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Team: Dream Weavers
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Registered: Apr 09 19 ( Class 316 ) - Last Seen: Dec 07 22
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FunTrivia Points: 7,790,874

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Quizzes Played: 54
Questions Correct: 398 / 580 (69%)
Crosswords Played: Gold Member Feature
Knockout Points: 146 (goto)
Brains Collected: 17909 (info)
Monster Quizzes Taken: 1076 (16140 questions)

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Division: (7) The Brainiacs
Mode: Normal
Rating: 1447   Last Graduation: Dec 02 22
Games Played: 430
Highest reached: (10) The Immortals

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Member of: Dream Weavers

This team is fun, serious, silly, supportive and more! Our team message board has many great games to play! Fun is the focus of this team. To be part of this team it would be best for you to show your team spirit by participating often in "team" quizzes that appear on the home page as well as pa ... (more)

Dream Weavers ranked # 19 in division B of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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Leader: funnytrivianna

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