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1 After the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered in Carthage, IL, their bodies were hidden for a time within the walls of this Nauvoo building that was still under construction.
Answer: The Nauvoo House

It was a temporary solution as there were still those evil-doers who wished to lay claim on the bodies in order to receive a monetary reward. The caskets themselves were filled with sand and placed in a different location. Only a handful of people ever knew where the bodies really were until the late 1920's.
    Your options: [ The Nauvoo House ] [ The Homestead ] [ The Mansion House ] [ The temple ]
  From Quiz: Latter-Day Saint Trivia-Little Known Facts
2 Joseph Smith founded Mormonism (officially the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) in 1830 -- but where does the word "Mormon" come from?
Answer: The Angel Moroni's father, Mormon

In 1823, Smith had a vision of the Angel Moroni who told him to find some gold plates and translate them. Smith called followers of the religion Mormons, after Moroni's father.
  From Quiz: The Mormons: 1820-1900
3 After spending some time in Quincy, Illinois, Joseph led the Saints up north to a new settlement. What was it originally called?
Answer: Commerce

The town was a poorly developed land that lay where the Mississippi River bent, so it surrounded the land on three sides. It was swampy and not considered good land. Joseph renamed the place Nauvoo, which is the Hebrew word for beautiful. At the time, the town didn't seem to fit the name, but eventually, it became one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Illinois.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
4 Who did NOT visit the newly dedicated Kirtland temple on April 3, 1836?
Answer: Moroni

Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith Jr went behind the curtains in the Kirtland Temple during Easter services. They were visited by Jesus Christ, who formally accepted His temple. They were visited by Moses, who gave them the keys to gather Israel. Elias came and "committed the dispensation of the gospel of Abraham." Elijah gave the sealing keys to Joseph and Oliver. This account is recorded as Section 110 of the Doctrine and Covenants.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Kirtland and Missouri
5 Where did Joseph Smith live when he received the First Vision?
Answer: Palmyra, New York

The Smith family lived on a farm near Palmyra, New York. While living there, Joseph was confused about which religion to join, so he went into the woods near his home to pray. While praying, Heavenly Father and Jesus appeared to him and told him, among other things, that he should not join any of the churches in the area. Joseph was ridiculed for his story, but he never wavered in his testimony and became the first President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - The Earliest Years
6 The LDS church was founded with how many members?
Answer: 6

Six was the minimum amount that a church needed to be recognised as a religion at the time.
  From Quiz: Early LDS History
7 Mary Whitmer cleaned, cooked and cared for many people who came to her home for meetings as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was being organized. How was Mary rewarded by God for her faithfulness and unwavering service?
Answer: She was able to view the golden plates from which Joseph Smith had translated the Book of Mormon.

Mary Whitmer is one of the greatest examples of Christ-like service in the history of the Church. She was on her back porch when she was approached by a man (angel?) who told her that because of her faithfulness she would be allowed to see the gold plates. Not even Emma Smith viewed the plates, although she did feel them through their cloth covering on several occassions.
  From Quiz: Latter-Day Saint Trivia-Little Known Facts
8 On July 22, 1839, Joseph rose from his own sickbed and went from sickbed to sickbed all over the city and neighboring communities healing the people. What did these hundreds of people ail from?
Answer: malaria

The greatest example of healing was of Elijah Fordham. He was so far gone, that many thought him already dead. Joseph knelt by his bed and prayed. Elijah woke from a coma and saw Joseph. "Have you not the faith to be healed?" Joseph asked him. "I am afraid it is too late. If you had come sooner, I think it might have been," was his reply. Suddenly, Joseph stood up and said, "Elijah, I command you, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, to arise and be made whole." All witnesses say that Elijah rose from his bed, color rushed to his cheeks and he was the embodiment of perfect health. Elijah lived for years after and made the trek across the plains to the Salt Lake Valley.
At the time and well into the early 1900's, malaria was referred to by the name fever 'n ague (pronounced egg-you).
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
9 Where were missionaries sent for the first LDS overseas mission?
Answer: England

The first foreign mission was to Toronto, Canada, but England was the first mission overseas from the U.S. Many of the Canadian converts came from England. Heber C. Kimball led a group of missionaries to England in 1837 to teach in Liverpool and Preston; this was the first overseas trip.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Kirtland and Missouri
10 Who was not one of the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon?
Answer: Hiram Page

Hiram Page was actually one of the Eight Witnesses. He did see the gold plates, but did not see Angel Moroni, as the Three Witnesses did. A testimony by the Three Witnesses, the Eight Witnesses and Joseph Smith appear at the beginning of the Book of Mormon.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - The Earliest Years
11 Which member mortgaged his property in order to have the Book of Mormon printed?
Answer: Martin Harris

Against the wishes of his family and friends Martin mortgaged his home!
    Your options: [ Martin Harris ] [ Oliver Cowdry ] [ Joseph Smith ] [ Brigham Young ]
  From Quiz: Early LDS History
12 The Mormons were polygynous. What is polygyny?
Answer: Where a man can have more than one wife

Non-Mormons hated polygyny, a type of polygamy, and persecuted the Mormons, trying to make them stop the practice. By 1843, Smith reportedly had ten wives (according to marriage and sealing records) -- although his wife Emma and his children always denied it. The Mormon church disavowed polygamy only in 1890.
  From Quiz: The Mormons: 1820-1900
13 The Twelve Apostles, though many were sick, left on their prophesied mission in the summer of 1839. Where were they headed?
Answer: England

They were commanded to go on the mission and take their leave from Far West, Missouri on April 26, 1839. Because the Saints had been expelled from Missouri, they had to sneak back in to make their leave. Then, sickness struck, so it was late summer before they were able to start leaving Nauvoo. The first group of the Twelve arrived in England early in 1840 and the rest had arrived by April. They served over a year in England, and even opened up the Church in both Scotland and Ireland.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
14 What was the name of the bank started by the Saints in Kirtland?
Answer: The Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking Company

The Leaders of the Church encouraged the Saints to open a bank, so that money could be issued and, hopefully, the outrageous inflation could be curbed. At the time they applied for a charter, the state of Ohio was controlled by "hard money" Democrats who did not want to have more banks. So the Saints formed a private company and called it an "Anti-Banking" Company. But inflation was rampant all over the company and the newly established Kirtland Safety Society was caught in a nationwide recession and failed. This led to many of the Saints apostatizing and the faithful Saints were forced to flee Kirtland for Missouri.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Kirtland and Missouri
15 Who served as a scribe to Joseph while he translated the Book of Mormon?
Answer: all of these

Emma and Martin both helped Joseph with the translation in Palmyra, New York and Harmony, Pennsylvania. Then Oliver Cowdery heard the story of Joseph Smith's vision and traveled to Pennsylvania to meet the man. He was baptized and called to serve as Joseph's scribe. He continued to help as the Smiths moved to Fayette, New York.
    Your options: [ Emma Smith ] [ Martin Harris ] [ Oliver Cowdery ] [ all of these ]
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - The Earliest Years
16 After the persecution in Palmyra NY, where did the LDS move its members to?
Answer: Kirtland, Ohio
  From Quiz: Early LDS History
17 Those leaders of the LDS Church who were imprisoned in Carthage, IL the summer of 1844 were imprisoned because of an incident that began with a...
Answer: Printing press

It all began with the accusations that were printed in a local newspaper. The town council of Nauvoo, which included many Church leaders, then ordered the destruction of the printing press and the rest is history...
    Your options: [ Printing press ] [ Ferry boat ] [ Cow and a lantern ] [ bodyguard of the Prophet Joseph Smith's ]
  From Quiz: Latter-Day Saint Trivia-Little Known Facts
18 In 1831, a year after 'The Book of Mormon' was published, how many people had converted to Mormonism?
Answer: 1,000

Missionaries were being sent on long journeys to convert more people to become Mormons.
  From Quiz: The Mormons: 1820-1900
19 The man most responsible for the passing of the Nauvoo Charter by the state of Illinois was also elected as the first mayor. What was his name?
Answer: John C Bennett

While Joseph Smith became the mayor after John C Bennett was forced to resign and kicked out of the Church, originally, Dr. Bennett was an upstanding citizen. He served as Brigadier General in the Nauvoo Militia. Later, it was learned that he had abandoned his wife and children and was using his position in Nauvoo to seduce women and had even used his medical practices to help women end unwanted pregnancies.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
20 Who is the only woman recorded to have seen the plates and Moroni?
Answer: Mary Whitmer

Mary Whitmer (aka Mother Whitmer) was a faithful sister who, in addition to her own large family, provided a home for Joseph, Emma and Oliver as the Book of Mormon was being translated. She had a lot of additional work. One day, as she headed to the barn, a man appeared to her and showed her the gold plates, as compensation for her burden. Later, Joseph told her that the man was Moroni. Emma was disappointed when she heard this, but she was given a special revelation, which is now section 25 of the Doctrine and Covenants. She was also allowed to feel the plates beneath a cloth.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - The Earliest Years
21 When the saints arrived in Illinois, they settled in a swampy area in the west. They built a city called Nauvoo (City Beautiful). What was the site called previous to Mormon settlement?
Answer: Commerce

Montrose was on the Iowa side of the Mississippi, Quilpe was to the South and later on in the history of the city it was renamed St. Joseph City.
  From Quiz: Early LDS History
22 Lucy Mack Smith, the Prophet's mother did not go with the main body of Saints when they left for Utah. Lucy didn't leave with them because she...
Answer: Loved Emma and would stay in Nauvoo with her

Much like Ruth and Naomi from the Old Testament, Emma and her mother-in-law shared an amazing bond of love. Lucy knew that the Saints were doing the right thing, and she knew that Brigham Young was to succeed Joseph, her son, however...her heart was with her family. She also was elderly for her time and the journey would have been long & tedious. However, if Emma had decided to leave she would have most likely gone with her. Emma, of course, did not go with Brigham Young and the rest of the Saints.
    Your options: [ Loved Emma and would stay in Nauvoo with her ] [ Refused to leave her home and fine things. ] [ Questioned Brigham Young's succession as a prophet of God ] [ Wanted to stay near the newly completed temple. ]
  From Quiz: Latter-Day Saint Trivia-Little Known Facts
23 Joseph Smith wanted to have a 'holy city' in America, but what did he want to call it?
Answer: Zion

Zion means City of God. Kirtland was Smith's chosen site for it but the Mormons were driven out of there and went to Missouri. They eventually settled by Salt Lake and created Salt Lake City.
  From Quiz: The Mormons: 1820-1900
24 With an influx of Saints traveling to Nauvoo from England, a new business became popular in the mid 1840s that was essential to the building of the temple and the economic growth of the Saints. What was this business?
Answer: brickyards

Nauvoo had some of the area's best clay deposits. Immigrants from "The Potteries" district in England brought their trade with them and opened brickyards. Nauvoo bricks were considered the finest bricks in the Midwest.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
25 What was the name of the large settlement north of Far West, Missouri called?
Answer: Adam-ondi-Ahman

Adam-ondi-Ahman, originally called Spring Hill (see Doctrine and Covenants section 116), was revealed to Joseph Smith, Jr to be the place Adam came after leaving the Garden of Eden with Eve. The revelation also says Adam-ondi-Ahman "is the place where Adam shall come to visit his people, or the Ancient of Days shall sit, as spoken of by Daniel the prophet."
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Kirtland and Missouri
26 Who mortgaged their farm for $3000 to help pay for the printing of the Book of Mormon?
Answer: Martin Harris

The printer, Grandin, was not sure he wanted to print the book when the rumor was no one would buy one. Martin Harris mortgaged his farm and put up the money to reassure Grandin. 3000 copies were printed and put up for sale March 26, 1830.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - The Earliest Years
27 While in Missouri the LDS members suffered heaps of persecution. Which of these events did not happen there?
Answer: Joseph Smith was killed
    Your options: [ Joseph Smith was killed ] [ Siege of Far West ] [ Haun's Mill Massacre ] [ Battle of Crooked River ]
  From Quiz: Early LDS History
28 What did Moroni tell Joseph Smith to find?
Answer: Gold plates

The gold plates were hidden in a hillside in Cumorah in Palmyra, New York State.
  From Quiz: The Mormons: 1820-1900
29 The women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints wanted to help with the effort of building the temple, so many sisters gathered together to sew shirts for the workers. What did this informal sewing circle eventually lead to?
Answer: The Relief Society Organization

Originally, the ladies planned to start a benevolent society like those in many other cities. Joseph Smith, instead, organized the women as part of the Church, similar to the Priesthood Quorums. Emma Smith was elected and set apart as the first president of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo in March 1842. Though the organization fell away in the last year of living in Nauvoo, it was re-organized when the Saints found their home in the Salt Lake Valley and still exists today as an organization within the Church for women, dedicated to helping others.
    Your options: [ The Rescue Aid Society ] [ The Primary Organization ] [ The Relief Society Organization ] [ nothing ]
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
30 The Latter-Day Saint Church was officially formed on April 6, 1830 in Fayette, New York. How many official members did it have at that time?
Answer: 6

Only people who had been previously baptized were official members when the church was formed. They were Joseph Smith, Jr, Hyrum Smith, Samuel Smith, Peter Whitmer, David Whitmer and Oliver Cowdery. Later that day, the Church tripled in size with baptisms.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - The Earliest Years
31 Who was not in Carthage Jail when Joseph Smith was killed?
Answer: Brigham Young
  From Quiz: Early LDS History
32 What was Hyrum Smith's second wife's name?
Answer: Mary Fielding Smith

Hyrum had been married and had five children with his first wife, who Mary Fielding raised. Mary Fielding Smith's posterity has blessed the LDS Church with two prophets, Joseph F. Smith and Joseph Fielding Smith.
  From Quiz: Latter-Day Saint Trivia-Little Known Facts
33 In what year did the Mormons leave Kirtland?
Answer: 1837

They arrived in Kirtland in 1831, moved to Missouri in 1837 and left in 1839 and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois. They left Nauvoo in 1845.
  From Quiz: The Mormons: 1820-1900
34 What revelation practiced by the Saints was one of the major factors in the Illinois persecutions, because it was considered reprehensible by, not only the enemies of the Church, but also many of the Saints?
Answer: plural marriage

All of these doctrines were put into practice while the Saints lived in Nauvoo, but it was polygamy that outraged many. Even Emma Smith had a hard time with it. John C Bennett, mayor and assistant to the First Presidency, President Marks of the Nauvoo Stake and several members of the Quorum of the Twelve all left the Church because of polygamy, though they tried to use it as an excuse to seduce any and all women.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
35 What Mormon Settlement was attacked by a mob, who killed 17 people, including women and children?
Answer: Haun's Mill

On October 30, 1838, approximately 250 men rode into the small settlement of Haun's Mill firing their guns at everything that moved. The men gathered inside the blacksmith shop to defend themselves, but the mob rode up, stuck their guns through the cracks in the logs and fired. 10 year-old Sardius Smith survived the initial onslaught, but was later shot in the head by a mobber who found him alive. Thomas MacBride, not a Mormon, was hacked to death. Women and children fled across the river and were fired at the whole way. 17 people died and at least 13 were seriously wounded.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Kirtland and Missouri
36 It was thought that if Joseph Smith was killed the Mormon church would fall apart. Who took lead of the church after the death of the prophet?
Answer: Brigham Young
  From Quiz: Early LDS History
37 After the death of Jospeh and Hyrum Smith, what Church member felt that the title and office of Prophet, Seer and Revelator for the LDS Church should be bestowed upon him and delivered a two hour speech to convince the Saints of this truth?
Answer: Sidney Rigdon

Brigham Young spoke for roughly 15 minutes, during which the spirit of Joseph Smith presented itself through Brigham Young as he spoke. Many testified of seeing Joseph's image in Brigham's face and others Joseph's voice as Brigham spoke at that meeting. Sidney Rigdon left the Saints soon after.
  From Quiz: Latter-Day Saint Trivia-Little Known Facts
38 What is the official name of Mormonism?
Answer: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

This was the name that was registered in 1831.
  From Quiz: The Mormons: 1820-1900
39 Joseph was finally able to finish transcribing the scrolls found in a mummy purchased while the Saints lived in Kirtland, Ohio. In what book of scripture can these writings be found?
Answer: Pearl of Great Price

The writings on the scrolls proved to be writings by both Abraham and Moses. Today, these scriptures are found with Joseph Smith's History, a translation of the book of Matthew and the Articles of Faith in the Pearl of Great Price.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Nauvoo
40 What was the name of the governor who issued the Extermination Order against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?
Answer: Lillburn W Boggs

October 27, 1838, Lillburn W. Boggs, governor of the state of Missouri, penned an order, which included the words, "The Mormons must be treated as enemies and must be exterminated, or driven from the state, if necessary for the public good. Their outrages are beyond all description." Strangely, the Saints had done nothing but protect what they had. Mobs of anti-Mormons had roamed the countryside burning down homes, slaughtering cattle and, in at least one case, kidnapping members of the Church.
  From Quiz: LDS Church History - Kirtland and Missouri
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