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Team: classicalmusic/mensan
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Bio: I can not compete with such genius. (Bugs Bunny)
Registered: May 02 06 ( Class 88 ) - Last Seen: Mar 23 23
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Quizzes Played: 5265
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Division: (5) The Nimble Noggins
Mode: Hardcore
Rating: 1728   Last Graduation: Jan 24 23
Games Played: 184
Highest reached: (10) The Immortals

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Member of: classicalmusic/mensan

We are a bunch of intelligent, fun loving trivia buffs who enjoy good company and care about each other. We encourage each other and freely offer our unique bits of knowledge to our teammates as well as our life experiences. We encourage members to compliment others on their achievements. We represe ... (more)

classicalmusic/mensan ranked # 4 in division A of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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