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Trivia Questions and Answers
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50 Carolina Panthers Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Carolina Panthers? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Carolina Panthers (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 What year did the Carolina Panthers join the NFL as an expansion team?
Answer: 1995

The Panthers are a team based in Charlotte that represent both North and South Carolina. Their summer camp is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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2 How many regular season games did the Panthers lose before getting the first win in franchise history?
Answer: 5

The Panthers joined the NFL in 1995. Under head coach Dom Capers they lost their first five regular season games, but improved drastically to finish at 7-9.
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3 Who scored the first ever regular season touchdown for the Panthers during their inaugural 1995 campaign?
Answer: Pete Metzelaars

It was a TD reception in the Georgiadome, during a game Carolina eventually lost 20 to 17 on September 3, 1995.
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4 Who was the other expansion team to enter the NFL the same year as the Panthers?
Answer: Jacksonville Jaguars

Expansion teams are usually brand new teams that expand into new cities. Due to the team being new and having to start with a new roster, new staff and complete building of a program, expansion teams generally do not perform so well the first few seasons. The Jaguars seem to be the exception to that rule appearing in the playoffs four times out of their first five seasons. The Panthers had some early success also.
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5 The first regular season opponent of the Panthers was whom?
Answer: Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons won the "Battle of I-85" and created a new rivalry.
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6 Who was the owner that started a push for a Carolina expansion team as early as 1987?
Answer: Jerry Richardson

Richardson was a former Baltimore Colt player and the head of Richardson Sports. He rallied the troops so to speak, to gain support for the desired franchise. Governors and other politicians from North and South Carolina joined together to show that there would be enough support to sustain a team. Sold out preseason games were held in 1989, 1990, and 1991. Also, prior to knowing for certain if there would be a Carolina team, Richardson announced plans to finance a new stadium with permanent seat licenses and luxury boxes, etc. When the tickets went on sale, the seats sold out the first day.
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7 Panther LB Sam Mills attended what university?
Answer: Montclair State

Mills has a statue located outside Ericcson Stadium.
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8 Who was the inaugural coach for the Panthers?
Answer: Dom Capers

Dom Capers served as head coach the first four seasons of the Panthers. He also was named NFL Coach of the Year in their second season. He had a long resume of coaching stints in both college and the pros as an assistant, and head coach beginning in 1972.
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9 Which team was the first to lose to the Panthers in a playoff game?
Answer: Dallas Cowboys

The Panthers finished with a very impressive 12-4 record in their second season of 1996. They beat the Cowboys 26-17 in the first playoff game in franchise history, then dropped the NFC Championship Game, 30-13 to the Packers.
    Your options: [ Dallas Cowboys ] [ New Orleans Saints ] [ Green Bay Packers ] [ St. Louis Rams ]
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10 What team did the Panthers defeat, to win their first game in the regular season, in their first season of 1995?
Answer: New York Jets

The game was a defensive slugfest and was won in Clemson, after Sam Mills returned an interception for a touchdown, to seal the deal in a 21 - 16 game, which marked the beginning of the end for Rich Kotite as the head coach of the Jets.
  From Quiz: Carolina Panthers History
11 What are the team colors?
Answer: Black, blue, silver, white

Like many other teams that call home somewhere in the warm, southern climates, the Panthers wear the light-colored jerseys and force the away team to wear the dark-colored ones in the heat. The logo consists of an angry looking panther head outlined in blue.
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12 Whose single season team record did Stephen Davis break when he rushed for 1,444 yards for the Panthers in 2003?
Answer: Anthony Johnson

Johnson was the only Carolina running back before Davis to rush for over 1,000 yards in a season. His 1,120 yards in 1996 stood for seven years.
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13 Where did the Panthers play their home games in their first season?
Answer: Clemson, SC

They moved to Charlotte after their stadium was completed in the offseason of 1995.
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14 In their first NFL draft, who did the Panthers choose as their top pick?
Answer: Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins was a quarterback out of Penn State. He was a first round, fifth pick of the Panthers. He went to the Pro Bowl in his second NFL season. Of the others listed; McNair, QB round 1 to Houston;, T. Collins, QB round 2 to Buffalo; and Stewart, QB round 2 to Pittsburgh.
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15 Who was the first majority owner of the Carolina Panthers franchise?
Answer: Jerry Richardson

Mr. Richardson was also a former player in the NFL for the Baltimore Colts, making him the first majority owner, who was also a former player in the league.
  From Quiz: Carolina Panthers History
16 Who was the Panthers first pick of the expansion draft?
Answer: Rod Smith

The Panthers first four picks, in order, were: Smith, Boatswain, Haws and Rodgers. Rod Smith was chosen from the New England Patriots.

When the league allows a new team, an expansion draft is held to allow the new team to form a roster of players so as not to rely solely on the NFL draft. Of course all of the other NFL teams can place their key players on a "protected" list. The players that are usually eligble in the expansion are players with very high salaries that the team wants to rid itself of, injured players, older players or players that just didn't meet the teams expectations. Of course sometimes, key players are traded in the expansion drafts for compensation or future NFL draft picks.
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17 Which former Panthers player was shot to death by his wife in July 2000?
Answer: Fred Lane

Lane's wife shot and killed him in a domestic dispute in their home in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2001, former Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth was sentenced to 19-24 years in prison after being convicted of conspiracy to commit the murder of his pregnant girlfriend.
    Your options: [ Fred Lane ] [ Kevin Greene ] [ Rae Carruth ] [ Todd Kinchen ]
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18 Panthers WR Muhsin Muhammad attended what university?
Answer: Michigan State University

This former Spartan also led the NFC in receptions, before becoming more injury prone later in his career.
  From Quiz: Carolina Panthers History
19 When was the Panthers first winning season?
Answer: Their 2nd season

The Panthers went 12-4 in their second season, finishing first in the NFC West. They made it to the Conference Championship but were defeated by the Green Bay Packers, 30-13.
  From Quiz: All About the Panthers
20 Who was the first player selected by the Panthers in the expansion draft, that allocated them their players in 1995?
Answer: Rod Smith

Rod Smith was a cornerback and former Notre Dame standout, and retired after several more productive seasons.
  From Quiz: Carolina Panthers History
21 What was the final score in their Super Bowl XXXVIII appearance?
Answer: New England 32 - Carolina 29

The game was played February 1, 2004, at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Carolina almost pulled off the upset. New England beat them with a game-winning field goal and with only 4 seconds left on the clock. This has been called one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever. It might be because this was the Super Bowl halftime show with Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and the "wardrobe malfunction".
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22 The Panthers scored 29 points in three of their four postseason games in 2003. Against which team did they only score 14 points?
Answer: Philadelphia Eagles

The Panthers beat the Eagles 14-3 in the 2003 NFC Championship Game. They had already beaten the Cowboys 29-10 in the first round and the Rams 29-23 in overtime in the second round. They lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots 32-29.
    Your options: [ Philadelphia Eagles ] [ New England Patriots ] [ St. Louis Rams ] [ Dallas Cowboys ]
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23 Who did the Panthers acquire kicker John Kasay from, before their first season began?
Answer: Seattle Seahawks

Kasay was the Panther player from their original roster, who was on the team the longest through 2002.
  From Quiz: Carolina Panthers History
24 Where did the Panthers call home in their inaugural season?
Answer: Memorial Stadium

Prior to the home stadium being complete, the Panthers played at Clemson University's Memorial Stadium. Their home stadium was complete for their second season, and it was called both Carolinas Stadium and Ericsson Stadium. Ericsson Stadium was a 10-year deal, then it was renamed Bank of America Stadium in a 20-year deal. It is named Carolinas Stadium for FIFA events only.
  From Quiz: All About the Panthers
25 Which southern college did Panthers running back Stephen Davis attend?
Answer: Auburn

Davis had several productive seasons with the Washington Redskins before signing with the Panthers in 2003. The move brought him closer to his hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina.
    Your options: [ Auburn ] [ Clemson ] [ South Carolina ] [ Georgia ]
  From Quiz: Panther Pride
26 What famous personality was the first player ever cut by the Carolina Panthers?
Answer: Bill Goldberg

Goldberg later became a famous professional wrestler, and won the WCW title. He also was a standout player for the University of Georgia, and a member of the Falcons earlier in his career.
  From Quiz: Carolina Panthers History
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