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Scholar [13a]

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Oswego,Illinois USA USA Look up player:
Team: Inhabitants of Planet Earth
Hobbies: Dog training, going for walks, reading, and listening to music!
Bio: Not set yet.
Registered: Feb 22 16 ( Class 38 ) - Last Seen: Jul 22 24
Membership: Regular
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Scholar [13a]Prestige: 1375  (?)
Points: 628Authoring: 0
Challenges: 352Exploration: 277
Team Pts: 118Bonus: 0
Needs 55 more prestige for Established Scholar [13b]

FunTrivia Points: 3,554,975

Point Rank: # 2,243 of 2,374,299 players
Points Today: 1728, Yesterday: 1950
Eleanor18's Team Points: 2,014,125

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Quizzes Authored: 0
Single Questions Accepted: 0

Quizzes Played: 202
Questions Correct: 1,007 / 2,155 (47%)
Crosswords Played: Gold Member Feature
Knockout Points: 0 (goto)
Brains Collected: 341 (info)
Monster Quizzes Taken: 1977 (29655 questions)

contest Global Challenge

Division: (4) The Marvelous Minds
Mode: Normal
Rating: 1272   Last Graduation: Jul 20 24
Games Played: 110
Highest reached: (8) The Newtonian Club

FunTrivia Duel
(2473 wins)
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Member of: Inhabitants of Planet Earth

Welcome to our team! We hope you will be happy here. Regardless of our age, beliefs, race, gender and skin colour, we are all inhabitants of planet Earth. This is a team where everyone is welcome. Our message board is always open, so feel free to talk about whatever problems life is throwing at you. ... (more)

Inhabitants of Planet Earth ranked # 45 in division D of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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Leader: ElusiveDream

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