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Trivia Questions and Answers
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260 Twilight Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Twilight? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Twilight (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 Why are vampires so pale?
Answer: They have no blood

You can see this in "Breaking Dawn Pt 1" in Bella's transformation. Also, in "New Moon" Jasper said that it would be nice to not want to kill you all the time. Vampire's kill for blood.
  From Quiz: Twilight
2 Which couple was getting married?
Answer: Bella and Edward

Edward proposed to Bella at the end of the third movie 'Eclipse'. That was also the condition for Bella to get changed into a vampire. Alice organized the wedding and helped Bella get dressed and taught her how to walk in heels.
    Your options: [ Rosalie and Emmet ] [ Esme and Carlisle ] [ Alice and Jasper ] [ Bella and Edward ]
  From Quiz: Breaking Dawn Part 1
3 What was Charlie's condition, in order for Bella to not be grounded?
Answer: Meet her other friends too

Charlie thought that Bella was spending too much time with Edward. In order for her to not be grounded she had to hang out with her other friends too, especially Jacob.
  From Quiz: Eclipse
4 Who was next to Bella in her dream at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Edward

The dream was about Bella seeing her reflection on the mirror looking like her grandma, and Edward still 17 next to her. Bella was also afraid of her grandma seeing Edward sparkling in the sun, but he wasn't afraid.
  From Quiz: New Moon
5 What is the main character's name?
Answer: Isabella Swan

Bella hates it when everybody in Forks calls her Isabella. She has to repeat her self nearly every time she meets someone. For example, after Edward saves her from getting hit by Taylor's van, Bella goes to the hospital. When Carlisle Cullen calls her 'Isabella', she murmurs 'Bella'.
  From Quiz: Twilight
6 In the very beginning of the movie where are Bella and Edward?
Answer: The meadow

In the very beginning of the movie Bella and Edward are in the meadow. Bella is reading a poem, "Fire and Ice". Bella says she is studying for her Literature final and then they kiss and Edward says, "Marry me", and she says, "No". Bella only says no because she doesn't want to get married at such a young age.
  From Quiz: Twilight: Eclipse
7 In "New Moon", does Jacob take Bella to the hospital after she crashes the motorcycle?
Answer: No

Bella doesn't even realize she busted her head until Jacob mentions it. She thinks she is able to just jump back on the bike and try again. Bella, who is used to being around vampires, apologizes to Jacob for bleeding but he just laughs it off.
  From Quiz: Ultimate "Twilight"
8 Where do Bella and Edward get married?
Answer: outside the Cullen house

Bella and Edward say their vows outside the Cullen home. Alice plans the ceremony, as well as the reception and it is not hard for all the Cullens to pitch in.
  From Quiz: Twilight Breaking Dawn
9 What did Edward say happened right after he was turned by Carlisle?
Answer: He rebelled against him and went off on his own.

Edward told Bella he rebelled against Carlisle and went off because he wanted to know how it felt to hunt. Although the only people he killed were murderers or as he says "monsters".
  From Quiz: Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt 1
10 Which character said, "The vampire human divorce rate is a little lower."?
Answer: Edward

Edward had mentioned this when Bella said, "Two out of three marriages end in divorce." He said this when they were in the forest. He was trying to encourage Bella to look at the positive side to the marriage. He wanted to convince Bella that vampire weddings were different.
    Your options: [ Bella ] [ Edward ] [ Carlisle ] [ Alice ]
  From Quiz: Twilight Saga: Eclipse
11 Who was Rosalie engaged to as a human?
Answer: Royce King

After Bella punches Jacob in the face, Bella follows Rosalie into a room where Rosalie tells Bella the story of her human life. She describes how she was engaged to Royce King and how he got drunk one night and tried to kill her. Carlisle came and turned her into a vampire because she was close to death anyway. After she was turned, she killed Royce's friends and then Royce. She killed Royce last so he knew that she was coming.
  From Quiz: Twilight: Eclipse
12 Who is the person in the opening part of the movie that is changed by Victoria?
Answer: Riley

Riley thinks Victoria loves him, but she is manipulating him to control the newborns.
  From Quiz: Twilight Saga: Eclipse
13 Which characters are wearing headbands when Edward takes Bella to meet his family?
Answer: Alice and Bella

When Edward takes Bella to his house, Alice and Jasper walk in. If you look closely on Alice's head you can see a brown headband and you can see a headband on Bella's head too.
    Your options: [ Alice and Esme ] [ Alice and Bella ] [ Rosalie and Bella ] [ Bella and Esme ]
  From Quiz: "Twilight" Details
14 What was Bella afraid of in the movie?
Answer: getting old

Bella's fear of being old was caused by the fact that she was afraid of turning eighteen - one year older than Edward.
  From Quiz: New Moon
15 What does Jacob give Bella for her birthday?
Answer: A dream-catcher

Jake is at Forks High School, and he says that Charlie told Billy that Bella's birthday was coming up. Jake gives Bella a dream-catcher, saying it catches bad dreams.
  From Quiz: New Moon
16 What gift does Emmett give Bella for her birthday?
Answer: Car Stereo

When Alice gives Bella the box, Bella shakes it but it's empty. Emmett tells her that he's already installed it in her truck.
Emmett is Rosalie's partner and loves nothing more then a challenge as we see in the first two "Twilight" movies. In the book "New Moon", Bella later rips the stereo out of her truck after the Cullens have left Forks, but we don't see this in the film version.
  From Quiz: The Twilight Saga - New Moon [2]
17 What is the name of the character, who belongs to the Volturi coven, who can inflict pain using his/her mind?
Answer: Jane

Jane is Alec's twin and they both have powers. Jane inflicts pain with her mind by looking at her target and Alec dulls all senses, leaving his victims blind, deaf and numb. Jane is part of the Volturi guard and one of Aro's prized "collections". Jane's most infamous quote in "New Moon" is, "This may hurt just a little."
  From Quiz: Twilight Saga - New Moon
18 Who was the actor who played Bella's childhood friend in Forks?
Answer: Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is a teenage heartthrob who is beginning to break out in his acting career. He did act in the movie "Shark Boy and Lava Girl" when he was younger. Taylor played Bella's childhood friend Jacob Black.
  From Quiz: Who Played Who In "Twilight"?
19 What answer did Edward NOT give Bella while they were out eating in Port Angeles?
Answer: "Guess"

Edward and Bella wound up going out to eat at a restaurant in Port Angeles, where Bella confronted Edward, once again, on how he stopped the van. Her exact words were "You gotta give me some answers", so he did, saying "Yes. No. To get to the other side." He then began reeling off the square root of pi. In other words, he wasn't going to actually answer her questions, because he didn't want to tell her that he was a vampire, which is how he stopped the van.

When asking people "don't you think it is a bit gross for Edward to love Bella like he does, at his age?" most of the responses I got were very disturbing for the particular situation, such as "not at all" and "age doesn't matter" (age doesn't matter? Not even a 100 years difference?). But I finally got my answer, and I quote "If you still looked seventeen - regardless of life experiences - you would still want someone who was your age on the outside. You just wouldn't be attracted to someone who in reality, was 117". That... actually made sense.
  From Quiz: They Said It in "Twilight"
20 Who is the first Cullen introduced?
Answer: Rosalie

This is in the very first cafeteria scene, right after Bella met Angela. Bella sees all the Cullens outside the cafeteria, and asks who they were. Angela first answers by saying that they are the Cullens, then Jessica introduces Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and lastly Edward. Rosalie is the third vampire changed by Carlisle. She was originally meant to be Edward's girlfriend, but their relationship never became anything more than brother and sister. Instead, Rosalie found Emmett being mauled by a bear, and brought him to Carlisle to change him, so he could be her love.
  From Quiz: Twilight
21 What is Alice Cullen's partner's first name?
Answer: Jasper

Alice and Jasper were both adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen but they aren't actually brother and sister. However, some other students at Forks High School find this weird as they live together. Jasper is the most recent addition to the Cullen Clan and finds it the hardest to not drink human blood.
  From Quiz: Twilight
22 According to the film, who appears to be the leader of the coven of three nomad vampires?
Answer: Laurent

Laurent appears to be making the decisions for the coven. He tells James he shouldn't play with his food when the vampires attack Waylon, he's the one that does most of the talking for the group, and appears at the head of the formation when the three are walking towards the Cullens in the baseball scene.

Laurent is played by Edi Gathegi. He has also appeared on "House M.D." as Doctor Jeffrey "Big Love" Cole.

According to the book, James is the actual leader of the coven and Laurent chose to join James's coven because of his skills as a tracker.
  From Quiz: Twilight
23 What is Bella Swan's middle name?
Answer: Marie

Her middle name is mentioned at the very beginning of the movie, when she is riding in the car with Charlie.
  From Quiz: Terrific "Twilight"
24 Why did Edward try to hold his breath when Bella walked in to the classroom?
Answer: The fan blew her scent to him.

Edward held his nose because the fan was blowing and blew the scent of Bella's human scent to him. The other humans didn't attract to him like Bella's. He held his nose because he was trying to resist trying to suck her blood.
  From Quiz: Twilight
25 When is the first time Bella sees Edward Cullen?
Answer: Cafeteria

Bella sees Edward for the first time at lunch on her first day of school. She sees him walk in, from her seat at her lunch table, and asks Jessica who he is. Bella can't take her eyes off of him, but Jessica tells her not to waste her time because he won't date anyone at their school.
  From Quiz: Twilight
26 What movie is this quote from? "Hang on tight spidermonkey".
Answer: Twilight

Edward says this when he and Bella are climbing on the trees in the first movie. Edward says this to Bella.
  From Quiz: Twilight
27 In Bella's nightmare the night before the wedding, where were Edward and Bella standing?
Answer: On their family and friend's dead bodies

Bella and Edward were standing on top of Charlie, Eric, Renee and the rest of the humans attending the wedding. They were all wearing white and there was blood everywhere including on Edward's lips.
  From Quiz: Breaking Dawn Part 1
28 What did Edward do to stop Bella from going to La Push?
Answer: he got something out of Bella's truck so it didn't work

Edward was afraid that Jacob would lose his temper and hurt Bella by turning into a werewolf and Bella would be too close.
  From Quiz: Eclipse
29 What was Renee's gift to Bella?
Answer: Photo album

Bella got a camera from Charlie and a photo album from Renee. She used her camera to take photos to fill the photo album for Renee.
  From Quiz: New Moon
30 Who is the Cullen guy that Bella falls in love with?
Answer: Edward

Edward is the brilliant vampire who finds it really difficult to stay away from Bella's scent. He loves her back and he decides not to stay away from her.
  From Quiz: Twilight
31 What is the name of the vampire that started the newborn army?
Answer: Victoria

Victoria is the actual leader of the newborns. Riley was the one who did the work but Victoria started the army, so she is the ACTUAL leader. Aro and Jane are both members of the Volturi.
  From Quiz: Twilight: Eclipse
32 In "Twilight: Eclipse", who disposes of the newborn vampire girl, Bree Tanner?
Answer: Felix, on Jane's orders

After the battle is over, the Cullens try to convince the Volturi of Bree's innocence. Jane, however, still feels that all newborns should be disposed of... innocent or not.
  From Quiz: Ultimate "Twilight"
33 Which person finally comes around to the idea of the wedding during the reception?
Answer: Jacob

Jacob finally gets over his anger to show up just in time for his dance with the bride. This comes as a shock to Bella, who was unaware that Edward even sent an invitation to Jacob.
    Your options: [ Jacob ] [ Emmett ] [ Rosalie ] [ Jasper ]
  From Quiz: Twilight Breaking Dawn
34 Who planned Bella and Edward's wedding?
Answer: Alice

Alice is the "sister" of Edward, Rosalie, and Emmett and is married to Jasper. Like most of her family, she has powers. She can see the future. In the beginning of the movie, Alice told Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme where to put things for the wedding. It was also revealed that she would be planning the wedding at the end of "Eclipse". After Bella got pregnant, she could no longer see her future.
  From Quiz: Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Pt 1
35 Who said, "The speech is going to be epic."?
Answer: Bella

Bella, Edward, Jessica, Mike, Eric, Angela, Alice and Jasper were gathered around the cafeteria table trying to help Jessica write a graduation speech. Mike was trying to write a speech for Jessica for graduation. However his version of a speech was not very entertaining and was pretty formal. ("My fellow students.") Bella suggested that the speech should be epic.
  From Quiz: Twilight Saga: Eclipse
36 When Bella punches Jacob in the face and breaks her hand, what does Emmett say when he asks her what happened?
Answer: "Did you try to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Bella?"

Bella punches Jacob (the werewolf) in the face and breaks her hand. She punches him because he kissed her against her wishes. But he didn't even feel the punch because he is so big and strong. He is a werewolf after all.
  From Quiz: Twilight: Eclipse
37 What is the name of the vampire who changed Jasper Hale?
Answer: Maria

Maria wanted a newborn army to take over territory she had lost.
  From Quiz: Twilight Saga: Eclipse
38 What color are Alice's shoes when she first meets Bella?
Answer: Silver

When Alice enters the kitchen, she is walking on a branch and there is a close up of her feet. When they do the close up, you can see her shoes are silver.
  From Quiz: "Twilight" Details
39 What gift did Charlie give Bella for her birthday?
Answer: a camera

In the movie, Charlie gave Bella a camera for her birthday, while the scrapbook was a gift from her mother, Renee, who lived in Florida.
  From Quiz: New Moon
40 What movie do Edward and Bella watch in English class?
Answer: Romeo and Juliet

Edward and Bella watch "Romeo and Juliet" in English class; however in the novel, they watch this at Bella's house before her birthday party. "Romeo and Juliet" is about two fighting families, and the kids from these families falling in love. You know it's "Romeo and Juliet" they're watching, because the teacher announces the title of the movie.
  From Quiz: New Moon
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