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Quiz about Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
Quiz about Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Trivia Quiz

Fruit Idioms for Kids

Fruits show up in many of our everyday sayings, so, use your coconut, don't pick the bad apples and it will all come up a bowl of cherries. See if you end up being the top banana in this quiz.

by pollucci19. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Nov 16 23
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9 / 10
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Match the fruit picture that best fits these everyday sayings.
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Go ___ To blow a ___ Extend an ___ branch Sour ___ Rough end of the ___ The ___ of your eye In the ___-light It went ___ shaped ___ loop A bite of the ___

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. A bite of the ___

This means getting an opportunity to do something. Usually that something is a good thing, or something that's important or special to the person involved. A "second bite of the cherry" means a second chance. Cherries are generally associated with items that are special, as evidenced by the following sayings:
- Cherry ripe; meaning it is as good as it is going to be or
- Cherry on top; which indicates that there was a bonus at the end of it all.
2. To blow a ___

Unlike the cherries, which indicate that something is special, blowing a raspberry indicates that you really don't like something. So, how do you blow a raspberry? It's simple, you blow air through your mouth while sticking your tongue out (it sounds a bit like a farting noise). You should also be able to do this without sticking your tongue out and keeping your lips softly pressed. Personally, I don't think that this method is as effective.

This has also been called "blowing a strawberry".
3. Go ___

This can mean one of two things - that someone is really excited about something, or they had gotten really angry. For example, you should have seen the kids go bananas when I told them all we were going to Adventure World. Or, on the other hand, you should have seen Billy go bananas when he found out that his bike was stolen.
4. Extend an ___ branch

We have all had moments when we have disagreed with someone and that has escalated into an argument. Eventually you have come to a truce or made some sort of compromise and you're the best of friends. This is called extending an olive branch. Some may call it offering an olive branch or holding one out to the other person.

In case you're wondering, an olive is a fruit. It is called a drupe and it is closely related to the peach and the mango.
5. ___ loop

Calling someone a fruit loop is a derogatory name. Basically you are saying that that person is a little bit crazy and you usually back this up by circling your pointer finger around your ear... indicating that they're a little loopy in the head. An alternative (bad) name for this is "fruit cake". For example, that guy's a bit of a fruit cake or, more to the point, he's as nutty as a fruit cake.

It is sad that people seem to develop words like these to label anyone who is a bit different in appearance or behavior in a negative way.
6. In the ___-light

Being in the lime-light means being the centre of attention. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing. If you're in the bad books with someone, you certainly don't wish to be in the lime-light, you'd be looking for a place to crawl into and hide. On the other hand, you may have done something special, something to be proud of and this will put you in the lime-light for all the right reasons. Having said that, this can also be a negative thing.

Some people enjoy being the centre of attention while others prefer not to see a fuss being made and wish to be left to their own devices.
7. Sour ___

This is a saying that describes someone's poor attitude. Usually it means that someone is not happy about someone else's success or the fact that the other person got something that they (themselves) had wanted, but couldn't have. In other words, they're sore losers or are being a bad sport about something.

It comes from a fable in which the animal who couldn't reach a delicious-looking bunch of grapes told everyone that they were sour, anyway.
8. The ___ of your eye

This phrase generally refers to a person who is special to you. It may be a person that you have a deep affection for or someone that continually makes you proud. This could be a child that has done something major, like passing their exams or something as simple as doing their first cartwheel.

It usually shows up in a parent's or a grandparent's eyes or for someone who's a special sweetheart.
9. Rough end of the ___

This is a typically Australian phrase that means that you have been treated badly or copped something that was unfair. Originally it was said that you got the "wrong" end of the pineapple but that eventually changed. In the United States, the phrase is usually "the fuzzy end of the lollipop". It could also be described as "getting the raw prawn" or the "wrong end of a burnt stick".
10. It went ___ shaped

Stop and have a look at a pear and you will notice that the bulk of the fruit is all down the bottom. This indicates that (almost) everything has fallen down. And, falling down is not a good thing. Consequently "going pear shaped" means that something has gone from good to bad.
Source: Author pollucci19

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