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Fun Trivia
2 Robert Redford quizzes and 20 Robert Redford trivia questions.
  Robert Redford Movie Quotes   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Calling all Robert Redford fans: I'll provide a quote and you name the Redford film. Please note: These are all quotes from RR films, but they weren't all spoken by RR. Good luck!
Very Easy, 10 Qns, LucasRiley, Aug 13 17
Very Easy
524 plays
  Robert Redford   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
For each question, I give a statement or ask a question pertaining to one of Redford's movies or acting roles. You determine the correct answer.
Average, 10 Qns, researcher53, Oct 18 16
470 plays
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Robert Redford Trivia Questions

1. In a popular 1973 film, Barbra Streisand said to Robert Redford, "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell." Name the movie.

From Quiz
Robert Redford Movie Quotes

Answer: The Way We Were

"The Way We Were" tells the story of a troubled love affair against a backdrop of Hollywood and McCarthyism. The film was a huge hit and received six Academy Award nominations. The line in question is also referenced extensively in "Ex and the City", a season 2 episode of "Sex and the City".

2. In which movie did Robert (Bob to his friends) play a rodeo cowboy and his co-star, Jane Fonda, portrays a television reporter?

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: The Electric Horseman

"The Electric Horseman", released in 1979, was directed by Sydney Pollack, who also charmed us with other Redford greats such as "Out of Africa", "The Way We Were", "Three Days of the Condor" and "Jeremiah Johnson". Robert played the role of Sonny, retired, five-time, all-around, world rodeo champion, who currently represents a cereal brand, Ranch Breakfast. On a promotional tour while in Las Vegas, Sonny becomes irate when he finds out the 12 million-dollar Electric horse he is to ride is drugged and injured. Acting on behalf of the injured horse, Sonny steals and hides him in the desert with the end goal being to free the horse in a canyon filled with wild horses. And the journey begins. . . . .

3. One of the best bromances on screen is between Robert and Morgan Freeman. In which movie do they star together as ranch-hands/best-friends?

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: An Unfinished Life

"An Unfinished Life" is about loss, pain, anger, forgiveness, healing, and love. Redford's character, Einar, lost his son in a car accident and blames his daughter-in-law for the loss of life. She reappears after many years asking to stay on the ranch until she can get her feet back on the ground. Along with her, she brings Einar's granddaughter that he didn't know he had. Robert and Morgan work a Wyoming ranch and Robert takes care of Morgan who was mauled by a bear the year before (an excellent performance by Mr. Freeman). There is genuine respect between the two men, which reflects compassion and brotherly love. There are twists and turns making the story line more interesting. I enjoyed this film very much.

4. "Nice to meet you, kid. You're a real horse's ass." One of the most popular movie actors of the 1970's said this to one of the other most popular movie actors of that decade, in 1973's Best Picture winner. Name the film.

From Quiz Robert Redford Movie Quotes

Answer: The Sting

These are the words spoken by Paul Newman when he and Robert Redford first meet in "The Sting", a story of con artists out for revenge. This was the second and last of the popular pairings of these two stars (the other being "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"). The film made a ton of money, won seven Oscars, and contributed to a renewed public interest in ragtime music (used extensively on the soundtrack).

5. The film is a love story with a strong political backdrop. Redford's character runs into his ex-wife near a famous NYC hotel as the ending to the movie. Name the movie.

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: The Way We Were

Katie, played by Barbra Streisand, is a Marxist Jew with strong anti-war opinions, and Hubbell is a carefree white Anglo-Saxon Protestant with no strong political inclination. After attending the same college, they run into each other after WWII and, long story short, they fall in love. Moving to Hollywood so Hubbel may pursue his screenwriting career, McCarthyism and the Hollywood blacklist strengthens, and Katie's political views put Hubbel's career in peril. In the final scene where Katie and Hubbell meet in front of the infamous Plaza Hotel, modern NYC street lamps are visible in the background. These lights were only available from the 60s forward and this particular scene was dated in the 50s. This scene is where Streisand delivers the iconic lines, "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Why don't you bring her for a drink when you come?"

6. Ike the horse was voiced by Robert Redford. In which children's animated film did Ike appear?

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: Charlotte's Web

The film, "Charlotte's Web", was adapted from the children's novel of the same name by American author E. B. White. The classic book was illustrated by Garth Williams and it was published on October 15, 1952, by Harper & Brothers. Charlotte, a spider who is best friends with Wilbur the pig, spins mind-boggling words in her webs over Wilbur's pen in order to save him from being butchered.

7. Jane Fonda to Robert Redford: "You go off with somebody else's 12-million-dollar horse and you tell me I'm crazy?" Name this film, released in 1979.

From Quiz Robert Redford Movie Quotes

Answer: The Electric Horseman

"Electric Horseman" marked a Redford return, sort of. After "All the President's Men" in 1976, he was away from the screen for three years, other than a cameo in "A Bridge Too Far" (1977). In this film, he plays a broken down rodeo star who steals a prize horse, and Fonda plays a reporter who covers his efforts to set the animal free. This was the third film featuring Redford and Fonda, after "The Chase" (1966) and "Barefoot in the Park" (1968).

8. What Redford dramedy will find him dancing in the middle of the night to "Singing in the Rain" while eating a quart of ice cream?

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: Legal Eagles

This scene shows more of Redford's comedic chops. Daryl Hannah gives a mesmerizing delivery as a performance artist and the movie is worth watching just to see her (although Redford is not bad on the eyes). Redford, as an assistant district attorney, teams with Debra Winger, a lawyer representing a young lady who wishes to locate her late father's unaccounted for art pieces, especially the painting that was a birthday gift given by her father before he died. There are others who wish to prevent all efforts in locating the artwork due to its value. Dum Dum Da Dum

9. "I'm Roy Hobbs, your new right fielder," is a line from one of the great baseball movies of all time, released in 1984. Can you name it?

From Quiz Robert Redford Movie Quotes

Answer: The Natural

In Barry Levinson's "The Natural", Robert Redford portrays a sidetracked baseball player who has endured an unforeseen injury and can only come back to the game he loves late in life. Though not a major success, "The Natural" turned a tidy profit in 1984 and reinforced the career of director Levinson, who would go on to make the Best Picture winner "Rain Man" and many other successful features.

10. What iconic 1969 western featured the recurring line "Who are those guys?"?

From Quiz Robert Redford Movie Quotes

Answer: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" was a massive hit, propelled Robert Redford to the Hollywood A list, set the blueprint for 'buddy' pics of the 1970s, and collected four Oscars. The line is spoken by both Redford and Newman as they flee lawmen on horseback and on foot, a lengthy sequence at the middle of the film which leads to their famous leap from a cliff into a river. Who can forget Redford's reluctance to jump ("I can't swim!") or Newman's bemused response ("Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill ya!").

11. Redford absorbed this role and proves his A-List ability as an exertive and clever warden committed to prison reform. Name the movie.

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: Brubaker

The new warden, played by Redford, of a small prison farm in Arkansas, attempts to clean it up of corruption. He initially enters the prison posing as an inmate to get the low down as to the depth and range of reforms needed. Brubaker is a fine film. Morgan Freeman has a role in "Brubaker", as well.

12. Name the 1992 caper film that includes the following line: "It's THE codebreaker. No more secrets." (Hint: Think shoes.)

From Quiz Robert Redford Movie Quotes

Answer: Sneakers

Featuring an all-star cast that includes Sidney Poitier, River Phoenix, Dan Aykroyd, and Ben Kingsley, "Sneakers" is an amiable adventure that proved a solid box office success. The line is spoken by Robert Redford, and references the 'black box' at the center of the plot, a device that makes it possible to break into almost any secure computer system in the world.

13. Brad Pitt stars along with Redford in the CIA-themed film, "Spy Game". The two gentlemen were united on another film. Name that film.

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: A River Runs Through It

Redford directed "A River Runs Through It" while Pitt played Paul Maclean, a rebellious son of an uncompromisingly strict pastor. The story introduces the lives of a family with two sons, one who is the well behaved, achieving son and the other who is frequently plagued by poor decisions.

14. Redford became hard and fast friends with Paul Newman while making "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid". They went on to make what 1973 hit film about seeking revenge for a murdered partner?

From Quiz Robert Redford

Answer: The Sting

Redford's character gets in trouble as a grifter, con man. When he and his partner perform a productive con, his partner decides to retire and suggests Redford look up his old friend in Chicago (Newman). Redford's partner is murdered before he can enjoy his retirement and Redford hightails it to Chicago before he too is murdered. Outraged by the murder of their friend, the "big con" is planned by Redford and Newman to take down the crime boss who ordered the hit on their mutual friend. Thus, "The Sting".

15. "Suppose I were to offer you one million dollars for one night with your wife," is a famous line from what 1993 film featuring Robert Redford, Woody Harrelson, and Demi Moore?

From Quiz Robert Redford Movie Quotes

Answer: Indecent Proposal

This one was probably easy. "Indecent Proposal" got mixed reviews and was nominated for a slew of Razzie Awards, but it made a ton of money. Redford spoke the line, of course, to Harrelson, whose wife is played by Moore.

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