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Fun Trivia
3 Robert Redford quizzes and 30 Robert Redford trivia questions.
  Robert Redford's Roles   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is a retrospective of some highlights from Robert Redford's career.
Average, 10 Qns, looney_tunes, Mar 15 24
looney_tunes editor
Mar 15 24
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  Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners    
Multiple Choice
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Screenwriters somehow can't imagine Redford's character NOT in love. He played with a number of actresses (lucky them). I'll give you a description of the characters from various movies where "he" is, obviously, Redford. And "she" is...? You tell me!
Average, 10 Qns, mari-e, Aug 03 18
Aug 03 18
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  Redford's Movies: Actor and Director    
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Not just another pretty face - this guy has talent.
Average, 10 Qns, robert362, Sep 05 07
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Robert Redford Trivia Questions

1. Of course I'm not going to give you anything hard and thorny all of a sudden. Let's start this way, he is stinking rich, she is even richer. And it's the roaring 20's to top it off.

From Quiz
Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Mia Farrow

Indeeed it's Farrow who starred in "The Great Gatsby" (1974) as Daisy, while Redford played Gatsby. Did you know Mia was pregnant during the work on this movie? Karen Black appeared as well, as Myrtle Wilson.

2. In 'The Sting', who was the fellow who got 'stung'?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Robert Shaw

Great movie. Gould played 'Kid Twist'.

3. In what movie did Robert Redford make his first credited film appearance?

From Quiz Robert Redford's Roles

Answer: War Hunt

Robert Redford had made an earlier uncredited appearance as a basketball player in 'Tall Story' (1960), but these films were four of Redford's first five film credits. After "War Hunt" (1962) there were a lot of television appearances before his next film, "Situation Hopeless ... But Not Serious" (1965). This was quickly followed by "Inside Daisy Clover" (1965), "The Chase" (1966) and "This Property is Condemned" (1966), and the transition to the big screen was accomplished. Tom Skerritt and Sydney Pollack also made their film acting debuts along with Robert Redford in "War Hunt". In 1992, Tom Skerritt was the father of the family in "A River Runs Through It", directed by Redford. He has appeared in many television shows - my personal favorite was "Picket Fences". Sydney Pollack has become better known as a director, including a number of films starring Robert Redford, including "Jeremiah Johnson", "The Way We Were", "Three Days of the Condor" and "Out of Africa".

4. In 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid', who was Sundance's girlfriend?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Etta Place

Another top movie. Katharine Ross as Etta.

5. What was the name of the film, adapted from a Neil Simon play, in which Robert Redford starred with Jane Fonda?

From Quiz Robert Redford's Roles

Answer: Barefoot in the Park

All four films were based on Neil Simon stage plays. "Barefoot in the Park" was a romantic comedy which starred Redford and Fonda as newlyweds, Corrie and Paul Bratter, struggling to cope with life in a 5th-floor walkup apartment. He was an uptight lawyer, she wanted him to relax and have fun. It was a comedy, so she won. Released in 1967, it also featured Mildred Natwick (who had also appeared in the Broadway production) as Corrie's mother. "The Odd Couple" (1968) starred Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as two men struggling to adjust to each other's disparate personalities as they shared an apartment. "The Out-of-Towners" (1970) starred Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis as a couple encountering a seemingly unending series of calamities as they arrived in New York City. "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers" featured Alan Arkin and the trio of Sally Kellerman, Paula Prentiss and Renee Taylor in the story of a bachelor trying to find a satisfactory relationship.

6. He's just escaped from prison and she is having an affair with his friend. Plus, it's a Saturday night in Texas.

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Jane Fonda

And we are talking about Arthur Penn's "The Chase" (1966), in my opinion an extremely undervalued film. Faye Dunaway was considered this time too. She was rejected with the justification that she was not pretty enough to star in films.

7. In 'Ordinary People', who played the psychiatrist?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Judd Hirsch

With Mary Tyler Moore. Sutherland was the husband and father.

8. What 1969 film was promoted with the tagline 'How fast must a man go to get from where he's at?'

From Quiz Robert Redford's Roles

Answer: Downhill Racer

"Downhill Racer" followed the progress of a gifted but socially inept skier as he joined the US ski team, and went for gold at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics - anything to get away from home. "Little Fauss and Big Halsey" (1970) was the story of two motorcycle racers, with the tagline 'Little Fauss and Big Halsey are not your father's heroes'. Robert Redford played an unlikable character for a change! "Tell Them Willie Boy is Here" (1969) told the tale of an Indian youth (Robert Blake) who killed his girlfriend's father in self-defense. This resulted in a relentless manhunt, unwillingly led by the local sheriff Christopher 'Coop' Cooper (Robert Redford). The girlfriend was Katherine Ross (despite her blue eyes, and with incredibly poor makeup). "The Chase" (1966) featured Redford as a prison escapee. It also starred Marlon Brando and Jane Fonda.

9. He is a millionaire once again and she, well she's not, and nor is her husband. He thinks she is worth any amount of money, and is ready to pay for something that should not be paid for, to put it one way.

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Demi Moore

The movie is "Indecent Proposal" (1993). John Gage, played by Redford, offers Demi one million dollars for one night. She agrees, to simplify things, but the affair is not successful as she loves her husband too much. Honestly, who'd choose Harrelson instead of Redford?

10. Redford starred in the movie version of 'Barefoot in the Park'. Who wrote the play?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Neil Simon

Redford and Fonda.

11. In what film did Robert Redford play a character named Hubbell?

From Quiz Robert Redford's Roles

Answer: The Way We Were

"The Way We Were" (1973) depicted the tempestuous relationship between aspiring writer Hubbell (Redford) and the fiesty left-wing political activist Katie (Barbra Streisand). Many remember the film more for its title song than for its searing indictment of the impact of McCarthyism on American society during the 1950s. "The Candidate" (1972) showed the formation of a presidential candidate, Bill McKay. "The Natural" (1984) was the story of a talented but undisciplined baseball player, Roy Hobbs. "Sneakers" (1992) was a film about computer hackers, in which Redford's character was Martin Bishop.

12. He is an attorney and so is she. She manages to win his heart even though she's not exactly a sex bomb. Sweet, isn't it?

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Debra Winger

The movie is "Legal Eagles" (1986), I must admit I absolutely adore it even though the plot makes hardly any sense at all. Daryl starred too, playing an eccentric artist who was pretty, but probably too eccentric for Redford's Tom Logan.

13. Who shoots and injures Redford in 'The Natural'?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Barbara Hershey

Close played the 'good', angelic woman.

14. Politics. She is a communist activist, he is a popular guy, keen on sports. What can bring them together, other than love?

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Barbra Streisand

The movie's title is, as you may well guess, "The Way We Were" (1973). Allen and Baxter also played with Redford, though in different films, and more political ones, I would say.

15. 'A River Runs Through It' features the great outdoors. Where is the movie set?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Montana

Good movie.

16. This is one more everybody has probably seen. He dies in a plane crash, but first manages to wash her hair, in the middle of the most exotic continent.

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Meryl Streep

Of course it's "Out of Africa" (1985), one of the most successful films that Redford appeared in, and he played Denys Finch Hatton, while Streep played Karen Blixen.

17. Redford starred as 'Brubaker'. What was the setting for the movie?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Prison

He was the warden.

18. Which was the first film in which Robert Redford was both director and leading actor?

From Quiz Robert Redford's Roles

Answer: The Horse Whisperer

Robert Redford directed all four of these movies, but only starred in "The Horse Whisperer" (1998). He did provide the narrator's voice (uncredited) in "A River Runs Through It" (1992). He was producer as well as director for "A River Runs Through It", "The Milagro Beanfield War" (1988) and "Quiz Show" (1994).

19. Ok, let's follow the plane trace. Let's say he is involved in a plane crash, again, while she is involved in a prison rebellion.

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Michelle Pfeiffer

They played TV journalists in "Up Close & Personal" (1996), and despite all these "dramatic" aspects mentioned, the film was pretty boring I'm afraid.

20. Who was the narrator in 'The Legend of Bagger Vance'?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Jack Lemmon

The late Jack Lemmon.

21. In which movie did Robert Redford's character utter the classic line, "Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?"

From Quiz Robert Redford's Roles

Answer: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

We couldn't avoid it forever! Redford and Paul Newman teamed for the first time in this Western Comedy/Drama, but it nearly didn't happen. Paul Newman's partner was originally planned to be Steve McQueen (at which time the working title was "The Sundance Kid and Butch Cassidy"); then Jack Lemmon turned the part down because he was busy filming "The Odd Couple". The result is cinema legend. If you can't recite a myriad of classic lines and re-enact a slew of memorable scenes, you probably aren't reading this note anyway!

22. So, there was a prison, right? Let's try this one, then. He's in prison, though not for any crime, and he's trying to reform it while she supports him to an extent.

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Jane Alexander

The movie was "Brubaker" (1980) and the affair plot was hardly needed. Yet, as I said, it's difficult for the screenwriters to avoid them. Glenn Close appeared as a good female in "The Natural."

23. Which movie did NOT involve Redford?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Sunday in New York

'Sunday' starred Rod Taylor (before Redford started directing).

24. This time he is a naive baseball player and she, she is his nemesis.

From Quiz Robert Redford's Movie Love Partners

Answer: Kim Basinger

In "The Natural" (1984) it was Kim who played femme fatale. As for Susan Sarandon, she played with Redford in "The Great Waldo Pepper."

25. Who was NOT in 'All The President's Men'?

From Quiz Redford's Movies: Actor and Director

Answer: Sidney Poitier

Holbrook was 'Deep Throat'. Poitier was in 'Sneakers'.

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