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5 Mixed Singapore quizzes and 50 Mixed Singapore trivia questions.
  One Day In Singapore   best quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Singapore is a vibrant highly developed city/state in Asia. See how much you can do in Singapore in just one day.
Average, 10 Qns, 1nn1, Jan 02 17
1nn1 gold member
278 plays
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here's a mixed bag of questions relating to this prosperous city state. I hope you do well!
Average, 10 Qns, agrippa, Feb 18 24
Feb 18 24
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  Rest on Some Laurels    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
How much do you know about the laurels of Singapore? Have fun!
Easier, 10 Qns, pinkbunny98, Feb 25 18
Feb 25 18
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  Interesting Facts about Singapore    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
2019 marked the 200th Anniversary of Singapore, since it was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819.
Tough, 10 Qns, sw11, Feb 24 20
sw11 gold member
Feb 24 20
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  Surprising Singapore!    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Fun facts about the South Asian economic powerhouse city-state, where some say fun goes to die.
Average, 10 Qns, PiperJohn, Nov 13 09
382 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Famed for its colorful curses, what is the largest Chinese dialect group in Singapore?

From Quiz "Surprising Singapore!"

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Mixed Singapore Trivia Questions

1. The political system in Singapore is very similar to UK, since Singapore had been ruled by the British for 140 years. From 1959 to 2019, PAP marked a sixty year anniversary as ruling party. PAP stands for what?

From Quiz
Interesting Facts about Singapore

Answer: People's Action Party

Founded in 1954, PAP is a major centre-right political party. It was, in the years 1959 to 2019, the ruling party in Singapore. The party won the general election in 1959 winning 43 of the 51 seats. A general election is held every five years.

2. In what international test did Singaporean students score at the top in 2015?

From Quiz Rest on Some Laurels

Answer: PISA

PISA, short for Program for International Student Assessment, is an international exam taken in over 70 countries every three years to measure the level of education. Students take a test in Math, Reading, and Science. Singaporeans work very hard in school, as they study a very advanced curriculum.

3. Singapore is thriving, in part, because of its position as a transportation hub in Asia. Where exactly is it?

From Quiz One Day In Singapore

Answer: An island near the Equator on the south tip of the Asian mainland

Singapore is one of the smallest nations in the world, often referred to as city-state. It is about 130 miles north of the Equator. It is a series of 63 islands but there is one "large" island of around 700 square kilometres. Hong Kong is on an island and also the adjacent mainland in the South China Sea near the Pearl River Estuary. Taiwan lies about 100 miles off the Chinese mainland and represents the boundary of the East China Sea to its north and the South China Sea to the south-west. Bali is one of the main islands of Indonesia, It lies between the larger Indonesian islands of Java to the west and Lombok to the east.

4. Lee Kwan Yew, Cambridge-educated first Prime Minister of independent Singapore, considered what a "hallmark of a gracious society"?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: Clean public toilets

Those who don't flush can be subject to a hefty fine and possibly a hidden Toilet Cam mugshot published in the "Straits Times", Singapore's daily newspaper. Shame, shame, shame!

5. Who is credited with founding Singapore?

From Quiz Singapore

Answer: Sir Stamford Raffles

I can't find any source that says 18th c. British explorer Capt. Cook ever visited the island. Lee can be said to have established modern Singapore when he led it to independence in 1963. Codrington was the last colonial Governor. Raffles established a British trading post on the island in 1819. He is remembered for little else.

6. Without creating any slums, what did the Singapore government successfully do, starting soon after the end of the Second World War and continuing into the 21st century?

From Quiz Rest on Some Laurels

Answer: Provided affordable housing

Through a public housing scheme, the government builds high-rise apartments and sells them off to the citizens at a subsidiary rate. By pricing the rest of the public properties such as condominiums and terrace houses higher, the government does not lose money while providing everyone with decent housing.

7. What is Marina Centre's iconic Ferris wheel, larger than the London Eye, called?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: The Singapore Flyer

The landmark Singapore Flyer gives an unparalleled view of Singapore. Its original rotation was reversed at great expense on the advice of Feng Shui masters who deemed it inauspicious.

8. Who were the original indigenous inhabitants of Singapore when it was founded?

From Quiz Singapore

Answer: Malays

Singapore is now a Chinese dominated country, but the island was originally inhabited by a few hundred Malays, now the second largest ethnic group. The remainder are descended from settlers from the Indian subcontinent.

9. Singapore is a relatively flat country, with no mountain peaks. What is the name of the highest peak at 163.6 m (540 ft)?

From Quiz Interesting Facts about Singapore

Answer: Bukit Timah Hill

Bukit Timah Hill at 163.6 m is the highest peak, followed by Bukit Gombak Hill at 133 m, Bukit Batok Hill at 113 m and Mount Faber at 94m.

10. As we land at Changi Airport, I am reminded that in WWII, Changi was a much different place. Given I am Australian, it seems ironic I am interested in Changi. What was the main infamous facility here?

From Quiz One Day In Singapore

Answer: Changi Prison

Changi Prison was built in 1936. Like the airport, it is on the far eastern edge of the main island. Despite an idyllic setting the prison and the adjacent garrison were used to house thousands of British and Australian prisoners of war by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore in WWII in 1942. The prison was only meant for 600 but in 1942, 3000 civilians were kept there and 50 000 POWs in the garrison. After the war the prison was used to house Japanese officers awaiting trial. Because of its historical significance, parts of the prison were preserved as a national monument when a new prison was built on an adjacent site in 2000.

11. What are Singapore's four official languages?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil

English is considered the primary language of Singapore, used in schools and official literature. Singaporean Mandarin is also spoken by the majority of citizens. Canada has it easy.

12. By what other name is Singapore known?

From Quiz Singapore

Answer: The Lion City

Singapore is an anglicized version of the Sanskrit for Lion City, and the latter name is still in use. The island was known as Temasek in medieval times but is no longer current. The Japanese conquerors briefly renamed Singapore Syonan (Light of the South) in WWII.

13. Besides the main island, there are more than sixty small islands. Some of the islands have been enlarged by reclamation. Which reclaimed island is the home to many petrochemical companies?

From Quiz Interesting Facts about Singapore

Answer: Jurong Island

Located on the south west of the mainland, Jurong Island was reclaimed by connecting seven smaller islands. This island is used as a centre for petrochemical, chemical and oil refining facilities in Singapore. Sentosa is the built for tourism, located right at the southern tip of the mainland. The island can be reached by road through a connecting bridge, cable car or ferry. The main attraction sites are Universal Studios and Underwater World. There is also a casino, hotels and many other attractions on the island. Pulau Tekong is the base for basic military training for national servicemen. Pulau Ubin is always considered the last kampong (village). Both islands are located in the north east of the mainland.

14. Which "ordinary" food product is banned in Singapore?

From Quiz Rest on Some Laurels

Answer: Bubble/chewing gum

In 1992, Singapore banned the sale and import of all bubble and chewing gum. The government quoted numerous vandal cases of people sticking chewed gum on the train doors as a reason for the ban.

15. Singapore's historic trading prosperity and strategic military value has largely been based on proximity to which serendipitous maritime feature?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: The Strait of Malacca

The Strait of Malacca is one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. It is 805 km long, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean.

16. In the 1990s, a venerable British merchant bank was brought to its knees by something that happened in Singapore. What was that event?

From Quiz Singapore

Answer: Unauthorised trading in financial futures

The bank was Barings, which was so stricken that it was bought by another bank for $1.50. The trader at Barings Singapore was Nick Leeson, who spent some years as a guest of the Singapore government in jail as a result.

17. Every male citizen reaching the age of 18 has to serve military service for how many years?

From Quiz Interesting Facts about Singapore

Answer: Two

The first batch of recruitment was in 1967 for males who were born in the year of 1949. National service is compulsory for male citizens who have reached the age of 18. Their service is for two years. However, males older than 18 are allowed to defer for valid reason due to education until 21 or later as in special cases, like Joseph Schooling. Schooling, who was born 1995, was allowed deferment until 2020 to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Schooling was the first Singaporean to win a gold medal. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, he won in the 100m butterfly swim event.

18. Despite being a very small country, what airline is Singapore known for?

From Quiz Rest on Some Laurels

Answer: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was considered second in the world in 2017 and third in 2016 according to Skytrax, a benchmark of airline excellence. Emirates fell to fourth in 2017, losing its first position from 2016.

19. Military service is compulsory for young Singaporean males. Because of security concerns, which ethnic group had not been allowed to fly fighter jets until 2003?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: Malay

Lieutenant Yusri Abu Bakar earned the distinction of becoming the first Malay Singaporean fighter pilot in 2003. Male Singapore citizens join the National Service once they turn eighteen years old.

20. How many illegal offences are there in Singapore?

From Quiz Singapore

Answer: More than 40,000

Yes, it's wise to be careful in this notoriously over-regulated state. Among things that can get you into trouble are dropping litter, leaving still water lying around in your house or workplace, and failing to lock your bicycle when not in use.

21. Singapore has laws (often enforced) regarding abuse of female guest workers. What is the name of a commonly publicized crime involving live-in maids?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: Outrage of Modesty

The "Outrage of Modesty" law lists assault or physical force against a female's body as a crime. It's a definite no-no, punishable by caning, fines, and/or incarceration.

22. When the British defenders surrendered Singapore to a Japanese force half its size in 1942, what was their principal reason?

From Quiz Singapore

Answer: Concern about the water supply being cut off

In fact it was the Japanese who were out of ammunition and would not have been able to beat off a counter attack. Then, as now, Singapore relied on water piped from Malaya, and the British commanders thought (or said they thought) that if this was cut off it would endanger the civilian population.

23. Whilst still under the British rule, David Marshall, the first Chief Minister, proposed the creation of what type of fund in 1955?

From Quiz Interesting Facts about Singapore

Answer: Central Provident Fund (CPF)

David Marshall was a politician and lawyer who served as Chief Minister from 1955 to 1956. He introduced the CPF scheme, to provide compulsory saving for the workers for retirement. This is a wonderful scheme which not only helps people to build up their savings but also lessen the government's burden to provide social welfare for the aged. CPF is compulsory contribution for all Singapore companies, with contribution from both employer and employee. Up to age 55, employee sets aside 20% of their salary and employer contributes 17% of the employee's wage.

24. Time for some lunch. Singapore is known for its cuisine particularly its street food. But I can't see any food trucks or street carts. Why not?

From Quiz One Day In Singapore

Answer: Street food stands are now housed in large communal markets called Hawker Centres

In the 50s and 60s, many people who were unemployed took to the streets to hawk food to people that could afford it in the commercial areas. This was generally unhygienic with little access to running water or cleaning equipment. The government stepped in, creating large open air market-type areas usually adjacent to fresh food markets featuring stalls that could provide a wide variety of prepared food in convivial conditions. Between 1971 and 1986, the government created 110 hawker centres, and then regulated their operation to ensure food was prepared hygienically. Today if you want to try a huge variety of Singaporean cuisine at reasonable prices, head for the nearest hawker centre. Chilli Crab is the national dish and is highly recommended.

25. Which country, directly to the north of Singapore, is accessible by the Johor Causeway?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: Malaysia

The causeway connects Johor Bahru, Malaysia over the Straits of Johor to Woodlands, Singapore. The political relationship between Singapore and Malaysia has often been strained.

26. What is the name of Singapore's principal airline?

From Quiz Singapore

Answer: Singapore Airlines

As with most things Singaporean, Singapore Airlines is efficient and a pleasure to use. Changi is the name of the airport. Orchard Road is the main shopping street.

27. NEWater developed by Singapore's Public Utilities Board (PUB) is reclaimed water from what source?

From Quiz Interesting Facts about Singapore

Answer: Wastewater

Singapore is a small country with limited water resource and heavily dependent on nearby Johor state in Malaysia for water supply. In 2009, NEWater is a brand name developed by PUB to produce purified water (fit from drinking) from reclaimed waste water (sewage). In additional to the conventional water treatment process, the waste water is treated by using a dual membrane, micro filtration and reverse osmosis and ultra violet technologies to purify the water. Singapore had one of the most advanced technologies in water treatment and purification.

28. Just off the southern coast of Singapore there is a small island called Sentosa Island that is popular with tourists and locals alike. Why?

From Quiz One Day In Singapore

Answer: The island has been made into a resort and tourist park

Sentosa Island was first known as Blakang Mati, Malay for "Dead Back Island". The island was a military fortress to repel a sea attack from the south from Japan (The fortress was ill-equipped for the unexpected land attack from the north). After WWII, the island was made a naval base but in 1972, the government moved the base to a neighbouring island so Sentosa, as it had become known, could be developed into a resort. The island is 5km2 and with the exception of some land retained for natural purposes, has been used to create an ever expanding resort. Originally connected to the city centre by monorail, this was disbanded to favour an express to the centre of the city that can move 4000 people per hour. The resort has 14 hotels, and has retained the southern facing beaches. Some of the resort attractions include: Tiger Sky Tower; Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom; Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon and The Wings of Time show.

29. Famed for its colorful curses, what is the largest Chinese dialect group in Singapore?

From Quiz Surprising Singapore!

Answer: Hokkien

The Hokkiens in Singapore originally came from the Chinese province Fujian. Hokkien curses are known for being both imaginative and extremely vulgar.

30. A 40 m (132 ft) indoor waterfall was completed in Singapore Changi Airport. What is the name of this waterfall completed in April 2019?

From Quiz Interesting Facts about Singapore

Answer: Jewel

Singapore completed the 4th terminal in 2017 and Changi Airport had been voted the best airport in the world by Skytrax for the seven consecutive year. The Jewel aka Rain Vortex is the centrepiece of a 4-storey building which links to the three terminals. The hub consists of gardens, hotel, cinema with over 280 retail and food outlets.

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