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90 San Diego Padres Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about San Diego Padres? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to San Diego Padres (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
1 In what year did the Padres made their debut in MLB?
Answer: 1969

The San Diego Padres was one of four expansion teams in 1969. The other teams were Montreal Expos in the National League, Kansas City Royals, and the Seattle Pilots in the American League.
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2 In 1993, Fred McGriff was traded to the Atlanta Braves. Which outfielder was supposed to be the big hitter in this deal?
Answer: Melvin Nieves

They also received Donnie Elliott (P) and Vince Moore (OF) in this deal. None of these players ever made significant contributions for the Padres.
    Your options: [ Derek Bell ] [ Ruben Rivera ] [ Stan Jefferson ] [ Melvin Nieves ]
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3 Who played shortstop for the Padres from '71 to '78, and wore number 11?
Answer: Enzo Hernandez

Enzo used to flip the bat handle on the plate and catch the bat once it did a flip.
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4 The San Diego Padres were awarded a National League franchise back in May 27, 1968. On October 14, 1968, the Padres selected 30 players in an expansion draft. Who was the first ever player that they selected?
Answer: Ollie Brown

After being awarded a baseball frachise during an owners meeting in Chicago, Ollie Brown was the first of thirty players that San Diego took in the 1969 expansion draft. Nicknamed "Downtown" Brown for his long home runs as a minor leaguer, Ollie hit 20 homers with a .264 batting average in his first season as a Padre.
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5 Who has never been a Padres manager?
Answer: Dick Freeman

Dick Freeman was never the Padres manager, however, he was the team's president in 1990.
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6 In what year did the Padres join Major League Baseball?
Answer: 1969

The Padres joined the ranks in 1969. They were led by manager Preston Gomez to a 52-110 record and last (12th) place. Playing in Jack Murphy Stadium, the Padres drew just barely over 1/2 million in attendance.
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7 Where did the Padres play their home games in the 2000 season?
Answer: Qualcomm Stadium

San Diego Stadium (built in 1967) was renamed Jack Murphy Stadium in 1980 and Qualcomm Stadium in 1997.
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8 What year did the Padres join the NL?
Answer: 1969

The Montreal Expos joined the NL that same year.
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9 How many times did the Padres win the West Division in the National League while they played in the Qualcomm Stadium?
Answer: 3

The Padres played in Qualcomm Stadium (called Jack Murphy Stadium prior) from 1969-2003. They won the West Division Titles in 1984, 1996, and 1998.
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10 Along with Joe Carter, Roberto Alomar was sent to Toronto for Fred McGriff and what infielder in December of 1990?
Answer: Tony Fernandez

Both earned World Series rings with Toronto while McGriff and Fernandez also did well in San Diego.
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11 It wasn't until their 10th season that the Pads finished above .500 in 1978. Who was their manager that year?
Answer: Roger Craig

Roger pitched for the Dodgers, Mets, Cardinals, Reds, and Phillies. He was promoted to manager from pitching coach of the Pads in 78.
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12 Who did the Padres play against in their Major League debut?
Answer: Houston Astros

The Padres made their Major League debut, by defeating the Houston Astros 2-1, in front of 23,370 fans at San Diego Stadium on April 8, 1969.
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13 In what year did the Padres win their first National League title?
Answer: 1984

Led by former Oakland A's manager Dick Williams, the Padres beat the Cubs for the National League crown 3 games to 2. San Diego lost the World Series to the Tigers 4 games to 1.
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14 What year did the Padres make their major league debut?
Answer: 1969

The Padres made their major league debut on April 8th, 1969 with a 2-1 victory over Houston in front of 23,370 fans at San Diego Stadium.
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15 In what city did the Padres AAA team play in 2003?
Answer: Portland

The team was called the Beavers in 2003. The Padres former AAA team was located in Las Vegas until 2000. Las Vegas was later the AAA affilate of the Dodgers. The Padres had their AA team in Mobile.
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16 Which San Diego Padre won the National League batting title in 1992?
Answer: Gary Sheffield

Gary Sheffield hit .330 in 1992.
    Your options: [ Mark Loretta ] [ Gary Sheffield ] [ Tony Gwynn ] [ Fred McGriff ]
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17 When Gary Sheffield was traded to the Florida Marlins in 1993, what former shortstop was sent to San Diego?
Answer: Trevor Hoffman

They also received Jose Martinez and Andres Berumen from Florida. Hoffman went on to set a career record for saves with 551.
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18 This 39-year old went 21-9 in 1978 with a 2.73 ERA. He went on to pitch for five more years and amass a total of 313 wins. Who was he?
Answer: Gaylord Perry

Gaylord was often accused of throwing 'doctored' pitches.
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19 In 1976, who won the Padres' first Cy Young Award?
Answer: Randy Jones

Randy Jones won the Cy Young Award after an inspiring 22-14 record. Also that year, he lead the Padres in wins (22), innings pitched (315 1/3), and complete games (25).
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20 When did the Padres host their first All-Star game?
Answer: 1978

The Padres hosted their first All-Star Game, which the National League defeated the American League 7-3.
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21 What year did Tony Gwynn start playing for the Padres?
Answer: 1982
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22 What year did the Padres' stadium open?
Answer: 1967

The stadium, now called Qualcomm, was originally called San Diego Stadium and was home to the NFL's Chargers. The Padres moved in 2 years later when they became a NL expansion team. A new Padres stadium is currently under construction in Downtown San Diego, and is due to open in 2004. In honor of Tony Gwynn, the stadium will be located at 19 Tony Gwynn Drive.
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23 How many saves did pitcher Trevor Hoffman have with the Padres?
Answer: 552

In 16 seasons with the Padres from 1993-2008, he saved 552 games and won another 54 games.
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24 For Ozzie Smith, the Padres received Garry Templeton in December of 1981. Who else did they receive in this deal?
Answer: Sixto Lezcano and Luis DeLeon

Both had been unhappy and wanted to be traded.
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25 In 1976, this Padres pitcher tied with Pat Zachary of the Reds for Rookie of the Year honors. He was overshadowed by the antics of the AL winner, Mark "the Bird" Fidrych. Who was he?
Answer: Butch Metzger

In five years in the Bigs, he never came close to his stats for '76.
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26 In which stadium did Tony Gwynn get his 3,000th hit?
Answer: Olympic Stadium

Tony Gwynn got his 3,000th hit on Augest 6, 1999, in the first inning of a Padres-Expos game at Olympic Stadium.
    Your options: [ Qualcomm Stadium ] [ Safeco Field ] [ Busch Stadium ] [ Olympic Stadium ]
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27 In 1992, Gary Sheffield became a San Diego Padre. What position did he play in that season?
Answer: Third Base

Gary played third base but committed 16 errors that season. In 1993, he committed 15 more errors before being shipped to the Florida Marlins. The Marlins later moved him to the outfield position.
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28 Ray Kroc bought the Padres in 1974. He is the founder of what fast food chain?
Answer: McDonald's

On January 25th, 1974 Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, prevented the Padres from moving to Washington, D.C., by purchasing the club from C. Arnholt Smith. He dies on January 14, 1984 and Mrs. Joan Kroc became as owner and chairwoman of the board.
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29 Some may know that Tony Gwynn, nicknamed 'Mr. Padre', retired with more than 3000 hits (3141). Who was the first San Diego player to reach 1000 hits?
Answer: Dave Winfield

Dave Winfield played with the Padres for 8 seasons. In his last season with the Padres in 1980, he reached hit number 1000. He left the Padres with 1134 hits, and had 3110 over his 22-season career.
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30 Who did San Diego send to Toronto for Derek Bell in 1993?
Answer: Darrin Jackson

San Diego also received Stoney Briggs.
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31 Which utility player (1982-85) was popular in San Diego for hard work and being able to get under Tommy Lasorda's skin?
Answer: Kurt Bevacqua

Kurt once hit a homer to beat the Dodgers and Tommy went ballistic, with every other word having to be bleeped out for TV.
    Your options: [ Bill Almon ] [ Tim Flannery ] [ Kurt Bevacqua ] [ Jerry Royster ]
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32 On July 19, 1982, Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn made his major league debut. Also that day, he got the first two hits of his career, there would be many more to come. Who was the opponent that night?
Answer: Philadelphia Phillies

Tony Gwynn's first major-league hit was a double on a 1-2 pitch curveball off of the Phillies' Sid Monge at Jack Murphy Staduim. He would go on to finish the year with a .289 batting average. It would turn out to be the only year of his 20 years where he had a sub - .300 batting average.
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33 What player set a team slugging percentage record of .621 in 1996?
Answer: Ken Caminiti

Caminiti broke Tony Gwynn's mark of .568 set in 1994. Ken had a stellar year by hitting 40 home runs, 130 RBI's, along with 178 hits. This slugger also stole 11 bases.
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34 Which Padres pitcher was the first to win 20 games in one season?
Answer: Randy Jones

This was in 1975. Randy Jones won the Cy Young award in 1976.
    Your options: [ Phil Niekro ] [ Bob Owchinko ] [ Gaylord Perry ] [ Randy Jones ]
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35 What is behind the outfield wall at Qualcomm Stadium?
Answer: Palm Trees
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36 In 2005, the Padres traded for Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Young. They sent reliever Akinori Otsuka and which starter to Texas in return?
Answer: Adam Eaton

Gonzalez hit 24 home runs in his first season with San Diego.
    Your options: [ Brian Lawrence ] [ Joey Hamilton ] [ Phil Nevin ] [ Adam Eaton ]
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37 The Pads won the NL Pennant in '84 by taking three in a row from the Cubs. Who was their centerfielder who hit 20 HRs in his first full year in the majors?
Answer: Kevin McReynolds

Kevin broke his wrist and was unable to play in the World Series in 1984.
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38 In 1991, the Padres' Fred McGriff became the 4th player in NL history to accomplish what?
Answer: Hit Grand Slams on back-to-back games

The "Crime Dog" finished the season with a team-leading 31 home runs and 106 RBI's.
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39 How many Padre players participated in the 1985 All-Star game?
Answer: 7

Seven Padres players participated in the 1985 All-Star Game. The Padres' LaMarr Hoyt was named the game's MVP.
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40 What San Diego pitcher was the first to win 20 games in a season?
Answer: Randy Jones

Jones won 20 games or more twice for the Padres. His first was in 1975 when he won 20. Again in 1976 he won 22 games. Perry came along in 1978 and won 21.
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