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Team: Kindred Spirits
Hobbies: Travel, reading, politics, meeting people and, of course, Funtrivia.
Bio: Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.
Registered: Sep 01 10 ( Class 203 ) - Last Seen: Mar 29 23
Membership: Gold
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Level 210

75 levels from earning points +
135 levels from completing challenges.

FunTrivia Points: 37,121,138

Point Rank: # 49 of 2,328,916 players
Points Today: 13833, Yesterday: 16874
aspire63's Team Points: 11,190,586

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Quizzes Authored: 0
Single Questions Accepted: 28

Quizzes Played: 14810
Questions Correct: 139,127 / 157,571 (88%)
Crosswords Played: 1020
Knockout Points: 655 (goto)
Brains Collected: 62127 (info)
Monster Quizzes Taken: 3343 (50145 questions)

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Division: (10) The Immortals
Mode: Normal
Rating: 1539   Last Graduation: Feb 18 23
Games Played: 1505
Highest reached: (10) The Immortals

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Member of: Kindred Spirits

For players who want to be part of a worldwide group, enjoying being part of something together. We are looking for active players who enjoy the quizzes, and will enjoy chatting on our team board. As we want to be an active team, players who do not play will be removed. If for any reason you wil ... (more)

Kindred Spirits ranked # 14 in division B of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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Leader: cbushman

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