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Young Guns Trivia Questions & Answers

Young Guns There are 68 questions on this topic. Last updated Dec 04 2023.
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51 'Encumbered by idgits, we pressed on.'
Answer: Pat Garrett

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When they are trapped in the house at the end, what is the name of the first person Billy kills from the downstairs window?

52 Whose last words are, 'Let's finish the game'?
Answer: Doc

Billy's last words in the movie are ''ll never be me, you'll only be the man who shot Billy the Kid'.
53 Billy corrects the prosecuting attorney (Mr.Dungpile) 'It was not a cattle war it was a __________ war.'
Answer: merchant

The Irish vs. the English.
54 Which one of the Regulators gets married?
Answer: Charlie

This happens near the end of the movie in the Mexican village, just before Garrett tells them the McSweens are going to be in trouble and may need help getting out of Lincoln.
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55 Doc reads a newspaper article about Billy the Kid and his gang. There's a picture that is supposed to be Billy but who is it?
Answer: Dick

Of course we all know Emilio (Billy) and Charlie (Dick) are brothers in real life so I can see the mix up! Just kidding. Dick was the 'leader' of the regulators, though. Even if Billy kind of took control when he arrived.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
56 'You'll only be the man who shot Billy the Kid.'
Answer: Billy the Kid

Billy says this to Pat.
57 Which is the real name of Billy the Kid?
Answer: Henry McCarty

58 What's the name of the broken trail to Old Mexico?
Answer: mexican blackbird

59 Buckshot Roberts (he's killed more people than smallpox) has a shoot out with the regulators. How many of them does he shoot?
Answer: 3

He wounds Chavez and Doc, then fatally shoots Dick. It was 6 vs. 1...they didn't do too well, did they?
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
60 Who gets married?
Answer: Charlie

While hiding out in Juarez village, he marries a 'mexican gal'. But he leaves her to help his pals.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
61 Who comes to the Juarez village to warn Billy about the planned attack on Alex McSween?
Answer: Pat Garrett

Pat is idolized a bit by Billy in this movie. In the second movie they are friends. It doesn't make much sense. And then we all know how their relationship ends.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
62 After Alex sends her out of the house, who does Susan McSween slap?
Answer: The colonel

You go girl!
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63 What two regulators die in the final shoot out?
Answer: Charlie and Steve

Dermot Mulroney ('My Best Friend's Wedding') plays Dirty Steve.
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64 In a saloon, Billy meets a man who claims he's going to shoot Billy the Kid. He describes Billy. Which isn't part of his description?
Answer: he's only 18 years old

He also says he's fond of whistlin' sad ballads.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
65 Who is Charlie Bowdry most afraid of?
Answer: John Kinney

While holed up in Alex's house, surrounded by everyone, Charlie stutters and stammers over and over 'J-J-John Kinney's here' until Doc says 'Thank you very much Charlie!' Charlie ends up killing John Kinney as he is dying.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
66 Who said, 'Did you know pigs is as smart as dogs'?
Answer: Charlie

Ya gotta love Charlie.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
67 Who said 'He ain't all there is he'?
Answer: Steve

He is talking about Billy. I agree, Billy is not all there.
Question Reference: Quiz: Young Guns.
68 At the very end of the movie, Kiefer Sutherland tells what happened to each of the regulators. He tells how Pat Garrett shot Billy and that someone carved one word into Billy's tombstone. What word?
Answer: Pals

What a good movie...
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