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220 Saw Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Saw? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Saw (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What medical condition does Jigsaw have?
Answer: Brain cancer

John was first diagnosed in 2004 with cancer. As the years passed, John was told the cancer was now terminal and that he had only months to live. John was also told there was no cure or other treatment available.
  From Quiz: Saw X
2 The main "game" of the movie involves five people starting in a room with metal buckets on their heads and metal collars around their necks. What must they do to escape the room?
Answer: Cut themselves on circular saws

"Jigsaw" was the eighth installment of the "Saw" series. The filming began in November of 2016 and the film was released on October 27, 2017. It grossed $103 million worldwide despite negative reviews.

Four of the "players" of the game are able to cut themselves before the chains attached to their collars pull them into the saws, but the fifth person, a man, is not able to wake up in time and is pulled into the saws by his chain.
  From Quiz: Why, Jigsaw, Why?? ("Jigsaw" 2017)
3 The final accomplice to John Kramer is revealed in this film. Who plays this accomplice?
Answer: Cary Elwes

Cary Elwes plays Dr Lawrence Gordon, who became John's accomplice and most trusted ally after sawing off his own foot in the first "Saw" film and surviving. He then helps John with any medical procedures which need carrying out for certain traps, including planting the key behind Michael's eye in "Saw 2" and sewing up the mouth and eyes of Art Blank and Trevor, respectively, in "Saw 4". Shawnee Smith plays Amanda, John's first accomplice. They are later joined by Detective Hoffman who is played by Costas Mandylor. Hoffman had killed his sister's murderer and made it look like a Jigsaw trap. John takes him on board to help him see the point of his work - to make people appreciate their lives, not just to kill them. Scott Patterson plays Agent Peter Strahm, who is believed to be helping John after Detective Mark Hoffman tries to frame him.
  From Quiz: "Saw VII" - The Final Chapter
4 Which company does William Easton work for?
Answer: Umbrella Health

Umbrella Health is a company which provides medical insurance. William's team look through peoples' claims for insurance, and try to detect errors within them. We see him do exactly this when speaking to one client, as William tells the client he is being denied cover for his heart disease due to him not mentioning on his application that 30 years ago he had oral surgery. As William explains oral surgery can lead to gum disease, which can in turn lead to heart disease.
We find out later that this is the reason William is being tested; for unfairly denying people insurance when they desperately need it, have paid all their premiums and are entitled to cover.
    Your options: [ Umbrella Health ] [ Umbrella Insurance ] [ Umbrella Corporation ] [ Umbrella Dilemmas ]
  From Quiz: "Saw VI" - The Game Comes Full Circle
5 What does Seth have to do to himself for his test?
Answer: Crush his hands

Seth Baxter, who we later find out is the boyfriend and murderer of Hoffman's sister, follows the instructions on the tape recording to "...destroy the things he has used to kill...", i.e. his hands. He places them in the allotted slots, presses the buttons and crushes them. However, this does not stop the bladed pendulum swinging above him, which subsequently cuts him in half. We find out later that it was in fact Hoffman who created this trap, making it look like a Jigsaw trap. Hoffman makes the trap unwinnable, as he wants to seek revenge for his sister's death, and kill Seth, not just test him.
  From Quiz: "Saw V" - Will You Survive?
6 What object is found inside John's stomach?
Answer: Cassette tape

This tape is found during John's autopsy. The tape is for Lieutenant Mark Hoffman, and it tells him that he will be part of the next game.
  From Quiz: "Saw IV" - The Game Has Just Begun
7 What is the name of the trap Seth finds himself in at the beginning of "Saw V?"
Answer: Pendulum trap

Seth Baxter is put in a trap where a Pendulum has a titanium steel blade on it. He has but one minute, before it will cut him in half, to destroy his hands and free himself. He fails and he is cut in half.
  From Quiz: Saw V
8 Who directed "Saw IV"?
Answer: Darren Lynn Bousman

Darren Lynn Bousman not only directed "Saw IV", but he directed "Saw II" and "Saw III", as well. He also made uncredited cameo appearances in "Saw II" through "Saw IV". James Wan was the director of the original "Saw", but he has remained an executive producer since then. Leigh Whannell was the co-writer of all the "Saw" movies and also portrayed Adam Faulkner in the original "Saw". He made a few cameo appearances in "Saw III", as well. David Hackl has been with "Saw" since the beginning as their production designer but was the director of "Saw V".
  From Quiz: "Saw IV": "It's a Trap" - Part I
9 In "Saw", why was Mark pressed for time to complete his test?
Answer: He had a slow-acting poison in his veins.

Mark had to find the combination to the safe in front of him before the poison killed him. The safe contained the antidote. Mark faked sick many times to get out of work and that was why Jigsaw targeted him. Mark got burned, like he had burned others.
  From Quiz: "Saw" 1 and 2
10 Where is John told to go for treatment?
Answer: Mexico

John later goes to a cancer support meeting, where he finds out some people have been cured by a Norwegian specialist, Dr. Pederson. John is told about some experimental treatments to fight his terminal cancer. He is told the clinic is in Mexico and is run by Dr. Pederson's daughter, Cecilia, and her staff.
  From Quiz: Saw X
11 How does Mark Hoffman leave the car scrap yard?
Answer: In a body bag

Four people have been tested and killed at the car scrap yard. It turns out that this is where Hoffman has been hiding. He causes a big explosion, using it as a distraction for him to be able to remove one of the victim's body from a body bag, place this body in his hideout, then get inside the body bag himself. He subsequently gets transported to the police station. From there he has free access and manages to kill everybody there and go after Jill Tuck.
  From Quiz: "Saw VII" - The Final Chapter
12 The first trap we see involves two people with metal contraptions on their head. Why have they been chosen by Jigsaw?
Answer: They run an unfair loan company.

Simone, the woman from this first trap, is played by Tanedra Howard, who won her role by taking part in and winning the VH1 reality television show "Scream Queens". A second series of this show was commissioned to fill a part in "Saw: The Final Chapter".
Simone and Eddie are being tested as they run a loan company, but have high repayment schemes and use repossession to make up the loan values, "ruining peoples' lives", as in most cases it is obvious the customer would not be able to pay the money back.
  From Quiz: "Saw VI" - The Game Comes Full Circle
13 When Strahm wakes up with his head in the clear perspex box, what happens to this box, in an attempt to kill him?
Answer: It fills with water.

As the box begins to fill with water Strahm desperately tries to look for a way out. He sees his gun and mobile phone on a table well out of reach. He finds a ballpoint pen in his pocket, and drives it into his throat, carrying out a tracheotomy on himself! This allows him to breathe through this hole until he is rescued. He later deduces that Hoffman set this up. No-one was meant to survive, except Hoffman and Corbett, Jeff and Lynne's daughter, who Hoffman "saves", making him look the hero rather than the killer he really is.
  From Quiz: "Saw V" - Will You Survive?
14 In the mausoleum we see two men with chains around their necks, connecting them both together. They both have had one different sensory function impeeded. What are they?
Answer: Sight and Speech

We see one man, who we later find out to be a lawyer named Art, with his mouth sewn up and the other with his eyes sewn up. This makes any communication between the two pretty much impossible. Art sees a key on the back of the other man's neck, and ends up killing him to gain this key to unlock his chain.
  From Quiz: "Saw IV" - The Game Has Just Begun
15 What does Agent Strahm decide to do, after playing the message from Jigsaw while locked in the sick room?
Answer: He ignores the message and enters the hallways.

Agent Strahm sees a door that's painted with glow in the dark paint on the wall. When he opens the door, he finds a tape recorder telling him not to enter the hallways. He then ignores the message, and enters.
  From Quiz: Saw V
16 What area did "Saw IV" start out in?
Answer: an autopsy room

The movie started out with an autopsy being done on John Kramer's body, by a couple of pathologists. Upon examination, they came across a cassette covered in wax inside of Kramer's stomach, a detail that made sense from events in "Saw III". The cassette contained a message that was recorded specifically for forensic investigator, Detective Mark Hoffman. The mausoleum area was the second scene in the film and the first trap of the movie, before the official start of "Saw IV"; the trap being suitably called the "Mausoleum Trap". The sewers were the third scene in the movie and the first scene after the "Saw IV" logo. There has never been a morgue scene in "Saw" through "Saw IV". A fact to note would be that Darren Lynn Bousman fought with the producers of "Saw IV" to have the wax-covered cassette be found in John Kramer's stomach instead of his intestines, which was what the producers wanted. Bousman won that battle, apparently.
  From Quiz: "Saw IV": "It's a Trap" - Part I
17 In "Saw", what did Zepp do at the hospital?
Answer: He was an orderly.

This was mentioned by Dr. Gordon. We saw a brief flashback to the hospital where Zepp talked about John (Jigsaw).
  From Quiz: "Saw" 1 and 2
18 When John arrives at the clinic by taxi he is greeted by whom?
Answer: Cecilia and her team

At the clinic, John meets Cecilia and her team, Mateo, Valentina, and Dr. Cortez. Also present is a young woman named Gabriela, who says she had been cured by Cecilia, and another patient, Parker Sears, who just had an operation for stage 4 thyroid cancer. Henry Kessler, Dr. Pederson, and Henry Kessler were at the support meeting where John attended.
  From Quiz: Saw X
19 The scenes of the game are interspersed with scenes depicting the police force finding and examining what appear to be the bodies of the game's victims. Where is the first victim found?
Answer: Hanging from a bridge

This was one of the scenes depicted in the trailer for the movie. A jogging woman runs under a bridge and sees bystanders staring up at it. When she turns to look, she sees the body and screams loudly. The police are then brought in to examine the body.
  From Quiz: Why, Jigsaw, Why?? ("Jigsaw" 2017)
20 In the bar, what drink does Bobby Degan have?
Answer: Pint of beer

We see this in a flashback scene; Bobby is drinking with Cale when they see on television that another Jigsaw victim has come forward, adding to a growing number of victims. Cale says if they weren't so messed up after their games, those people could make a fortune selling their stories. This is the start of the deception that is to come - Bobby pretends to have survived a trap in which he had to stab meat hooks through his pectoral muscles and pull himself up a chain to reach his freedom. This is of course a lie from which he can use to make money from his book, and find fame.
  From Quiz: "Saw VII" - The Final Chapter
21 At the service held in memory of the people who have died chasing Jigsaw, whose photograph do we NOT see?
Answer: All of these people are represented

Detective Tapp, who we see obsessing over the Jigsaw case in "Saw", survives having his throat cut by Jigsaw, but meets his death after being shot by Zep. We can only assume that, because Detective Tapp was dismissed from the force, his photo is not at the service, as all the others have died while still serving in the force.
    Your options: [ Detective Alison Kerry ] [ Detective Eric Mathews ] [ All of these people are represented ] [ Lieutenant Daniel Rigg ]
  From Quiz: "Saw V" - Will You Survive?
22 Which two characters are members of the FBI?
Answer: Strahm and Perez

Agent Strahm and Agent Perez are called in as Detective Kerry has gone missing. Kerry was working with the FBI on the Jigsaw case. Strahm says that Jigsaw must have had another accomplice, other than Amanda, because she would have needed help getting Kerry into the trap, as she weighed more and was bigger than Amanda. Hoffman suggests Jigsaw could have helped her, to which Strahm says this is not the case, as Jigsaw is terribly cancer ridden, he would have been too weak to help.
    Your options: [ Rigg and Hoffman ] [ Strahm and Hoffman ] [ Strahm and Perez ] [ Perez and Rigg ]
  From Quiz: "Saw IV" - The Game Has Just Begun
23 Five people wake up in a room with collars attached to their necks. What will happen if they do not retrieve a key in time?
Answer: They will be decapitated.

The five people wake up, and after a message from Jigsaw, realize they have but one minute to retrieve a key to their collars. However, if one of the people goes for a key, the timer will start for all of them. At the end of the timer, the collars will retract back and anyone left will be decapitated by mounted razors.
  From Quiz: Saw V
24 Who was the man with his mouth sewn up in the "Mausoleum trap"?
Answer: Art Blank

Art Blank played a significant role in "Saw IV". He was the corrupt lawyer of many guilty victims in the "Saw IV" traps, including Ivan Landsness (a rapist), Brenda (a pimp), and Rex (a domestic abuser). Eric Matthews, portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg (member of The New Kids on the Block), was the protagonist of "Saw II" and made a brief appearance in "Saw III". He also came back for "Saw IV", although it's almost certain he won't come back again as Eric Matthews, or for any other "Saw" movies, after the blunt end of Donnie's character in "IV". Judge Halden was the judge who sentenced Jeff Reinhart's (one of the protagonists of "Saw III") son's murderer for only six months in jail. He was killed after getting shot in the face accidentally, after Jeff Reinhart retrieved the key to "The Rack" trap - the key was tied to the trigger of a shotgun and it set off once the string tied to the key was released. Judge Halden was also the victim of the "Pig Vat Trap" in "Saw III" although he was saved by Jeff Reinhart. Trevor was just the secondary victim in the "Mausoleum Trap".
  From Quiz: "Saw IV": "It's a Trap" - Part I
25 In "Saw", who finally cut their foot off and which foot was it?
Answer: Dr. Gordon, right

Dr. Gordon's family's lives were at stake, and this was why he cut his foot off. His right leg was chained to a wall and if he didn't cut it off, he would be locked in the unknown prison forever. While he did this, his cellmate, Adam, watched in terror.
    Your options: [ Dr. Gordon, left ] [ Adam, left ] [ Adam, right ] [ Dr. Gordon, right ]
  From Quiz: "Saw" 1 and 2
26 Who is Jigsaw's apprentice?
Answer: Amanda Young

Amanda Young helps John carry out his plans, and by giving him the support he needs she hopes she can become the next Jigsaw. Amanda designs some of the games with John for the victims to escape from Jigsaw's games.

Amanda Young was a victim herself in the original 2004 film. She was the only survivor of Jigsaw. Amanda then returned as John's apprentice to Jigsaw.
  From Quiz: Saw X
27 Who captures Hoffman at the end of the film?
Answer: Doctor Lawrence Gordon

Dr Gordon is John's most trusted ally and was entrusted with carrying out John's final wish; to protect Jill. Dr Gordon is keeping a close eye on Hoffman, and has been told he knows what to do should any harm come to Jill. There are also two other people present and also wearing the pig's masks; it is not revealed in the actual film who these other two people are, opening up a lot of possibilities. From the DVD commentary track, the writers of the film tell us that these two additional figures in pig masks are the two guys from the start of the film, Brad and Ryan, who were in the trap with their cheating girlfriend. In the end, we see the final scene where Dr Gordon leaves Hoffman shackled up in the bathroom from the original film. The game really does come full circle.
  From Quiz: "Saw VII" - The Final Chapter
28 What liquid is being stored in the large yellow container, in the cell which Tara and Brent are being kept?
Answer: Hydrofluoric acid

The mother and son trapped in this cell are in fact the family of the man who died after being refused insurance by William, after failing to declare his oral surgery. Speaking about the acid, Brent informs his mother that "this stuff will eat through human flesh in seconds." The acid is in fact not connected to their cell, but to the cell in which William Easton ends up in. Tara battles with the decision of whether to kill him, and ends up not being able to do that. Her son, however, wanting to avenge his father's death, is very happy to pull the lever and kill William by pumping his body full of the acid.
    Your options: [ Hydrofluoric acid ] [ Boiling water ] [ Sulphuric acid ] [ Hydrochloric acid ]
  From Quiz: "Saw VI" - The Game Comes Full Circle
29 What is written on the note that Hoffman finds in his office?
Answer: "I know who you are"

At this point in time, it is still unknown who has written and left this note for Hoffman. We can only assume it is one of a number of people, including Amanda or even Jigsaw himself.
  From Quiz: "Saw V" - Will You Survive?
30 When Rigg is attacked in his home, he wakes up and finds a video tape playing. Othen than Jigsaw's puppet, who else do we see in this video?
Answer: Detective Matthews and Hoffman

The tape shows Rigg that Matthews is still alive (after six months) and we see him with a chain around his neck, hanging from the ceiling with a quickly melting block of ice beneath his feet. We also see Hoffman tied to a chair and we see that once the block of ice melts, the water will touch an electrical output near his chair, electrocuting him. Rigg is told he has 90 minutes to save them, as well as carry out other parts of his test.
  From Quiz: "Saw IV" - The Game Has Just Begun
31 In each room there are traps that will trigger and kill anyone that is left inside the room alive. What are the traps?
Answer: Exploding nail bomb jars

Nowhere in the movie is there exploding broken glass or exploding saw blades. There is a room where fire bombs go off, but in each room it is nail jar bombs that go off to make sure whoever is alive will be killed.
  From Quiz: Saw V
32 During the "Mausoleum Trap", what object did the muted man throw at the blinded man out of fright?
Answer: a hatchet

Since Trevor's eyes were sewn shut and Art's mouth was sewn up, both victims had a big disadvantage in the trap. Trevor began to panic as he heard murmuring from Art Blank but didn't get a response to his own screams for help. He scurried and searched the mausoleum floor and found a hatchet and threw it in front of him. The hatchet landed just inches away from Art Blank's head. This hatchet would become a key weapon for Blank later in the trap.

The goal of the "Mausoleum Trap" was that one, or perhaps both, of the victims would have to retrieve a key on the back of their metal collars but both would have a disadvantage as mentioned above. This was basically the first "Saw" trap that pitted two people against each other, although the trap could've easily been converted to a teamwork trap, if one of the victims had broken through their handicap.

One, long chain was connected to both of the victim's metal collars. The chain intersected through a steel rod in the center of a complex machine. Once the machine was activated (a tripwire would yank out an activation pin to the machine, once the chain was yanked hard enough), the rod inside the machine would begin to rotate, coiling the chain up. This would pull both victims closer and closer to the blunt, rusted machine by the collars. In time, the machine would kill them once they were drawn close enough, by breaking their necks.
  From Quiz: "Saw IV": "It's a Trap" - Part I
33 In "Saw 2", what was Laura doing when we first saw the house?
Answer: Pacing back and forth

She paced back and forth because she was scared. She was scared because she woke up in a room with complete strangers. I would be scared, too!
  From Quiz: "Saw" 1 and 2
34 When John wakes up after surgery, who tells him he has been cured of his cancer?
Answer: Cecilia

When John wakes up from the operation, Cecilia tells John he has been cured and is cancer-free.

The next day, on hearing the great news, he buys a present for Gabriela. Gabriela was the young lady who told John she had been cured by Cecilia. John goes to the clinic to give Gabriela the present, only to find it has been deserted and abandoned. John then knew he had been involved in a plan to scam him.
  From Quiz: Saw X
35 The four police workers on the case are Detective Halloran, Detective Hunt, and pathologists Logan and Eleanor. Which of them is revealed to have an obsession with Jigsaw?
Answer: Eleanor

Halloran and Hunt had found that Eleanor had often browsed a Jigsaw fan site. When Logan confronts her about this, she takes him to a studio where she has constructed a multitude of replicas of Jigsaw traps. Hunt manages to follow them, witnesses the two together in the warehouse, and takes pictures as evidence.
    Your options: [ Hunt ] [ Logan ] [ Eleanor ] [ Halloran ]
  From Quiz: Why, Jigsaw, Why?? ("Jigsaw" 2017)
36 This is the first film in the "Saw" series to reuse a trap from a previous film. What is the device?
Answer: Reverse Bear Trap

This is the trap which Amanda is seen wearing in "Saw". Because she manages to free herself in the allotted time and escape, we do not actually see this trap work, apart from springing open only once unlocked and removed from Amanda's head. We see the Reverse Bear Trap reappear in this film, after John leaves it for his estranged wife, Jill Tuck, in his will. Following John's instructions which he left for her, she manages to get Detective Hoffman into the head trap. After Jill leaves, Hoffman manages to break his hand with the trap to be able to free it from the restraints. He then jams his head in between the bars on the door, to stop the trap from springing and killing him. He is able to tear himself free, leaving him with a large gash through his cheek.
The Venus Fly Trap was used in the second film; Michael wakes up with the device on his head and must remove the key from behind his eye to survive. The Rack is used in the third film; Timothy meets his death in this twisting crucifix after he killed Jeff's son. We do see this trap again, although it is within a flashback, and is not reused. The Water Box Trap is what Agent Strahm finds himself in "Saw 5"; he manages to survive by using a pen to carry out a tracheotomy on himself!
  From Quiz: "Saw VI" - The Game Comes Full Circle
37 Who does NOT manage to survive the Neck Tie trap, when they fail to reach the key to their lock?
Answer: Ashley

Ashley is the blonde girl on the far right hand side of the trap. Charles reveals that he knows who she is, and tells the other members she used to be a firefighter, but had been dismissed from the service. It is not revealed, at this point, why she actually left the service, but it comes to light later on in the game. This sets the group off trying to work out why they have all been chosen.
  From Quiz: "Saw V" - Will You Survive?
38 Who are the names of the people in the five to one trap?
Answer: Brit, Charles, Luba, Mallik, Ashley

These people all have a connection to a fire that killed eight people that were still inside a building. Luba is a city planner, who took bribes from clients to go on with buildings that were not safe. Ashley is a fire inspector who filed a false report about the fire. Charles is the journalist who was writing about the whole incident. Mallik is the man who set the building on fire, and Brit works for the real estate development company who paid Mallik to burn down the building.
  From Quiz: Saw V
39 Which leg of the muted man did the blinded man impale with a meat hook?
Answer: his left leg

Art Blank noticed that a key was planted on the back of the metal collar on Trevor, unbeknownst to Trevor himself. Trevor picked up a meat hook, as Art grabbed the hatchet that Trevor had earlier thrown at him. Art then approached him slowly. Trevor, while panicking, swung the meat hook around viciously. Art avoided Trevor's swings and grabbed onto the chain attached to Trevor's collar. He slammed him up against the mausoleum wall but in response, Trevor impaled the meat hook into Art's leg. Art took it out soon after and jabbed it into Trevor's neck and retrieved the key on his collar but Trevor attacked again. Art ended up brutally killing Trevor, then he released himself from his metal collar with the key and opened his sewn mouth. Cue "Saw IV" logo.
    Your options: [ both legs ] [ his right leg ] [ his left leg ] [ the muted man was never impaled with a meat hook ]
  From Quiz: "Saw IV": "It's a Trap" - Part I
40 Who pointed out that the camera in the house didn't have sound in "Saw 2"?
Answer: Daniel

He said this while huddled in a corner. He got up just before Amanda woke up. Daniel was Detective Matthew's son. The significance behind this was that the housemates knew that they were being watched.
  From Quiz: "Saw" 1 and 2
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