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4 Cape Verde quizzes and 40 Cape Verde trivia questions.
  The Blue Waters of Cape Verde   best quiz  
Label Quiz
 10 Qns
Cape Verde lies off the west coast of Africa in the beautiful, clear blue waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Your task is to correctly label each of the ten islands of which this picturesque archipelago is made.
Easier, 10 Qns, VegemiteKid, Apr 13 24
VegemiteKid gold member
Apr 13 24
132 plays
  Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Richard Dean Anderson has decided to vacation in the Republic of Cabo Verde, largely to escape his number one fan (and stalker), Baban. But Baban has followed him, and we're going to join the chase around the African islands of Cabo Verde!
Average, 10 Qns, PDAZ, Nov 18 14
PDAZ gold member
4396 plays
  Journey to Cape Verde    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Cape Verde is a island country in Africa. Although it is not one of the most well-known countries of the world, it still has some features that make it very interesting. Come along with me and learn a thing or two about Cape Verde.
Average, 10 Qns, triviaking162, Jul 12 13
759 plays
  The Islands of Cape Verde    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
There are ten Islands, not counting the islets, in Cape Verde. Here are ten questions, one for each. Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, zippolover, Jan 02 14
237 plays

Cape Verde Trivia Questions

1. Since Cabo Verde is an island group, Richard Dean Anderson decides to fly to Africa and then sail to the islands. From which country would the boat trip be the shortest?

From Quiz
Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde

Answer: Senegal

Cabo Verde (formerly known as Cape Verde) is located in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 350 miles (560 kilometers) west of Senegal. It is strategically located along Atlantic shipping routes and has several ports able to accommodate large ships. Thus, it serves as a refueling point for both ship and air traffic and also as a communications center. Thanks to these communication installations, Baban quickly hears about Richard Dean Anderson's arrival in Cabo Verde and heads off in pursuit.

2. The smallest island in the group is Brava and it certainly lives up to its name which means wild. Why did the island airport close down, after only twelve years, in 2004?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: Strong winds

Brava is the greenest of the Cape Verde islands. The trade winds bring the rain for the vegetation, but caused too many interruptions to flights. The island is served by a ferry, but due to steep cliffs and a dearth of beaches, it does not take many tourists to this beautiful island. Brava had a sudden increase in population after the volcanic eruption in 1675 of Fogo, the nearest island. Brava has not had any volcanic eruptions, but experts believe it has the potential for them in the future.

3. Cape Verde is made up of islands, and it is off the coast of the African mainland. About how far is Cape Verde from the African mainland (in Senegal)?

From Quiz Journey to Cape Verde

Answer: 400 miles (640 km)

The distance from Cape Verde to the African mainland was measured by measuring the distance from Cape Verde to Dakar, Senegal (on the western tip of Africa). The distance is about the same as the distance traveled when one drives from Madrid to Barcelona.

4. Unfortunately for Richard Dean Anderson, Cabo Verde isn't a big place. Which locations are similar in size to Cabo Verde?

From Quiz Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde

Answer: Rhode Island USA and Somerset UK

At approximately 1,560 square miles (4,000 square kilometers), Cabo Verde is also comparable to Prince Edward Island, Canada and Brunei; it is slightly smaller than both. This doesn't leave Richard Dean Anderson with many places to hide, particularly as he has an extensive fan base in Cabo Verde (well, around the world actually). Baban meets up with some of her fellow RDA fanatics to get reports of sightings before departing on her own search.

5. Fogo is not the largest island in Cape Verde, but it is the tallest and the whole island is a volcano. What is unusual about the island villages of Portela and Bangaeria?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: They are inside the volcano

Portela and Bangaeria are in the caldera of the volcano. The caldera is where the land has subsided due to volcanic activity and is similar to, but not quite the same as the volcano crater. When there is volcanic activity, such as in 1995, the villagers move out and return afterwards. Fogo means fire in Portuguese and is around 3,000 metres (10,000 feet) high.

6. Baban hears that Richard Dean Anderson was last seen sailing around Cabo Verde, and she takes off after him in a small boat. However, she avoids the ocean off the west coast of Cabo Verde, as it is known for which particular phenomena?

From Quiz Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde

Answer: Hurricane formations

Hurricanes forming off the west coast of Cabo Verde have the open Atlantic over which to intensify. They are so notorious that they have their own name: Cape Verde-type hurricanes. Baban decides not to risk running into one and turns her attention to searching on land.

7. Maio, named for it being first sighted on 1st May in 1460, is known for the sandy beaches and which feature unusual for Cape Verde?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: Large forest

Due to the weather patterns in Cape Verde, the large forest on Maio is unusual. It is in contrast to most of the island which is arid. There is a village called Alcatraz on the east of the island, but it is not a prison. In the past Maio was prosperous due to the salt deposits, but there is very little profit in the industry now.

8. Nine of the islands of Cabo Verde are inhabited, but Baban decides to check all of the main islands in the country in her search for Richard Dean Anderson. How many islands will she need to visit?

From Quiz Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde

Answer: Ten

The main islands of Cabo Verde are divided into two groups, with the northern group called the Barlavento Islands and the southern group called the Sotavento Islands. The capital of Praia is located on the largest island, Santiago, which is in the latter group. The island of Santa Luzia in the northern group is uninhabited. Cabo Verde also has a number of uninhabited islets (five to ten, depending on the source). After visiting all of the main islands, Baban decides to focus her search on two of the Sotavento Islands, Santiago and Fogo.

9. Sal had a name change once the salt deposits were discovered there. It is home to Amilcar Cabral International, the main airport of Cape Verde, and what else which attracts the tourists?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: White sand beaches

The original name of the island was Llana. Santa Maria, in the south of Sal, was a small fishing village but is now a beach resort where approximately half of the tourists to Cape Verde go. As with most of Cape Verde, the economy of Sal was based on the salt trade, but when this faltered in the early twentieth century, fishing took over. The tourist industry is more profitable and Sal has prospered as a result.

10. When I went looking for animals in Cape Verde, I saw animals like the hoopoe, brown booby, and ruddy turnstone. What kind of animals did I see on my trip?

From Quiz Journey to Cape Verde

Answer: Birds

Many birds go to Cape Verde when they migrate. Hoopoes are migratory birds that are known to forage for food on the ground. The brown booby is a bird that feeds on marine life by diving into the sea to catch prey. Ruddy turnstones are small birds that often migrate to Cape Verde when conditions in their native environments become unfit to support them.

11. Santa Luzia is the only island that is not inhabited by people, but is the home of Cape Verde lizards. What was the reason that the island was abandoned?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: Desertification

Santa Luzia was last inhabited in the eighteenth century. The poor conditions caused the few hardy souls to leave for the other islands. The whole island has been designated a nature reserve. Desertification is literally land becoming a desert. Agriculture can help in the process.

12. Which European country was the first to discover and colonize Cape Verde in the 15th century?

From Quiz Journey to Cape Verde

Answer: Portugal

The Portuguese were the first to colonize Cape Verde in the mid 1400s during the Age of Exploration. When the Portuguese arrived at Cape Verde, the islands were devoid of any people. Over time, the Portuguese planted crops like cotton and sugar and established a colony on Cape Verde. This influence lives on to today, as the official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese.

13. Richard Dean Anderson has decided to camp in the wilderness of Cabo Verde, and he has brought appropriate attire and supplies for the climate. What type of ecosystem does Cabo Verde have?

From Quiz Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde

Answer: Semi-desert

With an average rainfall of less than 10 inches (250 mm) a year, the islands are given a full desert classification by some sources. It is perhaps ironic, given its name, but Cabo Verde actually only has approximately 12 percent of arable land. The terrain of the islands largely consists of rugged volcanic rock and sheer ocean cliffs, but there are also palm tree-lined beaches, interior valleys and some flat land. After spying Baban wandering among the cliffs, Richard Dean Anderson decides to abandon camping and head for the flat land on the island of Sal.

14. Santiago is the largest island of Cape Verde. Approximately half of Cape Verdeans live here. Why was the capital moved to Praia in 1712?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: Attacks by pirates

In 1712 the capital was moved to Praia, which being built on a plateau, was therefore easier to defend from attacks than coastal towns.

15. The description of Santo Antao, the second largest island of Cape Verde, reminds me a little of England as there is a north/south divide. In the case of Santo Antao it is by mountains running across the island. What is the main export of the island?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: Grogue (rum)

Grogue is made from sugar cane grown on Santo Antao. Santo Antao is the most northerly and western of the islands of Cape Verde. There is an airport in the north of the island and a ferry port in the south. There is now a road that connects the two parts of the island.

16. All of his trekking around Cabo Verde has made Richard Dean Anderson very thirsty. Luckily he brought a couple of cases of water with him on his trip. Why might he have problems with water in Cabo Verde?

From Quiz Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde

Answer: Fresh water supplies are limited on the islands.

"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink" is quite true of Cabo Verde. There are no significant fresh water lakes or rivers on the islands; there are a few streams but most only run after a decent rainfall. Of course, water is available; tourism is an industry in Cabo Verde, and tourists need water, but conservation of water is a necessity on the islands.

17. What are the main activities on Sao Nicolau, in English, Saint Nicholas?

From Quiz The Islands of Cape Verde

Answer: Agriculture, fishing and tourism

Sao Nicolau often has droughts, so the tourist industry and fishing industries are becoming more important than agriculture. Although there are several communities on the island, more of the people live in rural places than towns.

18. Richard Dean Anderson has enjoyed his trip, but he decides to leave Cabo Verde due to the presence of a natural hazard. To which natural disaster is Cabo Verde most frequently prone?

From Quiz Escape to the Cape: Cabo Verde

Answer: Droughts

Due to limited and unreliable rainfall, Cabo Verde is subject to frequent and prolonged droughts. Droughts will often last for decades with only short reprieves. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are also hazards on the islands. Fortunately, Richard Dean Anderson has been spared from those hazards, but the drought has affected the vegetation, and he longs to see green trees.

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