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Team: Old Farts
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Bio: The world isn't interested in the storms you encountered, but whether or not you brought in the ship.~ Raul Armesto. I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. Will Rogers, quoted in Saturday Review, Aug. 25, 1962
Registered: Feb 20 14 ( Class 281 ) - Last Seen: Jan 28 23
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Division: (4) The Marvelous Minds
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Member of: Old Farts

This team is sometimes confused, sometimes serious, usually insane, and some of us can't remember what we had for lunch, let alone the quiz answers. We have a solid core of players but we need a few more Farts to fill up our team and help us on to greater things. We would like you to play the team g ... (more)

Old Farts ranked # 12 in division A of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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Leader: 480154st

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