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How much do you know about John Wayne? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to John Wayne (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 "Sands of Iwo Jima" What is Wayne's character's name in this film?
Answer: Sgt. Stryker

Stryker's squad greatly despises him for his seemingly heartless way of training them. As Stryker says; "You gotta learn right, and you gotta learn fast. Any man that doesn't want to cooperate, I'll make him wish he had never been born". The three incorrect answers are also famous Sgts. Barnes, from "Platoon", Carter, from "Gomer Pyle", and Hartman, from "Full Metal Jacket".
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2 This beautiful woman starred with John in "The Shootist"?
Answer: Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall, who passed away in 2014, starred with John Wayne in his last movie "The Shootist" (1976). She starred as Bond Rogers who runs the local boarding house. This film also included James Stewart, Ron Howard and Richard Boone, among others.
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3 John Wayne appeared in more than 80 films in the 1920s and 30s, but it was his portrayal of the Ringo Kid, in a 1939 film, that made his name. What was the film called?
Answer: Stagecoach

Directed by John Ford, "Stagecoach" tells the story of a group of strangers on a stagecoach ride, which is complicated by the fact that Geronimo and his Apaches are on the warpath. The Ringo Kid is recruited as the shotgun guard in the absence of the usual one. Claire Trevor provided the love interest.
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4 In this 1970 western, John Wayne starred as Cord McNally. McNally was a colonel for the United States Army during the Civil War. After the war, he searched for a man that was a traitor. Name this film.
Answer: Rio Lobo

"Rio Lobo" was John Wayne's last movie with Howard Hawks, and was also the third remake of the earlier movie, "Rio Bravo". "Rio Lobo" is an okay movie. The plot line is pretty much the same as "Rio Bravo" and "El Dorado" with a few changes here and there. The movie started out in the Civil War with McNally getting captured by a Confederate group. A few minutes later, McNally escaped and captured two of the Confederate group. A few scenes later the war was over, and McNally tried to find the traitor that was the cause of death of one of his men. He traveled to Rio Lobo and found the man he was looking for and in the end, there was a shoot-out with McNally and his allies winning, and the traitor and his friends being wiped out.
    Your options: [ Hondo ] [ The Searchers ] [ Rio Bravo ] [ Rio Lobo ]
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5 What was the name of the hard nosed Sergeant named John in "Sands of Iwo Jima" (1949)?
Answer: John Stryker

I alway thought that Duke should have won the Oscar for his role of tough Marine Sgt. John M. Stryker. Sgt. Stryker led his squad up Mt. Suribachi and was shot in the back prior to the famous 2nd flag raising. The three surviving flag raisers were also in the movie.
John Chisum was a rich cattle baron fighting a range war in "Chisum" (1970).
John Drury was a cowboy with his horse named Duke in "Ride Him, Cowboy"(1932).
John Mason was a cowboy claiming his share of a mine in "Haunted Gold" (1932).
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6 In this 1949 movie John Wayne portrays Sergeant John M. Stryker during World War II. Co-stars include John Agar and Forrest Tucker.
Answer: Sands Of Iwo Jima

John Wayne received his first Academy Award nomination for his role in this film.
Stryker was a hard nose leader preparing his troops for battle.
He made it all the way to the end of the movie, when a sniper takes him out.
    Your options: [ Chisum ] [ The Fighting Seabees ] [ Sands Of Iwo Jima ] [ The Undefeated ]
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7 What was Wayne's line of work in 1948's "Red River"?
Answer: cattle baron

Wayne was Tom Dunson, so obsessed with getting his herd to the Midwest markets he became a tyrant running roughshod over his men. On seeing his performance Ford exclaimed "I never knew [he] could act!"
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8 One of Wayne's best-known roles was in 'The Searchers'. Who played his fellow searcher?
Answer: Jeffrey Hunter

Searching for Natalie Wood.
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9 Who played Shasta in "Rio Lobo"?
Answer: Jennifer O'Neill
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Leading Ladies Of 1970s
10 Who was Wayne's female co-star in 'Sands of Iwo Jima'?
Answer: None

The cast of this WWII classic is almost entirely male and includes John Agar, Forrest Tucker and the three survivors of the group of Marines who raised the flag on Mount Suribachi, playing themselves.
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Female Costars 1950s
11 Who played Mary McCloud in 'The Dark Command'?
Answer: Claire Trevor
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Female Co-Stars of the 1940s
12 "Sands of Iwo Jima" What branch/division of the Armed Forces is highlighted in this movie?
Answer: Marines

Sgt Stryker tells the squad numerous times, "You'll learn to fight like Marines, and you'll learn to die like Marines". "From the halls of Montezuma / To the shores of Tripoli / We fight our country's battles / In the air, on land, and sea". The Marine Hymn is heard during the opening and closing credits. "Semper Fi, Do or Die"----USMC.
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13 John Wayne starred in three John Ford films, made in consecutive years, all filmed in Monument Valley, and known as the Cavalry Trilogy. The first and last were "Fort Apache" and "Rio Grande" - which film came in between?
Answer: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Made in 1948, 1949 and 1950 respectively, these three films are considered by many to be John Wayne's best. Oddly he plays the same character, Kirby Yorke, in the first and third movies, but a different character, Nathan Cutting Brittles, in the middle one. Captain Brittles, after a lifetime in the cavalry, is on the brink of retirement and takes out one last patrol to try and avert a major Indian uprising. At the end of the film he is appointed chief of scouts with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
    Your options: [ She Wore a Yellow Ribbon ] [ Rio Bravo ] [ Red River ] [ Dakota ]
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Movies
14 In 1962, this war film was made. The setting for this movie was the invasion of Normandy during World War II. John Wayne did not have a major part, but played the important character of Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort. Name this film.
Answer: The Longest Day

At the time that this movie was made, it was the only war film that depicted the invasion. John Wayne played the character of Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort, who helped play an important part of the 82nd Airborne division. The 82nd Airborne division and the 101st Airborne division contained some of the first soldiers who started the invasion. In the dark on June 5, 1944, these brave men parachuted to their targets deep into enemy-controlled France, and made it easier for the invasion to take place.
    Your options: [ Sands of Iwo Jima ] [ Saving Private Ryan ] [ The Big Red One ] [ The Longest Day ]
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15 Who played Cherry Malotte, a saloon singer, in "The Spoilers" (1942), a movie about gold mining in Alaska?
Answer: Marlene Dietrich

Dietrich was great as the saloon owner who initially planned to steal Wayne's gold mine, but fell in love with him instead. In addition to "The Spoilers", Wayne and Dietrich did two more films together: "Pittsburgh" (1942) and "Seven Sinners" (1940). The reclusive, German-born Dietrich attained fame with 1930's "The Blue Angel". After her movie career ended, during which she was always cast as a sex symbol, Dietrich continued performing in stage shows and cabaret acts untl she broke her leg in 1975. Claire Trevor appeared in several of Wayne's movies, including his break-through film, "Stagecoach" (1939). Elizabeth Allen appeared in only one Wayne film, "Donovan's Reef" (1963). Vera Miles was in "Hellfighters" (1968), "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" (1962)and "The Searchers" (1956).
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Movies -- Part II
16 As "Stagecoach" opens, Dallas is being summarily run out of town by the Law and Order League, presumably for plying her trade. Which character is being expelled from the municipality along with her?
Answer: Doc Boone

Thomas Mitchell would win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in his role as Doc Boone, the alcoholic physician who repeatedly comes through in the pinch, delivering a baby and facing down the film's putative villains to make sure the Duke gets a fair fight.
    Your options: [ Mr. Miller ] [ Ringo ] [ Mr. Gatewood ] [ Doc Boone ]
  From Quiz: John Wayne and the Oldest Profession
17 Who was the Union Cavalry Colonel named John in "The Horse Soldiers" (1959)?
Answer: John Marlowe

"The Horse Soldiers" was a Civil War movie based on the true raids of Union Col. Benjamin Greison and directed by John Ford. In this one, Col. Marlowe led his men on a raid to disrupt railroads in Mississippi and to draw Rebel forces away from Vicksburg.
John Elder was a gunfighter trying to get back the family ranch in "The Sons of Katie Elder" (1965).
John Tobin was a cowboy trying to catch the bandit who killed his parents in "The Lawless Frontier" (1934).
John Reynolds was a Northern lawyer in New Orleans in the crime drama, "Lady from Louisiana" (1941).
  From Quiz: John Wayne - A Man Named John
18 In this 1960 epic John Wayne is the famous Davy Crockett. This movie has a full star cast, Frankie Avalon and Richard Widmark to name a few.
Answer: The Alamo

John Wayne produced and directed this movie with the help of John Ford.
In the movie Davy Crockett died from a Mexican lance while swinging his empty gun like a club.
There has been some controversy about his death in real life, some critics say he may have been taken as a prisoner and executed.
    Your options: [ Davy Crockett ] [ How The West Was Won ] [ The Alamo ] [ The Horse Soldiers ]
  From Quiz: Movies That John Wayne Has Died In
19 Who debuted in "Red River" as Matt Garth, Dunson's adopted son who later rebels against him?
Answer: Montgomery Clift

Dunson found Garth as a boy after the Indian massacre that cost him his fiance. Clift went on to "A Place In The Sun" and "From Here To Eternity".
  From Quiz: The Wayne-Hawks Quintet
20 One of Wayne's best westerns may have been 'Rio Bravo'. Who was the prisoner that caused all the problems in the movie?
Answer: Claude Akins

With Dean Martin, Rick Nelson, Angie Dickinson and Walter Brennan.
  From Quiz: John Wayne Westerns
21 Who played Martha Mc Candles in "Big Jake"?
Answer: Maureen O'Hara

None of his other leading ladies had the fire that Maureen had with the Duke.
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Leading Ladies Of 1970s
22 In 'Rio Grande', who played Mrs. Kirby York?
Answer: Maureen O'Hara

The Duke and Maureen O'Hara appeared in several movies together, including 'The Quiet Man' and 'McLintock!'.
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Female Costars 1950s
23 Who was Wayne's leading lady in 'Three Faces West'?
Answer: Sigrid Gurie
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Female Co-Stars of the 1940s
24 This western actor was beguiled into the film business while delivering horses from his ranch to Hollywood. Originally a stunt double, he co-starred in many westerns with John Wayne. Who was he?
Answer: Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson was Henry Fonda's stunt double for the John Wayne film "Fort Apache", and also starred alongside Harry Carey, Jr. in their own film, "Wagon Master". He featured in such Wayne films as "Three Godfathers", "Rio Grande", and "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon".
  From Quiz: The John Wayneians
25 "Sands of Iwo Jima" Who plays PFC Al Thomas?
Answer: Forrest Tucker

PFC (Private First Class) Thomas had a score to settle with Sgt. Stryker. He blamed the 'Sarge' for being demoted to Private for falling asleep on guard duty. He battles Stryker at every turn. However, they gain each others' respect in the end. Forrest Tucker's most famous role came as Sgt. O'Rourke in the T.V series 'F-Troop'.
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26 Claire Trevor starred with John Wayne in which early western?
Answer: Stagecoach

The classic western "Stagecoach" starred John Wayne and the husky voiced actress, Claire Trevor. This 1939 film was considered to be John Wayne's first big role while Claire Trevor was already well-known. This film followed a group of passengers on a stagecoach and was filmed in the picturesque Monument Valley.
    Your options: [ Stagecoach ] [ Shepherd of the Hills ] [ The Dropkick ] [ The Big Trail ]
  From Quiz: What Ladies Starred with John?
27 In 1952, John Wayne co-starred in the John Ford film, "The Quiet Man", with an actress with whom he was to share the screen another four times. Who was she?
Answer: Maureen O'Hara

She also starred with him in "Rio Grande", "Wings of Eagles", "McLintock" and "Big Jake".
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Movies
28 This was John Wayne's last film. He played the aging gunfighter J.B. Books, who was dying of cancer but wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. Name the movie.
Answer: The Shootist

"The Shootist" was John Wayne's last film. With everything growing up around J.B. Books, he was not changing. Books found out he had cancer, but as an old gunfighter, he did not want to die by cancer. He befriended Ron Howard in the movie. Howard, wanting to be a gunfighter also, was taught some things by Books, but in the end decided not to take the route of a gunfighter. In the last scene of the movie, Books was in a shootout with three men in the saloon. Books took them each out one by one, being wounded in the shoulder once. Books then noticed that he was still alive, before the bartender walked up and shot him in the back with a shotgun.
    Your options: [ The Conqueror ] [ The Green Berets ] [ El Dorado ] [ The Shootist ]
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29 Although he achieved early stardom in "Stagecoach" (1939), which movie, with the Duke as a frontier scout, was his first starring role?
Answer: The Big Trail (1930)

Director Raoul Walsh noticed Wayne on the lot of Fox Studios, while he was having trouble casting "The Big Trail", an epic saga of pioneers going West on a wagon train. Tom Mix was Walsh's first choice for the role of the wagon master but Mix was committed to another picture. His second choice was Gary Cooper but he was cast in "The Winning of Barbara Worth" while negotiating with Walsh, the movie which established Cooper as a top star. In the final preproduction schedule, Walsh was desperate for a star for his movie and picked Wayne off the lot. Wayne played a Frontier Scout leading 100 pioneers along the Oregon Trial 2,000 miles to the Pacific Northwest. The distinguishing feature of the movie, which was shot on location, causing the critics to call it a "monumental" film rather than just another Western, was Walsh's realistic shooting of the hazards faced by the real pioneers' travels. A scene crossing a dangerous ravine and a buffalo stampede were not staged but actually took place, endangering cast and crew. Walsh said, however, that his biggest problem in filming was that the cast and crew stayed drunk the entire time. The other three movies were some of the B Westerns in which Wayne had small parts prior to becoming a star in "Stagecoach".
    Your options: [ A Rough Romance (1930) ] [ Two Fisted Law (1932) ] [ Range Feud (1931) ] [ The Big Trail (1930) ]
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Movies -- Part II
30 Oliver Hardy, of Laurel and Hardy fame, is the Duke's "sidekick" in which movie?
Answer: The Fighting Kentuckian (1949)

Wayne and Hardy are great together in this very funny black and white film, which co-stars Vera Ralston. It is a pre-Civil War saga of the Second Kentucky Regiment, marching 800 miles from Louisiana back home to Kentucky and their adventures along the way. Wayne, of course, gets the girl.
    Your options: [ The Fighting Kentuckian (1949) ] [ Dakota (1945) ] [ Three Godfathers (1948) ] [ Flying Tigers (1942) ]
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Movies - Part I
31 Throughout "Stagecoach", Ringo, though noble, is not the most cerebral character, and he remains blissfully unaware of Dallas' déclassé career until the film's denouement. How does Ringo discover Dallas' profession?
Answer: He walks her home after the stagecoach ride - to a very seedy brothel.

To his credit, Ringo does not retract his proposal of marriage to Dallas. The pair ends up fleeing to Ringo's ranch in Mexico - ahead of the legal authorities who are pursuing Ringo for a false charge!

"Stagecoach" was a remarkably influential film; Orson Welles screened it some forty times when preparing camera angles for "Citizen Kane". The Duke would co-star with Claire Trevor in "Allegheny Uprising" and "The Dark Command" in the following year. Trevor would capture top billing both times.
  From Quiz: John Wayne and the Oldest Profession
32 Who was the legendary gunfighter name John who wished to die in peace in "The Shootist" (1976)?
Answer: John Books

John Bernard Brooks was a gunfighter with stomach cancer who could not die in peace in Duke's last movie.
John Middleton was a government agent investigating cattle rustling in "Lawless Range" (1935).
John Wyatt was an undercover Federal Agent looking for counterfeiters in "Paradise Caynon" (1935).
John Rogers was the aka of John Wyatt in "Paradise Caynon".
  From Quiz: John Wayne - A Man Named John
33 This movie was released in 1955. John Wayne plays Captain Karl Ehrlich, a German freight Captain who is anti-nazi. Co-stars include Lana Turner and Tab Hunter. Although his death is not visible it is presumed.
Answer: The Sea Chase

The movie is set at the beginning of World War II.
The ship sinks at the end of the movie with John and Lana on board, leaving the viewer to decide if they survived or not.
    Your options: [ Wake Of The Red Witch ] [ Operation Pacific ] [ The Sea Chase ] [ Dark Command ]
  From Quiz: Movies That John Wayne Has Died In
34 Who was "River's" female lead, who co-starred again with Wayne in a John Ford film?
Answer: Joanne Dru

Cliff meets and falls for Dru when she and her companions are attacked by Indians. Later, Wayne, aiming to kill Cliff for his mutiny, is more interested in her for her giving him a birth son. At the end, she breaks up their fistfight. She also starred with Wayne in "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon".
  From Quiz: The Wayne-Hawks Quintet
35 Who played the female lead in 'Red River'?
Answer: Joanne Dru

Monty Clift and Brennan.
  From Quiz: John Wayne Westerns
36 Who played the Duke's romantic interest in "Chisum"?
Answer: None - he was single
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Leading Ladies Of 1970s
37 In 'Operation Pacific', who played Wayne's female costar ?
Answer: Patricia Neal
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Female Costars 1950s
38 Who played Freda the prostitute in 'The Long Voyage Home'?
Answer: Mildred Natwick
  From Quiz: John Wayne's Female Co-Stars of the 1940s
39 This lovely leading lady starred in four of the Duke's pictures and was good friends with him. Who was she?
Answer: Maureen O'Hara

Maureen O'Hara starred with Wayne in such films as "The Quiet Man" and "Big Jake". She was a perfect, smart, and feminine foil to the man's man Wayne!
  From Quiz: The John Wayneians
40 "Sands of Iwo Jima" What does Private Thomas do that gets someone in his squad killed?
Answer: stops to drink coffee

Thomas goes to get ammunition for the squad. On the way back he stops for coffee and idly "jabbers" with some fellow Marines. This delay causes the death of PFC Hellenopolis, and Cpl. Bass to be wounded by the Japanese. Later, Stryker finds out, and "beats the tar" out of Thomas. Guilt ridden, he immensely apologizes to Stryker, and admits; "I loved that Greek" (i.e Pvt. Hellenopolis, his friend).
  From Quiz: Dual Duke
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