aside by the Goblin's glider. She's saved instead by Peter-Three. Though he wasn't able to save Gwen Stacy in his own universe, he was able to save MJ here. Ned, meanwhile, is saved by Strange's Cloak of Levitation while Peter-One, eventually, brings down Osborn's glider using one of his own explosives. Fuelled with rage at the loss of his Aunt May, Peter-One fist-fights with Goblin until Peter-Two is able to stand in the way, stopping him from using the glider to impale Osborn. What this means, however, is that Osborn is able to stab his Peter in the back while it's turned.
10. The only way that Peter Parker can save the Multiverse from invading his world is by doing which of the following?

Answer: Letting everyone forget his identity

While Osborn deals the blow against Peter-Two, he rubs it in that Peter was the one who got Aunt May killed, getting her too involved in fighting evil and putting her in harm's way. Peter-One doesn't let it get to him though. When Peter-Three tosses him the serum, Peter-One stabs him with it and Osborn loses the Goblin almost immediately. Fortunately, Peter-Two isn't killed by the wound, though he is, at the very least, incapacitated. While he lays on his back looking at the sky, he comments that there are people in the holes in space.

Peter-One heads up to the top of the Statue of Liberty to find Strange losing the battle against all who know Peter Parker, attempting to cross over into their world in pursuit of him. Peter offers up the only solution; everyone has to forget him; Strange needs to cast the right spell to put an end to the problem that Parker caused. Strange tells him to say his goodbyes as he doesn't have long.

Peter returns to the other Peters and they share in their group hug before parting ways. He makes his way back to MJ and Ned as well, checking to ensure they're safe, but letting them know that things are going to change. They're going to forget who he is, and they won't know it, but he's going to find them and explain everything and fix it all. Ned makes him promise and he has no choice but to trust in his word. They insist-- he has to come back or they'll figure it out. They all concur-- they hate magic.

Strange casts the spell and everyone vanishes, returning to their original universes for better or for worse and allowing the rifts to be sealed. As Peter departs, he looks back one last time and vanishes from everyone's memories. Sure enough, within moments, the world doesn't know who Peter Parker is. He never existed.

Weeks later, Peter returns to the coffee shop where MJ works and attempts to reintroduce himself. He stops himself short though, letting her go about her day, and her life, without telling the truth.

That day he visits his Aunt May's grave and comes across Happy who, like the others, doesn't know who he his or was. Parker takes a new apartment in the city and moves in with his meagre belongings. There, he makes himself a new Spider-Suit and, unable to return to school, begins studying for his GED. Listening to the police scanner, he heads into the snowy city to fight crime.
Source: Author kyleisalive

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