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1 It had no human life, but it did have rubbish piled higher than sky scrapers. Where did WALL-E work?
Answer: Earth

All of the humans had left. The plan was for them to live in space while an army of robots cleaned up all of the rubbish that had piled up on Earth. It was WALL-E's job to crush rubbish into cubes and stack them. He also collected items to take home along the way. The truck that he called home was full of odds and ends, like fairy lights, a Rubiks Cube, and a lighter.
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When we first see Captain McCrae of the spaceship Axiom, he is upset that Auto the Autopilot did not wake him up for what?

2 The name of the protagonist of this movie is an acronym. What does it stand for?
Answer: Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth Class

In 2015, BnL Megacorp's products were completely littered around the planet. They made many WALL.Es to clear up this mess, but harsh conditions led to their shut down. Somehow one WALL.E survived by taking parts from dead WALL.Es. He also developed the ability to have feelings and sentiments.
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3 WALL-E saves various objects from among the mounds of trash on Earth and arranges them in his shelter. What object does he find that he is uncertain where to place in his collection?
Answer: A Spork

That bizarre hybrid of a spoon and a fork that is frequently encountered in school cafeterias and fast food restaurants. WALL-E wavers between putting the spork with the forks or with the spoons, and finally sets it between the two.
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4 When we meet WALL-E, he is tirelessly cleaning up the masses of garbage left behind on Earth. Who or what is his one companion?
Answer: a cockroach

The cockroach can be seen sitting on WALL-E's shoulder and running around him. This little piece of humour probably stems from the urban legend that cockroaches can survive anything, including a nuclear war. The fact that they have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, and that they can live even after their heads have been chopped off contributes to this myth, which has been proven to not be true. Pixar has fun with the legend though, showing the cockroach to survive many mishaps, including blasts from EVE's blasters.
WALL-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class.
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5 Which company owned all of the commercial enterprises at the beginning of "WALL-E", including the shops, the banks, train lines, and space travel companies?
Answer: BnL (Buy n Large)

Shelby Forthright was CEO of the Buy n Large Corporation in "WALL-E". The film can be seen as a criticism of consumerism. BnL had a product for every need and want, and adverts for their products were everywhere. The company was not just on Earth, though. The passengers onboard the starliner were incredibly susceptible to the BnL adverts that were all over the ship: as soon as they were told about blue outfits, everybody switched.
6 WALL.E had a friend. What kind of creature was it?
Answer: Cockroach

He befriended a cockroach, which was very quirky indeed. In one scene he ran over his pet by accident and he sadly took it in his hand thinking he had killed it. But suddenly it sprang back to life and WALL.E released a sigh of relief. Cockroaches are arthropods. They have been known to survive even high levels of radiation.
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7 What is the musical that WALL-E watches repeatedly?
Answer: Hello, Dolly

You had to watch the credits to find this out, unless you recognized it in the film. The two songs used were "Put on Your Sunday Clothes", which was chosen for its refrain of "out there", and "It Only Takes a Moment", which has the hand holding scene which is such an influence on WALL-E in his quest for love.
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8 At the end of the day, WALL-E takes his lunch box back to his home. How does he amuse himself in the evening?
Answer: He watches an old movie.

WALL-E does enjoy watching old movies on VHS and seems to have a particular affection for the musical "Hello Dolly", as he watches the same scene over and over again.
WALL-E's batteries are solar charged and being a robot he has no need to eat. We do see him making repairs to himself, using parts from other similar robots that are no longer functioning.
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9 A rocket arrived to take EVE away. WALL-E held onto an exterior ladder and was taken away, too. What did the rocket have to crash through?
Answer: A layer of satellites

Not only was the Earth covered in clutter, but the outer edges of the planet's atmosphere were cluttered, too. The satellites orbiting Earth had become so numerous that they were floating side-by-side, often touching each other. The rocket that took EVE back to the Axiom spaceship had to crash through them as it left Earth. Just like consumerism, "WALL-E" criticised the environmental impact of humans and their waste.
10 In the movie, what does "BnL" stand for?
Answer: Buy n Large

BnL (Buy n Large) had a large number of consumers for their highly-commercialized products, but they did not dispose of them properly. Accumulation of trash led to high levels of toxicity, which made survival on Earth impossible. To solve this problem, BnL made an A.I. controlled luxury space ship called "The Axiom" to house the human population for five years. But even after 700 years, it did not return.
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11 What toy is seen among the "treasures" that WALL-E recovered from the trash heaps?
Answer: A plastic dinosaur

The dinosaur is "Rex" from the movie "Toy Story". It's a Pixar trademark to sprinkle their films with references to other Pixar films. The wrong answers are also toys featured in "Toy Story".
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12 WALL-E takes his lunch box with him every day, but he uses it to collect things from among the garbage he is cleaning up. What does he find when he pries the door off of what looks like an old refrigerator?
Answer: a plant

WALL-E takes the plant and repots it in an old boot. The plant is just a small seedling, but it is pivotal to the plot, as it later convinces the humans that Earth is ready to sustain life again. It is not clear that the plant is in a refrigerator, but it is definitely behind a heavy panel of some sort. How the plant is growing cut off from the sunshine is not explained.
WALL-E does find a diamond ring in a blue velvet box, but it is not behind anything heavy. WALL-E tosses away the ring and keeps the velvet box.
Question Reference: Quiz: WALL-E.
13 In "WALL-E", how did humans get around on the Axiom spaceship?
Answer: In hovering chairs

Humans had robots to do everything for them onboard Axiom. They moved around in hover-chairs and if they fell out, they didn't even have to get up themselves: robots would come to do it for them. People were so used to everything being automatic, that Captain McCrea didn't even know how to open the ship's paperback instruction manual.
14 Small groups of highly specialized robots called EVEs were sent from the Axiom with certain directives given to them. "EVE" is actually an acronym. What does it stand for?
Answer: Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator

Due to the inhospitable and toxic conditions on Earth, BnL made the Axiom, a star cruiser for the human population to live in until the WALL.Es cleaned up the mess. The Axiom can be compared to Noah's Ark. The EVEs (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluators) were sent from the Axiom to find evidence of plant life on Earth, just like the dove sent by Noah from his ark. WALL.E fell in love with one of the EVEs.
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15 When we first see Captain McCrae of the spaceship Axiom, he is upset that Auto the Autopilot did not wake him up for what?
Answer: Morning announcements

The captain complains about not being woken up because morning announcements are the one thing he gets to do on the ship. This is an indication of how much humans have relinquished control of their own lives.
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16 When EVE arrives, she tries to communicate with WALL-E, using various different languages. What English word does WALL-E respond to?
Answer: directive

WALL-E's directive is to compact trash, and he responds to the word when spoken in English. EVE stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, and her directive is to seek out plant life on Earth and return it to the ship Axiom. The concept of directive later turns out to be an important one, as EVE tries to get WALL-E back into a pod to return to Earth. He wants her to come with him, but her directive won't allow her to leave.
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17 How did people speak to each other on the Axiom in "WALL-E"?
Answer: Through a video chat

People's hover-chairs had screens built into them. The screens would allow them to watch TV, be exposed to endless adverts, and chat to each other (even when they were sitting side-by-side). When WALL-E hopped onto a train, he spoke to a passenger face-to-face. It appeared to be the first time she had seen the spaceship with her own eyes. She was amazed at the holographic adverts covering the ship. And she saw the pool for the first time - she didn't even know there was a pool until then!
18 What toy did WALL.E show to EVE?
Answer: Rubik's Cube

EVE was initially hostile to WALL.E. During a sandstorm, WALL.E invited her into his home. WALL.E had the strange habit of collecting trash which he found interesting. A Rubik's Cube was part of his collection. When WALL.E and EVE started socializing, WALL.E showed his collection and his scrambled puzzle and demonstrated to her how to twist the faces. He gave it to her and she solved it in an instant.
Question Reference: Quiz: WALL.E.
19 Who directed the film?
Answer: Andrew Stanton

Stanton both wrote and directed the movie. He also directed "Finding Nemo" and "A Bug's Life". Docter directed "Monster's Inc", and Lesseter directed the "Toy Story" movies. Michael Bey is the director of big budget spectacles such as "Pearl Harbor" and "Transformers".
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20 WALL-E becomes quite smitten with EVE. He shows her his movie and offers her all his treasures. What does she do when he offers her the plant?
Answer: She puts it inside her body and shuts down.

EVE recognizes the plant as what she has been sent to find. She puts in inside the main compartment of her body, which then shows a green plant icon on the front. Her directive fulfilled, she shuts down completely and waits to be picked up by the ship that dropped her off. WALL-E's attempts to revive her and care for her are quite touching.
Question Reference: Quiz: WALL-E.
21 EVE took the plant that WALL-E had found and transported it to the Axiom. Why did the autopilot try to destroy the plant?
Answer: The CEO declared Earth unsustainable.

The autopilot, called AUTO, had been told by the BnL CEO that Earth was (and always would be) inhospitable. AUTO was told to take command of the ship and never return to Earth. The plant that WALL-E and EVE had found growing on Earth ended up in an escape pod that was set the explode. WALL-E managed to save the plant and EVE delivered it straight to the captain.
22 WALL.E made his first romantic move while watching a song from a 1969 musical. Which movie was the song from?
Answer: Hello, Dolly!

While EVE was in WALL.E's home, he showed her a video of the song "It Only Takes a Moment" from "Hello, Dolly!". It inspired WALL.E to hold hands with EVE. He did this very nervously as he knew she had a pulsar cannon in her arm and would blast him if she became mad. It was the first live-action clip to be incorporated by PIXAR in one of their movies.
Question Reference: Quiz: WALL.E.
23 What is the designation on the large trash compactors aboard the Axiom, which almost crush WALL-E?
Answer: WALL-A

This stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter, Axiom Class. They are essentially much larger versions of WALL-E, whose E stands for Earth Class.
Question Reference: Quiz: WALL-E.
24 EVE is picked up by the rocket that dropped her off and WALL-E tags along. When they get back to the mother ship, the Axiom, what has happened to the people?
Answer: They have become obese and are unable to walk without assistance.

In a flashback, the people of Earth are shown boarding these massive cruise type airships. The original plan is for them to live on these ships for five years while Earth is cleaned up and made hospitable again. However the plan hasn't worked and they are in the 700th year of what was to be a five year cruise. They spend their time lying around in flying, propelled chairs and all their activities (except ingesting food) are done holographically. They have become very large and have lost bone mass. A couple of times we see someone knocked out of their chair, unable to move without assistance from a robot.
Question Reference: Quiz: WALL-E.
25 Who defended WALL-E, EVE, and the plant from the Steward robots?
Answer: The malfunctioning robots

EVE was sent to diagnostics when her compartment opened up, but failed to reveal a plant. The captain assumed that she was broken and gave the instruction for her to be fixed. WALL-E followed her there and accidentally released all of the malfunctioning robots. The was a hairdressing robot that would try to style absolutely anything, a vacuum cleaner that sneezed dust, and an umbrella that automatically turned inside out. Later in the film, EVE and WALL-E were trying to protect the plant. When the Stewards blocked their way down a corridor, the broken robots attacked the Stewards so that EVE and WALL-E could escape.