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68 Young Guns Trivia Questions & Answers

Young Guns
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1 Myth: In "Young Guns 2" it was speculated that Billy was killed by a man who used to be his close friend. Who was that man?
Answer: Pat Garrett

Fact: There is no doubt that Billy and Pat knew each other. They may have even ridden together for some period of time. However, no historian has ever found a shred of evidence that the two were as close as the movie suggested.

Movie: In "Young Guns 2", Billy and Pat were as close as two friends could be. They rode together, they killed together, they joked around with each other, etc. When Pat was contracted to hunt down Billy, their friendship quickly turned into a personal feud.
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Doc reads a newspaper article about Billy the Kid and his gang. There's a picture that is supposed to be Billy but who is it?

2 During the shoot-out with Buckshot Roberts (where Dick gets killed), Doc gets shot. Where?
Answer: hand

You get to see his bandaged hand when he says he's going to town to write Dick's mother about his death.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
3 In the beginning of the movie, Billy is being chased through town and hides with some cattle. Who pulls up in a wagon to rescue him?
Answer: Doc and John

Keifer Sutherland, who plays 'Doc', is the son of actor Donald Sutherland, he also has a twin sister and interestingly, he has 5 middle names.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
4 'You rode a fifteen year old boy straight into his grave, and the rest of us, straight to hell'
Answer: Doc

This quote is on the soundtrack 'Blaze of Glory'.
5 Three China men are playing fan-tan, someone tells them the world is coming to an end, the first guy goes to the mission to pray, the second guy gets a case of tequila and six women, the third guy says 'I shall__________.'
Answer: finish the game

What a great little fable.
6 Who is the narrator?
Answer: Brushy Bill Roberts

I shouldn't accept Billy the Kid because who knows if they're the same person but I figured I'd get a lot of complaining messages. Besides, we all hope they're the same person, right? (And Emilio played both characters.)
7 Myth: "Young Guns" introduced us to an older man who would hire Billy and others to work on his ranch. This man was shown to be a father figure to all those men. Who was that man?
Answer: John Tunstall

Fact: Tunstall did hire Billy and the others to work for him. This is true. But, the men were merely hired guns to protect him and work on his ranch. Besides, Tunstall was only 24 when he died. Not exactly father figure material.

Movie: One scene in "Young Guns" showed John and the men having dinner together. John taught them manners and respect for each other. Tunstall was also shown teaching some of the men how to read.
8 Who reads from the Bible when they bury John Tunstall?
Answer: Dick

Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
9 Who is Josiah G. Scurlock?
Answer: Doc

Played by Keifer Sutherland. Doc is an aspiring poet.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
10 'William H. Bonney - you are not a god.'
Answer: Doc

'Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?'
11 Billy recruits help for his gang, one guy is all he can get, a farmer named what?
Answer: Hendry William French

Played by Alan Ruck.
12 Who is Billy hanging out with at the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Pat and Dave

'I had taken up with Patrick Lloyd (or Floyd?) Garrett and Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh...'
13 Myth: "Young Guns 2" had an all-star cast. Which popular actor played "Arkansas" Dave Rudabaugh?
Answer: Christian Slater

Fact: "Arkansas" Dave Rudabaugh? Nope. Sorry. There was no such person known by that name. If he did have a nickname, it was "Dirty" Dave Rudabaugh, but there is no proof he was called that either. Let's just call him Dave, shall we?

Movie: One of the recurring themes in "Young Guns 2" was how much of a narcissist Dave Rudabaugh was. Everywhere he went and seemingly everybody he came across, he would ask if they had heard of him. No, "Arkansas" Dave Rudabaugh, nobody had ever heard of you because you never existed.
14 When they are trapped in the house at the end, what is the name of the first person Billy kills from the downstairs window?
Answer: Charlie Crawford

Billy: "Hey Peppin, I see you got Charlie Crawford down there with you." -- [Shoots him.] -- Billy: "Hey Peppin, Charlie Crawford ain't with you anymore!"
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
15 What nationality is John Tunstall?
Answer: English

Murphy calls him Englishman.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
16 'I don't see how hats are relevant in this situation.'
Answer: Deputy Carlyle

Billy switches Chavez and Deputy Carlyle's hats, the angry mob mistakes their Deputy for Chavez and shoots him.
17 Pat tells Billy he won't be going with them. He's going to open up an eatin' house. What does he say he'll name it?
Answer: Garrett's Place

Billy later writes this on the wall in blood. Out of desperation he lets a young boy join his gang. Balthazar Getty plays Tom, the young wanna-be outlaw who idolizes Billy.
18 It was 1878 in the first movie, what year is it in this movie?
Answer: 1879

'...took place the year after the Great McSween fire of 1878, what some call the end of the Lincoln County war...'
19 Myth: In "Young Guns 2", there was a scene that involved a young boy who was stealing food. This boy had been yearning to meet the infamous Billy Bonney. Well, he got his wish, because this is where he first meets Billy. What was this boy's name?
Answer: Tom O'Folliard

Fact: This one was a huge historical error, and I have no idea how this got included in the movie. "Young Guns 2" took place after the Lincoln County War. But, Billy met Tom during the war, and became the best of friends. Tom was also portrayed as a kid from Pennsylvania. Oops. The real Tom was from Texas.

Movie: "Young Guns 2" claims that Tom's only mission in life was to ride with "The Kid". Poor young Tommy got his wish, and was shot and killed as a result.
20 Who does Billy say he has seen hang?
Answer: Red Smitty

"Seen his head come clean off."
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
21 Charlie says he isn't a pistoleer or a knife smith, what is he?
Answer: pugilist

A pugilist is a fighter, boxer, whatever. At the party someone tries to pick a fight with John Tunstall and Charlie steps in and pummells the guy. Its funny because Charlie is not a very big guy!
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
22 'I'll charge you. I'll sentence you. I will hang you but I'll never bluff you.'
Answer: the prosecuting attorney

The prosecuting attorney affectionately called Mr. Dungpile by Billy.
23 Who is the richest man in New Mexico?
Answer: John Chisum

24 What city was Doc a teacher in when he was captured?
Answer: New York City

'I'm a school teacher from the city of New York.'
25 Myth: At the end of "Young Guns", it was shown that Billy killed a man after he and his friends escaped the fight at Alex McSween's house, and that would spark the end of the Lincoln County War. What was the name of this man?
Answer: Lawrence Murphy

Fact: Where to start? How about the fact that Murphy was nowhere near the events at McSween's house? Murphy was far away suffering from an illness. That illness was cancer, and that is what really killed him, not a bullet from Billy's revolver.

Movie: In "Young Guns", Billy believed that if Murphy was dead, the war would end. After he escaped the siege at McSween's house, Billy rode back and put a bullet right through the old man's forehead.