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1 What is the computer that controls the machines?
Answer: Skynet

In the beginning, Sarah Connor gives a monologue and mentions the computer controlling the machine is Skynet. She includes information regarding our story. Two terminators go back in time, one attempting to kill John Connor and the other is to protect him. By killing John Connor, he would not lead the Human Resistance to victory in the war against the machines.
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After crashing the police truck John, Sarah, and the T-101 get into another car. Between what speeds are the vehicles' top speed?

2 What is the name of John's friend?
Answer: Tim

Tim's appearance in the film gives an overall idea of what John has grown up to be. Tim is portrayed as his partner in crime. Although Tim's appearance is rather short, John's character is clearly represented by his interaction with Tim and his family from the start.
3 At the very start of the movie, what place and date are we at?
Answer: LA 2029 AD

We start the movie in the future, when the machines are fighting against the human resistance led by John Connor.
4 Which of these crimes did John Connor NOT have on his police record?
Answer: Assault

You can find this when the T-1000 was looking for John in the police car.
Question Reference: Quiz: Terminator 2.
5 In the very beginning, according to the Terminator's view, what type of car is located outside of the bar?
Answer: Plymouth Sedan

Actually... the car is really a Ford Crown Vic.
6 Upon which hospital did James Cameron base 'Pescadero', the hospital where Sarah was detained?
Answer: Atascadero State Hospital

Jim Cameron says that he visited Atascadero for research purposes, so that he could get a good idea about how to set the scenes at 'Pescadero'. He was particularly interested in the security measures (such as the perimeter fencing and the sally ports) and the hospital procedures (such as patient restraint). Atascadero (aka ASH) is an all-male maximum-security facility. ASH opened in 1954 and is a completely self-contained psychiatric hospital constructed within a security perimeter. It has a licensed capacity of 1001 beds and employs over 1800 staff. All of the hospitals listed in the question are situated in California. By the way, Camarillo is thought by some to have inspired the song 'Hotel California' by The Eagles. Patton State Hospital is based in San Bernardino (the same city where Sarah Connor's mum is scripted to have lived in the first film). The Lakeview Terrace Medical Centre was the location used to film the hospital scenes. This hospital had ceased to function due to seismic damage.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'T2': Extras.
7 According to Sarah, on what date would 3 billion people lose their lives (Note that I have laid out dates in European way: DD.MM.YYYY)?
Answer: 29.08.1997

August 29th, 1997 is the date upon which the nuclear fire will hit the USA. August 4th, 1997 is the date when the 'Skynet' system goes on-line. February 28th, 1985 is John Connor's date of birth, and I made the August 29th, 2029 date up, although the Future War scenes are based on the year 2029 in this film, the same year that the Terminator and the T-1000 are sent back through time.
8 What is the last name of John's foster parents?
Answer: Voight

When the T-1000 looks at the police car's computer under John's profile, it shows their last name as Voight. The T-1000 locates their home but John is not there. He asks his foster parents, Todd and Janelle, for a picture of John. Later on, the T-1000 kills both Todd and Janelle.
9 In Sarah's dream sequence (playground), who is the little boy whose hands she's holding, playing with, and tossing in the air? In the script he is referred to as "infant John Connor."
Answer: Linda Hamilton's son

His name is Dalton Abbot, Linda's son with her ex-husband Bruce Abbot.
10 What is John's birthday?
Answer: February 28, 1985

This is according to the police records the T-1000 acquired inside the police car.
11 What was the name of the computer controlling the machines?
Answer: Skynet

Skynet controls the machines, which look pretty good.
12 What is the last name of John's legal guardians?
Answer: Voight

You can also see this when the T-1000 is looking for John.
Question Reference: Quiz: Terminator 2.
13 What's the name of the bar?
Answer: The Corral

14 What is the first name of the man who owns 'The Corral', the bar seen early in the film?
Answer: Lloyd

In the script, Lloyd is described as 'a fat, aging biker type'. Lloyd was played by Pete Schrum.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'T2': Extras.
15 Arnie's 'Terminator' arrives in the present first and enters a bar called The Corral. Whilst he is electronically scanning the crowd, we see alphanumeric readouts scroll across his field of vision. Can you tell me the 'Scan Mode' that the Terminator uses to assess the people in the bar?
Answer: 43894

This number scrolls up on the screen each time he assesses an individual in The Corral. He is attempting to identify someone with the same size clothing so that he can 'borrow' them for the rest of the film. Luckily the Hell's Angels were in -- I dread to think what he would have worn had he arrived on a Ladies' Night!
16 At what location is John when the T-1000 first locates him?
Answer: The Galleria

The T-1000 stops off and asks two girls if they have seen John. One mentions seeing John fifteen minutes prior and how she believes he says he is going to the Galleria. At the Galleria, the T-1000 asks two boys where John is and they point him in a direction. He later asks two girls if they know where John is. The next person he asks is John's friend, who lies by saying he has not seen him. Right as his friend tells John a cop is there looking for him, another man tells the T-1000 where John is. John sees the T-1000 and begins running.
17 What is Dr. Silberman's first name?
Answer: Peter

Dr. Silberman is seen by some as Sarah's biggest enemy. He is an experienced criminal psychologist who is convinced without a shadow of a doubt that Sarah is crazy.
18 What is the last name of John's guardians?
Answer: Voight

Their first names were Todd and Janell.
19 What Schwarzenegger trademark do we see during the movie?
Answer: Sunglasses

Schwarzenegger obtains the sunglasses early in the movie, and loses them after one of the ladies in Pescadero breaks them with her cast.
20 What city do John and his foster family live in?
Answer: Los Angeles

You can see this when you first see the T-1000 pull up to ask John's parents if he is home.
Question Reference: Quiz: Terminator 2.
21 What's John's address?
Answer: 19828 Almond Ave.

This is displayed in the monitor in the cop car when the T-1000 is searching for John.
22 How much (in pounds) is Douglas, the nurse at 'Pescadero' supposed to weigh?
Answer: 250

This is mentioned in the original scripting of the film. Douglas is scripted as the head assistant in the wing, six-foot-four-inches tall, and as 'warmhearted as a rattlesnake'. Douglas is played by Ken Gibbel.
Question Reference: Quiz: 'T2': Extras.
23 When the T-1000 arrives, he assumes the identity of a police officer and searches the Juvenile Automated Index to find John Connor. What is John Connor's Arrest Record code?
Answer: J 66455705

The T-1000 scrolls through these screens in the police car shortly after he arrives in the present.
24 How long did Dr. Silberman say he was going to recommend Sarah stay in the maximum security wing of Pescadero State Hospital for?
Answer: 6 months

Dr. Silberman knew that Sarah was only saying the things that he wanted to hear. He didn't believe that she had changed at all. When he denied her request to be transferred to a minimum security wing, she went crazy and attacked him.
25 What is the name of the company on the tow truck the T-1000 took?
Answer: Road Ranger Towing

The sign can be seen on the door just as the tow truck is driven off of the bridge.