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Arnold Schwarzenegger Trivia Questions & Answers

Schwarzenegger, Arnold There are 85 questions on this topic. Last updated Jun 04 2023.
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51 "The thing that won't die, in the nightmare that won't end."
Answer: The Terminator

Another tagline used in this film's release was "Your future is in his hands."
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Who does Arnie say this to in 'Terminator 2': 'Come with me if you want to live'?

52 Tia Carrere:
Answer: True Lies

Tia Carrere (Cassandra of the "Wayne's World" movies -- SCHWING!) was Juno Skinner, the woman who had helped terrorists smuggle weapons to the Florida Keys within archealogical artifacts.
53 In this movie he shoots and kills an alligator and says "You're luggage".
Answer: Eraser

He encounters the alligator in an aquarium. This is the only time I can think of Arnie killing an animal. If you can think of any let me know.
54 'Let off some steam.'
Answer: Commando

After he kills Bennett.
Question Reference: Quiz: Awnold Quotes.
55 What movie is this from: 'It's been a long time General'?
Answer: Predator

This is said right at the start of the movie. It might even be the first piece of dialogue in the movie.
Question Reference: Quiz: Arnie Quotes.
56 In 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day,' a naked Mr. Schwarzenegger makes a request to a local biker. What does he say?
Answer: "I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle."

'You forgot to say please.' -the Biker. He is Arnold Schwarzenegger, he does NOT have to say please.
57 This is the film where Arnold is hunted in the jungle.
Answer: Predator

Arnold plays Major Dutch in 'Predator' and John McTiernan directed this and also the 1999 version of 'The Thomas Crown Affair' 'Die Hard' and another Schwarzenegger film 'Last Action Hero'.
58 "A woman and a warrior that became a legend."
Answer: Red Sonja

The woman referred to in the tagline (and playing the title role) is Brigitte Nielsen.
59 Robert Duvall:
Answer: The 6th Day

Duvall was Dr. Griffin Weir in this film, which was directed by Roger Spottiswoode. Duvall had worked with Spottiswoode before, in the movie "The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper" (1981).
60 In which movie did he say "Who do you think I look like, Dirty Harry?"?
Answer: Raw Deal

I think the pun is aimed at the villain who doesn't know that Arnie is an undercover cop.
61 'Consider this a divorce.'
Answer: Total Recall

Before he kills his 'wife' in his virtual vacation.
Question Reference: Quiz: Awnold Quotes.
62 Finish this quote. 'It's not a ___.'
Answer: Tumour

Arnie says this in 'Kindergarten Cop' to one of the kids he is teaching.
Question Reference: Quiz: Arnie Quotes.
63 In 'Commando,' Mr. Schwarzenegger finishes off the last bad guy by throwing a pipe right into his stomache. What does Arnold say to rub it in just a little more?
Answer: "Let off some steam."

How bad is Arnold Schwarzenegger? The man takes out Wez, that's how bad!
64 It's not 'Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory' but a boy does get a golden ticket in it.
Answer: Last Action Hero

In 'Last Action Hero' Arnold plays Jack Slater. The film features songs from AC/DC and Def Leppard.
65 "They stole his mind, now he wants it back."
Answer: Total Recall

Richard Dreyfuss and Jeff Bridges were considered for Schwarzenegger's role in this film.
66 Vivica A. Fox:
Answer: Batman & Robin

Vivica A. Fox played femme fatale Ms. B. Haven (get it?) in this Batman film. Vivica A. Fox has also appeared in "Booty Call", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", "Soul Food", and (of course) "Independence Day".
67 In which movie did he say "I'm not a pervert! I was just looking for a Turbo Man Doll"?
Answer: Jingle All The Way

This was a comedy and his adversary was Sinbad the actor not the pirate.
68 'He'll live!'
Answer: Terminator II

His future leader John (the boy) commands Arnold not to kill anybody. So, instead of killing the person, he shoots him in the leg and says, 'he'll live'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Awnold Quotes.
69 What movie is this quote from. 'I need a vacation'?
Answer: Terminator 2

Arnie says this right at the end after shooting the T-1000 with the grenade launcher.
Question Reference: Quiz: Arnie Quotes.
70 In 'T2,' Mr. Schwarzenegger is about to take out the T 1000 with a final shot. What does he say before he fires the shot heard round the world?
Answer: "Hasta la vista... baby."

Not as good as I'll be back, but still A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!
71 John Turturro:
Answer: Collateral Damage

John Turturro, whose movie credits include "Rounders" (1998), "Monkeybone" (2001), and "Mr. Deeds" (2002), played the unscrupulous Armstrong in this film.
72 Who does Arnie say this to. 'Hasta La Vista Baby'?
Answer: T-1000

Arnie was a bit premature in saying good bye to the T-1000.
Question Reference: Quiz: Arnie Quotes.
73 Emma Thompson:
Answer: Junior

Ms. Merchant-Ivory herself was Dr. Diana Reddin in this movie. Also, co-star Danny DeVito played Arnie's twin brother in "Twins" (1988).
74 Finish this quote. 'I eat green berets for ___.'
Answer: Breakfast

Arnie says this to Bill Duke and ends up killing him after a fight. The movie was 'Commando'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Arnie Quotes.
75 Mick Fleetwood:
Answer: The Running Man

Mick Fleetwood (yes, as in Fleetwood Mac) played Mic (pronounced "Mick"), the man in charge of the underworld hideout in the "arena." Look for Jesse Ventura again, this time as Captain Freedom.