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Quiz about Country Singers January Birthdays
Quiz about Country Singers January Birthdays

Country Singers' January Birthdays Quiz

These are country music singers that have birthdays in January. Match the first name to the last.

A matching quiz by Morganw2019. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
Match Quiz
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Jan 20 23
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Mobile instructions: Press on an answer on the right. Then, press on the gray box it matches on the left.
(a) Drag-and-drop from the right to the left, or (b) click on a right side answer box and then on a left side box to move it.
1. Trace  
2. John Michael   
3. Ronnie   
4. Deana   
5. Patty   
6. Dolly   
7. Crystal  
8. David Lee   
9. Naomi   
10. Ricky Van   

Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. Trace

Answer: Adkins

Trace's birrhday is January 13th. Trace is from Sarepta Louisiana. He made his country music debut in 1996 with the cd "Dreamin' Out Loud". Trace has acted in several movies, "The Lincoln Lawyer" and "I Can Only Imagine". In 2022 he starred in the tv series "Monarch" with Susan Sarandon.
2. John Michael

Answer: Montgomery

John's birthday is January 20th. John Michael's brother is Eddie Montgomery of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry. He has had seven number one songs including "I Swear and "I Love the Way You Love Me". "The Little Girl" was released in 2000 and spent three weeks at number one. John Michael and his wife Crystal have been married since 1996.

His daughter Madison is engaged to country singer Travis Denning.
3. Ronnie

Answer: Milsap

Ronnie's birthday is January 16th. He was born with limited vision in his left eye. When he was 14 a teacher slapped him, making him completely blind. Ronnie is often called the Legendary Blind Country Artist. Ronnie has had 35 number one songs, "It Was Almost Like a Song", Smoky Mountain Rain" and "Any Day Now".
4. Deana

Answer: Carter

Deana's birthday is January 4th. Deana's father was Fred Carter Jr., a guitarist who played on the Louisiana Hayride. She was named after Dean Martin. Her first single "Strawberry Wine" was written by Matraca Berg. Deana has appeared in the movies "Runnin' From My Roots" and "Painted Horses".
5. Patty

Answer: Loveless

Patty's birthday is January 4th. After Patty graduated high school she began touring with the Wilburn Brothers as a vocalist. In 1993 she was featured on George Jones song "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair". In 1998 Patty was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. She performed with Vince Gill at George Jones funeral.
6. Dolly

Answer: Parton

Dolly's birthday is January 19th. Dolly has appeared in several movies "9 to 5" and "Steel Magnolias". She made her country music debut in 1967 with her album "Hello, I'm Dolly". Dolly has had 25 number one songs, "I Will Always Love You", "Jolene" and "Coat of Many Colors".
7. Crystal

Answer: Gayle

Crystal's birthday is January 9th. Her first top ten song was "Wrong Again Road". Crystal's most known song is "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue". She won a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance in 1978.
8. David Lee

Answer: Murphy

David's birthday is January 7th. David's debut album "Out With a Bang" was released in 1995. It featured three top ten hits, including "Dust on the Bottle" and "Party Crowd". In 2021 David and his band had to cancel two concerts because they had Covid.
9. Naomi

Answer: Judd

Naomi's birthday is January 11th. Naomi and her daughter Wynonna were the duo The Judds. After announcing in 1991 that she had hepatitis, the Judds did a farewell tour. Naomi was also an actress starring in the made for tv movies "An Evergreen Christmas" and VC Andrews' "Landry Family".

In 2022 the day before The Judds were going to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Naomi committed suicide.
10. Ricky Van

Answer: Shelton

Ricky's birthday is January 12th. "Somebody Lied" was Ricky's first number one song. In 1991 Ricky and Dolly Parton released the song "Rockin" Years". Ricky has written several children's books, "Tales From a Duck Named Quacker" and "Quacker Meets Mr. Moo". Ricky retired from the country music industry in 2006.
Source: Author Morganw2019

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