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Quiz about Kids Scrambles  At the Beach
Quiz about Kids Scrambles  At the Beach

Kids' Scrambles - At the Beach Quiz

My students really love photo quizzes and word scrambles, and this photo match quiz brings those two things together! Match the scrambled English words to their correct photos. (Click the images for a closer look!)

by trident. Estimated time: 3 mins.
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3 mins
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Jan 26 24
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abehc oetlws uns tha oplo dosnloe nrscenues clenssadta ufboarsrd tmwsiisu olhsve nad ilap asasndl lsaeussgns olegggs lraposa

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Quiz Answer Key and Fun Facts
1. uns tha

The scrambled clue "uns tha" = sun hat.

We wear sun hats at the beach to protect ourselves from the sun's strong rays. Sun hats have wide brims that provide shade and keep our faces and necks safe from too much sunlight.

Fascinating fact: Some sun hats are made with special materials that can block harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.
2. abehc oetlws

The scrambled clue "abehc oetlws" = beach towels.

We use beach towels at the beach for a few reasons. First, they help us stay cozy and comfortable when we sit or lie down on the sandy shore. The soft towel feels much better than sitting directly on the sand. They also help dry us when we are finished swimming.

Fascinating fact: Some beach towels have hidden patterns and designs that change when they get wet!
3. tmwsiisu

The scrambled clue "tmwsiisu" = swimsuit.

Swimsuits are like special outfits we wear to have lots of fun at the beach. They help us swim and play in the water comfortably. Some swimsuits are made from special materials that can protect our skin from the sun's rays.

Fascinating fact: Some swimsuits are made from recycled materials! That means old stuff gets turned into new swimsuits, helping our planet.
4. asasndl

The scrambled clue "asasndl" = sandals.

Sandals are the perfect shoes for beach adventures. We wear them because they let our feet breathe in the warm sand and feel super comfy. The cool thing about sandals is that they are designed with special grips on the bottom, like tiny helpers for our feet. These grips help us walk on the sandy shores without slipping.

Fascinating fact: Some sandals have special soles that leave fun patterns in the sand as we walk!
5. olhsve nad ilap

The scrambled clue "olhsve nad ilap" = shovel and pail.

We use a shovel and pail at the beach for tons of sandy fun! The shovel helps us dig deep holes and build awesome sandcastles, while the pail lets us carry water to make moats or create sandy towers.

Fascinating fact: Some pails come with built-in sifters. This means we can fill the pail with sand and shake it, and the fine sand falls through, leaving the seashells or cool treasures behind.
6. nrscenues

The scrambled clue "nrscenues" = sunscreen.

We use sunscreen at the beach to keep our skin safe from the sun's bright rays. Sunscreen is like a protective shield. It helps to prevent our skin from getting sunburned and keeps it healthy.

Fascinating fact: Some sunscreens come in different colors, like pink or blue! These fun colors make putting on sunscreen an exciting and colorful part of our beach routine.
7. lsaeussgns

The scrambled clue "lsaeussgns" = sunglasses.

We wear sunglasses at the beach to give our eyes a break from the bright sunshine. Sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun's dazzling light, which can bounce off the light sand and into our eyes.

Fascinating fact: Some sunglasses have special coatings that make everything look more colorful. Some also come in different shapes, such as stars or hearts.
8. ufboarsrd

The scrambled clue "ufboarsrd" = surfboard.

We use surfboards at the beach for the thrilling sport of surfing, sometimes called "wave riding." The surfboard serves as our trusty companion, allowing us to catch and ride the ocean waves in style.

Fascinating fact: Surfboards have fins on their undersides. These fins aren't just for looks; they act like underwater stabilizers, helping us maintain balance as we navigate the waves.
9. olegggs

The scrambled clue "olegggs" = goggles.

Goggles help us explore underwater worlds! These snug-fitting eyepieces create a watertight seal around our eyes, allowing us to open our eyes beneath the water's surface without any discomfort.

Fascinating fact: Some goggles have anti-fog coatings. This means they resist getting all misty when we're underwater, providing a crystal-clear view.
10. clenssadta

The scrambled clue "clenssadta" = sandcastle.

Building sandcastles at the beach is a fun activity. We can use buckets and shovels to shape the sand into cool castle shapes. Adding a little bit of water to the sand helps make the sandcastles stronger and taller.

Fascinating fact: Adults love building sandcastles and other sand sculptures too! There are many contests around the world where people build sand sculptures, and prizes are given to the best ones!
11. oplo dosnloe

The scrambled clue "oplo dosnloe" = pool noodles.

Pool noodles, those flexible and colorful foam tubes, are not just for the pool - they can add a whole new level of fun to beach days too! At the beach, we use pool noodles to float in the water and play exciting games.

Fascinating fact: Some people get really creative with pool noodles and turn them into floating race tracks!
12. lraposa

The scrambled clue "lraposa" = parasol.

Parasols at the beach are like a kind of umbrella that protects us from the sun. They cool us off by giving us shade. You may see parasols at the beach made of various materials, such as plastic or even bamboo.

Fascinating fact: Some super busy beaches rent out their parasols, so people need to pay a little bit of money to stay under them!
Source: Author trident

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